TCL Google TV impressions are far from slow. Cable tv on 4k TV

The system is presented as FullHD device 1920×1080. This is very good for games, but this TV is not pulling on FullHD. YouTube works in FullHD scaling mode 2 times Viewport 1920×10802, IVI and VLC also see FullHD TV and stretch the picture 2 times. Personally, this turned out to be enough for me and considering that many TV manufacturers do so (they sell FullHD TV, but they write that it is 4K), this is not a flaw, but the “truth of life”. one. There is no browser in the factory supply for. Installed Chrome, Firefox and native T-Browser, which is going with senior models, everyone cannot open most sites, video clips. “slow down”. 2. Many films with 60FPS or more than 20GB or more than 2.5 hours are inhibited. On another TV, these films do not slow down, but that TV costs 3 times more expensive. When viewing with various tools on a local network of 100 MB/C or via USB SSD, “heavy” films (such as StarWSRSXI 52GB 4K 24F HDR 141min; 53 MB/s). “freeze” completely. “Average” films (32GB 4K 24F 152min 30 MB/s or 31GB FullHD 24F 105min 40MB/s) are displayed with personnel missing, they are very rarely slowed down. 3. Productivity: 4x ARM Cortex-A55 @ 1100 MHz MALI-470MP, free space on the flash drive about 8GB. About 700MB of RAM is available. Here the manufacturer has completely saved, TV prefix for 2t.R. on RK3328/2GB, it works much faster. 4. OS: Android TV 9, not Android 9! 90% of my phone applications are not working on this TV. 5. Old speakers connected the output 3.5 When setting a video for a pause or in the main menu, the columns begin to buzz. 6. Wi-Fi is not the best, I have 40 mb/s. And 5GHZ. No. 7. USB 2.0 and only 1 pc 8. Some applications are not deleted (NPR Netflix, Zee5, Euro. ) After familiarizing them with them, advertising rollers began to jump out on the screen every 15 minutes, in Indian. Turned off the applications, cleaned the cache and everything went. nine. Wink app. did not start, mtc. I did not like the quality.

We use the TV of the 4th month, took for 22,000r. When they bought, they knew all the pros and cons of this TV. Therefore, in general, we are happy with the purchase. At first they wanted to take XAOMI. Also watched for such a price TV box and TV HISENSE or KIVI. There are no complaints about the quality display of the video in 4K to the screen, but the covering of the screen is glossy, and the matrix is ​​very similar to VA, if anyone plans to watch TV on the side of the glare and distortion of flowers will spoil the whole picture. We set the TV in the bedroom we watch from a distance of 3 meters at the corners of no more than.15 degrees (sitting on the bed) there are no complaints about the picture. We have enough brightness of 270 cd, and we don’t really notice the difference in the picture, in the hall there is another TV, it is much more expensive, explosions, lightning, sun are better on it, but to notice the TVs should be placed nearby. With factory settings sound. horrible. But don’t be scared. In the sound settings, I put a dynamic mode on the equalizer. tall and spatial, and only after that the columns began to work tolerately. HDMI and Bluetooth sound good. Bluetooth headphones are connected automatically when you turn on TV. Through the antenna I found 10 TV channels of 22 in the city, the resolution of the SD 576i, the other TV showed absolutely the same results. IPTV I have from Wifire FullHD 1080 quality is good, especially stereo sound, but dynamic scenes are slightly blurry, free IPTV works just as well, only the channels are not enough. On another TV, IPTV quality is the same, but there is no automatic leveling of volume levels. For 4 months I have not found a single 4K film that would slow down with YouTube, and online cinemas! Most films from tornens are reproducing qualitatively. Films in low resolution or with a small bitrate, the TV “melts” and “retouching” as it can. I am satisfied with quality. Correctly reproduces original (not transcoded) films in size of about 20 GB.

TCL 55P8MUS. Choosing a Smart TV using the example of a budget TCL

Once upon a time there was a TV. The most common, plasma, without any Androids and Vaifaev there. He lived, lived, and then took and fell by the death of the brave. Deserted, so from the battlefield to his TV Valhalla. Attempts to revive special success were unsuccessful: service centers start the conversation from 7 tons.R., At the same time, they honestly warn that the replacement of one block may lead to a replacement of another pair, and then the repair will be around 20-25 tons.R. For seven.year plasma. Dont need it, thanks.

And They are already accustomed to the TV, and find out if Lizzy Raymond Redington will eventually beat (“black list”, if that), it was very interesting, it was decided to buy a new one very quickly. And I sat down, it means to study all modern areas and what, in principle, is happening in the world of television construction.

In general, I have an Android TV set, because I saw a perfect option for buying a stupid panel without any “Smart”. But the first five minutes showed that this idea is completely unrealized: TVs relatively large diagonals (the option of 50-60 inches was considered) without “smart” are released only frankly basement manufacturers. Therefore, he sat down for the comparison of operating systems, hardware “fillings”, firmware and all that.

After another hour, I came to understand the futility of being and, the main thing, if I rummage a little, I will never buy the TV: there are too many, and everything is very far from the smartphones and computers I understand. Therefore, we stupidly take the family, go to the store, look what is available, we are looking cheaper in online stores, and we buy.

The next six months after the purchase showed that the approach, in general, is not bad, but only with a high level of “luck” skill, because of thin places and rake (for some of which came) simply darkness. And for these six months with the TV, I have developed for myself some subjective criteria, according to which, in a good way, it would be worth choosing a TV.

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Everything is simple: the more, the better. Like yes. But initially it would not hurt to see exactly where the TV will be in the room and how much space is for it. So, if this is a niche in furniture, restrictions on size are extremely critical.

With TCL P8MUS 127.7 × 72 cm (without legs), plus another 6 centimeters of the legs, to fit in the once-long time. Therefore, we occupy the niche and insert into the story as a decorative element

google, impressions, slow

If the wall. then it is worth understanding what it is from. For example, I at one time collided with a banal towel and a slagonal wall. This Figovina stubbornly did not want to stay on the dowels, and the issue was resolved only when, with a psycho, I drilled the wall through and attached it all with 60-centimeter through stilettos, since the outer wall in a private house. For the same reason, only a small (21 inches) kitchen TV hangs on the wall, my walls will not stand it harder.

If there is a television nightstand, then here it is worth not only to know the size of the TV and the nightstand, but also to understand the location of the TV legs. So, for some reason, I didn’t think about it, in the end, I simply did not fit my TCL: the distance between the fasteners of the legs (99 cm), in principle, is less than the nightstand, but the legs themselves are directed to the sides, and at the maximum point, The distance between the supports is already 113 cm. And all, sailed.

The legs look, undoubtedly, spectacular, but based on personal practice, it is much more convenient when the support is one. In the center of the screen

That’s how it was on the last TV. Such a design can be put at least on a bedside table

I had to watch what I have and what can be done (order a new tumba. the option is not bad, but I don’t like something). It’s good that there was a cover from the old piano (there is also a piano, or rather, already a piano without a lid). Eventually. Such a work of designer thought.

Loft style, so to speak. Or just “collective farm”

I will not about the ratio of diagonal and the optimal distance from the sofa to the panel. It used to be considered 1 meter for every 10 inches (approximately), now. that the meter diagonal must be watched from a couple of meters.

My personal opinion, 55 inches from four meters look beautiful.

“First” international. Moonshine advertising for 249.99 euros. Oddly enough, I understood the whole point, despite the fact that in German, except for Hyund Hoch and Shase, I don’t know anything

A little.known sad story about a boy who parents forgot at home, they say, can become quite popular

TV set. The face of the living room. Whoever says, but design. it is important.

In the case of TCL 55P8MUS, I personally do not see any problems. The lower cylindrical line and neat plastic frames “under the metal” look attract.

. And you can notice the protruding block behind the TV only by looking specially for it

The LED can burn, or it can blink that more important. disconnected in a regular way from settings. If the TV is in the bedroom, there will be no way to interfere with a healthy bed

Today, if all marketing words are thrown back, there are two main types left: LED and OLED. In principle, everything is the same as in phones: one of the LED options is the well.known IPS, as for OLED. It is in telephone engineering is amoled.

On TV, all features are completely identical. So, the main advantage of OLED (organic LEDs) is black. After leaving the market of plasma panels, the perfect black remained only in such displays. It is achieved simply: the LED just does not radiate anything. Because black is absolute. Accordingly, it is thanks to the “absolute” black that we have huge indicators of contrast, which in the conditions of cinematic special effects will not be superfluous.

TCL P735 is an attractive state employee on the Google TV platform

In the TCL hierarchy, the PL series is located under the series C and belongs to the budget segment. In 2022, this manufacturer has yet announced two models within its framework. P735 and P635. The latter is still known, and the characteristics of the P735 have already been made public. We will consider them briefly in this material.

P735 is offered in six modifications with a diagonal from 43 to 85 inches. The TV is equipped with a VA panel and has a 60 Hz update frequency. It creates an image of “striking brightness with exceptional details of shadows and fresh flowers” ​​with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats, the manufacturer says. According to the characteristics, the P735 is capable of transmitting more than a billion shades and covers the color standard DCI-P3 by 90%. And thanks to MEMC technology, a clear and smooth reproduction of dynamic scenes is ensured.

The cerebral center P735 is AIPQ 2 chipset.0, analyzing and optimizing the image in real time mode. So, if the scene displays the ocean, it enhances blue tones, and if a tropical forest, then green. At the same time, audio traffic is also processed to issue a clear and balanced sound.

By the way, the TV is equipped with two speakers with a total capacity of 30 watts. And thanks to the Dolby Atmos decoder, he is able to transmit a realistic volumetric sound to an external audio system.

Gamers will be pleased to find out that the P735 supports HDMI 2 technologies.1 and Allm, providing high.quality playback of the video game with a low delay in the incoming signal and an instant reaction of the screen to the user command. And for a deeper immersion, the EARC function will help you create a spectacular sound scene.

As a smart platform in the P735, Google TV with the voice assistant Google Assistant is used. Among others, we note the availability of Google Duo in the application for video communication.

In terms of design, it is striking that the frame around the screen is practically not visible from three sides. on top and sides, which makes viewing more pleasant. Among other compounds, in addition to HDMI 2.1, mark the presence of USB 3.0, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available for wireless connections.

A review of the characteristics of the P735 allows you to safely predict that this TV will become a bestseller. Despite its budget nature, it has a number of features inherent in more expensive competitors, such as support for wide colors, HDMI 2 technologies.1, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos. And the elegant appearance, the presence of a new.fangled Google TV platform and an attractive cost are able to finally convince doubtful buyers.

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The assortment and for TCL P735 are given below. The start of sales in Europe is expected in the near future.

Note: Recalculation in rubles is given for information onUrsu ​​Central Bank On the date of publication, we are in Telegram

Advantages: quality quality is super, not OLED of course, but worthy. There is also a minus, I will write below. The sound is pleasing, but for the audioman, it is still far away. Nimble Android. A remote control with a voice set works clearly, Google could not set up. Apparently due to the lack of support by an assistant in the Russian language. Disadvantages: Assembly Kaliningrad. I ordered in an online store. He arrived on December 31. On the eve of the holiday, defects were not immediately noticed: 1. Bright light lights (white spots) on the screen on the sides, even in daylight, they are noticeable. 2. A detailed examination also turned out that the case has deformation in 2 places. I believe that this is the reason for these litter. sent back, but so far the issue has not been resolved. TCL representatives say that the flashes are permissible in certain lighting, but it is not clear why the crooked corps (screw). This is also acceptable?? There should not be this for that kind of money. Comment: I was looking for the perfect TV up to 70k for a long time, I wanted a diagonal 65 “with a good sound (in this TV soundbar), it is necessary for Androidtv I think this is the best system for TV. I specifically waited for this model when I went on sale, but did not wait for such a trick. I set such grades, only because the manufacturer or seller is not yet clear. TCL Russia replied that this is permissible, we can offer paid repairs. But this is a new TV! In short, I do not recommend contacting this office, the store did not go to the meeting either.3

TCL TV Best Sound Setting | TCL Smart Android Tv Sound Setting | English Subtitles | Full Steps

Advantages: I liked the quality of the picture, it does not reach OLED, of course, but there is the price for 65 other completely successful models. Great sound from soundbar, convenient control in conjunction with Android TV. There are no brakes in the menu, without problems it works with an external hard drive on 10tb. Beautiful appearance, almost without a framework. And not a particularly glare screen, if lighting falls on it. Disadvantages: In the very complete darkness there are small lights in the corners in especially dark scenes. But here the problem of all TV is not OLED. Compared to LG TV. We can assume that there are no highlights) with a slight lighting of litter, it is not at all visible and the level of black does not cause complaints. Comment: good solution for 65 screen up to 80 thousand. Better options with 65 diagonal will be from 120 thousand.5

Advantages: good state employee disadvantages: attaching legs, in the middle would be better, so that who will take its optimal size of the countertop 1200 × 3004

Advantages: price/quality without smartwoman sound for 4 out of 5 disadvantages: relatively long inclusion (5 seconds) design (I would like without a frame) remote control (purely my claim. Glossy plastic disgust) Comment: the picture is excellent, there are no dark zones (if it is, of course, a meticulous hubby, then you can get to the corners, but the picture quality does not affect any backlight modes) RGB showed excellent color rendering, the remote control instantly, instantly, instantly, it reacts. The channels switch immediately, the digit is also catching the satellite also (of course with the antenna) sound good, but I put the soundbar and it became excellent)) it turns on it is over thoughtfully, but after a year of operation this minus came to naught (while you are more comfortable in front of the telecom. you look and there already shows everything) I specifically searched for a TV without an annoying smartwa (because it is a complete GGG for which they require non.power supplement) I bought an IPTV billion of the Yutyubchik Instagram at all games and appendices from Googleplay, not like that, not like that These govnosmartt. in general, I am completely satisfied with the purchase (I bought at a discount of 20 tons) for this money the perfect device, of course I would like a modern non.fair design, but in a year you also get used to it and in general it becomes not important! The remote control would also make a matte, but Ali has trained remarks for every taste and color, so this is not a minus! The quality of the picture from the PlayStation 4 is excellent, the eyes do not get tired, it reads everything with USB, the TV has not created problems for the year of operation!5

Advantages: inexpensive, good picture, neat. Disadvantages: No Smart, Wi-Fi Comment: Parents bought themselves, they definitely don’t need Smart. I recommend to pensioners.4

google, impressions, slow

Comment: I specifically bought ordinary without smart and similar acres. The channels found normally, they switch very quickly, the image with a high pixel density, the color rendering is realistic and the eyes do not get tired, including when I watch the TV for 2-3 hours, there is no mention at the minimum brightness of flicker. The color rendering is lively, realistic. Everything is OK.5

Advantages:.Contrast, bright color.moraine angles of reviews a lot, easily did everything as it is convenient for me.The corps looks healthy, strong, there are no gaps and cracks, all are fine disadvantages: there is no comment: I like the TV, everything is fine from a high.quality picture to a good, juicy sound. In use of several weeks. all good.5

TCL 6-Series with Google TV

Comment: I will say this, I did not consider the dwellers and dear. For me, Vadna is a natural color reproduction, the opportunity to watch a series for several hours and not steam due to eye fatigue, the absence of bells and whistles that I will not use. In principle, in Leda I did not notice any jambs. There are no lights on the screen, broken pixels too. The quality of the case is generally excellent, I can judge this even by the fact that the ports did not get out of how it was in the old TV.5

Advantages: juicy colors. Big diagonal. 49, but at the same time fit well into my small hall. Narrow frames, I do not notice at all when watching a TV. Nimble Smart TV.Disadvantages: Demonial Comment: I am glad that I managed to buy a good TV for little money. It suits completely. Recommend. Read all reviews

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I bought three years ago, for the second time I give it for repairs for the same reason, there is a sound, not images. The cost of two repairs is equal to the cost of the TV

Soundbar for TV

Many users want everything at once so that the TV does not just hang on the wall, but was a real home theater. For this, soundbars and speakers are bought blindly. Take your time to spend money: perhaps your TV already has a good sound.

Dolby Atmos gives a chic sound even from standard speakers

And if he supports Dolby Atmos, this means that you will not need a soundbar. In any case, be sure to try the sound at home, and after decide whether you need additional acoustics or not.


Hello! After the day of work at the TV TCL 65C828, the screen began to periodically flicker: either completely all, then uneven parts.

Good afternoon. A narrow pink strip (glow) appeared on the top of the TPL 50C715 TV screen, visible only on light. What is the problem and.

Good evening. When watching YouTube on the TCL TV, he writes, after a while, literally after a minute, two, that there is no connection.

On the TV screen, white points are flickered more than a month ago TCL 55P615 TVs

Hello. White points flickered in black on the screen of the TCL 55P615 TV, I tried on different video quality settings. Sometimes.

The TV remote control does not work more than a month ago TCL L32S60A TVs

Hello. The remote control only turns on and turns off the TCL L32S60A TV, and does not react to other commands, what to do?

Uneven edges on the image more than 2 months ago TCL L65C815 TVs

Hello, in the TV TCL L65C815 torn edges near letters and objects, even in 4K, and tuning sharpness does not help, which can be done?

The sound is not transmitted by HDMI more than 2 months ago TCL 4K HDR TV P728 TVs

Good afternoon. TCL 4K HDR TV P728 TV has no sound through HDMI from any exit, there is only an image, and from the antenna and component output.

The programs of programs more than 2 months ago TCL LED32D3000

Hello. The program guide to the program in the TCL Led32D3000 television was lost. Shows one telly, and according to the program is completely different.

The TV is rebooted by the TCL 32S560 TVs more than 2 months ago

Good evening. The TCL 32S560 TV is rebooted during rewalling VOKA, any transmission, we look at You Tube and no problems and rewall the problems.

The image on the TV is flickers more than 3 months ago TCL L55C6us TVs

Hello. After 1-3 minutes after turning on the TCL L55C6us TV, the picture with a vertical shift begins to blink.

How to get to the same page more than 3 months ago TCL 50P725 TVs

TCL 50P725 TV, how to get to the same Internet page from TV mode? What to do?

Compatibility Main TCL TVs more than 3 months ago TCL Led48D2700 TVs

Hello! Please tell me if the motherboard from the TCL LED55D2740 (Main 40-MT5603MAD2HG) (SHG5504B-101H) for ours for ours: TCL is suitable.

The entrance button on TV more than 3 months ago TCL L65C815 TVs does not work

Good morning. The TCL L65C815 TV does not respond to the button inputs on the remote control and in the system itself, checked the remote control on another TV and there.

The TV hangs on the home page more than 3 months ago TCL L43S6FS TVs

Hello. From the viewing mode of the tricolor module, I can not go to the home screen (in Smart). Setting the settings TCL L43S6FS TV.

Background sound more than 3 months ago TCL 55P615 TVs

Good morning. When the TCL 55P615 TV is working, there is a background sound a hiss/crackling, when you watch, then you are not particularly heard, but if if.

Replacing the matrix on the TCL TV more than 3 months ago TCL 50P725 TVs

Good afternoon. The replacement of the matrix is ​​whether the TCL 50P725 TV is possible, how much does it cost?

Interference on the TV screen more than 3 months ago TCL 50C725 TVs

Good evening. After 4-5 minutes after turning on, on the screen of the TCL 50C725 telly, white stripes appear, then interference and black screen. After.

Hello, we watched calmly TSL TV. Then he hung and did not want to react to the remote control. The remote control itself. how.

Hello. I can’t enter the User Centr on the TCL TV, the problem with Google Play and I also can’t enter and generally, how to update the software, Applications.

What is Google TV

Google TV is an operating system of a company for Smart TVs and TV settings. It is similar to firmware for Android smartphones-in fact it is a shell for Android TV. True, unlike some One UI from Samsung, Google TV will spread among all manufacturers who use Android TV.

Google TV is now on TVs. Do not be surprised

In 2014, Android TV replaced Google TV and successfully worked all these years, but not so long ago, Chromecast appeared, in which this shell was installed. If earlier the Google TV operating system was a platform for managing the Smart TV, now it is only a superstructure. over, very good: the main screen is very reminiscent of the starting page of Google Play for Android TV. In fact, now you do not have to separately look for a film of a certain genre in each streaming service: just write or pronounce “I want a comedy” and the system will display all suitable films on the screen. This noticeably saves time to the user.

You can sacrifice quality for reliability

Sometimes you may encounter a slow connection to the Internet, and changing the local network settings is not able to improve anything. At this stage, your main goal should be to ensure a more reliable stream transmission with fewer interruptions of buffering.

Some streaming services allow you to choose quality or performance during streaming. Most often, such a setting can be found in their stream applications, but in the case of, for example, with Netflix, you will have to enter your account using a web browser to change settings.

google, impressions, slow