What to do if the computer is braking with windows

After installation, some programs are automatically added to the autoload list. Such applications start working immediately after running Windows, regardless of whether you use them or not. They remain always active, and therefore we spend the RAM and processor power.

When programs in the autoload list becomes too much, they take a noticeable part of system resources. As a result, the computer begins to work slower than usual. Especially if it does not boast a powerful hardware stuffing.

Right-click on the Windows 10 panel and select “Task Manager”. Then click “” → “Auto load”.

In the list that opens, find programs, in the constant work of which you do not need. Click on it right-click and choose “Disable”.

Causes of braking and computer lags

Immediately it is necessary to say that the reasons for reducing the performance of the computing machine can only be two.

  • The first reason is a hardware malfunction, failed in the work of “iron”, that is, the computer must be diagnosed, disassembled and repair;
  • The second reason is a program failure. Usually, problems at the program level are reduced to the presence in the operating system of a large number of “trash” and “garbage”, from which it should be rapidly getting rid of.

If you wondered why PC slowly works, it is a reason to start acting and look for the reason for reducing computer performance. Then consider in detail every situation.

High temperature processor

The first thing to be done in such a situation is to remove the side cover of the PC housing and clean it internal components from dust clusters. Regardless of the purity of the room, inside the computer and the laptop will certainly settle dust that impede the normal air exchange.

If there is no efficient cooling of the processor and the video card, inconvenience will occur in the work, the PC braking will appear in games when starting powerful programs. It is possible to understand that the computer simply needs cleaning, in several characteristic features:

  • The noise of coolers is increasing with the launch of resource-intensive programs or toys;
  • The device is significantly heated (applied to the laptop housing).

Dustned ventilation grille prevents hot and fresh air. That is, it is not necessary to talk about the efficient cooling of the computer in this case. Overheating of the processor and video card are dangerous in that with the achievement of critical temperature, these components can be seriously damaged. So that this does not happen, protection is provided, which when triggered turns off the power.

If Windows lags, recommend downloading special applications, with which it is easy to determine the current temperature of the central processor, the graphics processor of the video card and other components. For these purposes, simple and convenient in circulation AIDA64 utility.

Aida64: Why slows down the computer?

The HDD hard disk temperature should be in the area from 30 to 35 degrees, the system board should be heated over 50 degrees, and the normal operating temperature of the central processor is 60-65 degrees Celsius.

Modern video cards are able to withstand heating to 90 and even 100 degrees, but upon reaching 105 degrees Celsius, irreversible consequences usually occur. You should not allow overheating card over 80 degrees. You can find out the normal temperature for the video card in a simple and load on the device manufacturer’s website.

Returning to the PC cleaning theme, we note that the easiest, but at the same time an effective way to remove dust. purging with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner must be put into operation mode, since it is possible to clean the coolers and radiators from pollution. If the computer has not changed the thermal passer, then definitely change it.

Lack of RAM

After cleaning, the computer can be started and checking how much its performance has increased. If the speed of work remained at the same low level, follow the reason.

Another probable cause of constant braking is a large number of programs that automatically start with Windows. The user’s task is to exclude from the autoload list those utilities with which it does not use and which are essentially useless. They spend the RAM and processor power, so the reason may be hidden in autoload.

To check the list, press the WINR keyboard key on the keyboard, then write to the msconfig command in the string.EXE and press the Enter key. The system configuration menu opens in which the “Auto-loading” section should be selected.

Make sure all the program downloaded along with the operating system are really necessary. If you see unnecessary applications, simply remove the daw on the left of their name. In Windows 10, it can be done through the “Task Manager”.

We also go to the “Auto-loading” tab, press the PCM on the name of the program and select the “Disable” option. On weak computers, it is best to disable the autoload of applications in which there is only a temporary need. For example, if you sometimes use a torrent client, then start it only if necessary. Permanent working torrent is able to reduce the speed of the system for dozens percent.

PC check for viruses

What to do if the computer is braking with windows? After completing the two previous steps, be sure to check the system for malicious programs.

Viruses and various spyware are capable of seriously worsening the computer performance. If there is no antivirus program in the system, and in the Windows 10 version and “Windows Defender” is still turned off, then the likelihood is already infected. In advanced cases, the computer is struck by dozens, and sometimes hundreds of different viruses. miners, trojans, spies. Therefore, without installing the antivirus and the subsequent verification here is not to do.

Radical, but effective way to fight. reinstalling Windows. But after reinstallation, you will have to install drivers, programs, games, and these are additional inconvenience, so reinstall the system is not a desire for many.

Currently, DR is considered the most efficient free antivirus.Web Cureit. It is enough to download from the official website of the developer and run. But it should be borne in mind that this antivirus is able to protect only from the existing threats, that is, it is antivirus, which will help “here and now”.

Other ways to speed up your laptop

Increase download speed

First of all, it is necessary to find out what the problem is. Run event viewer to see which programs are loaded at the start of the system and how much time it takes. Event viewer enters the standard Windows toolkit. You can call it from the “Run” string (Windows R). In the dialog box, type Eventvwr.MSC and click OK.

Find an event with code 100. It indicates the download time in seconds. Then look for events with codes starting with 101. They indicate which applications slow down the computer.

It is very likely that some of these programs do not need to run at the start of the system. For example, the following programs do not need to run automatically. you can always run them manually when it is necessary:

If you find other problem programs, look for information about them in Google to find out whether they are critical to Windows, or you can safely remove them from autoload.

Finding out which programs are started at the start of the system, open the “Run” string again and this time dial “msconfig” to run the system configuration utility. Click the “Auto load” tab. Disable all programs that you do not need to run when starting the system. But be careful. do not get rid of randomly from the programs that are really necessary for the work of the computer. If not sure, it is better to rebuild and do not forget to create a backup copy of all data on an external hard disk in advance.

When finished, restart the computer and check if the download time has changed in the event viewer. Now the system should be loaded much faster. Deleting unnecessary applications from autoloading automatically reduces the number of running programs. this should be positively reflected in the speed of the computer.

Not installed or not “native” device drivers

The lack of official device drivers, or drivers installed from the Windows update center (and not from the manufacturers of equipment) can also cause slow computer.

Most often it concerns the video card drivers. the installation is simply “compatible” drivers, especially the Windows 7 OS (Windows 10 and 8 have learned to put official drivers, although not in the latest versions), often lead to lags (brakes) in games, video playback jerks and other similar problems with display graphics. Solution. Install or update video card drivers for maximum performance.

However, it is worth checking and presence of installed drivers for other equipment in device manager. over, if you have a laptop, a good solution will install the chipset drivers and other branded drivers from the manufacturer of this laptop, even if the device manager for all items shows “the device is working normally,” the same can be said about the computer motherboard chipset drivers.

Cleaning a computer using third-party programs

There is a separate class of software designed to clean the computer from various garbage accumulating on the disks.

  • Auslogics is good with its versatility. This utility copes perfectly with the duties of the “janitor”, knows how to search and eliminate the problems in the registry, can inspect the list of autoloaders and offer unwanted to remove. The program is compact enough, easy to learn and use, there is a reserve creation feature that we recommend using always.
  • Advanced System Booster has about the same functionality, except for defragmentation, can delete temporary files using masks, characterized by an intuitive inteeis, but an impressive list of settings for newcomers may be a narrow neck.
  • Windows Doctor is an even more versatile program that knows how to clean the hardening garbage in the computer file system, defragmentation of disk space and memory, the inspection of the system registry, fine privacy setting and even optimizing the work of the central processor.

How best to stop malicious?

Advertising programs most often can be erased from your devices, removing cookies, cache history and other irrelevant files. In most browsers, this feature is available in the Settings menu.

Also useful advertising blockers. they effectively protect from websites that establish programs for demonstrating advertising and tracking Internet activity of the user.

The use of a reliable protective solution is the most comprehensive approach to protection against malicious intrusions, which may interfere or slow down the computer.

Working in the background, the protective solution monitors all actions on the computer and issues warnings if or hacker manufacturers are trying to download programs on a computer without your permission.

Also using a protective solution you can delete a malicious program from a computer.

To provide an optimal level of protection, update the software regularly on your computer and install a powerful antivirus program.

The computer brakes due to lack of space on the system disk

Problem. Very often, users do not notice how the system disk (disk C: \) is filled. This problem is especially relevant for those who have a hard disk divided into several logical disks, and the systemic of them is the smallest. Disc C: \ Over time is clogged with a large number of updates, programs, temporary files.

Decision. There is not enough place. free it. We use this simple principle to solve the problem. We recommend that you carry out the following operations:

  • Clean the disk from temporary files (CCleaner will cope with this).
  • We delete the programs that have not been using.
  • Clean the desktop from the garbage (yes, all the files on the desktop take place on the disk from: \).
  • Clean the basket (many remove unnecessary files from the desktop and disk from: \ and with a “clean soul” continue to work forgetting about cleaning the basket).

Running many programs during autoload


While working often have to install various programs. But at the same time, not everyone pays attention to that when installing programs, there are checkboxes that establish them in the autoload. And that they turn on automatically when the computer starts.

It is not always bad, but with inattention can cause certain difficulties, since each of the programs distracts part of the system capacity.

The usual user rarely looks into the configuration of the autoload file to remove the program from there, which are not needed in the work constantly and daily. And in vain. With such a simple action, you can significantly (at times) reduce computer loading time and increase system speed.


Open the “System Configuration” section, find the “Startup” tab and simply remove the checkboxes from programs that are not vital.

If you have difficulty in the entrance to this section, simply click “Start” and “Run” (Windows 7 or XP), and enter the “Find Programs and Files” field

Often, office, Java, Winamp, Mesterners of various types and so on are as unnecessary applications.

Brake breaker


This problem often occurs when you start at the same time multiple (or several dozen) tabs in the baoup. for example, in the search mode. Or when viewing through the HD video file network.

It should also be borne in mind that each such tab launches a separate process that takes part of the processor power and the amount of RAM.


If the computer slows down when working on the network, Open Task Manager. Note which of the processes requires the most resources of the system. It may turn out that it is some kind of hanging script or a browser running application.

Also hang when working with a browser may be caused by cache overflow. It is also necessary to periodically clean.

If braking is caused by viewing high quality video, it may be due to the low processor performance. In this case, only its replacement will save.