Many companies make the best protective films for iPhone 11. But we will only attract the best companies.

10- Syncwire protective film for iPhone 11

This protector is considered one of the best protective films for the iPhone 11 for its durability.

This Protector has a clean and durable case. This is a rugged product specially designed for iPhone 11 users.

Syncwire Protector. It is a lightweight and reliable edge-to-edge protector.

The box for this product includes a loose mounting frame for extra protection.

The difference between Syncwire and other products is that this protective film is bubble-free and effective at protecting the screen.

Easy to install product that has Anti-Fingerprint and fully transparent.

9- Tethys Screen Protective Film

This protector includes ultra-clean products from edge to edge to protect your iPhone.

The screen protector film is hard to break and easy to install.

It comes with an installation frame for your cell phone that you can easily install yourself.

The product has a strong enough oleophobic coating.

Want to know why this product received the highest rating? Here’s why. This product has received the highest ratings because of warranty claims.

Yes, this protective cover comes with a lifetime warranty, which is quite impressive.

8- Ferilinso Protective Film

The best deserves the best. So, Ferilinso. One of the best protective films for iPhone 11.

It is a rugged protection, specially designed to protect your device from scratches or to prevent screen breakage.

This product has oleophobic Fingerprint Protection and has a high quality clear screen to give users a good experience.

This is a good product because it prevents fingerprints from appearing on the screen, which provides a more comfortable touch control.

The quality of protection of this product is so high that your screen is not easily broken.

What makes this product so sophisticated is that it’s made of 9H tempered glass, and that deserves praise.

7- TOZO Ultra-thin Tempered Screen Capture

If you are looking for the best protective film for your iPhone 11. this protector is also highly recommended.

This is a very clear glass protector, which is one of the thickest protectors available on the aftermarket.

The product is beautifully designed and easy to install. TOZO includes dust and bubble protection for a better touch experience for its users.

What sets it apart is that its screen consists of an oil-based coating, which makes it very useful. It is dustproof and protects against fingerprints.

It’s also scratch-proof and easy to install.

It also consists of a layer that protects users from UV rays coming from the screen.

  • Eye protection filters
  • Heavy duty tempered glass protection
  • Comes with a cloth to prevent bubbles and dust.

6- Election Anti-Spy screen protector film

Election screen protector film is designed to protect the privacy of users.

It is an Anti-Spy case that prevents light from penetrating even around the edges.

So if someone tries to check your personal belongings while standing next to you, they won’t be able to see anything.

It is edge-to-edge protection and the case is easy to install. It is also a scratch resistant and unbreakable screen protector.

This high quality protective cover is easy to install and cover your entire phone, even the edges.

It comes with an installation tray to simplify the installation of this product on our phone.

5- Zagg InvisibleShield Elite Screen Protective Film

Zack invisible Shield Protection offers complete protection for your phone using the latest technology.

It prevents any scratches on the screen.

This product is an elite glass product, so it protects your screen and also gives your device a clear, bright and neat look.

It prevents fingerprints on your screen and also provides a nice touch.

This product consists of reinforced edges that can easily match your screen and consists of a screen that is not susceptible to breakage.

This is a complete comfortable protective case for one low price.

  • Screen friendly
  • Dustproof and clean screen for a better experience
  • Smooth touch closer to the original screen of your phone

4- WisdomPro tempered glass protective glass

Wisdom. reliable company. As for the specifications, the wisdom is scratch-resistant and durable tempered glass protection.

It makes the device durable enough that it can’t be easily broken, and gives users a bright and clear interface.

It is an ultra-thin protector specially designed for Apple iPhone 11.

This product not only cleans dirt, but also protects the screen from stains and oils.

It comes with a microfiber cloth and stickers for dusting.

3- QUESPLE tempered glass protective film

It is a hardened 9H tempered glass with camera lens protection.

It’s 3D protective glass that gives you a crystal clear screen.

It gives you a beautiful flash circle and very responsive touch and is a full service product for your cell phone.

It also includes drop and scratch protection, so it is a disposable product.

You won’t be disappointed to learn that this protector provides the original screen response to your touch.

QUESPLE Glass Protector comes with a wet and dry cloth and stickers to remove dust.

It is easy to install and has maximum screen coverage.

  • Maximum screen coverage
  • Ultra clear high definition screen
  • Strong absorbent that provides the original touch sensation

2- G Armor screen protector film

Want a glossy, heavy-duty, but better screen protector for your iPhone 11 ?

Here is the solution. With high definition display, this product gives you the feeling of a three-dimensional touch screen.

This is a smooth-coated, scratch and splinter-resistant tread.

This is a thin protector specially designed for iPhone 11 and a device that resembles the iPhone XR.

iPhone 11 : How To Install Glass Screen Protector

This product is crystal clear as it is oil resistant and leaves no fingerprints.

This product comes with a lifetime warranty of high quality, which in itself is important.

  • Oleophobic coating for fingerprint protection with high transparency
  • Lifetime Warranty Claim
  • Heavy-duty tempered glass for maximum scratch protection

1- Hifye Screen Protective Glass

Hifye Glass Protector. The best possible for your iPhone 11.

This product offers you the highest level of clarity and a crystal clear image for the ultimate in screen protector convenience.

It’s a high touch sensitivity protector that gives you the feeling of touching the entire screen.

It gives you the fastest response and highest quality touch control.

It covers the entire screen and is a well-defined and guaranteed product.

Easy to install protector for bubble protection and dust-free application.

Out of the box you get a Protective film for your iPhone and an auxiliary frame, dust removal sticker and wipes with an 18 month warranty.


Immediately after the purchase of the flagship iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, it is better to protect the rear glass panel with a case against scratches and cushion the impact if dropped. In addition, the phone in a case convenient and more securely sits in your hand, protected from moisture and dust.

You’re sure to like something in our selection of cases:


As with the back, you’re better off with a protective glass or film on your new iPhone. It will protect the display from scratches and take the fall will take the impact. Replacing broken glass with genuine glass is very expensive, so prevention is better than cure.

Benks King Kong 3D

glass, iphone, fits

Benks tempered glass is only 0.3mm thick and offers unmatched protection. with 99% transparency. so you won’t see any difference in image quality. Glass protects the whole front of your iPhone, and the rounded edges virtually eliminate the transition between glass and display. The oleophobic coating will make sure your smartphone doesn’t collect fingerprints, while the sapphire plating provides extra durability.

Spigen EZ FIT GLAS.tR Privacy

If you want to hide your screen from everyone around you, you need Spigen EZ FIT GLAS.tR Privacy. It is a tempered glass that blocks the contents of the screen if you look at it at an angle. Thanks to it only you can see what’s on your screen. People around you won’t see anything.

Spigen protective glass comes with a special device for easy sticking. It costs as much as ordinary glass, although it does not look like the others.

Wait, what’s the problem??

Yes, the diagonal display in the iPhone 13 of all models is identical to that of last year’s generation. But there are three obvious problems.

First, the speaker cutout is now right at the edge of the bezel. Apple came to this decision for the first time. All previous iPhones had a cutout a little lower, and the models of recent years. right in the center of the Face ID unit.

It turns out that the glass has a cutout where the iPhone 13 has the front sensors. And it can also cover the speaker, ruining the sound when talking or listening to music and watching movies in landscape mode.

Secondly, it is unknown how the front camera will work. And thirdly, it is similarly unclear what will happen to the functionality of Face ID. Because the “bangs” narrowed and at the same time became a little higher than before. and the glasses for the iPhone 12 did not provide for this.

Why do I wear a protective glass case on my iPhone? Is it worth it?

I never wore protective glass or film on my smartphone screen. For me it was akin to wrapping the TV remote control in a cellophane bag, if you remember such “know-how”.

The maximum that the case allowed in terms of smartphone protection. And as I mostly use different generations of iPhones, starting from the first one, I always prefer the original Apple leather case.

But then 2019 came along, and I got an iPhone 11 Pro. This is the first smartphone on which I have glued a protective glass with my own hands, and quite carefully.

Comparing the durability of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro displays showed the power of Ceramic Shield

One of the biggest differences between the iPhone 12 and last year’s iPhone 11 (aside from 5G and design, of course) is the new Ceramic Shield, which protects the display from drops four times better (Apple did not specify, but most likely the comparison is to ordinary glass). Of course, with the arrival of the phones on sale youtubers decided to check it. A blogger from the MobileReviewsEh channel compared the base iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. he unboxes the 2020 model at the beginning of the video, last year’s was bought a couple of months earlier.

So, the iPhone 11 screen cracked when exposed to a force of 352 newtons, while the iPhone 12 failed only at 442 newtons. This difference shows that the new glass is indeed much stronger. The scratch test confirmed this: while the iPhone 11 display has scratches from materials with a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale, the iPhone 12 begins to scratch only at 7. and less noticeably than the iPhone 11. But the back panel and the camera modules didn’t show any noticeable difference: It seems that Apple has focused only on the display.

Youtuber PhoneBuff also conducted the traditional drop test, dropping the phones from a chosen height on a hard surface with a special installation. True, he was not comparing the two generations, but the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. When falling on the back panel the glass on the regular iPhone 12 cracked badly, while the Pro-model looked like new.

After a fall on the frame, the steel bezel of the iPhone 12 Pro suffered more than the painted aluminum of the iPhone 12. It is worth noting that Ceramic Shield in these models is used only on the display, so it is them the author of the video arranged a really hellish test.

After 10 drops with the screen down from about 1.5 meters on the steel surface, the Ceramic Shield on both models still failed, although on the standard iPhone 12 the back panel looked even worse and the main camera shattered (not surprising after so many drops in a damaged state). Both phones also survived a bonus flight from a height of 1.5 meters onto a concrete block.

It’s worth noting that in both cases, the sampling was very small: some phone might have just gotten lucky. Plus, if dropped on a hard surface, the chances of all three displays surviving could be greatly diminished. Anyway, the result is clear: Apple has done a really good job of protecting the front, but the back is still better protected by a case (but choose the accessory carefully if you want to use the MagSafe charger).

The glass on the 11 iPhone fits

Last weekend was the first time the new iPhone 11 smartphones went on sale. After their purchase, many independent reviewers and other experts rushed to release their reports in writing or in the form of videos. While some people disassembled the device to the ground in order to dig into its components, others decided to test their strength.


The smartphone is IP68 water and dust proof. Apple has gone further and guarantees that instead of the usual 2 m the device will survive a submergence of 4 m for 30 minutes.

The rear glass also got 6 points, which means a razor blade won’t scratch it. When you try to scratch the glass with coins, keys and other metal objects, scratches seem to remain on it, but they’re actually dust marks that can easily be swept away.

The SquareTrade channel has tested the iPhone 11 to fall on concrete from a height of 6 feet, which is about 1.8 m. At the first attempt the front glass cracked. iPhone 11 proved to be even worse, as the glass is not only cracked, but the camera stopped working. The Max model suffered a similar fate, here the screen stopped working. Thus, the glass remains glass, no matter what loud marketing names are given to it.

As for testing the ability to withstand liquid, after being in a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max sound was distorted, so the reliability of protection is questionable. True, the iPhone 11 Pro did not suffer in this test.

Tests in a special spinning machine for 60 seconds resulted in the iPhone 11 cracking the back, while the 11 Pro had minimal damage in the corners. This is the first iPhone in history to survive this test without significant damage. The largest model cracked the back and lost its glass. In bending tests, the iPhone 11 bent with a load of 108 kg, the 11 Pro held up to a value of 113 kg, and the Max gave up at 105 kg. Not surprisingly, since the latter is the longest of these smartphones.

The fifth disadvantage of glass will not protect the iPhone screen in most falls

Perhaps the most important argument, isn’t it?? But it’s true that if you take your gadget out of the corner, the protective glass won’t protect your screen, but will most likely crack along with it.

And in the case of a flat fall, the iPhone will survive without additional protection, which on the contrary can increase the chance of smashing the screen, weighing the gadget with its extra grams.