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You need to understand that each online service works according to its own technology and usually requires the following to work properly:

  • Updated Flash Player plugin.
  • A fresh version of the browser (preferably a popular one, for example, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.).
  • Directly the webcam itself with installed drivers and a working microphone. Otherwise, none of the services will work, and you will see something like the following message.
    video, web-camera, effects
  • High-quality Internet access.

Perhaps these are the main problems that users usually face when trying to record video on a WEB-camera using any online service.


Qiqer is a Russian-language Internet resource that provides online video camera services. With it, you can easily shoot video on a WEB-camera in high quality by choosing the required codec, frame rate and bit rate.

Unfortunately, there are no special effects on “Qiqer”, but more flexible video quality settings are available. For example, you can select the desired codec, resolution (there is support for 4K resolution), set frames and select the required bitrate.

You can also record video and sound at the same time, or just sound, leaving only the microphone function.

Many users, like me, liked this service. In general, I recommend.


An English-language Internet resource that allows online, without installing third-party programs, to shoot video from a WEB-camera, with further editing and applying special effects. And he has more than 55 different types. Lovers will definitely appreciate.

  • First, go to the official page and click “Start”.
  • Allow the use of Flash Player, open access to the microphone and camera.
  • Select the desired effect using the arrows and start recording.
  • To save the video to your computer, use the “Save video” option.

In addition, a number of other settings are available on “Fotofriend” in the “Webcam Settings” section, and the “Full Screen” option will expand the window to full screen.

5 ways to record webcam video online

Very often there is a need to shoot video on a laptop or computer WEB-camera. At the same time, there is no particular desire to search, download and install a special program that would help us with this matter. over, you will have to deal with it.

Fortunately, special Internet services have long been developed that allow online video recording from your WEB-camera. Many of them are completely free, and even with a built-in set of special effects. In general, I think you will appreciate.

All services, which I will discuss below, were tested by me personally and at the time of publication of this article, they were absolutely working.

How to work with similar online tools

In fact, everything is very simple here. The steps of your actions will be approximately as follows: you go to the online resource you like, then the resource will ask you for access to the WEB-camera and microphone (you agree by selecting the necessary microphone and WEB-camera from the list), after which you will see a picture in the main window from WEB-camera.

To start recording, you will need to click on the corresponding button, usually it is red and located in the most conspicuous place.

After the end of filming, it will be possible to save the footage to the computer by pressing the appropriate button (most often it is called “Save” or “Save”).

Top 5 Best Webcam Software 2020

Now let’s move on to an overview of the most popular and free services.


Another equally popular online resource. With its help, you can shoot a video on a WEB-camera in just a few clicks. Perhaps the only thing worth saying is that this service provides the ability to record with a limit of 5 minutes, which, in my opinion, is not very convenient.

Of course, you can remove all possible restrictions, but for this you have to purchase a paid subscription.

  • Absolutely free.
  • Unlimited number of recorded videos per month. However, each video has a watermark.

The only inconvenience is registration, without which it is impossible to start working with this resource.

  • Follow the link. click on “Record Video”.
  • Next, we will be transferred to the page for choosing a tariff plan, select “Free”.
  • After that we will be offered to log in / register. We choose the login option that suits us best.
  • Then, on the left side of the screen, you will see a converter that allows you to convert, edit or compress the video.
  • The button we need will be located on the right side of the window, press it.
  • Next, we will be asked to open access to the WEB-camera and microphone, open it by clicking “Allow”.
  • Press the record button.
  • Upon completion of the filming process, click “Finish”. The process of generating the video will begin.
  • Then we will have the opportunity to edit the video using some of the tools that Clipchamp provides.
  • Next, click “Skip”.
  • At the last stage, we will be asked to save the captured video to a computer or upload it to media hosting.


The CamRecorder service will allow you to take your first video from a WEB-camera and save it to your computer as simply as possible, without unnecessary actions (any authorizations and registrations).

Its main advantage is free and easy to use. However, in terms of additional features, it loses slightly to other resources that we considered earlier. It works using HTML5 technology, which eliminates the need to install or update the Flash Player plugin.

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How to take a webcam video with effects

The situations when it is necessary to do how to shoot a video on a WEB-camera from a computer can be very diverse: recording a video message, a welcome video, a memorable mini-film, and others. Naturally, every user wants his video to be of high quality and beautiful, to become popular and gain a lot of likes.

Advice! Before uploading a video to Odnoklassniki from a computer or other social networks, learn how to design a movie in the Russian version of Pinnacle Studio. This is the most modern and versatile software for working with video files, which is available for mastering for novice users, without large cash investments.

Need to make a video
on webcam?

Shooting with accessories.

One of the ways how to shoot video on a WEB-camera with effects is to use additional settings of the operating system itself.

Through the Settings menu, you can change: shooting exposure (a parameter that allows you to make the film lighter or darker), setting the flash operation (disable, enable, auto), spot image correction (allows you to work with a selected area of ​​the picture).

Through the Options menu, you can change: aspect ratio and video quality, turn on the video lamp (backlight), grids, sound recording and film stabilization functions.

How can you add variety to your video using external devices? Use additional light sources: lamps, cubes and photographers screens. The mood of the video is given by accessories: toys and unusual interior items.

Upload video to analogue Pinnacle Studio.

Deep processing of video effects is impossible without the use of a professional utility. Download from our website and install the Russian version of Pinnacle Studio on your computer, open this program and load the file into it.

In the main menu, select the “Edit” tab, here are the categories: “Trim video” (allows you to shorten the duration of the movie), “Effects” (check the box and rotate the video 90 degrees, give a negative or embossed effect, combine several at the same time), ” Text and graphics “(place a welcome caption on the video, add new pictures to the frame),” Improvements “(adjust brightness, contrast, saturation),” Sound replacement “(change melodies, comments).

Prepare your camera for shooting.

In the Windows XP operating system, the WEB-camera is turned on according to the “Start” algorithm. “Programs”. “Standard”. Movie Maker program. Here go to the “File” category and click “Record Video”. Saving is carried out through “Save as.”.

In version 7,8,10, the camera search is carried out through the Start menu or, if it is absent, in the Metro menu. Immediately after clicking on the application, it is ready to work. Windows 10 has two switching modes: photo and video, as well as access to additional settings: self-timer, storage location, resolution, etc.

Working with video at home

There are not many ways how to shoot video on a computer’s WEB-camera with effects, the enumeration of possible options for actions is very limited. But on the other hand, you have many functions at your disposal, how to edit videos on a computer in an analogue of Pinnacle Studio and create from them amazingly beautiful mini-films.

Combining various types of enhancements and deep video processing, preparing films for viewing on various types of devices, will diversify your home video album, and publish high-quality content on video hosting.

Take video from webcam online. TOP 5 services

Some users may need to record some video from a webcam with their participation. Of course, you can use a variety of professional tools for this, but in many cases the standard built-in camera of our PC, as well as a number of network services that can help in the implementation of this task, will suffice. In this review, I will tell you how you can create online video on your webcam. and also what online services were the most convenient for testing. I presented services for creating a photo from a webcam in the last article. online video recorder working in a browser

The service is an international resource with Russian localization that allows you to record a video from a webcam. The site allows you to record videos up to 5 minutes in length in different quality, which directly depends on the capabilities of your webcam.

The mechanism of working with the specified service is a little more complicated than in the case of the service.

  • You go to this resource, click on the button “Record video”.
  • And then on “Allow” to give the resource access to your webcam and microphone.
  • To start recording, select “Start Recording” in the center of the screen.
  • To end the recording, click on “Finish”, after which you enter the editing mode, where you can crop your video, crop it, rotate the video online, flip it, and perform a number of other settings.
  • If none of this is needed, click on “Skip” and then on “Save” to download the captured video to your computer (the file will be saved in the “webm” format).

Recordr.TV. shooting from the browser

The English-language service recordr.TV is no different from the sites already described above.

How to Record Professional Video with a Webcam and USB Microphone

  • Working with it is just as simple. you go to this resource.
  • Activate flash, put a tick next to “Video”, and then click on “Allow”.
  • In order to take a video, use the “Record” button.
  • And to save the captured video. the “Upload” button (to save the video correctly, you will need to register on the resource). online application for creating videos and photos

The service is another international resource with Russian localization. Like most similar services, using is absolutely free and will not cause any problems for the user.

  • To work with the resource, you go to it, activate the flash, and allow the site to access your camera and microphone.
  • The big red button at the bottom of the screen serves for recording, and to save the captured video, it will be enough to click on the “Save” button.
  • In this case, the video is first saved to the cloud services “Google Drive” or “Dropbox”, and from there you can download the video to your computer. a free service to shoot video from a WEB-camera

The first of the network services that I want to talk about is the service. The principle of its operation is quite simple:

  • You go to this site, if necessary, activate the flash player, click on “Allow” to provide the resource with access to your camera and microphone.
  • After that, you will see the image from your webcam.
  • A number of settings are located under it, in particular, you can choose the sound volume, the number of FPS, the desired camera and microphone.

To start recording in click on the button

  • To record from a webcam, click on the button “Start recording”.
  • After the end of the recording process, click on “End recording”, and view the result.
  • To save it, click on the “Download” button, and save the video in the “flv” format to your PC.
  • How online video recording tools work

    Recording video from a webcam on the Internet is quite simple. You go to one of the listed resources, if necessary, activate the flash player (on some browsers it is now disabled by default). The service requests access to your webcam and microphone (if necessary, select the current camera and microphone from the list). After that, an image from your webcam will appear in a special window.

    To shoot a video, you must click on the corresponding button. After recording, save the video to your computer by clicking on the appropriate button (usually “Save” or “Save”).

    Consider the TOP-5 network tools that will help us shoot video from a webcam. allows you to choose the quality when you download

    I liked very much when using the software. This site not only knows how to shoot video from a webcam, it also has a lot of effects that you can use to create the video you need.

    • To work with it, go to this resource, and click on the “Start” button. Activate the flash, allow access to the microphone.
    • Use the arrows below to select the desired effect (there are several dozen different effects), and then click on the video record button below.
    • To save the result, click on the “Save video” button.
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