Why is my brightness button HP?

Go to the start. Settings. Update and safety, then check the availability of updates and install all available updates. You may need to update the display driver on your computer manufacturer’s website. firstly, determine what type of graphics you installed.

To configure the brightness of the screen in the settings in the menu of the miracle cover, follow these instructions.

  • On the initial screen, move the cursor to the right upper corner to open the miracle menu.
  • Click “Settings”. Rice.: Menu of a miracle cover.
  • Click brightness
  • Click the slider and drag it up or down to configure the screen brightness.

Adjustment in Windows

In order to configure brightness in the operating system, you must enter the screen settings. For Windows 7 and 8, you should open a “control panel” in the Start menu and select “screen”. Next, it remains to find the slider of brightness, which can increase or reduce the brightness.

You can go to the Windows 10 OS by clicking on the notification icon in the Treie. Here you need to choose “all parameters”, after that “system”. “screen” and change the brightness settings by moving the runner.

On a note! An interesting feature of Windows 8 and 10 is the “Night Light” mode, which does not just make a dull screen so that it does not cut his eyes, but inverts all the colors in a yellow shade. It is believed that it is he who, in the absence of lighting, is as safe as possible for the eyes. Smartphones have a similar function. The advantage of the regime is the ability to set it up so that it independently includes in the time set by the user.

In old OS, Windows 7 and XP there is a brightness adjustment on the laptop in the Windows Mobility Center menu. To find it, just press PKM in the tray and select the desired point. Several windows will open in which you can not only make a lighter screen or reduce the backlight, but also choose power options, sound volume and perform other actions.

Another option to add brightness on a laptop is to enter the power supply settings. Run to make the screen darker, located below. In the same menu, you can click on the “Setting of the power supply circuit”, the screen of the screen will open. Depending on whether it is connected to the network or not, below you can see the adjustment of the brightness on the laptop for both cases. That is, the user may set that in the case of disconnecting the gadget from the network, the backlight will remain at the level of 100% or will decrease to 50% (any convenient option), and with a power supply, the level should remain unchanged.

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Important! You can add brightness through software, which is installed to video cards from manufacturers. “Catalyst Center” for AMD and “NVIDIA control panel” for GeForce.

Return the brightness using the editor of the registry

Note: before starting to eliminate the problem and editing the registry. set the brightness level by 50%.

Open the Windows registry editor. by pressing the Win R keys simultaneously and by introducing the Regedit command in the “Perform” dialog box. (If you are unfamiliar with the register for cm. as)

    After the registry editor opens, click the key combination

Be patient and you will see the found parameter kmd_enableblebrightnessinterface2.

Open the KMD_ENABLEBRITNESSINTERFACE2 double click and change the DWORD parameter (32 bits) from 1 to 0, and press the OK button.

Important: it is necessary to continue the search further, since there will be several keys and in all you need to change the value from 1 to 0. In my case, there were more than seven such parameters, some already had a value of 0

To continue the search, press the F3 key.(Find further).

Be sure to in all found parameters kmd_enablebrightnessinterface2. it is necessary to change the value from 1 to.

After you have changed the value in all the registry parameters found for brightness, restart your computer.

After rebooting the laptop, open the “Device Manager” by clicking by the right mouse button on the Start menu or click a combination of Win X keys and select the device manager. Dispatcher.

In the device dispatcher, expand the section

All! The screen brightness adjustment in Windows 10 works again.

The method described above is suitable for all users with AMD video cards. If your laptop has an Intel HD Graphics video card, you can also restore the brightness of the laptop.

Disconnecting the monitor

Most often, the monitor is turned off due to the fact that there was a failure in the system. Therefore, the solution to this problem lies in the correct setting. How to understand that it was the monitor that turned off?

Opening the control panel, the user does not find the icon to adjust brightness. Naturally, you need to open the monitor settings menu immediately.

In the parameters of the screen you can find the slider changes in brightness, but nothing can be done with it. This again implies the idea that the monitor is turned off or the system does not find it. How then the user can see everything that happens on the screen?

Here the essence is that physically the display functions, but at the level the driver is displayed by the system as an inactive. Therefore, all adjustment parameters are temporarily disconnected. This problem does not often happen, but it is easiest to cope with it.

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Update the video adapter driver

Perhaps the problem with the brightness is related to the current video adapter driver. First of all, check that your video card is included in the device manager (analogy with the method above).

If the previous method has not helped, try to perform automatic updating the video adapter driver (unless, of course, you do not turn off the automatic update of the drivers).

brightness, laptop, work

In the device manager (all the same DevmgMt console.MSC) Expand the Display Adapters section Find your video card, click on it PKM and select Update Driver Software. Then we select the Search Automatical for Updated Driver Software option and wait until Windows 10 will find and install the latest version of the driver (of course, there should be an Internet connection).

If the automatic driver update did not fix the problem with the non.working brightness adjustment in Windows 10, try to remove the current driver and install the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

If it did not help, we move on to the next method

Why the brightness on the laptop is not regulated

If you can’t adjust the brightness, then, most likely, the point is the systems of the system. The most common problems include:

  • video card drivers;
  • shutdown of the screen;
  • lack of automatic updates;
  • processor drivers;
  • software failures;
  • Drivers of the monitor.

Brightness Key Button | Not Working | Problem Solution | 100 % Work | 2022

The brightness of the screen on the laptop is not adjusted, how to fix it?

For many years of work in the IT service, I have met problems when laptops (yes, usually these laptops) do not regulate the brightness of the screen. T.e. the brightness of the screen is either at a minimum or at a maximum and it cannot be reduced. There may be several reasons for the appearance of this bug, therefore, one decision is suitable for someone, and someone else.

In this article I will describe only the most common reasons and ways to solve this malfunction, which helped me personally many times.

So, here are the 2 most common reasons because of which brightness adjustment may not work on laptops and then I offer solution options for them.

The first reason why the brightness of the screen may not be adjusted is an incorrectly installed or flying driver on a video card. In this case, the brightness may not change not only with the help of special hot keys, but also through Windows parameters. The solution is very simple, you need to install the driver and everything will work.

The second reason is also often found, and it lies in the wrong values ​​of the registry keys. Why this happens exactly to say it is difficult, but in most cases the problem is solved in a matter of minutes.

Choose a method for your laptop, and only if it did not help (or there is no such thing on the list) try the general way.

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Open the registry. To do this, click the Winr keys simultaneously recruit “Regedit” (only without quotation marks), and click on the Regedit program that has appeared.

On the left in the window, click the mouse once according to the “Computer” section:

Now we move to the “Edit” menu and select “Find”:

Enter the EnablebrightnessControl (without quotation marks) into the search line and click “Find further”:

The path to the registry branch will be something like this:

When the parameter is found, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Delete”. Then continue the search by pressing the “Edit” menu. “Find further” or the “F3” key. All that will be found also deleted, and after removal, you need to restart the system and check the result.

If nothing was found in the registry, then you do not have such a parameter and this method will not help you.

Below are methods that can help correct the problem in laptops of a particular company.

Open the registry. To do this, click the Winr keys at the same time, we type “Regedit”, and click on the Regedit program that has appeared.

On the left in the window, click the mouse once according to the “Computer” section:

Now we move to the “Edit” menu and select “Find”:

In the search line we introduce “FeaturetestControl”, and click “Find further”:

When the parameter is found, we change the value in it instead of “F000” write “FFFF”, click OK. Then continue the search by pressing the “Edit” menu. “Find further” or the “F3” key, perhaps this parameter is duplicated in another branch. Be sure to restart the system after removal and check.

Catalyst error correction using the registry editor

If you use the ATI video card, then there may have been problems in the operation of the AMD Catalyst control panel. To fix the following steps:

Open the register editor with the Regedit command from the command interpreter window (Win R).

On the left panel, go to the section: Hkey_Local_machine \ System \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ Class \ \ 0000

brightness, laptop, work

Twice click on the md_enablebrightnesslf2 parameter and set the value 0. Then repeat the same steps with kmd_enablebrightnessinterface2.

After moving to the section: hkey_local_machine \ system \ currentControlset \ control \ class \ \ 0001

Also, assign the parameters MD_enableBRightNESSLF2 and KMD_ENABLEBRIGHTNESSINTERFACE2 value.

Close the registry editor, reboot the computer. Check if the brightness of the screen is now regulated.

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