Surveillance Camera Connection

House surveillance

Installation options for systems depend primarily on the specifics of the room in which they will be installed. Therefore, surveillance for a private house is significantly different from that used in an apartment. How to connect surveillance in this case? The main difference is that cameras in the cottage are most often installed on the street.

This involves the use of special equIPment, which must be protected by a moisture-resistant and vandal-proof case. In addition, such surveillance cameras must have a wide operating temperature range. Unlike home appliances, outdoor devices have the best resolution and are faced with the task of obtaining the widest possible viewing angle.

The design of such a system is carried out with the expectation that there should be a good overview of the entire perimeter. How to connect surveillance cameras for this? They are installed in such a way that there are no dead spots. The number of devices is chosen optimal and more is not always better. Of course, the huge number of devices looking at you from all over the site looks impressive, but NOT the worst picture you can get With fewer devices.

We look at the review, the specifics of the choice of observation;

Connection of surveillance cameras is carried out on fixed or movable brackets. The latter option, when equIPped with additional equIPment, allows remote control of the camera. This approach significantly increases the coverage area of ​​the device.

Ways to connect a surveillance camera

Is there equIPment that can protect property from theft? The fastest way is not. After all, security systems, like connecting a surveillance camera, cannot become a barrier to entry into a home or office.

But when using the following systems, it is easy to establish what happened in the controlled room, and this very often serves as a deterrent for the criminal.

Setting up equIPment via a computer

There are various types of systems. But the simplest are the volumes in which the recording is made to the computer. How to connect such an observation? This system is characterized by maximum functionality. But for its work, the following components are needed:

  • Computer. it is necessary to ensure continuous image recording, for this you must choose the right components
  • Capture board. it connects to the PCI slot of the motherboard, it allows you to convert a signal from analog to digital and transfer it to a monitor
  • Software. required for image management and can produce, record, archive, search.

Installation for surveillance systems

The cost of installation work depends on various factors:

  • The number of devices and their technical characteristics
  • Installation method
  • The scale of the system, as well as the type of communication between individual devices
  • Surveillance connection diagrams.

But it is also different in different companies. Everyone has the right to set their own price. If we consider the average values, then they will be as follows:

  • Internal cameras. 4200 rubles.
  • External. 4700 rubles.
  • Swivel. 5200 rubles.
  • Design. 137 600 rubles.
  • Coefficient depending on the complexity of the system. 1.2 (for average).

In total, it turns out more than 165,000 rubles. For some, this amount will turn out to be unaffordable, then you should simplify the system or look for a cheaper performer. But if you compare the cost of the system and its installation with the possible losses in case of theft, then it will seem just scanty. Therefore, before you refuse to install or try to connect the camera on your own, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Correct connection of the surveillance system

After all the configuration steps have been completed, proceed to testing. For this, GoPro monitors the correct recording for several days, and also tests the motion sensors. You can do this yourself, but it is better to contact the service center of the equIPment manufacturer.

The following items can be included in the equIPment setup:

  • Segmentation of a LAN network with the allocation of a system into a separate
  • Adaptation of software for the exchange of information between individual components
  • Optimizing bandwidth
  • Development of cleaning procedures that depend on the amount of memory and the intensity of shooting
  • Distribution of priorities between cameras
  • Optimizing router configuration
  • Choosing a network administrator
  • Adaptation of software for protection against viruses and unauthorized access.

The number of points given depends on many parameters, including on the tasks set. Few will be able to cope with this task, therefore the best choice is to contact specialists.

Stages of work on setting up equIPment

I installed the system, it is necessary to achieve its effective functioning. Do-it-yourself surveillance connection will be as follows. The first step towards this is setting up cameras. It is executed in the DVR-client program, which allows you to control various devices from one personal computer.

First you need to log in, then, having opened the “Settings” tab, select the “Add zone” section in it. After that, the GoProgram offers to choose a name. in extreme cases, it can be a digital combination. But since a large number of retainers are usually used, it is better to zoning them.

Next, you need to connect the recorder to a specific zone. To do this, right-click on the empty field and select one of the possible options. If the name of the registrar is already available, then go to the section “Add device”.

We look. Installation instructions;

However, an easier option is to search for it automatically. This can be done by going to the “Find device” section. The “Search and Connect” window will appear on the screen in which the required item is selected and the “Add” button is pressed.

At this stage, you can change his name and make access to records limited, set a password.

Having received a list in which all equIPment will be displayed: the recorder and cameras, go to the “View” tab. This is necessary to display the image on the monitor screen.

The next step is to select the name of the device and go to the “Open all” item. The screen will display images from all connected cameras. Now it remains to set the recording mode for each of them. To do this, Entering the “Settings” tab, select “server settings” and “record”.

Also, the software allows you to set the desired operating time for each day by entering the section “Recording Information”. The “Schedule” item offers three periods, each of which is designed for a certain type of fixation.

If even more detailed settings are required, then they can be performed in the “”, up to setting the recording parameters: by motion sensor triggering or by time.

Camera connection. what is needed for this

To install equIPment in the house, you will need:

  • Cables
  • Power Supply

How to connect to a surveillance camera? To transfer the image, a coaxial cable is used, which is connected to the recorder or to the camera monitor. over, the quality of the used GoPro drive is very important. After all, it depends on how far from the system the device can be installed. In addition, to connect a surveillance camera, you need a circuit.

Power to the equIPment can be supplied with any wire, while all devices can be powered from one source. It is possible to use a cable that contains the power cable. In some cases, this option is considered one of the most convenient.

The cable is connected to the surveillance camera through lead wires or using connectors. Although some devices may use BNC connectors.

We look. How to connect the camera:

The power supply also belongs to the devices necessary for the operation of the system. Its choice depends on the characteristics of the camera. When several devices are connected to one unit, their current strength is summed up.

In addition to additional devices to ensure the operation of the surveillance system, special software is required. It is selected in accordance with the type of cameras. It is allowed to connect a surveillance camera Not only to the monitor, but also to usually a TV.

Summing up

So, surveillance systems, they are widespread today. They can be found indoors and in open areas, they perform not only security functions, but also allow you to keep order on the street, in public transport, on the roadway.

Not a single outlet can do without them. But in order for its work to be effective, you need to correctly install cameras. This will help to avoid dead zones and make it possible to monitor the entire territory of the protected object.

However, in addition to the correct installation, a competently performed setup is also needed. You will NOT receive pictures on the monitor without it. Again, this work should only be done by employees of surveillance systems companies.

And the very last stage is equIPment testing. Without it, you cannot be sure that all previous work was done correctly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting Home Surveillance Systems

The cable must have minimum resistance.

Connection diagrams of surveillance cameras

You can also include other objects in the list, which it is desirable to control for some other reason.

Connecting an analog surveillance camera

In order to be able to connect more devices, you need to purchase a network switch. If it is necessary to carry out installation on a concrete base, a punch and dowel-nails are used.

I’m not talking about the budget segment of IP devices, but in the premium class, which has complex anti-illumination, dynamic noise suppression, various analytical capabilities in its structure.

FTP. protected by a common foil sheath. Scheme of installing surveillance cameras in a private house Installation of the surveillance system should be carried out according to the following ready-made scheme: The connection sequence is approximately the following: cameras are connected to the switch. Then the signal from the switch is transmitted to the recorder, router and monitor. For reliability, go to the manufacturer’s website and carefully study the characteristics of the model you are interested in. In the low-current shields, connect the power cable to the terminals of the second circuit breaker.

Analog surveillance system connection diagram.

There is no particular difference in phasing or polarity where to connect zero and phase there.

The cable must have minimum resistance.

Please note that all devices will be connected to the same power source. He will be introductory for this cabinet.

In this case, the image will be blown out. To view and save images, you need to install the software for this IP camera. A single signal contains images of all reduced original signals that can be displayed on one monitor. In fact, the most advanced imaging technologies and the latest networking equIPment allow you to create surveillance systems with limitless possibilities.

Surveillance cameras connection diagram

The Volt power supply will have to be used when the length of the tracks is more than 50 meters. Number of Objects of Observation If we talk about the number of objects that fall under observation, then everything here depends on the number of places on your site in the house or in the country. In which unauthorized entry can potentially be expected. Connectors Must be of high quality. They are divided into two types: ordinary, which are installed only on the ceiling and the camera-ball, they can be installed on any surface.

Write speed. 12 volt power supply.

Connecting a surveillance camera to a computer

Pair RCA connecting wires to connect analog cameras to the monitor. Pick up ready-made surveillance kits, or individual components. cameras, recorders, cables, connectors, plus You can get acquainted with the current for today here. Signal transmission to the router is done through the yellow cable, and the red black or white is used to connect power and transmit audio.

Connectors Must be of high quality. To connect an analog camera. You must use a coaxial pin cable. Images are not only viewed, but also archived.

All we have to do is find a reliable hard drive for recording. If several cameras will be involved in the system, and the recorder has only one network input, then the connection of the cameras and the recorder should be made through the POE switch Switch, which is also called a hub. Able at the same time serves as a power supply for cameras. Then the second ends of the KVK-P cable are cleaned, brought into the cabinet, in the same way as shown above. Dome cameras are used for indoor surveillance. If for some reason it is not there, then you can try universal software, for example from ivideon.
Do-it-yourself observation. General princIPle.

IP surveillance connection diagram.

It allows you to efficiently transmit images and sounds in both directions. IP surveillance system components and connection procedure. Board specifications Must meet minimum PC requirements.

One cassette fits in hours of signal recordings. This is done on either side of the cable. Connecting devices When all cameras are connected to the switch, all that remains is to combine it with the Single network port of the DVR. The peculiarities of its connection to the recorder will depend on the design of the latter. If the connectors are connected correctly, the picture will be immediately displayed on the screen.