The condition of the printer is disabled how to enable

It doesn’t matter what printed device you use, even the most sophisticated and expensive printer one day, instead of a result, can give you an inscription that the device is disabled

The reasons for the problem

What does the status of “disconnected” mean? In fact, the system “sees” the device, but in fact it just stands on the nightstand. If the computer writes that the printer is disconnected, it is necessary to figure out what caused the failure of the device.

Several of the most common reasons can be distinguished:

  • The device is not connected to the computer or electric network;
  • An uncontrolled mode of operation is included;
  • Cartridges polluted or ended with a paint;
  • Problems with the press service;
  • Problems with the driver.

How to enable the HP printer with the status “Disable”? The first thing is to perform the simplest and you can say a banal action, turn off the device from the power source for a few seconds, then connect again.

Most of modern models are equipped with a system of automatic diagnostics (in the process of “analyzing flights” will flash a light indicator on the panel). After the analysis, the printer will return to working condition, and the light diode will constantly burn.

If such an action has not helped solve the problem and the computer still writes the “printer is disabled”, check if the USB cable is connected.

Important! When the printer is turned on, the LED constantly flashes? This can signal the ended ink in the cartridge, just replace it. The cause of the malfunction may be pollution of the surface, wipe it with a clean rag to eliminate the problem and restart the computer with the printer

How to activate a device with the status “disabled“?

Most often, the cause of such a malfunction is malfunctions with software or incorrect settings. Before dealing with the question: how to “force” the printer to work again, check its condition and specified parameters.

Through the control panel, go to the “Devices and Printers” section, find the “hung” device and check if it is connected to the computer. In the “Statement of the device” window in the Printer category, remove the daw on the lines “Suspended print” and “Autonomous mode of operation”. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct “cleaning” in the queue for printing.

Rebooting the press service

It happens that the device itself works properly, but the press service is functioning incorrectly. In this case, use the Services team.MSC to get into the service directory. The team needs to be entered in the console to “execute” (use the Winr combination to call it), find the right service (“print manager”) there, stop its work, pressing the stop. After that, disconnect the device for one minute from the power source, go to the service again and activate the HP printer.

Problems with the driver

Often the computer writes that the device is disabled if there are problems with the drivers (outdated, important files, a failure in work, etc.D.).

You can fix this in only one way, completely delete all the drivers with PC, use the “Device Manager” section for this. If they are “visible” in the section of the established programs, removal is best carried out from the “Program and Components” section. Next, download the latest drivers, you can find them on the official website of the HP manufacturer and install them on a computer.

You can solve this problem even easier and faster. The outdated driver can be updated to the latest version using the special Driveer Booster program.


HP printer writes “Disabled“? Install special software on PC, which will automatically eliminate the device malfunctions. To correct minor failures in the work, a program is suitable for Fix It Center, but for a full diagnosis and solve a variety of problems with any device, use HP Print and Scan Doctor.

We hope our tips will help you quickly deal with the problem yourself without calling a specialist. Save not only time, but also money. However, in most cases, special knowledge and skills are required to eliminate problems. You can check for yourself whether the device was lit by the paper, whether the cartridge is correctly installed, remove the pollution or foreign objects that fell into the printer.

What does the status mean are disabled?

Usually, when this error occurs, the user tries to turn on the equipment or restart it, this does not help to eliminate the problems and restore access to the print. In this case, most often the “Offline” mode is assigned to several devices at once. If several cars send files to the printout in a large office, but the work is not performed, most likely the reason may be as follows:

  • Software violation of the print process, failure in the settings of information display or defeating the system with a virus.
  • Mechanical damage to the inside of the structure. This reason is relevant in case of failure of one printer, with multiple refusal, most likely the problem in the system parameters.
  • Paper’s jam or lack of paint (in jet versions), powder (in laser versions) can also lead to stopping work. The program automatically protects the equipment from further damage.

Why the problem arises

Before proceeding with the “treatment” should be found out the cause of the “disease”. Consider the most common:

  • The printer is not connected by the cable to the PC or the cable is faulty.
  • Autonomous work is on the mistake.
  • Problems with cartridges. relevant for jet devices.
  • Errors in the operation of the Windows print server.
  • “Glits” of software (drivers) of the device.

Physical verification of printer performance

The most banal problem of the state is “disconnected” of any printer in the office or at home can simply be a dedicated power supply or USB connection cable with a computer or laptop. Your further actions to change the status with “inaccessible” to “turned on” may be as follows:

  • Disconnect power cord and USB cable from the device.
  • Wait for 10 seconds. During this time, it will be useful to complete a complete reboot of the computer.
  • First connect the USB cable, and then power.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • On the panel, only one light bulb should constantly burn in green, which reports on the mode of readiness of the device for work.

Many models are equipped with an automatic transition system to sleep mode. The device really does not consume energy in this case and there may be an erroneous opinion that it has disconnected. This is not the case and it is not turned off. Users mistakenly press the shutdown button, and you need to press the exit button from the sleeping mode.

If the condition of the printer has not changed, then try using other cords and cables. In the house or office they can always be found. If there is another computer or laptop, you can try to temporarily connect to it. To exclude PC himself from the list of “perpetrators”, you must try to connect another, like a worker, printer to it. If this does not help, then the problem lies in another. Follow the further instructions of this article to fix everything.

Connection with a network printer via Ethernet

If your home network has several computers, and the printer has an Ethernet connector, it is advisable to use the connection through the router. Then you can print documents from any computer on a local network. With this connection, the equipment becomes a network device. The software of some manufacturers allows you to manage such equipment via the Internet even from computers who are not included in the local network.

Most often, such a network is used in offices, but if necessary, it can also be used for a home network. Another advantage of such a connection is that the printer can be used through Wi-Fi without the need to use a wireless adapter on the device itself. This means that if you have a laptop at home, it does not need to be connected using a cable. Then files can be transmitted by wireless communication for printing.

Note: If your router has a USB port, in most cases you can use it to connect the printer. Connecting through the Ethernet network cable is not required. In some cases, such a scheme is more flexible and allows the use of advanced equipment capabilities.

The same section of the control panel that is used to add USB printers is used to search for a network device. Before installing it would be nice to extract the driver, loaded from the official site of the manufacturer. When installing, it may be necessary to enter additional parameters, for example, IP addresses. To specify it, use the corresponding section in the control panel of the router. Access to the web-intese can be obtained through the web browser using the data indicated on the sticker at the bottom of the router.

General access to the printer connected to PC with Windows OS

To connect computers to the printer associated with the Windows computer, the following is necessary

2 Rub the network control center and select change the advanced overall access parameters;

Figure 10: Changing the network access parameters.

4 Turn on the total access to the printer and save the changes.

Figure 11: Access to the device of the network printer.

Now, to connect other Windows computers, you need to add a network printer in the same way (through the control panel and a list of printers) in turn. The system will automatically search the printer and ensure the installation of drivers. The same thing is done for computers working on the Apple platform. in this case, look for a new printer in the system of system settings.

How to make a default printer in Windows 10?

After general familiarization with the principle of working in the default mode, it is worth understanding the application for each specific operating system. Let’s start with the most common and modern version of Windows 10. The developers have improved opportunities and added many useful functions inside the system support. And an understandable and convenient integration allows you to quickly and easily navigate mainly the menu and various programs and applications.

The method of setting the operating mode of the default printer consists of stages:

  • Turn on the computer and printers on the network. Complete the technique for each other. In the case of the first inclusion, the software and drivers should be installed using a special installation disk, which is included in the set of purchased equipment.
  • After that, go to the main menu, clicking on the starting icon on the desktop, or using the button on the keyboard.
  • Then, from the menu items, select the “Parameters” section.
  • In the dialog box that opens, find the “Devices” section, from the list of technology that appears, select the line of interest to you with the name of the printer.
  • Click on the corresponding button to set the operating mode “By default“. Now the program will automatically assign the selected printer as the main thing when printing.

Important: there is also a quick way to manage the operating mode. If you need to deliver the equipment used for printing for the last time, you need to go into the “devices” described above with the method. Then find the inscription “Make the last used”, activate it by clicking on the power button.

How to make a default printer in 1c?

The principle of working with 1C will be similar to interaction with the Windows system. But in some cases difficulties may arise when connecting and choosing a print format. If when printing documents you are faced with the problem of displaying work on the desired equipment, you should contact the settings. To do this, perform manipulations:

  • Connect the devices to the network and among themselves, as described in the instructions for Windows 10.
  • Go to the system and find the necessary equipment in the corresponding section. A printer put into an active state should be highlighted or marked with a checkmark. If this is not, you should enter its properties and parameters.
  • You can open the dialog box by pressing the right mouse button, or open the list of actions of the right key.
  • After that, find the item “Install by default“. Now the seal will be carried out through the selected printer.

IMPORTANT: To check the correct settings, follow the test printing of the sheet. Sometimes you may need to restart the computer or update the software to the latest version.

Inclusion of total access

This recommendation is suitable only for those who have problems with connecting to a network printer. Print errors can be caused by an incorrectly tuned with a common folder or absent. Owners of such equipment and users who print documents on the local network are recommended to familiarize themselves with special manuals on our website, clicking on the following links.

Instructions How to turn on the printer on the computer if it is disabled

There can be many different problems with a printing device, but the most unpleasant situation arises when working with the status, which says that the printer is turned off, although in fact it is turned on. At first glance, there are no visible problems, but this is far from the case. Let’s try to figure out how to determine the cause of the malfunction, how to check the operation of the device and eliminate the error.

Most often you have to deal with operating systems of the Windows 7 or 10 family. Of all the models of printers, everyone suffers from this ailment, but the most popular are HP, Canon and Epson. On their examples, consider the methods of turning on the printer with the status disconnected.

On some versions of cars, a message about the problem can be displayed in English and have the appearance of the printer disconnected “.

Why the problem arises

Before proceeding with the “treatment”, you should find out the cause of the “disease”. Consider the most common:

  • The printer is not connected to the PC cable or the cable is faulty.
  • Autonomous mode was turned on by mistake.
  • Problems with cartridges. The most relevant for jet devices.
  • Windows print server errors.
  • Software (driver) Gluck device.

Physical verification of printer performance

The most common problem with the condition of any printer in the office or at home can simply be a disabled power cord or a USB cable for connecting to a computer or laptop. Your further actions to change the status with “inaccessible” on “included” may be as follows:

  • Disconnect power cord and USB cable from the device.
  • Wait 10 seconds. During this time it will be useful to complete a full reboot of the computer.
  • First connect the USB cable, and then power.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Only a green light should constantly burn on the panel, which indicates the readiness of the device for work.

Many models are equipped with an automatic sleep system. In this case, the device does not actually consume electricity, and there may be an incorrect idea that it has disconnected. This is not so disabled. Users accidentally press the shutdown button, but must press the awakening button.

If the condition of the printer does not change, try using other cables and cables. You will always find them at home or in the office. If you have another computer or laptop, you can try to connect to it temporarily. To exclude the PC itself from the list of “perpetrators” of problems, you must try to connect it to another printer, for example, to a worker. If this does not help, the problem is different. Follow further instructions in this article to fix everything.

Settlement check

The second way to solve the problem with a printer is to check and, if necessary, change the settings of the device. Further actions are relevant for Windows 7.8 and 10.

Go to the control panel and find the “Equipment and Sound” section. In the section itself there is a subsection “devices and printers”. Let’s go there and see all the connected printers.

We find the device we need, on it to access its properties. And then we open the print queue. Or select “View queue” in the context menu “.

There should be no ticks in the menu that opens. If there is, remove everything and at the same time you can clean the entire print line. This applies to the “suspend print” points (interrupts the seal) and “work in autonomous mode” (switches to autonomous mode). It is recommended to install the “use” checkbox so as not to choose a printer every time when printing in the future.

Press service

If you were not able to change the condition of the printer using the above methods, you need to resort to more complex options to solve the problem.

In Windows systems, all tasks for printing and their implementation, as well as printing devices, are controlled and controlled by the service of the print dispatcher. In English terminology, this is called Spooler. The essence of this method is to restart this service. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps.

  • Press the Windows R buttons on the keyboard. This will open the command window. Enter it “Services.MSC “.
  • In the window that opens, find the service of the print dispatcher and restart it.


In some cases, problems can also be caused by the printer’s software or, more simply, the driver. They can simply be damaged by the viruses or negligence of the user. Often after updates of the operating system or the drivers themselves from unreliable sources. In such cases, reinstall the software. It is recommended to download from the official website of the manufacturer of the printing device. A great option would be the presence of an original disk from the box.

Reset adblue Sprinter3 w906.663,309CDI | car diagnostic software

When loading software, it is worth spending time to choose the right package, so as not to be mistaken. The name of the model should fully match. The Windows version and the number of bits can be automatically defined on the manufacturer’s website, but we recommend that you check twice. All you need to do is go into PC properties. Click the right mouse button and select the “Properties” in the menu “.

If the “firewood” is unloaded, you can safely move on to the installation stage. To do this, find your printer in the device manager. Go into properties, clicking on the right button and choosing “update the driver”. Next, select the search element on your computer and indicate the path to the files you downloaded or to the disk if you have left after buying the printer. After the update, it is recommended to reboot the computer.

Features of network printers

If the printer connected to the network displays the pause error, try turning off the SNMP service in the properties of the network device. First go to the settings through the control panel, then go to the Porta tab. There, select the port’s marked port and click the “Reference” button. In the window that opens below the window, remove the “SNMP status” checkbox. Reload the network and computer, then check if the condition of the printer has changed. Try to write on it.

Using utilities for correction

Changing the condition of the printer and diagnostics, eliminating other possible malfunctions allows branded and software. Programs will help not only to identify problems, translate the printer from the states of “unavailable” and “autonomous” in the readiness mode, but also track various indicators and perform preventive maintenance. For example, it is possible to check the level of ink, cleaning the software of mechanisms, aligning printing heads and many other useful functions.

Companies provide their proprietary software:

There is also a public free analogue from the global giant Microsoft: Fix It Center. The file is located on the company’s servers, so you need to download it in priority from the official site.

Status: “Printer is disconnected”. How to enable (“Windows 7”, device parameters)?

But most often problems are related to software failures or irregular settings. To begin with, understanding the question of how to change the status of the printer “disconnected” (how to turn on the device), it is necessary to study its status and set the parameters.

In the standard “control panel” you need to go to the section of printers and faxes, where you must first find the desired printer and make sure that the printing device is installed by default.

Further, in the window of the device, it is necessary to use the Printer menu and cancel the selection of lines for suspended print (delayed printing) and the use of an autonomous mode, if any. Theoretically, the status will change to “ready”. Sometimes it helps to clean the print line.

How to cancel printing or suspend a queue so that the printer does not print

Situations often arise when it is necessary to stop the printer. It can be a trim of paper, incorrect information, a paper position, a priority in the Printing line has changed, and t.D. To save ink, paper and time it is better to suspend or cancel the seal.

  • Through the starting menu
  • Using an automatic script
  • Work removal problems
  • How to cancel printing on Samsung printer
  • How to clean the print line on the Canon printer
  • How to turn off printing on a printer in Linux

Through the “Start” menu

One way to clean it is to use the Start menu. Click the Start button, select “Control Panel”. In the control panel, set the view by installing “small icons”, and go to the “Device and Printers” item. For Windows 7 and later versions, the name will be “Printers and faxes”. We are looking for our device in the section, click with the right button and select “View the Printing Establishment”.

In the window that appears, you can see the documents that are being printed at the moment or which will be printed when their turn comes. To complete the operation, it remains to note the desired line and click “Clean the Printing Queue”. Another option is to use the Delete key.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 RESET to Factory Default Setting !!

As a result, all actions will be removed from the queue. In this menu, you can also choose to “suspend the queue” and, if necessary, start again.

Deleting the print is easier and faster, using an icon with an image that appears next to the clock in the field of notifications. If you click on it twice with the left mouse button, the same dispatcher will open.

Using an automatic scenario

You can delete the document on the printer using the executable script. To do this, you need to create a file that will stop the service and clean the task for printing. Initially, you need to create a new text file everywhere.

The following should be written in its content:

“Net Stop Spooler Del% Systemroot% System32 Spool Printers ShD DEL”

“% Systemroot% System32 Spool Printers SPL NET START SPULLE”.

After the lines have been written, you need to save the file with the extension.CMD. When starting the created file, the script written in it will be made. At the end of the program, the window itself will disappear from the screen.

Problems when removing the assignment

Often the user is faced with the fact that the stop and deletion of the working line does not occur instantly. This is due to the fact that the printing device has its own memory, called the buffer. Initially, the information enters the buffer and only then displays on the computer. Thus, the seal will continue for a while.

It may happen that the line of removal in the dispatcher of tasks does not disappear at all. In this case, it must be restarted. To do this, you can use the combination of the keys win r. A dialog box will appear in which the Services MSC team is written, as soon as it works, the “Service” program will start. In the utility, you need to find the point “Print Manager” and restart it with the right mouse button. In the case of a failure, the printer will need to be turned off, and the computer is reloaded. This situation can be caused by malfunctions in the operating system itself.

How to cancel printing on Samsung printer

If the printer you use does not have a fast cancellation function, follow the following actions:

  • Physically stop the printer by raising the lid to replace the cartridge or remove the paper;
  • turn off the device;
  • stop the press service;
  • delete documents;
  • restart the operating system (if necessary).

How to remove the turn for printing in Canon Printer

To do this, use standard tools:

  • On the Windows taskbar, click the printer icon with the right mouse button;
  • select “Open all active printers”;
  • Find your device in active printers and go to the dialog box;
  • Select the print task that you want to cancel, click the cancellation button.

How to turn off the print printer in the Linux system

All of the above is also applicable to Linux systems. In previous issues, you had to launch the CUPS web-integer, the Localhost command: 631 / Jobs /. Starting with releases 2013., The badge began to appear in the field of notifications during printing, as in Windows. When you press it, you fall into the context menu. Through which you can cancel or suspend the seal, which is very convenient.

Summing up, we note that there are several ways to cleanse the print line. Regardless of the operating system, the easiest way is to click the print icon and select “Clean the queue” in the context menu ”. In severe cases, you will have to restart the dispatcher or even the whole device.

It should be noted that many large manufacturers of printing devices add to their products the function of quick cancellation of tasks. It can be a special button or a specific item in the settings of the device itself. This information for each individual series is contained in the operating manual.

Correction of problems with drivers

Also, often a system message about the disconnected condition of the printer appears with problems with drivers (obsolescence, failures, damaged files, etc.D.).

In this situation, it is necessary to completely remove the drivers from the system, at least from the device manager. If they are displayed among the installed programs, it is better to remove them from the section of programs and components. After that, the best solution will be loaded the latest version of the driver from the site of the equipment manufacturer, and then install it.

As an alternative, you can do it easier. If the driver is really outdated or simply not suitable for your type of device, you can use the automatic update program for drivers, such as Driver Booster.

Using fixers utilities

If you cannot restart the press service or reinstall the drivers, special tools will help you change the condition of the printer.

One of the free funds for correcting the condition is Fix It Centre from Microsoft. Load software only from the official site. No skills are required to use it.

Printing manufacturers also have developments:

What does the status mean are disabled?

Under normal conditions, the system issues a warning and sets the status of a disabled state when the equipment is turned off and in the absence of a connection with a computer. However, sometimes malfunctions occur, leading to this status, even with properly connected equipment.

Usually, when this error occurs, the user tries to turn on the equipment or restart it, this does not help to eliminate the problems and restore access to the print. In this case, most often the “Offline” mode is assigned to several devices at once. If several cars send files to the printout in a large office, but the work is not performed, most likely the reason may be as follows:

  • Software violation of the print process, failure in the settings of information display or defeating the system with a virus.
  • Mechanical damage to the inside of the structure. This reason is relevant in case of failure of one printer, with multiple refusal, most likely the problem in the system parameters.
  • Paper’s jam or lack of paint (in jet versions), powder (in laser versions) can also lead to stopping work. The program automatically protects the equipment from further damage.

Important: when you make an attempt to install a printer, the system can give an error under the number 0xc00005. This indicates the current “Offline” mode.

How to enable the printer on Windows 10?

Do not rush to enter the settings to change the installation parameters. This can only complicate the situation. First of all, complete the following manipulations:

  • Check all the wires, the reliability of their connection, possible defects and grinding the body.
  • Try to completely turn off the equipment, after a few minutes, re.connect the equipment. In most modern systems, automatic diagnosis occurs and the elimination of malfunctions that arose at the last session.
  • Assess the condition of the ink level, look inside the body to detect jammed pieces of paper. With these problems, eliminate them, replace the components.
  • Also check the presence of defects and mechanical damage to internal components.

In most cases, the actions described above help to cope with the problem. But sometimes the reason is the system failure of the program. In this case, the principle of action will differ significantly. To eliminate problems and settings, we will analyze the instructions for Windows 10:

  • Using the Start button on the desktop or on the keyboard, go the main menu.
  • Then enter the name of the printer model in the search bar. You can open a list of devices in a standard way through the “control panel”, “devices and printers”.
  • Find the necessary equipment from the proposed list and find out the basic information about it. Make sure it is set “by default” to display files for printing.
  • In the dialog box with information about the state of equipment, remove the checkmarks from the points of the deferred seal and autonomous mode.
  • Restore the press service in the corresponding section of the menu. To do this, enter the command “Services.MSC “in the” Perform “window (winr).
  • Try to update the drivers, additionally install utilities for automatic search and eliminate problems.

If you have the need to return the settings or put the device in the “Offline” mode, just complete all action in the reverse order. To do this, go to the “Devices and Printers” section, select the necessary type of equipment and remove the checkmarks from the previously set values ​​”by default“. After that, carefully disconnect the conjugated equipment, and then turn it off from the power source.