On the iPhone strip on the screen: what to do?

Many use Apple mobile devices. They are convenient, functional, reliable, beautiful. But whatever one may say, this is a technique with which everything can simply not be in order. Any gadgets are subject to breakdowns. Manufacturers primarily make a bet on a beautiful appearance and functionality, paying little attention to the safety of devices. One of the most frequent complaints about the iPhone is a strip on the screen. Because of what such defects appear? What to do with them?

In the case when smartphone users complain of such a problem, they do not mean the appearance of scratches on the surface of the glass. These distortions occur directly in the picture. Stripes can be vertical and horizontal, but it is not very important.

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There are four main reasons why a defect appears on the display. White stripes on the iPhone screen appear because of:

  • Software errors.
  • Disorders of the contact of the display train.
  • Breakage of the microcircuit (controller, which is responsible for the transmission of the image).
  • Moisture.

Further, all the reasons why this defect on the iPhone arises in detail. a strip on the screen, as well as ways to identify and return the device to life.

No need to wait for the image defects will disappear on their own after some time. After all, a violation can be very serious. Therefore, it is necessary to contact good specialists without delay.

In order to get rid of malfunctions with the screen, first of all, it is necessary to determine the reason why there was a failure. Before contacting the center in which they repair cell phones, you can independently conduct the initial diagnosis of the device.

Where do green stripes come from on the iPhone screen

Supernatural forces have clearly nothing to do with it, but to clarify the situation, we requested a comment from the Apple Pro service center:

Owners of iPhone with a green strip on the screen really often contact us. The problem here is in violation of the electrical conductive layer (display train). Most often this happens when the phone falls and water gets inside, it can also be overheating.

How can you fix the problem?

There is only one way out, replacing the iPhone display. If the phone is still under warranty, you can try to contact the official service, but if the slightest signs of falling or water is found there, free repairs will be refused. We take up any iPhone model, including repairing the iPhone XS Max.

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IPhone display replacement will solve this problem

Interestingly, Samsung smartphones at one time also had a similar problem. It was manifested in the form of a thin, but distinctly distinguishable green strip, passing along the edge of the screen and not disappearing even after an emergency reloading of the device and returning to factory settings. The owners also had to change the screens on the phones, and at their own expense.

Basically, green stripes occur in iPhone with OLED displays, including the iPhone XS.

Moisture hit

Usually, after moisture, other problems appear: the screen is turned off or becomes completely white. However, the display can be in a multi.colored strip. water will paint the screen in all colors of the rainbow.

What to do in such a situation:

The immersion of the phone in rice will help only if the iPhone was redeemed only superficially, and not completely plunged into the water. You need to leave the smartphone in rice for a long time, in 1-2 hours the moisture will not be absorbed.

You can not dry the phone under direct sunlight, on heaters and batteries. It is also not recommended to use the hair dryer. the air flow will drive water on the body. The correct decision will be the appeal to the service center: specialists will disassemble the smartphone, remove moisture and clear the components of corrosion.

Modmac answers: a strip on the screen and the most common problems of iPhone 7

Good afternoon! Such is the problem. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, after two years of operation, a shadow vertical strip appeared in a millimeter along the entire screen. over, when rebooting the phone, the screen flashes, and some divorces appear on it for a second. Can’t tell me what’s the matter?

Responsible by specialists of the Modmac service center:

Good afternoon! Send us by mail (info@modmac.ru) a photograph of the strip, but when rebooting on iOS 10, various effects almost always appear, and here the problem is more likely in the operating system itself than in the phone. And so, the strip could form in a large number of cases, and in order to understand what you have, you need to diagnose.

Question from the reader with the nickname Panterochka2282:

Hello! I have a whole bouquet of problems with the iPhone 7 Plus:

You can fix it all?

Responsible by specialists of the Modmac service center:

In the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the problem with the sound “from the barrel” is one of the most common today. If the settings are not resetting, you should contact the official service center!

The approaching sensor is a 100% warranty case, you will be repaired in the official SC under warranty. You can fix the problem with the sensor, but most likely you will have to change the display and the upper train. You can call our number (7 (495) 649 6886), and we will tell you how we can help!

If you have any questions for experts, feel free to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will try to answer everything, but keep in mind that it may sometimes take time for this. there are a lot of questions.

Do not forget that for all readers Appleinsider.RU operates 10% discount on all types of repair in the Modmac service center.ru.

Professional display repair

Strips on the iPhone 11 display appear due to damage to a train caused by a mechanical effect. If it was not torn, but only moved away from the connector, then you can eliminate the malfunction quickly. Contacting the service center will not cause serious costs. The master will analyze the device and connect the train back. The main thing is not to make an attempt to open the iPhone on their own, as this will only lead to additional problems and expenses.

If you need qualified assistance and KOTARICAL Repair iPhone 11, then our service center offers a full range of services, guarantees, affordable tariffs. Our masters will help eliminate the strips on the screen quickly and efficiently. To obtain a consultation in matters of repair of a smartphone, it is enough to contact us in the most convenient way.

Why choose an Apple-Sapphire service center?

Over the years of the company, during which solid experience has been developed, we can offer customers many advantages, including:

  • Competitive for the replacement of the iPhone X display and other works. Moderate cost has been achieved due to close cooperation with suppliers of quality spare parts. than 90% of the components are in the company’s warehouse. in most cases, recovery of equipment is carried out within a few hours;
  • You do not have to pay for the diagnosis even if you do not want to repair the device in our service center;
  • Powerful technical equipment that allows you to quickly diagnose and restore Apple’s products;
  • We offer a long.term guarantee to work and complete;
  • Convenient location of the workshop. it is convenient for us to get to public and personal transport;
  • Professional consultations of engineers. we will answer any questions that have arisen in the framework of cooperation.

Strips on the screen can appear at any smartphone, regardless of its cost. The case of the repair of the iPhone x is not something out of the ordinary. Sometimes the module refuses to function normally in cold weather, is often subject to falls, point shots. It is simple to eliminate the breakdown, the main thing is to choose the right service center where the iPhone 10 screen will be replaced by a new one, not inferior to an analogue with a long.term work guarantee for work!

Strips on the iPhone display

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What to do if stripes appear on the iPhone display (iPhone)? It turns out that such a breakdown does not mean that you need to buy a new smartphone. The main thing is not to postpone its elimination for later, but as soon as possible to attribute the smartphone to qualified specialists, because the longer it will be in non.working state, the more expensive the repair can cost. At the Apple-Sapphire service center, they will definitely help you. First of all, it is necessary to identify the cause of the breakdown. In most cases, to do this on your own, having no idea about the device of the gadget, because this will require special equipment.

Stripes on the iPhone display (iPhone). Main reasons:

  • In most cases, the stripes on the iPhone screen indicate that it is faulty and its replacement is required. Complete replacement allows you to quickly solve a variety of problems.
  • The display control chip is faulty and requires replacement.
  • Strips on the screen appeared after moisture got inside. The liquid negatively reflects the performance of the device, as it can cause corrosion. As a result, any part can fail. a train, a microcircuit, a printed circuit board, etc.D. The final answer can only after the masters perform a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Most often, the strips on the iPhone display (iPhone) appear after falling and other mechanical damage, when the breakdown is damaged by a train or components of the printed circuit board. Here, too, a complete diagnosis will be required, which will accurately identify the cause of the malfunction.
  • Sometimes a train can move from the power connector.

If the display burns blue, yellow or any other color, most often this means that you need to look for a failure in the software, and you have to do a firmware.

Vertical stripes on the iPhone display (iPhone)

Often our clients complain about the appearance of white vertical stripes on the display of a mobile device. They can occur due to the failure of the capacitors or controller of the display. As a result of the fall, the capacitors could disconnect from the board, and due to overheating the controller could break off the display module.

If your iPhone has a yellow.shaped strip, then this is most likely a glue with which the display and glass are glued together. If the strip or spot is barely noticeable, as if the tone of the image has changed. this problem is associated with the iPhone screen.

When blue stripes appeared on the smartphone screen, this signals the poor contact of the connector and the train. If the flickering stripes occur as a result of an interruption in the signal as soon as the master is replaced by the connector or corrects the train, they will disappear.

Basically, this problem arises on old smartphone models (for example, iPhone 3G). Most often it manifests itself after the display stepped or strongly crushed a finger.

They can be manifested due to problems with the screen or controller. If in addition to this, the touchscreen has stopped working, the master will have to check the display connector and the train.

What to do if you decide to deal with the stripes on the iPhone (iPhone) display yourself

Typically, the repair of a smartphone is a difficult operation and therefore if you do not have proper knowledge, it is extremely not recommended to deal with this process on your own. To repair your device, you can contact our workshop, in which qualified specialists work, ready to cope with any troubles in a compressed period. In our work, we always use components from the manufacturer at affordable prices.

How to remove stripes on the iPhone screen: reasons and their solutions

For this you need a PC/laptop with the ITUNESB cable.

Advice! Use only the original USB cable. Otherwise, the cables of third.party iTunes simply do not recognize and does not see the iPhone. As a result, it will constantly give errors.

For flashing step by step, we perform the following actions:

  • Install or update iTunes to the latest version;
  • Connect the iPhone via usb cable;
  • Choose in iTunes connected iPhone and wait until the program uploads the last and the latest software;
  • We carry out a compulsory restart iPhone. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold and hold several buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Different generations of iPhone buttons are located differently due to the design.

For example, for the iPhone C Face ID, this is the “volume reduction” buttons »Side button” as shown in the image on the left.

Recall that the iPhone with Face ID includes such models: X, XS, 11, 12, 13 generations.

Next, we just follow the instructions of the iTunes program in the opening window.

If the stripes appear after the moisture fell under the display, we wipe the device dry and try to dry the iPhone without heating devices.

But if you soaked the iPhone-renew in the service center too much. Since moisture enters corrosion and oxidation of microcircuits.

In what cases do not try to reflash the iPhone

IPhone should not be called if the stripes on the screen appear due to:

In addition, do not counter the iPhone if:

In the above cases, these “symptoms” indicate that: the train came off, the screen controller was damaged, microcircuits were oxidized due to moisture and others.