What to do if your Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 freezes and slows down?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 relatively new, and there were no reports about serious and, possibly, hardware or production problems. So, after several weeks of use, when you feel that your new tablet has become slow and continues to freeze or inhibits, the problem may be associated with firmware or caused by some applications. often such problems are actually not serious, and you can correct them yourself by performing some basic actions to eliminate problems.

In this post, I will share with you some practical tips that you can do if your Galaxy Tab S4 begins to freeze and freeze. We will try to determine what the problem is actually, and exclude all the possibilities to solve the problem. If you are one of the owners of this tablet and at present you have similar symptoms, continue to read, because this article can somehow help you.

For owners who are looking for a solution to the problem. Another problem, go to our page elimination page, since we have already solved some of the most common problems with this device. View the page to find the problems similar to yours and use the solutions we have proposed. If they do not work or you need additional help, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our questionnaire on Android problems.

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There were problems with the phone?

Tell us about them by e.mail. We at the address [Email Protected] be sure to indicate as much detail as possible so that we can well understand the problem and find the best solutions for you. It will be better if you e or two screenshots.

Perhaps we will not be able to answer every letter received, but be sure we read them Yes, all, even if some really look like spam.

Reset to factory settings

Restoring factory settings is a serious way to delete all user data. Its advantage is that in this way you can not only increase the performance of the tablet computer, but also get rid of malware.

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Instructions for the restoration of source settings:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “On the phone” tab. (“On the system”).
  • Click on “Set the Settings”.

The device will restart and restart, turning on after the full discharge of the system part.

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If there are suspicions of the virus

Separately, when the “brakes” appear, you need to check the gadget with antivirus for the appearance of trojans and t. P. All antiviruses in our “rating” are similar in terms of functions and are actually different only in price.

We remind! Do not use sites and utilities that offer “online check for viruses”.

Kaspersky Internet Security

“Kaspersky” is one of the most reliable and easy to use. In the free version, it scans memory, helps to find a tablet in case of theft and blocks dangerous links. Paid version allows you to scan equipment in the background, install a password for specific programs and protect against fraud on the websites of banks and online stores (phishing).

Eset Mobile Security

Freely scans the device for malicious programs and protects against phishing sites. The paid version allows you to put antivirus on five Android devices, look for missing devices, plan a check and scan programs immediately after downloading. All these functions can be tried within 30 days after downloading, then you need to buy access.

Security Master (previously CM Security)

Created by the developers of the “cleaner” Clean Master. In addition to standard functions, it allows you to enable the entrance to the applications only by password, cleaning files, hiding notifications. The paid version includes scanning planner and theft (for example, photographs the attackers using the tablet).

360 Security / 360 Security Lite

Scans potentially dangerous data, allows you to block system utilities. Lite version is designed for memory devices less than 1 GB.


“Avira” calls itself the best free antivirus. In the free version, it automatically calculates harmful software and protects against the consequences of the theft, in a paid one-allows you to block the microphone and webcam.

Dr. Web

Dr. Web is a good, reliable antivirus for a tablet. It is very careful about the RAM and energy consumption of devices. In the Lite version, it scans files (including in the background), can unlock the tablet captured by “Trojans”, viruses and banners. Paid version adds a filter of calls, SMS, undesirable pages, parental control and anti.frail protection.

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How to understand that the problem is in the device

If the tablet began to stupid after installing a particular application, or it works with failures in only one program, probably the problem is outside your android.

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This can be checked in the following way:

Now, if Android is stupid and hangs, but the loading of the CPU is low, the problem is in itself. In this case, if you need this particular application, you can contact the developer with your problem and wait for updates. If you don’t have time to do this, just replace it with similar.

If you find out that the processor works to the fullest and therefore the software lags, the reason is in the gland. But even in this case, its work can be optimized and removed excessive load with CP.

Galaxy Tab A works slowly, correction: observe a safe mode

The launch of the tablet in a safe mode can help if you suspect that the problem may be related to a bad application. If you recently installed a new application, it may be to blame. To check, try starting the device in safe mode. In safe mode, you cannot activate third.party applications. If your tablet works normally in a safe mode, you can assume that one of the applications is to blame.

To start the Galaxy Tab a in safe mode:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the power button.
  • When samsung appears on the screen, release the power button.
  • Immediately after releasing the power key, press and hold the volume reduction key.
  • Continue to hold the volume reduction key until the device is rebooted. It can take up to 1 minute. Just wait, wait for this.
  • Release the volume reduction key when you see a safe mode on the device.

Remember that third.party applications are disabled in this mode, so you can use pre.installed applications. Remove the recently installed application and see if it will fix it. If the problem has not disappeared, use the elimination process to determine the fraudulent application. Here’s how:

  • Load in safe mode.
  • Check if there is a problem.
  • After confirming that a third.party application is to blame, you can start removing applications individually. We suggest you start from the very last of the added by you.
  • After deleting the application, reboot the phone in normal mode and check the availability of the problem.
  • If your Galaxy Tab A operates in safe mode, but it works incorrectly in normal mode, repeat steps 1-4.

To return to normal mode or turn off the safe mode:

Problems with “iron”

They are more characteristic of old or defective models. If you have a real warranty on the device, then contact the service center with a complaint that the device has become slowly working. You must conduct free diagnostics and eliminate the problem with the hardware, if one is found.

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You can also identify the problem with iron by these signs:

  • The tablet began to heat up hard, although before, with the same load, this was not noticeable;
  • Charging the device is very slow, although everything is in order with the charger and the power grid;
  • The charge lasts less time than some time ago, although the load on the tablet (open applications, the brightness of the screen, etc.D.) has not changed;
  • When working, the tablet makes any sounds.
galaxy, tablet, down

Independently localize and fix the problem associated with the technical part, you are unlikely to succeed, so it is recommended to hand over the device to the service center.

Acceleration without special rights and firmware

Many users are rightly afraid to get too much in some settings through the engineering menu, they are afraid to reflash and make changes using Root Rights.

If you are among these users, but want to improve your own tablet under the control of the Android operating system, use such methods. Here special rights and flashing are not required. Enough for you:

  • get rid of existing widgets on the desktop or minimize their number;
  • clear the internal memory, clean the cache;
  • get rid of unnecessary applications;
  • Delete old and unnecessary conversations in SMS and messengers;
  • transfer data from internal memory to an external drive;
  • change the settings to save photos and videos to the memory card in the chamber menu;
  • enter the developer menu and change the parameters of the graphic processor;
  • turn off the animation;
  • Update the current version of the operating system.

Consistent and fairly simple actions make it possible to significantly accelerate the work of your own Android tablet.

It is very likely that its current slow work is not associated with age at all. It’s all about the accumulated garbage, background programs and changed settings. If you try to get rid of all the superfluous, the speed of the tablet will return to the previous level again, or at least it will come to it as much as possible.