Who makes the Galaxy Active watch 2 special??

Krym adorable design and technology, I respect the screwed-on unique flash from Samsung under the name “My Style”. The function will not be just like Chergovy’s version of “know-how” in electronics, albeit efficiently. You can let it go, so the technology will not only relish fashionistas, but will become more aware of solutions with a change in style.

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The essence of the optsii polagaє in the building adaptuvati dial to the vlasnik vbrannya. For the whole it is necessary to take a photo of a dilyanka, and then, through a supplement, install a screen saver on the display with an attachment. In such a rank, the virobnik has violated the problem of the insanity of the old models of the years with different styles of clothing. Now it is easy to adapt the gadget to a sporty style, and for a classic dress.

What is special in the Watch Active 2 models?

New Year’s Eve of Samsung trimmed a round body with two modifications with a diameter of 40mm or 44mm.
I will add sensors with sleeping passages:

  • pulse rate (HR)
  • light
  • gyroscope
  • barometer
  • accelerometer.

Vologozakhist for the IP68 class allows the vicarists to have a smart year on small trenuvannyas, including swimming. The building gadget displays up to 40 types of activity, as well as continuously analyzes data about the level of physical training.

Also, the smart year has a battery, which will adapt the function of a mouthless charging. Autonomy of the model, ochіkuvano, warehouse more than two days. For productivity, the dual-core, exclusive Samsung processor. Exynos 9110 will be adopted. Tizen OS control is in front of it, functions for the robot are connected with the interaction with the smartphone. An informative Super AMOLED display with a touch-sensitive display with Gorilla Glass DX. to that the gadget will have views with the symbol “shock”.

Chi varto zmіnyuvati Samsung Galaxy Active watch on Samsung Galaxy Active watch 2?

For quietly, he has earlier risen to assess the reliability of Samsung‘s digital attachments and added the first version of Galaxy Watch asset,, good news. The updated model is aware of the transformations, in short it can be done like this:

  • Godinniks took away the updates to the Bluetooth module, the generation of 4.2 was replaced by the company 5.0
  • Increased battery stock.
  • Years of birth may have a digital bezel with a manual and not a tedious set of functions.
  • Display of views at a large size in both versions of Active watch 2.

I will look at the Watch Active 2 part at 300 and also you can easily come to the office: Galaxy watch 2 of that part. If we are brothers to respect the specialty of the current market and the progress in the world, then the decision to buy the year-old Samsung Galaxy Active watch 2 is a good investment. With the gadget of such a plan, you just need to adapt to the fast pace of life, which may be the basis of information.

Iodine-active and Yodomarin. similarities and differences

Iodomarin belongs to a group of drugs containing inorganic iodine salt. The difference between Iodine-active and Iodomarin is that it is a dietary supplement. dietary supplement. Iodomarin is imported from Germany and is produced by Berlin-Chemie AG / Menarini Group. Iodine-asset is a product of the Russian company DIOD. The form of release of both drugs is tablets for oral administration. The line of both brands has a simple and fortified formula, which differ in the amount of iodine.

Iod-Active or Yodomarin. which is better?

Have you ever wondered why, having arrived at the sea, the first days you cannot breathe in the sea air? I want to breathe it in deeply, saturating the body with the healing aerosol of the coast. Perhaps this is how our body’s craving for useful minerals dissolved in seawater, including iodine, is expressed. The average requirement for a healthy adult in iodine is about 0.15 mg per day. Are we getting this amount without consuming seafood every day? In this case, iodine supplements will help, for example, Iodine-active and Iodomarin. Consider what properties these drugs have and how they differ.

Yodomarin and Yodaktiv. the difference in composition

The drug Iodine-active contains iodine in the composition of the organic substance iodcasein. It is a specially synthesized product based on casein milk protein. According to the developers, this formula makes it safer to take iodine. The body itself assimilates iodine as much as it needs at the moment. This is the advantage of this drug, because iodine overdose is just as dangerous as its shortage.

For example, a daily dose exceeding 1.1 mg iodine can significantly impair thyroid function, and prolonged intake of 0.4 mg iodine / day can lead to latent (subclinical) hypothyroidism.

The difference between Iodomarin and Iodine-active is that it contains an inorganic substance. potassium iodide. This compound is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the essential medicines needed in the basic health care system. The global program of iodine deficiency prevention, which is based on potassium iodide, now includes about 200 countries. In addition, in higher concentrations, this substance is used to block the thyroid gland in case of radiation injury or in the treatment of iodine-dependent diseases.

Organic and inorganic forms of iodine are absorbed in the body at approximately the same rate and efficiency. Further, the journey of the mineral begins in a state associated with plasma proteins, and about 70% of the absorbed iodine enters the thyroid gland. Its cells actively capture iodine and send it as raw material to the “hormone factory”. Thyroxine and triiodothyronine are involved in the basic biochemical reactions of the body. Growth, physical and mental development, puberty and reproductive function. all these processes are dependent on the normal balance of thyroid hormones.

Iodomarin 100 and 200. what is the difference?

Preparations Yodomarin or Yodaktiv are available in two dosages:

  • Yodomarin 100 and Yodomarin 200,
  • Iodine-active and Iodine-active 100.

Yodomarine 100 contains 0.1 mg of iodine, and Yodomarine 200 contains 0.2 mg. Otherwise, they do not differ from each other either in the form of release or in the composition of auxiliary components.

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In Iodine-active 100, the dosage of iodine is the same as in Yodomarin 100, and in the usual Iodine-asset is half as much.

Physician control over the intake of any medication is very important for maintaining health. Do not forget: before starting a prophylactic course of taking iodine-containing drugs, you need to consult with a specialist and, possibly, examine the function of the thyroid gland.

If the doctor has prescribed one of the drugs to choose from. Yodaktiv or Yodomarin, which is better to buy? A package (60 tablets) of Iodine-active 100 costs about 125 rubles. Thus, its price in comparison with Yodomarin 100 differs slightly with the same dosage of iodine, in addition, there are fewer tablets in the package. Packing (80 tablets) of the drug Iod-active is about 20% cheaper than Iodomarin. 100 tablets of Iodomarin 100 costs from 132 to 157 rubles. Iodomarin at a dosage of 200 will cost you 35% more.

The problem of iodine deficiency is extremely important and relevant not only for Russia, but also for other countries. And there is a new original domestic drug Bioiod.



Have you ever wondered why 20-30 years ago there were not so many cardiovascular, oncological and many other serious diseases? And why are so many young people dying today?

Scientists have proven that the reasons lie in free radicals. Stress, poor ecology, unhealthy diet, smoking and even exposure to household chemicals lead to excess formation of free radicals. a real “free radical explosion” occurs in the body.


Free radicals. these are aggressive molecules with an unpaired electron. They easily enter into chemical reactions and attack anything that comes their way. Intangible, invisible to the eye, they, like rust, destroy the cells of our body. And if their effect on the skin causes early wrinkles, then in the blood vessels they provoke atherosclerosis, and even if they get to the cell nucleus. then this threatens the development of cancer. Whatever reasons were the impetus for the development of the disease, its beginning is always the same. “free radical explosion”.

Could serious illnesses be explained simply by the effect of some kind of free radicals??

100 years ago, it was just as difficult for people to believe that the deadly plague is caused by some invisible microbes, as it is for us today that atherosclerosis. free radicals.

But man is not defenseless. The body has a powerful line of defense. the “anti-corrosion coating” of our cells. an antioxidant defense system. It is able not only to neutralize excess free radicals, but also to “repair” the damage caused by them. Unfortunately, in the difficult conditions of modern life, our defense system is increasingly difficult to cope with its task. the number of free radicals has long exceeded dangerous levels.

Selenium. an essential element of the body’s antioxidant defense. Vitamins, flavonoids, coenzymes cannot replace selenium. It is part of glutathione peroxidase. an enzyme that neutralizes the most dangerous and aggressive free radicals, exactly those that other antioxidants cannot cope with. If selenium is not enough, then this most important link in antioxidant protection simply does not work.

Selenium deficiency not only reduces immunity and performance, but also leads to the development of cardiovascular and oncological diseases, the accumulation of heavy metals and premature aging, diabetes mellitus and joint diseases, male infertility and birth weakness in women.

Danish scientists have shown that selenium prevents the development of heart disease and arteries, and its deficiency increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 70%. Doctors were shocked by the results of a study conducted by the US National Cancer Institute. In patients treated with selenium, mortality from the most common cancers (lung, prostate, colon and rectum) decreased by 49%.

Selenium protects against poisoning from lead, cadmium, mercury, tobacco smoke and exhaust gases. It prevents the destruction and necrosis of the liver, contributing to the elimination of heavy metals from the body. Allergic diseases and the risk of developing bronchial asthma are closely related to selenium metabolism.

In Finland, after the introduction of selenium into the diet of the population, the number of cardiovascular pathologies decreased 2.5 times, the number of oncological diseases decreased 1.8 times, diseases of the endocrine system. by 77%, and the overall incidence rate decreased by 47.4%!

According to the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the results of clinical studies, 80% of Russians are deficient in selenium. In 1994, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation made a decision to eliminate the selenium deficiency among residents of Russia.

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Elimination of selenium deficiency. not an easy task. After all, an excess of selenium in the body is undesirable and can even cause poisoning. Therefore, earlier selenium preparations had to be carefully dosed and taken only under the supervision of a doctor.

This problem was successfully solved by the specialists of the Medical Radiological Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. They combined selenium with the biomolecule xanthene. antioxidant, which is an integral part of natural antioxidants. vitamin E and bioflavonoids. The resulting compound does not cause any side effects, even at concentrations hundreds of times higher than the maximum permissible.

Studies have shown that the obtained selenium is not only safe for the body, but also has a high antioxidant activity: the added selenium multiplies the intrinsic antioxidant properties of the biomolecule. On the basis of this unique development, a dietary supplement “Selen-Aktiv” was created.

Selenium-Active provides optimal and constant antioxidant protection. Depending on the needs of the body, “Selenium-Active” works either as source of selenium, or as an independent antioxidant. If there is a lack of selenium in the body, then selenium begins to be released from the biomolecule, activating antioxidant enzymes in the body. When there is no shortage of selenium, the biomolecule begins to act according to the principle of “sentinel at the border”. She is constantly on the alert and instantly reacts to any invasion of free radicals, destroying them.

Selen-Aktiv has undergone clinical trials at the State Research Center of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The results showed that taking Selen-Active tablets in patients with ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension and lipid metabolism disorders, in addition to therapy with cardiovascular drugs, leads to a decrease in the intensity of oxidative processes, a decrease in cholesterol levels and blood pressure.