What is a multimedia portal on a train?

On the multimedia portal “Trade”, passengers can get information about the train schedule, use the audio guide on attractions at stations and settlements along the route, watch films and listen to music, order food from a restaurant car and chat in a chat with others.

For the most comfortable movement of passengers from one city to another company, a digital fellow traveler has created a service. This service is able to entertain you, without much effort for you-it is enough to connect to the Wi-Fi network available in new trains from Russian Railways.

How to find out if there is Wi-Fi train?

You can find out about whether the Internet is on the train, you can by stickers with a red Wi-Fi symbol in wagons. The Internet will most likely have to pay. per day.

To connect via a phone number you need:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi, find a network named train (CPPK_FREE; MT_FREE; Sapsan_wi-Fi) and connect to it;
  • open a browser, go to any site;
  • an identification page will appear on which you need to enter your phone number;

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In which trains and wagons of Russian Railways are Wi-Fi

Introduce the Internet on near and long.distance trains began in 2015. For the first time, Wi-Fi on Russian Railways appeared in the EMU “Sapsan”. After that, they provided access to the global network to passengers of electric trains “Allegro”.

To learn about whether it is possible to connect to Wi-Fi in an electric train or on a RZD train, you should buy a ticket when buying. On some branches the Internet is paid, because a constant connection with the satellite is required.

  • Nevsky express (-St. Petersburg);
  • Haircut (. Nizhny Novgorod);
  • Swallow (in all directions);
  • Volga (Nizhny Novgorod-St. Petersburg);
  • Leo Tolstoy (. Helsinki).

There are also Wi-Fi in all two-story trains and in trains moving in the area. A full list of compositions with a working Internet can be found on the website of a fellow traveler. Information there is periodically updated.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not work in the “Swallow

If Wi-Fi does not work on the train, the following reasons may contribute to this:

  • Wi-Fi network failure, to eliminate you need to retake your device.
  • A failure in the work or breakdown of equipment of the company itself of the provided Internet services. In this case, it remains only to wait until the company eliminates problems.
  • And the third reason is the mistakes made in the first authorization. In this case, you need to pass it again.

It is still possible to restrict the Wi-Fi network on the Swallow train due to the malfunction of the device itself, from which the Internet exit was planned.


The Internet in the Aeroexpress is free for all passengers. At the first connection, you need:

swallow, connect, wi-fi, offering

EMU “Swallow” first began to run in 2022. All electric trains moving software and mo are equipped with equipment for distributing the Internet. Passengers can connect to free Wi-Fi in the “Swallow” by phone number and passport.

The EMU “Swallow” also runs in the Amur, Belgorod, Irkutsk regions and in the territory of another 11 entities in these directions there are the Internet only on trains with Lastochka logo.Center Wi-Fi.

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In order to connect to Wi-Fi in the “Swallow“, it is necessary to find “Lastochka in the list of access points.Center “. When the user browser is launched, it will automatically redirect the wi-fi of the electric train. Registration by phone number or by car number and passport is available there. Passengers can also log in at the ticket number 4 hours before the electrical.

Location of the places in the train wagons of a swallow (diagram), ticket reservation

note! The return of forgotten things is carried out only if there is a travel ticket and personality certificates. Additionally installed loudspeakers, integrated lighting and digital display for the output of information for passengers armchairs with armrests and an adjustable base. sockets for charging personal mobile devices. goods on board. services of a mobile bar.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi in the settings of your device.
  • Find a network with the name of the train (for example, Sapsan_wi-Fi) or Free prefix (CPPK_FREE) and connect to it.
  • Open the browser and go to any site, for example, OneTwotrip.com.

Despite the fact that high.speed trains on the Russian Railways website are highlighted in a separate tab to buy tickets for a swallow. You have to use the general form on the main page. Also be prepared that the swallow will stop three or four times for the whole path and let another swallow pass. And in it the line is built somewhere after the first hour of movement and does not end until you arrive at the end station. In the price of a swallow passengers tiket. which go the first class, is included in food, drinks, road set and fresh press.

Basic class 2zh car

Economy class 2P car

Economy-plus class 2m

Business class car 1P

Services are provided for a fee. Services are available for passengers of the Swallow trains in the following directions:-Ivanovo, St. Petersburg-Bologoe, St. Petersburg-Pskov, Pskov-Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg-Sortavala-Matkaselkia.

Services are available for passengers of trains swallow in the following directions Ivanovo, St. Petersburg Bologoy, St. Petersburg Pskov, Pskov Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg Sortavala Matkaselkia. For free advice, contact me!

How to go to the Swallow website?

The portal is available at http: // spn.ru. To use this service, you need to connect the electronic device to the Lastochka network. Center “and log in by mobile phone number. Note that the Lastochka network.

The Internet connection in trains is provided through cell tower and satellite. If cellular communication is stable and confident, the Internet of mobile operators is used. If there is no reception from the towers, the signal is transmitted from the satellite directly.

What is the difference between the basic tariff and economy in a swallow?

Basic. the seat does not have a folding back, but equipped with armrests. Tickets for passengers with disabilities are sold in the same category. Economy. the seat has a socket, the seats with a folding back is possible.

The odd places are located at the window, even places at the passage or in the middle of the seat block. In wagons No., 5.6.10 there are toilets, in the same cars there are special places for passengers with disabilities.

How can you redeem office housing?

As a general rule, residential premises were not subject to privatization, exchange, sale and other alienation, t. to. do not belong to the housing fund of social use. But the law gives the owners of official housing the right to transfer them into social hiring and allow privatization.

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How can you replace the word to the author?

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How to get to Gorky Park on MCC?

You can get to the Gorky Park by walking very little from the Oktyabrskaya station, which also combines two lines of subway, or from the Park of Culture station, also Roltsevo.

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How to turn on Alice?

On the line “Search” we press the violet icon of Alice. Click “Allow” to give access to data on the location of your device. Access to geolocation will help Alice more accurately answer your questions. Click “allow” to give access to a microphone for communication with Alice.

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How the district pension coefficient affects?

Such areas include areas of the Far North and the territory equated to them. For other residents, whose regions also have district coefficients when paying salaries, additional pension supplements that take into account these indicators do not apply.

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How to write a written appeal to Sberbank?

In the menu on the left, select accreditations. On the page opened, go to the message tab. Click a new message. In the window that opens, select a letter of credit or collection, according to which you need to write a letter, or write a letter without binding to the transaction.

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How to hold a lawyer accountable?

The legal responsibility of the lawyer comes for committed actions, but not for thoughts and intentions; Only the competent authorities in the course of the established procedure can hold an lawyer; The attraction of a lawyer to justice always means the onset of adverse consequences for a lawyer.

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How the ventricles of the heart work?

Normally, the heart has two well.developed ventricles (right and left), which work as pumping chambers, expelling blood into small (to light) and large (to other organs) circles of blood circulation.

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How to change the name of the father in the birth certificate?

In order to replace data about the father in the birth certificate and apply for inheritance, we must file a lawsuit to establish paternity and recognize the right to inheritance. The lawsuit must be filed to other heirs and to the man indicated in your birth certificate as a father.

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How to change irrevocable tickets?

To pass or exchange a ticket, contact the same where they bought it: to the airline or to the intermediary agency. Make a return or exchange of a plane ticket as early as possible. Closer to the departure date, it will certainly cost more, and after the end of the registration, air tickets may even burn out.

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How to watch a movie in a swallow?

In order to use the service, you need to connect the electronic device to the Lastochka network. Center “and log in by mobile phone number. Lastochka network. Center ”, specially designed for high.speed trains, allows you to use the service without connecting to the Internet in local mode.

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How is the transfer of funds between banks?

According to the payer’s payment order, the bank deducts the amount to send the sender from the account of the obligations of the same branch of the bank. Further, from this account, the transfer is sent to the internal account to pay for another bank branch. The latter, from the bill to payment, credits the transfer to the recipient’s account.

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How to put a gas meter in an apartment?

To install the meter, you must contact the regionalgaz or to companies that have a license and permission to carry out gas hazardous work. In order for Oblgaz to install the counter, you need to apply with the corresponding statement: about the free installation or at your own expense.

swallow, connect, wi-fi, offering

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How to write a letter correctly with a request?

To whom you are asking? Contact the addressee personally, better. by the name of patronymic: “Dear Ivan Ivanovich!”,” Dear Mr. Ivanov!»Firstly, you will express your respect to the addressee, and secondly, a request addressed to a particular person imposes responsibility for him for its implementation.

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How the word luggage or baggage is spelled correctly?

The correct spelling of the word “baggage” must be remembered, since it is vocabulary and it is impossible to choose a single.root verification word for it. The word “baggage” is mandatory for memorization in grade 3 (ah). Stress. The stress in the word “baggage” falls on the last (second) syllable.

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How to check the water meters correctly?

The verification of water meters passes as follows: an employee of the service center, that is, a company that is engaged in verification, comes to your home, connects a test station to the counter, turns on water. And then compares the readings of your metering device and your device. If the error is less than 5%, the counter is in order.

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How to get a ticket to a sanatorium in a clinic?

Contact your doctor in the clinic to get indications for sanatorium treatment. 3. This document is transferred to a special medical commission, which will decide whether the patient is due to spa treatment or rehabilitation under the compulsory medical insurance policy.

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What chairs in a swallow?

Features of the numbering of places in the carriage cars “Swallow” layout of the cabin 22 and 32 (on the one hand 2 or 3 chairs, on the other 2). In wagons No., 5.6.10 there are toilets, in the same cars there are special places for passengers with disabilities.

Safety when connecting. 7 useful tips

Remember that Wi-Fi is a public network. Everything can use it without exception, so the risk of fraud increases. To limit the access of third parties to your personal data, use the following tips:

  • Council. under no circumstances enter the data of payment systems.
  • Advice-use a VPN network that passes traffic through anonymous nodes. So you will reduce the risks of penetration into your data of attackers.
  • Council-before connecting to Russian Railways Wi-Fi, block automatic access.
  • Tip. follow what network you are connecting to, because often the names are similar.
  • Council. after entering the network, do not save the password in the browser. It is safer to invent a new combination at each entrance.
  • Tip. check if the antivirus program is active on your mobile device or laptop.
  • Council. If you do not plan to use the Internet on a trip, it is better to turn it off.

Wi-Fi Russian Railways is a convenient and affordable function for all passengers. The ability to access a wireless network allows you not to break away from work and your favorite entertainment during a long trip. Connecting Wi-Fi is quite simple-there are several ways for this. And using tips, everyone can protect their personal data from attackers.

How to connect to Wi-Fi in “Swallow

Let us consider in more detail how to connect to Wi-Fi in the “Swallow”. To communicate with Wi-Fi and authorization on the Internet, you will need to perform the following actions. There are two methods of communication with Wi-Fi “Swallow” Internet:

There is still the opportunity to connect the gadget to the network using the QR code. This is the fastest option that does not require any additional combinations. Wi-Fi will work only in electric trains where Internet equipment is installed. The ability to connect to the Internet denotes a sign-sticker, which in such cases is placed on the composition.

In the second option, it is enough when connecting to the Internet in an empty password field to enter the last four passport numbers, the wagon number and your place number. Then a successful connection to Wi-Fi should occur:

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Network communication instructions for users that are connected a second time:

Attention! The only thing that Wi-Fi will have to view advertising before the full use of Wi-Fi. The video of advertising content is necessary to provide a free Internet.

Connection speed and restriction when using the network

The provider of the provision of Internet communication services is Maxim Telecom. Speaking about the speed of the connection, it should be noted that 3G almost covered the already outdated communication standard 2G, in which the speed was slower than once every 20.

The latest communication standard is 4G, it is much faster than 3G, but, unfortunately, not everywhere available. Mostly LTE communications are provided by large regional centers of the country.

In order to find out the coating on the route and the connection speed, you can look into a special communication map downloaded from Play Market for OS “Android”. This application is called “communication quality”.

Using this application, you can see the network coating along the track of the selected route from 2G to LTE.

Of the restrictions, one can only note the inconvenience that brings viewing advertising, but due to this, however, there is the opportunity to use the Internet for free. And also there is a restriction on the traffic of filemates, that is, limiting the speed of downloading files from the Internet via a torrent application.

How to connect Wi-Fi in MDC?

Connect to Mosmetro_free network in Wi-Fi settings. Open the browser and dial the address of the VMET portal.Ro. Enter your mobile phone number in the identification line. Get an SMS code and enter it on the VMET portal.Ro.

  • Connect to the MT_FREE network on your device
  • go. In the address bar of the browser, enter Gowifi.ru.
  • Select the registration method “By phone number”
  • 7 enter your mobile phone number and click “Next”
  • Wait for SMS with a check code
  • Now you can use the free Internet

What does a swallow tattoo mean on the shoulder?

Tattoo with the image of a swallow means travel and freedom. Often she is stuffed by creative people to whom she brings inspiration. A swallow in mythology is a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite, therefore it can often act as a symbol of beauty and youth.

In ravines along the rivers, you can often see how swallows knocked the nest between the folds of the loose rock. These places are called nests. City swallows prefer close neighborhood, while village species build houses away from each other. Swallows have been using nests for several years in a row.