How to connect android devices to a computer via USB

If you have Windows, ignore this paragraph. If you use MacOS, install Android File Transfer. To use it, you need a device running Android 3.0 or newer and computer with Mac OS X 10.5 or later version.

Make sure the mobile device is included and connect it to the computer. Then lower the notification panel on the gadget. see a special switch. Click on it and in the menu that appears, select “File Transfer” mode. The names of the modes may vary depending on the version of Android and the model of the device.

After these actions, the computer should see a mobile device. In Windows, it will be displayed in the “conductor”, in MacOS. in the Android File Transfer window.

Technical difficulites

Problems of a technical nature by which the computer does not see the tablet via USB is much more serious than simply not a set box. However, in this case, the problem is solved.

There may be several reasons. The wire or controller failed. If the computer has stopped seeing the tablet due to the damaged cable, then this is not a problem. Cable are relatively high, so if you do not have a spare cable, then you are a direct road to the store. But do not be lazy and before buying again, make sure that the matter is in it. To do this, just connect the tablet to the PC using another wire.

If the controller is faulty, then you can’t do without the help of the service center. It happens that with the controller and with the wire everything OK, and the problem is the incompatibility of ports. Some new PCs put USB 3.0, while only 2 can stand on your tablet.0. This can easily be determined “by eye”: 3.0 blue intenses, 2.0. white.

What to do if the computer does not see the tablet via USB

Technical masters advise to follow a clear algorithm. This will help to find the problem as quickly as possible.

Reloading of both devices

First you should turn on and turn off the devices. Usually the problem disappears at this stage.

Turning off antivirus

Antivirus programs block a connection. You need to turn them off and try to connect PC to the tablet again.

Checking the tablet settings

In many tablets, the connection passes through the settings. When you try to connect, a notification will appear. It needs to be confirmed. If this did not help, you should go into the settings and select the type of connection.

Cable check and replacement

If the cable is working, the tablet will begin to charge through PC. In the absence of charging, you need to change the cable to a new.

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On a tablet or laptop may not be enough for the necessary drivers. If the files are not transmitted, you need to open the device manager. USB will be displayed as an unidentified device. It is necessary to update the software.


Reset of settings to factory, like rebooting, often help. You need to wait for the tablet to completely clear the data. Then connect it again to PC.

Turn on USB debugging

The USB debugging can also help, although the computer should see your device without this function.

First of all, you need to enable the “for developers” mode. If you have it on, immediately open the section “For developers”. If not, follow the instructions.

Go to the settings, find the item “About the tablet”.

Next, slip 7 times to the assembly number. Be careful, in some firmware you need to slip to another item, for example, to the firmware version.

See the message that you have become a developer.

Что делать, если планшет не видит компьютер

Go back to the settings and see the new section “For developers”.

If necessary, turn it on with a switch and put a “USB” debugging box.

Next, connect the tablet to the computer.

Limited access

First of all, check on the tablet the availability of permits for access to files. After all, you could just forget to include in the settings of the USB drive. In this case, the gadget will only be charged from PC, but will not allow you to exchange data.

computer, does, android, tablet

Most often, the tablet offers to note in tinctures of the USB drive at the time of connection to PC. If for some reason he “forgot” about this, turn on the USB drive yourself. Just go to the settings, find the item “Memory of the device”. It is in it that and activate the desired function. The standard connection to PC is carried out in this way.


However, tablets are connected to PC, unfortunately, is not always easy and simply. If the previous advice has not changed the situation with the connection for the better, try to come as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Find in it the section “For developers”. It is usually placed at the very bottom;
  • Find and put a “debugging on USB”.

After these simple manipulations, the PC should see the tablet.

Program reasons

Settings are shot down

If the settings have been changed, shake USB. “Debugging through USB” is located in the subparagraph “for developers” and is an extended option when working with two devices. By activating it, you can directly copy files: photos, videos, books, etc.D.

The latest updates are not loaded

If your mobile device has not been updated for a long time, the computer may not see it because of this. You need to go to “Settings” and in the “System Update” section, check if the latest version of the operating system has been established.

computer, does, android, tablet

The same applies to your computer. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 automatically update software components such as USB support support.

But if your computer has not connected to the network for a long time, there is no software for connecting the USB of your mobile device or outdated.

Computers are updated at the Windows Update Center. You can find this program in the “Start” menu through the search or in the “control panel”.

Problems in the firmware

If the tablet is installed unsupported or user firmware, most likely, for this reason, the computer does not see the tablet through USB.

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Therefore, in all my articles I indicate (from time to time) that I do not recommend installing proprietary or unsupported versions of the operating system.


Perhaps the corresponding drivers are not installed on your tablet or laptop. If the files are not transmitted, open the device manager. USB will appear as an unidentified device. You need to update the software.

Reflash or update the device

Reprogramming can help if you have not updated the Android device for a long time (Prestigio Multipad PMT3118, DEXP H170, MEGAFON LOGIN 3, Lenovo A7600, ASUS Nexus 7, Beeline M2, Texet TM-7053). In modern gadgets, the update is automatically. This, by the way, does not exclude the reasons why the computer does not see the tablet. Perhaps there is a flaw in the new software, and it would be better to return the old firmware version. On the official website you can always find a stable and reliable version of software, as well as instructions for competent installation.

During this procedure, the tablet should be 100%charged, since the process cannot be interrupted, otherwise you risk getting a non.working brick.

Hardware problems

If you have tried all the above setting recommendations, then, then, most likely, you have a problem with the hardware. That is: the connection cable failed, the USB port on a tablet or computer does not work and another. Many owners in a panic begin to look for an answer to the question on the Internet: how to connect a tablet to a computer not via USB? Forgetting that it is necessary, first of all, to diagnose a malfunction.

Initial diagnosis

The main malfunction is the failure of the USB cable, which is very susceptible to mechanical exposure. For example, the cord was handed over or chopped, the insides pulled strongly and damaged, perhaps they broke the connector. These are the common problems that most users face.

Initially, it is necessary to inspect the cable for external damage, as shown above. If one are not found, then we take the same working cord from friends or acquaintances and try to connect the tablet. If the attempt has passed successfully, then the problem is the cable itself.

Conflict of USB standards

Nowadays, computer technologies have gone very far, and manufacturers of equipment simply do not have time to produce appropriate devices or updates to them. Most modern laptops have already installed several USB 3 ports.0 (painted blue), the use of which causes conflict with more obsolete devices.

Then you need to connect through version 2.0, repeat the installation of the driver and the conflict of standards will be resolved. In the case of a negative result, most likely, the micro-USB connector on the tablet itself has broken and an urgent trip to the nearest service center is required.

Alternative methods of connection

A trip to the service center is a good business, but what to do if it is necessary to urgently transfer the necessary information? Then let’s try to transmit data through a wireless connection:

The main thing is to be as close to the receiving device as possible, then the signal will be more reliable, and the speed is much faster.

Data transfer

Bluetooth is a very popular and very useful wireless Inte Week, through which you can exchange files at relatively small distances. It is worth noting that the Bluetooth standard has appeared long before the Android OS, but in recent years has acquired a lot of useful functions that are not limited only to data transfer.

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Open the parameters of the tablet, go to the Bluetooth point and activate it. Now we put a checkmark so that outsiders see us and choose one of the found devices.

Please note that the menu items depending on the tablet and the Android version may vary slightly, but the general instruction does not change.

On both devices there will be a verification code that should match, if so, then click “Yes”. You have just completed the conjugation and the exchange channel has been automatically created, now it remains to go to your files and transmit them.

Wi-Fi Division

This method is suitable only for Samsung tablets, using a special Kies program, you can organize a wireless data exchange. To do this, go to the official website of the manufacturer and download the application, install it and start it.

Why a Computer ����‍�� Doesn’t Recognize an Android Phone �� via USB (Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola)

We connect the tablet to the Wi-Fi network and start the settings menu again, where we go to the parameter additionally, as shown above in the image. We go down to the “Kies” item and click on it, a window with the devices that are on our network will appear-this is an IDEA-PC computer.

A notification with the code will appear on the tablet screen, it must be written out the window that will appear in the program. this is a kind of check similar to the Bluetooth connection.

Now, while both devices are connected to one network can be performed:

FTP server

This method is very similar to the previous one with the Kies application, but at the same time applies to absolutely any devices running Android. First of all, we need to find out the internal IP device, for this we install the SpeedTest program with Playmarket.

We go to the setting tab and find the internal IP item, in our case. this is You may differ for you, so don’t be alarmed. Now we install a program called FTPSERVER on the tablet and fill it out, in accordance with the image below.

Install the Total Commander application on the PC and carry out the server connection, as shown below in the image.

In the window that appears, press the add button and perform the filling of the fields:

Now we launch the utility on the tablet and perform the connection via Total: the network is connected to FTP-. If everything is done correctly, then a menu of two windows will appear.

computer, does, android, tablet

Now you can transmit absolutely any files by interacting directly with file files.

Formal connection

How to connect a tablet to a computer if all previous methods are not suitable for you? Of course, with the help of an external flash card, a slot for which is available in almost all popular tablets.

The method is very easy to execute, but takes a lot of time to reconnect.