Windows 10 front headphones do not work

Users of the tenth version of the Windows operating system claim that it is not easy to establish the work of the front panel for headphones. The situation very often arises that the system does not recognize the headset, so it does not turn on. You can solve the problem in different ways. In most cases, even a novice user will cope, without resorting to the services of a specialist.

If the front panel for Windows 10 headphones does not work, first you need to exactly find out the reason for the failure. Only after that can any actions be taken. Below is a list of the most common reasons for the problems in the front panel:

  • absence or incorrect installation of sound drivers;
  • installed drivers incompatible with the operating system;
  • There are mechanical damage (for example, rust can be corroded by individual parts).

It is easy to connect headphones to a computer, but sometimes problems arise

Contact the technical support service only in the latter case, if it is a warranty case, damaged equipment will be replaced. At the first two reasons, you can solve the problem yourself, following instructions. Work will not take much time and effort.

note! Sometimes problems with the front panel occur due to getting into the virus system. In this case, it is urgent to clean the computer from malicious programs.

The causes of failures in the operation of the front panel can be different.

How to solve the problem

When trying to fix the problem, there is a great risk that the user will try several dozen options, and only the latter will be useful. To save time, we recommend that you view the solutions to the problem in the order in which they are listed below.

Connection of the cable to the motherboard

Firstly, we strive to understand the intenses of connection. The headphones are connected to the front panel of the computer through the connector, usually called “minijack”. This is a round door into which the corresponding plug is inserted. If the headset does not work, be sure to check if it is tightly inserted and whether the connector itself leaves from the system unit.

Important. The system unit can have several mini-jack format connectors. As a rule, green color is responsible for headphones. Make sure you are using the same port.

Now let’s delve. A feature of the connector is the connection to the motherboard HD Audio / AC’97 cable. It is hidden from the user, and for access to him it is necessary to defront the system unit. Spent some time on this to make sure that you are connecting to the correct connector.

Inclusion in BIOS

Even if the connector is correctly connected to the motherboard, it can be forcibly disconnected in the BIOS settings of the system. Try to activate it by performing the following actions:

  • Reload the computer.
  • At the next time you turn on, press and hold the “DEL” or “F2” button.
  • By going to BIOS, go to additional settings and the “Boarder Configuration” section “.
  • Select the “front panel configuration” item and set the “inclusive” value next to it.
  • Save the settings by pressing the F10 key.
headphone, jack, front, panel

As you have already guessed, the above settings allow you to enable your computer’s front panel. Of course, the elimination of problems is possible only if the integer was previously disconnected. After rebooting the computer, check if the headphones work, and if not, continue to search for a solution to the problem.

Choosing a device in “Management panels”

Headphones are one of many reproduction devices on a computer. You can connect the column to the computer in parallel, and the sound will automatically pass through them. To switch to the headset, act on the algorithm:

  • Headphones should be listed here. If they are not, click the right mouse button and install the “show off devices” flags and “show the disabled devices”.
  • Make sure that you correctly connected the headset to PC. Also, remaining on the “playback” tab, click the headphone icon with your right mouse button and press the “enable” button.

In the note. You can also access the menu change in the settings through the task panel by clicking the speaker icon on the taskbar with the control panel and selecting “Sounds”.

Now the sound should work and go directly through the headphones. If this does not happen, do not worry, the problem may be another software factor.

Updating the drivers

It is not enough to configure the operation of the front panel, it is also necessary to purchase updated equipment drivers. In particular, install the software update on the sound card:

headphone, jack, front, panel
  • Expand the Audio, Game and Video Hall tab.
  • Click the sound card name with the right mouse button.
  • Click the “Update the driver” button.

Understand that the equipment needs to be updated, you can look at the yellow icon with an exclamation mark. But even if there is no designation, this does not mean that you should immediately proceed to the next step. On the contrary, you must try to force the update differently. For example, downloading the distribution from the official site of the manufacturer.

The presence of viruses

The problem is when the computer does not see the headphones is associated with malicious software, which interferes with the operation of the device. To get rid of it, it is necessary to conduct a thorough check using any antivirus, whether it be Kaspersky Internet Security or Avast.

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In addition, the Windows 10 operating system itself has a security tool:

How to connect the front panel to the match of the board

To connect, similar in shape with USB plug is used. Before connecting, it is recommended to study the instructions in which there is a scheme of all connectors. Two connectors are indicated by the following inscriptions:

If the case is old, then you need to connect a connector with the name AC97, provided that the HD_Audio connector is absent. Connect with the new case with the marking hd_audio marking. Requires to stick it into the connectors of the board with the corresponding designation and contacts. It will not work incorrectly. If, after the proper connection, the headphones do not work should double.check the parameters of the devices and the presence of the driver.

The front sound panel does not work

This article is suitable for both Windows 7 operating system, Windows 8 and Windows XP, if there is a difference, I will definitely show you where.

Answer to the first question. Let’s deal with the non.working front sound panel, first in most cases, for its operation, you should have a Realtek dispatcher should be installed. If you have it installed, then there should be its icon on the taskbar panel,

If it is not there, go to the start. control panel. Realtek dispatcher. In Windows 7

If it is also absent there, try to find it in the C: \ Program Files \ Realtek \ Audio \ HDA file RTHDVCPL.exe and run it, you should have the main window of the Realtek dispatcher, if you have a Realtek folder in the c: \ program Files folder, then you need to download the updated version of the driver for your sound card on the Realtek website and install it, how to do it, It is written in detail in our article how to install the driver for sound.

When you run Realtek dispatcher in Windows 7, click the speaker button. Next, click on the yellow daddy in the upper right corner and the window parameters window appear ,

We see a warning if the definition of the front panel nests does not work properly, set this flag at the point Disabain the determination of the front panel nests. Put a checkmark at this point and click OK.

After these actions, the front sound panel should earn.

In the Windows XP operating system, Realtek dispatcher looks a little different, but the essence is the same. Press the left mouse on the button with a wrench

and in the window that appears, we mark the parameter with a checkmark to disconnect the determination of the front panel nests and ok ,

The front sound panel should earn.

We can also click on the additional settings of the device in this window and adjust everything as we need, for example, mark the point. turn off the sound of the rear output device when connecting the front output device of the headphones. This means that when connected to the front sound panel, the sound columns connected to the motherboard will immediately turn off the back.

Now I answer the second letter. There are friends that the drivers on the sound card are installed and the sound is present in the system, but the front sound panel does not work, the reasons for this are usually two.

Firstly: your front sound panel works according to a slightly outdated AC’97 standard and a cable coming from it, connected to the AAFP AUDIO Front Panel Maternal board (designed specifically to connect the front panel connectors).

  • Note: AC’97. an already outdated standard audio codes, a veteran can be said that it was developed by Intel in 1997, is used in motherboards, as well as buildings with an audio of the front panel. But the sound subsystem built into your motherboard works according to the newer standard- High Definition Audio or HD Audio. Because of this, the front sound panel may not work. Intel High Definition Audio is a relatively new specification for audio codes, developed by Intel in 2004, characterized by improved digital sound quality, increased channels, a higher passage frequency compared to AC’97.

You can solve this problem using BIOS. It is there that you can set the principle of operation of the front sound panel. Usually there are two options: by default HD Audio and yet [AC97].

Reboot and go to BIOS. We go to Advanced. then Onboard Devices Configuration

and finally the option responsible for the front panel of Front Panel Type. It can be called this: Front Panel Support Type. High Definition Front Panel Audio. Legacy Front Panel Audio. It is located by default in the HD Audio position ,

Report it to the position [ac97]. We save the changed settings and leave the BIOS. After rebooting, the front sound panel should work.

Also if your front panel works in HD Audio. then in BIOS you need to switch it from the position [ac97]. In the HD Audio position. In any case, experiment.

Friends, if you connect the AC’97 anterior sound panel to the AAFP connector on the High Definition Audio Maternal Plant ,

then everything will work perfectly for you, only in some cases, when connecting headphones to the front sound panel, sound will not turn off in the sound columns. Even if you disconnect in the settings of the Realtek dispatcher, disconnect the sound of the rear output device when connecting the front output device headphones.

All this is due to the fact that manufacturers of the front sound panel use a simplified cable of the cable and outputs of the front panel of AC97.

There are two exits here, the first is to solder (not so simple), the second to buy a new case, with the support of the front sound panel HD Audio, and if you purchase a new computer, clarify everything from the seller, do not be surprised if when buying a new system unit in an unused supermarket, Faced with the complete ignorance of consultants in this matter.

The computer does not see the headphones stuck in the front panel connector

Among Windows users, the problem is extremely common, which is associated with the inoperability of the headphones and microphone connectors located on the front panel of the system unit. Sometimes the reason lies in the fact that the unit is not connected to the motherboard, but much more often the problem is programmatic in nature. In this article we will tell you what to do if the computer does not see the headphones stuck in the connector on the front panel.

Three key factors can be distinguished that can cause the PC to connect the headphones to the connectors in the front of the system unit:

  • In the sound settings, the wrong playback device has been selected.
  • The connectors on the panel work according to the outdated AC’97 standard, and the motherboard provides for a more modern High Definition Audio.
  • No connection to the motherboard.

We will offer several options for correction of error. sequentially trying each of them, you can find the cause of the malfunction and return the front panel to working condition.

Reasons for the absence of sound through the front panel PC

The reasons for the absence of sound are divided into hardware and software. First group:

  • Incorrect connection of the cable HD Audio/AC’97;
  • connector malfunction;
  • equipment breakdown;
  • incorrect connection to the sound output;
  • The incompatibility of the output of the panel with an external device.
  • absence or incorrect installation of the driver;
  • shutdown of the panel in BIOS;
  • infection with viruses;
  • incorrect parameters in Windows and Realtek HD program;
  • errors in the system registry.

Why do not work on the front panel

Such a problem arises if the headphones for headphones are incorrectly connected to the motherboard. Parks of 2 options can be used for connection:

The reasons why the headphones do not work on the Windows 7 computer may be the non.compliance of the standard by which the front panel works, and the specification of the motherboard. In this case, a special setting is needed.

Through the BIOS system

First you need to go into this system. When you turn on the computer, press on “F2” or “DEL”, and then find the necessary sections:

Note! There are types of maternal boards that do not allow you to change the front panel settings. There is only the opportunity to enable or disable the sound controller.

Settings of headphones in Windows 7

There are not many differences from Windows 10 in this case. If it is not possible to switch the sound of sound (as shown below), and Windows 7 does not see headphones, then you need to load and install the driver along with the program to control the sound output from the computer.

But first go to “playback devices”.

And if there are headphones there, then install them by default. As in a screenshot below.

Or look if you have another icon in the tray that is responsible for sound settings. There should be a “Realtek HD” dispatcher, or something like that.

Open it and watch the settings on the outputs on the front and rear panel. Perhaps there you can switch to headphones.

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If it does not work, then you need to install the driver and utility. About this further in the article.

Sound driver (headphones): Search and installation

The best solution is to download the necessary driver from the site of the motherboard manufacturer, which is installed in your computer.

To do this, you need to know the manufacturer and the model of your motherboard. Go to the official website of the manufacturer, and through the search (according to the model), or the menu find a page with loading for the motherboard. Here on the example of a board from MSI.

And load Audio Drivers. In my case, this is Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.

Save the installation file, or archive on a computer. Then we open the archive and start the installation. This is usually a setup file.EXE. After installing and rebooting the PC, a program should appear for managing devices for playing. Well, the headphones must earn.

If you do not know what your motherboard is, or you can’t find the driver you need, then try to download and install “High Definition Audio Codecs” from the official Realtek: http: // www website.Realtek.COM/Downloads/

I tried to understand this problem as detailed as possible. I checked everything on my computers and headphones. The only thing I do not have a stationary computer that would work on Windows 7. Therefore, there it was not possible to install the sound dispatcher for verification.

Most often, the computer does not see the headphones precisely because of the settings, or the absence of a proprietary sound control program. Which needs to be loaded for your motherboard, or sound card (if you have it separately installed). Well, provided that the headphones work with other devices. After all, there may be a hardware breakdown.

Leave your reviews and questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this article. Good luck!

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