Reasons why the computer does not see iPhone

There are probably a little iPhone users who have not at least once tried to transfer data from their mobile device to a personal computer. In order to convey pictures, photos, music or text files from the iPhone on PC or back, it is customary to use special cables. USB.

However, in the process of transmission, problems often arise related to the lack of the ability to transfer the necessary data from a mobile device to a computer as a result of the fact that the PC does not see the iPhone through the cable. And there are several basic reasons for this. But, before you understand them, you should try to take independent measures to eliminate the problem.

Why does the computer not see the iPhone

There are several typical reasons why the computer does not see the iPhone as a removable disk or in a different form:

  • mechanical damage to the cable;
  • Removing or failure of the USB or connector on the iPhone;
  • outdated or damage to software;
  • improper equipment setup;
  • Program failure.

Regardless of the cause of the breakdown, the algorithm of actions is approximately the same.

Reinstalling USB drivers

One of the proven ways to solve this problem will be reinstalled by USB drivers for iPhone. It is necessary to remove them using the “devices dispatcher”, and then install them again.

  • First, we connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • We go to the “Properties” tab of the “Computer” folder, where we select the “Device Manager”.


iTunes does not see iPhone

Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone-a list of reasons

Often, if the iPhone is not visible on the computer, this method solves the problem.

Checking the Apple Mobile Device Service

Why does the computer not see the iPhone via USB? In some cases, the problem is associated with the incorrect work of some services. If iTunes does not want to recognize the connected iPhone, the Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS) service should be restrained. The restart procedure is extremely simple and does not cause difficulties even among novice users. Rinse the service, you can count on the correct determination of the connected smartphone. How to deal with the incorrect work of this service?

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If the computer does not see the iPhone via USB, close the iTunes application and turn off the smartphone from the computer. Go to the “Management Panel. Administration. Service” and find the Apple Mobile Device Service service in the list that appears. Make a double click by a mouse named service, click on the “Stop” button. the AMDS service will stop. Next, click on the “run” button and set the type of launch “automatically” if there was some other value there. Now send a PC to reboot and try to connect the iPhone again.

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In some cases, incorrect work of the service can be associated with conflicts with protective software (firewalls, antiviruses). Try to turn off or reinstall it, then check the visibility of the connected smartphone.

The computer does not see the iPhone via USB

When iPhone is connected to a computer, a message may appear on the smartphone with a proposal to confirm that you trust the computer. If you do not press it, the connection will not happen.

If you do not unlock the phone, then it will also not appear in the list of connected. Therefore, when you connect it with PC, always first unlock it.

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Next, we consider the most frequent reasons and their solution why the computer or laptop does not see the iPhone.

Just wait

Sometimes, for a completely incomprehensible reason, connecting the iPhone to the computer. it is not determined at all and does not even go charging. It is not clear why this happens, but within an hour everything itself returns to normal. This itself is stable once a month on the iPhone 7 and XR. Windows 10 Last assembly system. In order not to wait, use the second or third way.

Change the USB port

On a computer or laptop with Windows 10, quite often can stop working for a while USB port. This is due to the glitch of the system or driver. It is solved quite simply. insert the phone into another port.

Important! It is best to connect the phone to the USB 3 port.0, it is highlighted in blue, not black.

Reload PC and smartphone

If the shift of the port has not helped. Then first try to restart the laptop itself/computer. And then turn off and turn on the smartphone back.

Change the cable

Lightning iPhone cables work on average about six months, especially if they are not original. Therefore, you should try to connect via another lace.

If you use a long cable, more than one meter, it is better to connect to the blue port USB 3.0 or use not such a long cable.

Check the connection nest

Dirt, wool or other foreign objects could get into it. At the same time, charging can go, but the PC will not see the smartphone. Clean it carefully with a simple toothpick.

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Important! Do not climb there with iron objects, such as a needle. So you can accidentally close the contacts.

Try connecting to another PC

If the problem disappears, then most likely the case is in the computer. Install the iTunes program and try to make a connection again.

If the problem does not disappear, then you will have to contact Support Apple, if there is still a guarantee or go to the service center so that they already find out the reason. Most likely in this case, the nest of connecting the smartphone is damaged and it must be repaired.

The main methods

If your iPhone does not respond to connection; It does not show signs of life, is not determined in the “conductor”, or displays incomprehensible notifications for the display. it means that you can solve the problem yourself. It is easiest to deal with such problems.

Important! Remember, import (upload) to iPhone music, photos, books, as an ordinary flash drive will not be released. For this you need iTunes.

Click “Trust the computer”

A very frequent “problem” consists in the safety settings of a smartphone. The fact is that Apple pays a lot of safety attention. Engineers try to protect user data not only within the IOS on the phone, but also when connecting to PC. That is why the iPhone displays a notification of the security system: “Trust the computer”.

All you need to do is to unlock the iPhone code-parallel or fingerprint, and press the “Trust” or “allow” button. After that, the cellular will continue the process and connect as a removable disk.

Reload everything

Sometimes the process freezes, the iPhone flatly refuses to display in Windows conductor. The smartphone is trying to configure the connection, but both devices hang at any moment. This situation may occur due to conflicts or failures in the OS of both devices.

The simplest action in this case is rebooting. And both devices need it. After that, you need to try to connect the iPhone by new.

Check if the Lightning cable is damaged

The problem of poor connection is not always in the software plane. Sometimes the export of photos works because of a bad cable. For example, cheap Chinese analogues can only charge the phone, but do not transmit data. These are counterfeit products that you can encounter, alas, even in a proven store.

It is enough to turn the plug and insert it with the other side.

The wire can be transmitted in some place. Rubbed or interrupted cables will not work: charging is underway, but the data will not be transmitted.

If the house has a cat or dog, it is likely that one of them gnawed or bit the cable. In any case, there is no point in repairing such Lightning wires. It’s easier to buy a new accessory.

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Install available updates

Operating systems of two devices can conflict with each other due to any errors in the system. Often the old versions of the OS refuse to work normally with new iOS editions. To resolve conflicts, it is necessary to update both operating systems to new versions. As practice shows, compatibility problems immediately disappear.

Disconnect the antivirus and/or firewall

Some antiviruses may have a firewall. This is a special utility for Windows or Mac, which blocks access to the OS through the given ports. For example, Faurol stands in the antivirus of Kaspersky. He can block the access of any new device stuck in a USB port, if you set hard restrictions in its settings.

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However, any antivirus or an additionally installed firewall is able to put “sticks in the wheels” during the installation of new software (for example, iTunes) or the connection of the gazhazdet as a portable drive. It is better to deactivate Windows protective equipment for the time of installation of programs and syphone synchronization.

Check the iPhone connection to PC or Mac.

Before sinning on devices and software, first make sure that the reason is not in the cable. Quick steps to check the wire:

  • Check that the USB cable is securely connected to your iOS device and to the computer.
  • Try to use another USB slice on the Mac or PC computer and see the result.
  • Check the Lightning port (or 30-pin connector) on your device for garbage. Sometimes, dust, other pollution fall into the slot and contacts, which prevents the connection of the device.
  • Try using another USB cable.

Pollution and breakdown of the iPhone connector

The phone will not connect to the PC if its charging connector is strongly polluted or oxidized. the contacts will not work properly. Independent cleaning should be carried out carefully using toothpicks with cotton wool.

The computer doesn’t see iphone Solution is found

If the iPhone does not see several computers, the replacement of the USB cable and other methods described above, most likely, the power connector on the phone, is not helped. In this case, the device must be attributed to the diagnosis to the service center.

Tip: Learn how to restore Apple ID if you forgot the password from your account.

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