Why is the computer on Windows not connected to the phone in Wi-Fi access point?

Very often we have such a problem as lack of access to Wi-Fi. Basically, this problem arises in the Windows operating system. What is the reason, and what will serve as a solution to the problem? We will try to find out now.

So, there are several reasons why the laptop cannot connect to Wi-Fi. Problems. With the settings of the laptop itself, outdated drivers. Let’s take a closer look at these reasons and find ways to eliminate problems.

one. The easiest way is the problem in the absence of a connected wireless adapter on the laptop itself. In each laptop model, manufacturers are installed on the ke key to the on or off the Wi-Fi adapter. Look at the keyboard and find the Wi-Fi symbol, it is usually located on F5, F10 or F12.

Next, we find the FN function button and at the same time click several times on FN and F12 (you click on the key where the Wi-Fi icon is drawn), we look at what happens, whether there are changes. Sometimes it happens that FN is not active, because there are no installed drivers, if the laptop does not respond when you press the F12 and FN, then check the FN key, adding or declining volume.

In addition to the adapter, you need to check in the settings of the network connection whether the network card is connected. We clamp the Winr at the same time. In the window that opens, there is a line “open”, score into it: NCPA.CPL and click OK.

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Wireless networks, with all its convenience, are not devoid of some diseases leading to complications in the form of all kinds of problems by the absence of a connection or connection to an access point. Symptoms are different, basically it is an endless receipt of IP addresses and/or reports that there is no way to connect to the network. This article is devoted to discussing the causes and solving this problem.

It is impossible to connect to the access point

Problems leading to the impossibility of connecting a laptop to an access point can be caused by the following factors:

  • Input the wrong security key.
  • In the settings of the router, a filter of MAC addresses of devices is included.
  • The operating mode of the network is not supported by a laptop.
  • Inappropriate network connection settings in Windows.
  • Fault of the adapter or router.

Before you start solving the problem in other ways, try turning off the firewall (firewall) if it is installed on your laptop. Perhaps he blocks access to the network. This may well contribute to the settings of the program.

Security code

This is the second that you should pay attention to after the antivirus. Perhaps you have incorrectly introduced a security code. Distraction from time to time overtakes all users. Check the keyboard layout if Caps Lock is activated. In order not to fall into such situations, change the code to digital, it will be more difficult to make a mistake.

MAC address filter

Such a filter allows you to additionally increase the security of the network by introducing devices for permitted (or prohibited) MAC addresses. If this function is available, and it is activated, then perhaps your laptop cannot go through authentication. This will be especially true if you are trying to connect from this device for the first time.

The solution is as follows: make a MAC laptop to the list of the router allowed in the settings or completely disable filtration, if this is possible and acceptable.

Network mode

In the settings of your router, the operating mode of 802 can be set.11n, which is not supported by a laptop, or rather, outdated by Wi-Fi as an adapter built into it. Switching to 11BGN mode will help to solve the problem, in which most devices can work.

Settings of network connections and services

Next, we will analyze the example when a laptop is used as an access point. When trying to connect other devices to the network, a constant authentication occurs or a dialog box with an error of connection simply appears. To solve such a problem, you need to configure the parameters of network connections on the laptop from which it is planned to distribute the Internet.

  • Click once on the network icon on the taskbar panel. After that, a pop.up window will appear with the only link “Network parameters”.
  • In the window that opens, select “Adapter settings”.
  • Here, the first thing is to check whether the overall access to the network that you are going to distribute is included. To do this, click PKM by the adapter and move on to its properties. Next, put a daw opposite the item that allows you to use this computer to connect to the Internet, and in the list of “home network”, select the connection.

After these actions, the network will become publicly available, as evidenced by the corresponding inscription.

Open the properties of that connection (PKM. “properties”), which was indicated as a home network in paragraph 3. Next, select a component with the name “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” and, in turn, proceed to its properties. The IP and DNS settings window will open. Here we switch to manual introduction (if automatic) and enter the addresses. IP should be prescribed this: (the last digit should be different from 1). As a DNS, you can use the public address Google. 8.eight.eight.8 or 8.eight.4.4.

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Go to the “Settings” and go to the section “Network and the Internet”, and from there. to the subsection “Access point and modem”.

Select the “Wi-Fi access point point”, and then the “Wi-Fi frequency range” (if necessary, open additional settings).

After that, install the checkbox in the “2.4 GHz” checkbox and click the “Apply” button.

Network problems

If you installed the drivers on the keyboard, turned on the Wi-Fi module, but there is still no Internet, then open the “control panel”. Select the Internet Internet and in “General Access Management” select “Changes in Adaptors Parameters”. Here you will see a list of all adapters. Click on the “Wireless Network” item. If the gray icon and the inscription “disconnected”, then in the system tray there is no wi-fi icon, which is why nothing acts. In this case, you need to enable: call the context menu with the right button and make a choice “enable”. The wireless network becomes active. With an error, the launch of “Windows networks”. The system itself can find and fix errors.

If even after that the computer does not detect an accessible network, then reinstall the drivers to a wireless network adapter. Open the “Device Manager”, click on the “network adapters”, find the right device. You need to remove and install the driver again. Drivers can be taken on the official page of the manufacturer of your computer or to find a CD with a working driver with your computer. After installing the driver, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi module and see the work-if everything was activated, we figured out why the network disappeared.

Sometimes it happens that the laptop does not see a wireless network after being in the repair or after cleaning. Masters can turn off the antennas. Then you need to disassemble the laptop body and connect them or seek help from specialists.

Laptop side problem

A computer may not see a wireless access point due to failures in the operation of the operating system and for other reasons:

The network is disconnected by keys

By default, some manufacturers supply laptops with Wi-Fi modules disconnected. You can start them using a combination of keys.

Consider popular combinations for different manufacturers (may vary depending on the model):

Manufacturer Combination of keys
Asus FNF2
Samsung FNF9, FNF12
Acer FNF2
Del FNF2, FNF12
Lenovo FNF5

Some laptop models have a special switch. It can be on one of the side faces of the case or on the keyboard.

Turning on the adapter

Often does not seek Wi-Fi on a laptop because the module is disabled in the system settings. To activate it, you must go to the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. In the window that opens, select “Change of adapter parameters”. Click the right mouse button to a wireless network connection and select “Turn on”.

computer, does, wi-fi, phone

After activating the module, the laptop will begin to look for Wi-Fi access points.

Aircraft mode

This function appeared in Windows 10, and its spontaneous activation may be the answer to the question why a laptop or a regular computer does not see a Wi-Fi network. The aircraft regime icon is in the field of notifications. Activation/deactivation is clicked on this icon.

Checking the drivers

The laptop sometimes does not find a Wi-Fi network after updating the driver of the wireless module. In some laptops, it is combined with a network card, but more often this component is made in the form of a separate board.

To correct this problem, you need:

  • Open the device manager (Winr, and then enter DEVMGMT.MSC).
  • Open section “Network adapters”. Sometimes a Wi-Fi module is displayed in “other devices”.
  • Click the mouse with the right button and select “Update the drivers”.
  • Wait for updating the software.

The driver is recommended to download from the manufacturer’s website. It can also be found on the network by the Publishing House of the component specified in the section “Information”.

VLAN auto.building service

This component of the OS controls wireless connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). If the WLAN service does not work, the operating system will not see the network available for connecting. In Windows 7, 8, 10, it is necessary to activate this component:

If the WLAN auto.building service has not started after rebooting, then the service is disconnected in the system configuration.

  • Click the Winr key combination and enter msconfig.
  • Go to the “Service” tab. Find the desired service in the list.
  • Make sure the checkpoint is installed near the service.
  • Save the settings and reboot the computer.

We perform diagnostics of malfunctions

Automatic network check in Windows allows you to identify simple problems with the connection. authorization problems, errors. To start it, click on the Wi-Fi icon with the right mouse button and in the list that appears, select “Diagnostics of Non-Stop.

A message will appear on the screen about the successful correction of errors or the detection of problems that cannot be corrected with standard diagnostic means.

Resetting the network settings

The reset of the network is what can be done if the laptop does not see Wi-Fi. Separately, such an option is provided in Windows 10. In order to use it:

In Windows 7 and earlier versions, the OS can be reserved for network settings using the command line:

  • Click the Winr key combination. Enter CMD.
  • In the window that appears, enter the Netsh Winsock Reset command. Click Enter.
  • Wait for reports about the successful completion of the operation and reboot the laptop.

If the laptop has stopped seeing Wi-Fi, try to clean DNS-kesh. To do this, enter the IPConfig /Flushdns command line.

The operation is considered successful if the corresponding message appears on the screen.

Sometimes to restore the performance of a wireless adapter, it is necessary to reset the protocols of TCP / IP protocols. For this, the Netsh Intsh Reset C: \ Resetlog command is used.TXT. After completing the integration team, reboot the laptop.

Problem with Wi-Fi adapter

It happens that the phone sees an access point, but the laptop does not see, and the reset of the network settings did not help. In this case, you need diagnosis of the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. To do this, try to use a built.in network card or connect an external wireless signal receiver. If the devices work properly, then the matter is in the built.in adapter. It can be replaced or used by the external Wi-Fi receiver.

The problem with the router

The laptop often cannot connect to the network due to errors in the functioning of the router. Problems in the operation of the device can be caused:

About what to do if the router does not give out Wi-Fi, read in a separate article.

Proceed of the provider

If the router is poorly connected to the Internet, you should contact the service provider. Providers periodically carry out technical work without informing users. Another option. the equipment to which the subscriber’s house is connected became bad to work. A service provider should also deal with this problem.

Setting up the MAC filter

The problem with the connection can be caused by the incorrectly specified MAC address. To fix it:

  • Go to the router web.
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings section.
  • Find the item “Filtering MAC address”. In the routers of other manufacturers, it can be called otherwise.
  • Make sure the filtering of the MAC address is deactivated. If it is turned on, click on the “Disable” button and save the changes.

The visibility of the network

In order to connect the connection, some webmaster when setting up the Internet deactivate the broadcasting of the network name (SSID). As a result, Wi-Fi works, but other devices do not see it. You can restore the visibility of the network in the settings of wireless mode. It is necessary to put a box opposite the item “Turn on the broadcasting of SSID”.

The mode is on the plane

After rebooting the laptop, this mode can be spontaneously activated. Often this happens in Windows 10. You can turn it off in several ways.

In the section “Network and the Internet”. Open the “Start” menu, click on the parameter icon (in the form of a gear). There, find the section “Network and the Internet”. Find the “Mode on the plane” tab and click on it.

Transfer the toggle switch to the off position.

When activating the “plane” mode, a special icon in the notification center usually appears. With it, you can turn off this mode by clicking on the icon and waiting for the appearance of the icon.

In laptops, the “plane” mode is disconnected by hot keys. It can be a combination FN and F6, F7 or F12. A plane icon is usually applied to the desired button.

The reason why the laptop does not see the Wi-Fi distribution from the phone?

If all the settings on the phone and computer are set correctly, then the most common reason why the laptop does not see Wi-Fi from the phone, this is the incorrectly specified network range. Most devices over 5 years old support the network range 2.4 GHz, while modern smartphones distribute a network at a higher frequency of 5 GHz. Due to this difference in the ranges, one device may not see the second.

If your laptop does not see the Wi-Fi network, then you can solve the problem only in one way-check the range of reception and distribution of the network and make one frequency. However, since old laptops can only work at one frequency, the frequency is most often changed on a smartphone.

In order to find out if the laptop supports the frequency of 5 GHz, it is worth starting the command line with the rights of the administrator and introduce such a command:

Now we find the line “Supported types of radio modules”.

As you can see with an example, the laptop can take a network at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. So that he can see Wi-Fi from the phone, you need to make changes in the smartphone settings.

  • Android 10. “Settings”, “Connections”, “Mobile access point and modem”, “Mobile access point”, “Configure”. Next, you need to go to the “preferred frequency” section, where you can choose the same frequency with a laptop.
  • Android 7-9-“Settings”, “Network and Internet”, “Access point and modem”.

After the range is specified correctly, the laptop recognizes the network distributed by the phone.

computer, does, wi-fi, phone

Checking records in the system registry

Open the register editor with the Regedit command from the “Perform” window (Win R).

It is necessary to check the value of the Start parameter in three sections NDISUIO located along the way:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. System. ControlSet001. Services. Ndisuio
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. System. ControlSet002. Services. Ndisuio
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. System. CurrentControlset. Services. Ndisuio

Go in turn to each section and double.click on Start to open its properties. Problems with the detection of a network arise when a value that is different from “3” is set in the Start parameter. If “2” or “4” is indicated, we change it to “3” and keep changes to “OK”.

Repeat this action for the rest of the sections. After rebooting the computer, check if Windows sees a local network.

The culprit is a router

If the phone does not connect to only one Wi-Fi network, and works normally in other networks, this means that there are problems from the side of the router. You can try to decide if you have access to the router and its settings. For example, at home or in the office. If this is an open network in a public place, you can’t do anything yourself. In this case, you can seek help from the network administrator.

I already wrote about the rebooting of the router at the very beginning. If this did not work, we proceed to the check in detail.

Router settings

In most cases, the problem is in the settings of the router or the software failure. I will describe how to deal with this, on the example of the TP-Link router. The menu of other devices may vary outwardly, but the principle is the same.

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If you are tuned in the filtering of mass-ades, black and white lists, first check if something is lost there. Perhaps you yourself accidentally poked the mouse in the wrong way and blocked your smartphone.

Open the section “Protection” (“Security”), point “Access Control”. If the control is enabled, turn it off by moving the switch to the right position.

Then check the Internet on a smartphone.

If you have a white list of devices, add a smartphone to it. If there is a black list, look if the phone is somehow got there.

At the same time look at whether you have “parental control” and other functions that limit user access to the Internet. It is better to turn off all the locks and check if Wi-Fi works on a smartphone. If it works, then already look for a specific reason.

Setting Wi-Fi Network

Often problems arise due to wireless network settings.

WIFI Option Not Showing in Windows 10 and windows 11 ( Easy Fix )

  • Open Wi-Fi settings (“Wireless Main”).
  • Protection should be exhibited in WPA/WPA2 Personal. WPA2-PSK version. Type of encryption AES. On some routers, these parameters are set by default. On others stands the “Auto” mode. Make it to be like in a screenshot.
  • DIRECTED MUSTREMENT MUSTENT. 802.11 b/g/n. Because of this parameter, it is most often not possible to connect to the router to some devices.
  • Try to change the channel for the latter. 11 or 13. In general, the channels can be overloaded, so experiment with this parameter.
  • If your transmitter power is regulated, set the highest. Perhaps the smartphone cannot enter the Internet due to too weak a signal.
  • Save the changes and restart the router.

Wi-Fi password setting up

Another way to fix a wireless network is to set a new password. You can do this here, in the parameters of the wireless regime.

Enter a new value in the password (“network key” field. numbers, English letters and symbols. Save and reboot. On a smartphone, try connecting a network with a new password.

In the same way you can experiment with SSID. Set a new network name and try connecting it to it.

In both cases, you will have to reconnect on all devices that use the Internet on a router.

Also try a non.wiped WPS connection. Sometimes the device cannot connect to the network with a password, and this method is triggered. But it happens and vice versa. Therefore, if you used to use WPS. Try connecting a password input.

Setting up and updating the firmware

If you cannot deal with the settings and do not remember what you changed, turned on or turned off the router menu, try to restore factory parameters on it. Just keep in mind that after that you will have to set up the Internet and the home network. So check if you have the information you need for this. type of connection, login, password and other data. All this is usually indicated in the contract with the provider. If you do not have this information, specify them in the support service.

The reset is easiest to do with a special button. She is on all routers. Usually the button is located on the rear panel and signed by Reset or RST. The button on most devices is drowned in the case, so you need to press it with a long thin object. Click the reset button, wait ten seconds and release. The router will reboot with factory settings. Restore the Internet connection and check if the wireless network works.

Perhaps your router software is outdated and therefore there are problems of compatibility with some devices. It is actually it is advisable to update the firmware regularly.

You can often do this through a web-integse in automatic mode. Or you can download the firmware from the official site of the manufacturer and indicate it manually, for this there is a “review” button.

  • Open in the “System Tools” section (“System”) the item “Update the built.in software”.
  • Click the “Check the presence of updates” button. Internet connection should be actively. The router will check whether there is a new firmware on the server and will inform you about it. Then you click the “update” button in the window that opens and wait for the completion of the process.