How to open the SWF files or how to run flash games without a flash player?

SWF is a universal format that can contain both videos, audio and images, and applications with a graphic integral and support for mouse and keyboard control (Flash games among these applications). Until December 31, 2020, SWF files could be opened in any browser supporting the installation of Adobe Flash plugin (or flash player). Adobe stopped his support, and the developers of all top browsers did the same.

Over the long time of the existence of a Flash player, hundreds of thousands of games and applications were created, which now cannot be opened in a browser (at least without preliminary “dancing with a tambourine”). Fortunately, Adobe did not completely destroy the Flash player, and on the official website you can still download the debt desktop program for Windows, created for developers of flash applications.

To find out in a couple of clicks how and how to open files of any formats, we recommend using a simple Fileinfo program

In addition, as it was (and continues) with retro games designed for already outdated game consoles/consoles and arcade machines, to the possibility of launching and viewing SWF files by third-party developers, more and more emulators are created. All of them are currently under development, but you can get acquainted with their capabilities now. Among these emulators, we found 4 working projects-two programs for Windows and two web emulators for opening SWF files (only available to the user) in the browser.

Desktop version of Adobe Flash Player

In fact, the desktop version of Adobe Flash Player has always existed, just a few heard about it. As soon as the Flash content ceased to play in browsers, those interested in starting SWF files began to look for alternative solutions and certainly stumbled upon this small program. You can download it from the official site.

On the page opened, we click on the link “Download the Flash Player Projector Content Debugger”, save the file “Flashplayer_32_SA_DEBUG.exe ”(name at the time of writing) in any place on the computer:


Installation is not required. just start the downloaded file. It remains only to drag the SWF file into the opening window or use the file opening menu (Ctrlo or the “Open” item in the “File” menu):

During our testing, Adobe Flash Player found that the player still cannot run the entire existing Flash content. In some cases, the program simply closed, and sometimes issued such a mistake:

What is it with. only specialists from Adobe are known.

SWF Player Flash

This application is quite useful and it can rightfully be called one of the best video players on Android. The application is quite simple and understandable. Everyone will be able to use it, you just need to install and make the SWF Player Free launch. After starting, you will be demonstrated by the main screen of the application, it should be shown all the ways on your device (as a rule, it can just be a phone memory or a phone) memory memory). Then, if necessary, you can choose the right path and find the video that is necessary for you. The release of the video is made with just one click (you need to click directly on the video). The video is made in the quality in which it was written or downloaded on your device. The application will not be able to affect high.quality video. Some settings inside the application are also available to you. In order to go to the settings, you need to click on three points in the upper left corner in the main menu of the application. Then click on the “Settings” button. By entering the settings, you can easily make some changes. For example, you can change the appearance of the application (there are two options in total: white and black, and you can also turn on automatic mode).

  • Accessible and understandable player, absolutely everyone can understand it
  • Plays video files, respectively with their quality (does not spoil quality)
  • Accepted for the eye design
  • The ability to make changes in design (black and white style).

How to download the SWF Player Free application?

SWF Player Free is downloaded very simply with just one click, but first you need to find the application on our website. You can use a special search engine (write the name of the application in the line) or the application may immediately be demonstrated in the recommendations. Then, click the same button “Download”. We are waiting for a few seconds and install the application. SWF Player Free will ask you to access files, you must agree with these requirements, otherwise the application will not work as intended for the purpose. After everything is installed, we launch the SWF Player Free and use it for our pleasure.

SWF Player Flash on Apkshki.COM downloaded 90 times. SWF Player Flash spreads free of charge in APK expansion.

All applications and games on our website are mandatory with antivirus with the latest signatures.

SWF Player Pro

SWF Player is a very famous Android application. Using it, you can watch and convert SWF and EXE files from one to another. Player-owner of many useful options. The application is convenient to use. It works at high speed, so watching SWF files will give you pleasure. The application has a screensaver function. It makes it possible to grasp the frames and install them on its smartphone in the form of screensavers. The application is supported by WinXP. SWF Player for Android includes functions of full.screen mode and scrolling strip. The latter is very convenient for navigation of files. If the owner has favorite flash rollers, he can move them to a special folder. SWF Player makes it possible to listen to your favorite musical compositions, and watch your favorite videos, and play flash games. The application can be installed on any Android model model. The main plus of the SWF Player application is that it does not require large system resources. Usually the application works with a smartphone memory card. It is enough to download the file you like, open the application, select the file, and the SWF Player will immediately play it.

  • one. Orientation
  • 2. Changing quality and performance
  • 3. Non.buggy zoom (approximation during viewing), multi.plane icons
  • four. Buttons for games on the screen (called)
  • 5. Multitach support
  • 6. mouse cursor (called)
  • 7. Support for the control of trackball/joystick (customizable)

Developer: Issess Platform: Android 4.0 and above the language of the integse: English condition: pro root: not needed

Open SWF on Android

The task of opening SWF on Android is not solved so easily. After all, Adobeflashplayer has stopped supporting mobile versions. I will describe 3 possible work options, and you choose the one that is suitable for your device.

SWF file playing application

For example, Online Video Downloader. To open SWF on Android through this application, you do not need Adobe Flash Player. Given that the plugin data is no longer supported for Android, this is an important option. The player works with the main types of online video files: MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, DV, RM, MP, MPEG, FLV, Divx, SWF, 3GP, 3GPP, etc.D. In addition, Player is free.

Google Swiffy

Reviews on Google Play say that some users have problems with installing a flash player: it is not installed or works incorrectly. I advise you to use the Google Swiffy service and convert the problematic SWF format in MP4.

Best Solution: Install Adobe Flash Player

I did not fit the additional applications and Swiffy: the applications freezed, and the conversion required additional time. Therefore, I decided to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin from archival versions. The main advantage: In addition to resolving the issue with SWF, you will also forget about problems with watching online video.

Many cellular users are interested in how to open a file on the SWF phone.

First, we note that this is a multimedia format. Similar files open through the mobile apparatus menu. For them to become available, we need additional.

You can find and download it on the Internet for free. Such programs can already be installed in the user’s computer by default, or we are looking for and installing them at our own discretion.

SWF can be decrypted as Shockwave Flash. Most often, these files contain various graphic, audio and video elements of Web pages. In addition, they include programs on interactive interaction.

Step-by-step instruction

Users of this operating system are recommended to download Macromedia Flash Player, check it with antivirus support and download it to the memory of a mobile device connected to a computer at this time.

Run the installation file via the observer. Upon completion of the installation process, we open the application on the menu. In addition, you can immediately try to open any flash file.

I have several SWF files that I want to run on my Android device. I used to look at these files in a web browser using a flash player, but now that a flag for flash player is no longer available in a playback store, so a person who does not have a flash-player plugin can no longer view these files.

How can I show my SWF files without using Flash Player Plugin?

You can use an open source code, for example, SWFDEC. But you will have to port it on Android yourself.

How to port: 1. Download SWFDEC source code from http: // SWFDEC.Freedesktop.Org 2. compile SWFDEC source code for the Android 3 platform. Read SWFDEC source code to find how to expand the SWFDEC surface for viewing in Android

Google Swiffy makes HTML5 Flash-Files friendly.

Google has prepared a new tool in its laboratories, which converts the SWF files into HTML5 for use on devices that cannot run flash, including from Apple.

How to Open an SWF File by using SWF Player. 2022 [IT 360 Degree By Ravi Kumar]

I use Adobe Air for SWF files to play B’Cause, but still free, but you need to register. Here the setting requires starting work with Adobe Air. There are many things in this link, you only need an application, to view.SWF file.

Firefox comes with SWF support. I had to play the SWF file in Android. This is how I did it.

Open the Firefox browser. Enter the URL: // Root/sdcard/download/myflashfilename.SWF

He must show “click to activate the plugin” or such a message. Click it and he must work.

Step-by-step instruction

Launch SWF file in the Symbian device

Users of this operating system are recommended to download Macromedia Flash Player, check it with antivirus support and download it to the memory of a mobile device connected to a computer at this time.

Run the installation file via the observer. Upon completion of the installation process, we open the application on the menu. In addition, you can immediately try to open any flash file.

Real mobile expert! Writes in simple and understandable language useful articles and instructions of mobile topics, gives the right and left the smallest advice to the right and left. Following the section “Articles and Lifehaki”.

How to open on SWF phone

To open the flash files with expansion in the mobile phone menu.SWF is necessary for software. You can find it freely on the Internet.

Download for your mobile phone special software for opening flash files. Programs can be used differently depending on the type of mobile device, most often used Macromedia Flash Mobile, Macromedia Flash Lite, Flash Player Mobile, however, you can use their analogues that can work with expansion files.SWF. To download applications for your mobile device, take into account the operating system installed in it, since in case of non.compliance, problems may arise with the launch of the installer.

Choose proven reliable resources for downloading, since recently cases of installing malicious contents as a software for a mobile phone have become more frequent. Also check the correspondence of the expansion of the window of the program to resolve the display of your mobile device, if necessary for the program specified by you selected. Please note that for different models of devices the same software may not be suitable for the same.

After downloading the installation file of the mobile application, check it for the presence of viruses. Please note that this also does not protect your mobile device from viruses. Copy the installer in the phone memory module or to the removable drive, then disconnect the device, update the file list and start the installation of the program to open the flash files. Please note that such applications should not request you access to the Internet, sending voice and video calls and SMS messages.

In order to ensure the safety of your mobile phone, files on it and your personal account by the operator, prohibit the program access to these actions. Through the menu of the program you installed, open the file with the extension.SWF, which is in the memory of your mobile device or on a removable disk connected to it.

How to open SWF files in a pc and Android browser

SWF format is used to store multimedia content and video games. Its use is very popular because it can be opened directly in any web browser compatible with Flash. But you can also use the application for opening this type of file, which may be required if you want to open it from your mobile device, since the browser you use is probably incompatible with Flash.

How to play SWF files in your PC browser

Open any Flash-compatible web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Then open the Windows conductor and find the SWF file. If it is compressed, unzip it using Winrar or other similar program. Finally, drag the SWF file into the browser window. File playing will start automatically.

In addition to using the browser of your PC to open SWF files, you can use a Flash-compatible player, such as Swiff Player. This program offers you other advantages and is easy to use. After installation, click the SWF file with the right mouse button that you want to open and select “Open using Swiff Player. This time the file will begin to play in the player window.

What is this SWF format

SWF files are a specific media content designed to play videos, advertising and animated materials. The SWF extension is deciphered as Shockwave Flash, where Shockwave is the name of the multimedia platform, and Flash is the technology used to display animation. Among SWF experts is pronounced as “SWIF”.

Initially, such files were designed to show on websites, since their features are small size, a fairly high level of interactivity and good integration capabilities. The last aspect later began to be used to create games, thanks to the implementation of flash technology in ActionScript. SWF animation can be viewed autonomously by downloading a file with such an extension on a computer.

The developer of the format is Macromedia, which was soon absorbed in the well.known developer of the Graphic Appendix Adobe. In 2008, the format was specified, which allowed the leading search engines to index such files. Soon, the Shockwave Player player appeared, which was integrated into most of the demanded Internet recreurators. Currently, according to Adobe, SWF format files are available by 98% PC regardless of the platform, and for mobile gadgets this figure is approaching 800 million devices.

Using Shockwave Flash, you can display the screen menu of sites, the format allows you to produce quick rendering, supports the smoothing function, with it you can quickly arrange interactive buttons or create a simple animation.

The format is improved, but new tags maintain compatibility with the old means of reading/playback, such files contain graphics in compressed form and support streaming video playback.

With all this, the format is simple, therefore the players are compact to play it and do not take up much space, which is often critical for overgrown sites and pages. Animation is practically not distorted by scaling, the format is designed for reproduction on various monitors and on technically weak devices.

How to open SWF files

We have already noted that the main sphere of use of flash animation is its reproduction on various web resources. For this reason, the question of how to open the SWF file format, for most users is irrelevant. almost all browsers support the technology that is introduced in them at the plugin level. It rarely enters the basic installation distribution of the browser, but this is not a problem. the expansion of Adobe Flash Player can be easily installed independently.

In addition, this format can be opened with programs that have a great many and for all platforms. Finally, the SWF format is subject to transformation into more common ones, and such converting is performed on specialized online services.

How to open a SWF file on a computer

To view/play Shockwave on computers under the control of the Windows family, the number of utilities understanding the format is the largest. Among the most famous we will highlight the following:

The principle of using such programs is similar. you need to download the application, install it, and then start the player and open an animation with SWF extension through the “File” menu. In most cases, in such players you can point out the association with this format, and then such files will be played automatically with a double click on them.

On computers running the “apple” operating system, the list of players is not so extensive. We recommend paying attention to:

Flash Player or Dcomsoft SWF Protector will cope with the OS with the problem of playback of the Shockwave format.

It would be unfair not to tell about the editors of SWF files, since these software products, of course, know how to play them and lose them. Using such programs, you can edit container SWF files: change the duration of the video, adjust the size of the picture, work with sound, image and text, and, of course, save these changes.

In the list of the most popular editors, we note Sony Vegas Pro, Corel Videostudio, Camstudio, but these are serious and demanding PC resources packages.

How to open the SWF file online, without the use of

Strictly speaking, it is with this method that we are most often faced, without even suspecting that we are dealing with the SWF file.

ATTENTION. Regardless of which web browser you use, regular or installed independently, most of the observers require the installation of the plugin. In some, this process is fully automated (as, for example, in Google Chrome), others have to tinker a little, but the expansion updates are already without the participation of the user.

Ease of use of Adobe Flash Player as a plugin is obvious:

  • You do not need to download the file to view it;
  • It opens automatically, without requiring any additional actions from the user;
  • Viewing content is guaranteed on any platform and practically independent of iron;
  • When playing, computer resources are practically not consumed, unlike playing a full video.

This most demanded program-player of the SWF format files can be integrated into other software products.

How to open an SWF file on the Android platform

Consider how you can see a SWF file on a smartphone-in mobile browsers such a tool is not provided, an AFP version for a smartphone does not exist. But the way out, of course, is in the form of the SWF Player application. You can download it, install and run it in a standard way. through Google Play. It is compact, will not take up much space and is quite convenient in operation. The only significant drawback can be called the dominance of advertising, but this differs most of the free applications for this platform.

The Flashbox application can be called an alternative, but its main purpose is to use flash animation in games. In addition, to operate the application, you will need to install Adobe Air, finally, the application is no longer updated, its support is stopped.

The best SWF and Mac SWF players

SMPlayer reproduces almost all existing video formats. over, the codecs necessary to start viewing are built into the installation file of the program, which is very convenient. download, install, use, use. audio and video codes, including for SWF

Removing settings for reproduced files

PotPlayer with built-in DXVA codes reproduces SWF in the most possible quality format for format. The program has a function of recording audio tracks from any reproduced file, it can come in handy when you need to pull out the sound from the video for some purposes. audio and video codes, including for SWF

KMPLAYER. Free player from Korean developers with their own codec package and skins. It is convenient to watch SWF with a rewind and without freezing when playing, but for some files, codecs will have to be downloaded separately.

Versions for most popular operating systems

Free codecs on the official website

To play the SWF, you need to download additional codecs

The GM Player player is presented by the developer in free and paid versions, for the lack of advertising and buffering will have to be paid. The program has all the necessary codecs, SWF can be rewinded and collected in playlists for the convenience of consistent viewing. The player is also useful for watching a video in most popular extensions.

5kplayer is one of the few modern players for Mac and Windows with a convenient integrate adapted for combined devices with sensory screens, and a large set of features in one free program. In addition to playing video and audio, the program also has the opportunity to download videos from the popular YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo video hosting.

Supports video downloads from YouTube and other sites

SWF File Player is an old, but still working program for opening SWF. In it you can not only watch a video in an outdated format, but also launch some flash games of the early 2000s. At the same time, there is nothing superfluous in the software: only opening and viewing, no hot keys, additional options and connected plugins.

No rewinding and other functions important for convenience

Free SWF.Max Player was created specifically for viewing flash video. Despite the fact that the program for 2021 looks quite modest, it has all the possibilities of the traditional media player: support for ready and personally compiled playlists, playing, search, hot keys, package editing of these files.

Plays SWF without additional codecs

How To Play FLASH GAMES in 2022! (3 SOLUTIONS)

Elmedia Player-Flash player for Mac with a good basic set of capabilities for playing SWF / FLV. The developers have invested in it for viewing rollers and animations of modern and outdated format, while the program is free and regularly updated.

Supports viewing SWF / FLV and other video files

To finely configure the playback mode, you need to buy an extended version

How to open a SWF on a computer without a player

Many players no longer open SWF today, and over time of regularly updated programs with support for this format will be even less. In order not to lose the opportunity to watch your favorite animation of Masyani and Happy Tree Friends, you can convert files from SWF to MP4, AVI or any other video format. This will allow you to do without downloading special players.

Try not demanding on hardware resources of the SWF-converter from MOVAVI-in it the conversion of old files in the video with more popular in the 2020s will not take much time and will not require you to professional work with a computer.

How to open SWF online

Until 2021, reproducing the SWF video in the browser was not a problem. However, now that the Adobe Flash Player plugin is no longer supported, and most of the sites switched to new technological solutions, open the SWF file in the browser will no longer be possible. The file needs either to be converted into another format, or reproduced in an application installed on a computer or smartphone with support for the necessary codecs. Perhaps the only option in which you could open the SWF file online is if you have an outdated version of the browser and Flash Player. Below we offer you the most relevant way to open a SWF file in a browser.

How to open SWF in a browser

When you need to open in a browser on a PC or smartphone Android or iOS literally one or two SWF and there is not the slightest desire to spend time studying complex intenses, you can take an online tool-Video Converter Online. It is suitable for the package conversion of small SWFs. up to 1 GB. located in cloud storages.

Unlike the above services, Video Converter Online supports the unloading and downloading of files to the Google/Dropbox cloud. perfectly if you do not want to load the Internet channel or when you have paid traffic. Also, using Video Converter Online, converting individual fragments of SWF files in any popular video format with a fine setting of resolution and the quality of the result is available.

With the closure of the Flash Player project, an entire era of interactive animation and short videos ended, especially popular at the time when traffic was expensive, data transfer speeds were low, and any multimedia on the Internet was perceived as a miracle. For everyone who is not yet ready to say goodbye to a collection of flash drives once downloaded from the network, in WAP or by IR port, there are two options: to convert the rollers into relevant formats or review them in players that have not yet removed SWF support. Using the converter is more practical so as not to install special players on the computer for SWF on the computer. At the same time, you can choose between the online service and the program: the first option is more profitable for one-time converting of small flash drives, the second for a large number of volumetric files.