How to clean your iPhone 7 speakers

The iPhone 7 has two speakers. One is located at the top, the auditory, next to the front camera and at the bottom, to the right and left of the Lightning connector. It is the bottom speaker that provides stereo sound. And warning the question, how many speakers are in the iPhone 7? We answer: two, above and below. Depending on the detected defect, cleaning is required for the lower or upper element. If you have trouble hearing, the top speaker is most likely clogged. If you are hard to hear. lower.

Clogged speakers manifest as decreased audibility, uncharacteristic noise and crackling.

Iphone 7 Speaker Not Working Solution 2020

If the smartphone has not come into contact with liquid, you can clean the iPhone speaker yourself. But in order for the cleaning to be of high quality, we still recommend contacting the service center, since often superficial cleaning is not enough. over, if you rub with a brush on the outer grill, you can aggravate the situation, move the litter deeper under the body. Under no circumstances should the openings of the grill be cleaned with a toothpick or needle, as the mesh may be damaged. And in this case, instead of cleaning, get a replacement module.

To properly clean the speaker on the iPhone 7 from dust, you need special tools for disassembling the case, a hard brush.

  • Turn off the smartphone, remove the SIM card.
  • Then unscrew the two screws on either side of the Lightning.
  • We warm up the screen and with the help of pre-prepared tools, we disconnect the display from the case.
  • Disconnect the battery cable after removing the protective plate.
  • The hearing speaker is located on the display element. To start cleaning, you need to remove it. To do this, unscrew the protective bar into parts with the battery and disconnect the cables.
  • After the two parts of the smartphone are no longer connected, you can proceed to dismantle the module itself. To do this, unscrew 3 screws.
  • Now we carefully remove the speaker and clean it with any convenient object. It is important not to act carefully and not very intensely, so as not to damage the mesh.
  • The earpiece speaker is located at the bottom of the case with the battery. It is somewhat more difficult to extract it than an auditory one. You must first remove the Tapic Engino vibration motor. There is a Wi-Fi module in the immediate vicinity of the speaker.
  • After removing everything step by step, you can start cleaning the speaker itself.
  • Upon completion, the device should be assembled in reverse order.

It is not as easy to clean a module as it might seem. It is not recommended for a layman to do this.

When to clean your iPhone speakers

One of the most frequent types of visits to us begins with the words “it has become quieter”. The situation does not change even if you increase the volume of the iPhone earpiece. There are several reasons for this symptom:

  • reduced battery capacity;
  • contact with moisture;
  • pollution;
  • hearing loss in the user.

Most often, a violation of the hygiene of operation leads to a blockage, when the smartphone is carried without a cover, just in a

  • If the user is working in a dusty environment, the speaker will need to be cleaned more often than usual.
  • High room humidity also leads to rapid clogging, particles of debris and dust settle on the element grill.

To prevent contamination of the device, we recommend using the Airpods wireless headphones. To receive a call, you do not need to reach the phone, just touch the earpiece. The less we contact the phone, the cleaner it is.

How to clean the speakers on the IPhone 7

Experts say that the smartphone is the dirtiest device. In terms of the number of microbes, it can only compete with paper money. Despite the fact that, unlike money, the phone is constantly in contact with our face and hands. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you should regularly clean your gadget.

Where to clean your microphone on iPhone 7

We do not recommend cleaning your iPhone 7 speakers at home. In the event that after home service there are extraneous sounds, and the volume has not returned, we advise you to immediately contact AppleLab. It may well be that the problem is only in a poor-quality assembly. Or, the decrease in sound is due to other reasons, module malfunction or other breakdowns. The exact diagnosis can be announced only after the diagnosis, which, by the way, is free with us.

Speaker malfunctioning “iPhone 5 S

Typically, device users complain about the following crashes:

  • The speaker does not work in the “iPhone”. The speaker of the device produces almost no sounds.
  • In “iPhone 5 S” the sound level has dropped noticeably without any prerequisites for this.
  • The speaker on the “iPhone” is not working well. At the time of a communication session, noise often appears, there is a characteristic hiss at high frequencies.

Even if the above problems are rare, they should not be ignored.

We eliminate the malfunction on our own

In case you cannot hear the other person or he is talking very quietly, start by checking the equalizer options. First of all, adjust the volume at the time of the call, making sure the indicator is visible on the screen. Later, make sure that no third-party devices are connected to the phone jacks. Also try to unplug and insert the headphone plug several times. Turn off Bluetooth.

To eliminate the likelihood of a software problem, you need to remove fresh, recently delivered software, and also reset all settings.

  • press the Home and Power keys together;
  • hold them for 10-15 seconds;
  • wait for the device to reboot.

If the speaker still does not function (spoken or lower), you need to restore the saved copy of the system using “iTunes”. Remember to keep your iOS up to date with the latest version. The usual cleaning of hearing, as well as polyphonic speakers from dust that has gotten to it often helps. Before the procedure, remove the cover, films from the back, front panels. To clean, use a soft-bristled brush, slightly moistened with alcohol or soaked in refined gasoline.

If you suspect a factory defect, take your iPhone to a specialized service center or to your direct Apple dealer. If the device is under warranty, the speaker will be replaced free of charge. Please note: if you install unlicensed software and careless handling of the device, the warranty conditions are considered violated. Contacting the service center. not the only way out of the situation. If you dropped or flooded your phone and ruined the speaker, you can not waste time on trips, but call an experienced craftsman at home.

Calling a specialist at home

If you have problems with the microphone (located in the lower left part), speaker (upper, spoken), better save time, effort and find a technician who can come to you and fix the breakdown. As a rule, the service centers provide a “home visit” service. Specialists will go to the address as soon as possible. Typically, calling the wizard is associated with the following problems:

  • the speaker does not work well. it became impossible to hear the interlocutor at the time of the conversation after water or an automatic defect;
  • rattling sound (during a conversation through the speakerphone);
  • there is no sound at all.

What is the essence of the malfunction

Difficulties with the sound of spoken (high) and low (multi-voice) speakers are quite common.

  • moisture penetration due to the phone falling into the snow or being flooded with liquid;
  • mechanical actions (impacts, falls on a hard surface), causing various damage to internal elements (loop, “ear sensor”, as well as a microphone, front camera, etc.);
  • dust, small debris into the speaker or into the headphone jack;
  • interruptions in the work of the software (especially if you install “left” programs on the telephone set);
  • speaker volume is not adjusted;
  • manufacturing defects.

Difficulties can be detected in different ways: it is hard to hear when the interlocutor is talking, rattles, wheezes or the speaker does not work at all.

speaker, working, iphone

Speaker does not work in “iPhone

If the speaker on your iPhone suddenly does not work, it wheezes or rattles during a conversation, it is not necessary to instantly go to the service center. First you need to try to find the cause of the problem yourself and fix the damage at home.

Despite the fact that the entire Apple line is famous for its high quality and long service life, difficulties still arise from time to time. None, including extremely reliable, equipment is immune from various failures.

Benefits of calling a specialist at home

  • will quickly arrive in any area;
  • work seven days a week;
  • use only high-quality factory parts;
  • repair faults in almost any model.

Employees of specialized service centers guarantee the quality of cleaning, soldering, installation of the latest components. If the speaker in the “iPhone” does not work (for example, it broke due to mechanical damage), the master will bring spare parts to the device and quickly replace the failed element.

Thus, you learned how to fix the problem associated with the inoperative state of the speaker of your “iPhone”, both on your own at home and with the help of specialists.

The third reason why the speaker on the iPhone does not work is the Bluetooth function is turned on

Apple smartphones can route audio to a Bluetooth accessory then the speakers will not work.

What to do? Just go to the settings and turn off Bluetooth. if the sound appears, then you can turn off this function.

How To FIX iPhone Speaker Problems & NO SOUND ��[SOLVED!] [UPDATE!]

If it doesn’t appear, then it’s not something else, such as software. Then just do a factory reset.

How to do this here I will not, because here on the site there is already a ready-made instruction. here is the guide.

Cause of the fourth iPhone fell and the speakers do not work

If the phone is dropped into water, the speaker could easily be damaged. However, not only the speaker, but any element responsible for the sound.

The same can happen if you fell into the snow and lay there a little. the phone is warm, the snow melts water gets into the device.

Once my wife dropped it into the water (incidentally, I also dropped it into the water while fishing, but I got carried away), so not only the sound did not work or it didn’t turn on, but the phone didn’t even fit for repair.

If someone, after a fall, flooded the iPhone with water, then the sooner you need to remove the battery (the smartphone partially works even when it is turned off) in order to avoid short circuits on the board.

The reason the fifth speaker in the iphone is working poorly or quietly

Very often, the sound quality in a smartphone is poor. Wheezing usually occurs after a fall. the membrane is damaged.

What to do? Just change the speaker. they cannot be repaired, and they are not expensive (the better the quality, the more expensive).

The speaker works quietly when dust accumulates in it or liquid is especially sweet.

What to do? Cleaning usually solves the issue. If there is dust, it can be blown out with a can of compressed air.

Also, the sound can become quieter when the resistance on the audio coil falls (sat down like a battery), then only change to a new one.

The first reason why the speakers on the iPhone do not work. it is simply turned off

Apple devices have an almost invisible button on the case and you can accidentally hook it. it mutes the sound (see the picture above).

What to do? Just move the button to a different position (so that the red or yellow stripe does not appear on the side) and see what happens.

Also, the sound can be turned off through the settings. the built-in do not disturb function is launched (on Android there is also one).

Then you will not hear if someone calls you. This is a crescent-shaped icon. make it inactive (grayed out).

6 proven recommendations if the speaker on the iphone does not work

In iphone 6, iphone 5s, iphone 5, iphone 6s, iphone se, iphone 4s, iphone 4, iphone 7 plus, iphone x, iphone 7, iphone 2g, iphone 8, like others, there are 2 speakers: upper and lower and sometimes it happens that 1 speaker does not work, and the second works.

over, if one ear (auditory) speaker does not work, that is, the spoken one, and the speakerphone or external (headphones) can work.

There are several reasons and most can usually be eliminated on their own without visiting specialized places.

If both speakers stop working at once, the situation becomes more complicated, but it often gives in to an independent solution.

It also happens that the speaker works quietly or poorly during a conversation, for example, wheezes. we will also consider this situation below.

Sometimes you even need to get inside the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone se, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 plus and so on, but I hope this future will bypass you.

NOTE: Believe it or not, there is an application that can actually restore the speakers on the iPhone. this is it. Recommend to try.

Other reasons why the speaker does not work on the iPhone

If the speaker does not work well, you can take your time with the repair, because you can still talk in some way, but when it does not work at all, then the reason may be hardware. a breakdown of the loop or the element of the motherboard responsible for audio.

Alternatively, try headphones, very often they work, and when you have free time, you can contact the service.

There is a nice moment for you here. the loop or speaker changes very quickly. about 20.30 min.

So you won’t be without communication for a long time, although a lot depends on the service point itself. make sure that the service is good there, otherwise you will wait a week for the employee to find a suitable required component.

The second reason why the speakers on the iphone do not work is the headphone jack

If you often use headphones, then the connector is very often damaged, while the smartphone writes headphones are connected (it may not write).

What to do. For a short time, it can solve the problem if you insert and pull out the headphone cable from the device several times.

You can also pick a match in the connector, but if you continue to use the headphones, you will soon have to replace the connector.

This is not only a problem with smartphones, but it also happens so often on TV. In the connector, the metal plate simply does not return to its original position and the device behaves as if headphones are connected.

Speaker does not work in iphone. summarize

Summing up, we can say the following. The smartphone has a top and bottom speaker. Anyone can get damaged. The main reasons include:

  • pouring a smartphone (snow, rain, tea, beer, coffee, juice, water);
  • mechanical damage (falls: fell, dropped);
  • dust, small debris, connector
  • software failure;
  • the volume is turned off;
  • manufacturing defects.

If there is a suspicion of a factory defect, then immediately bring the Apple service, just make sure that there is no non-licensed software in the iPhone. if there is a repair under warranty, you will not get it.

Also, the warranty is canceled if the device is dropped, flooded or damaged. then you can contact any service. not necessarily Apple. Success.

Clean the iphone 7 speakers by disassembling

Dirt, dust, water and iron filings are attracted by a magnet, as well as mechanical damage.

All this affects the iPhone 7. After all, a speaker is not only a telephone receiver, where we hear our interlocutor.

It is also multimedia and speakerphone. A similar situation applies to microphones installed in the iPhone. In the latest models, it can be three or even four microphones.

If the sound is still low despite the highest volume, make sure the speaker grill is clean.

To do this, the easiest way is to take a cosmetic stick (for example, for the ears), moisten it with alcohol, squeeze it well, make it wet, but not wet, and wipe the speaker surface.

Sometimes the speaker works, but the sound comes out like clicks. In this case, the membrane, which is made of very thin foil, is likely to be damaged.

In older models, the membrane is rather strongly affected by external conditions. metal filings were attracted by the speaker magnet, cutting and destroying the membrane film.

In iPhone 7, the earpiece is housed in a plastic case with an output channel, but despite this, it continues to wear out and be damaged. In case of sound quality problems, the speaker should be replaced with a new one.

There may also be another issue related to the lack of communication on the motherboard, which is achieved using the speaker flex tape, but also recording microphone sound in hands-free mode and video camera FaceTime.

Unfortunately, in this case, it is necessary to check the cause of the malfunction by trial and error, placing new elements and testing the device. If such a problem occurs, you should look forward to a replacement cable.

Only you are unlikely to dare to replace the train yourself. In the service, the time of such repairs should not exceed 30-60 minutes.

If it is necessary to replace the module together with the microphones, the repair time depends on the model. For iPhone 6S, including Plus models, the repair time should not exceed 30-60 minutes, but for models 7 and above, the repair time is about 2-3 hours.

Quiet speaker during calls on IPHONE 7

Very often, iPhone 7 users complain about the top earpiece. During a call, the caller / person who is calling us can be heard very quietly, despite setting the maximum volume using the side buttons.

The problem is often not with the loudspeaker but with replacing the top mesh from the loudspeaker.

It is recommended to clean the speaker mesh with a brush or compressed air at least once a month to avoid similar problems in the future.

It is very important to carry out all maintenance professionally and not damage the LCD during repair.

speaker, working, iphone

Contrary to its appearance, a lot of dirt can collect in the speaker. You cannot avoid this without stubs.

It happens that even the most efficient equipment fails. In the case of the iPhone 7, it sometimes gets damaged.

As a result, we do not hear the interlocutor in the telephone or voice communication. It also happens that other sounds are incomprehensible.

In this situation, you can try to diagnose and repair yourself.

Use a toothpick to clean the speaker in iphone 7

Toothpicks Are Helpful Tools In Dealing With Dirty iPhone Speakers.

Just like everything else, you have to be careful with them, ensuring that you don’t push too hard on the thin grate.

Use the tip of a toothpick to gently wipe the speaker by dragging any dirt around the edges where you can pick it.

You should be able to chunk off pieces of dirt, although if this is difficult you can slightly dampen the tip of a toothpick.

Be careful not to chip the toothpick, creating even more clutter on your iPhone.

Use a toothpick to gently brush into the dirt. However, you must be extremely careful when wetting a toothpick, as the liquid can very easily end up behind bars and cause irreparable damage.

Clean the iphone 7 speakers with a toothbrush or tape

You can also use a soft bristled toothbrush for cleaning. The ports should be cleaned with light strokes. This should remove dust and dirt from the holes.

You can also roll up small pieces of tape so that the side with the glue is facing outward.

Then roll them in sequence to the speaker holes. The adhesive surface should wipe off all dirt and dust.

How to clean your iPhone 7 earpiece and earpiece by yourself. dust, dirt or water cage

The iPhone 7 debuted on September 16. Since then, various experts have subjected the smartphone to various extreme tortures.

It even turned out that, despite Apple’s promises, it is not waterproof, but despite many negative statements, the phone is on sale.

However, the latest messages, potentially unpleasant for Apple, could make the iPhone 7 unpopular.

It turns out that a fairly large group of iPhone 7 Plus users are complaining about the sound quality during phone calls.

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus users claim that the sound coming from the speaker is severely distorted. Decreasing the volume helps to cope with the problem, but this is a temporary solution.

Of course, not only does a lot of dirt accumulate in the ports of the iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus, but it can easily get into the ear or speaker (loudspeaker) speaker. In these places, dust and dirt collects, as a rule, from the s of our trousers.

Fortunately, the service is not required for you, and you can independently clean the iPhone 7 speakers from dust, dirt and even water at home.

Below are the different options for cleaning the front and bottom speaker, from simple to complex. Everyone can choose the best option for themselves.

ATTENTION: you will not believe, but there is an application that can clean the speaker. it applies the sound of a special frequency. Try it. here is the description.

Clean the speaker on iPhone 7 with compressed air

Phones attract dust much more than other objects. This is due to the electromagnetic field generated by the devices.

To get rid of dust and particles from the speaker, it is good to stock up on a can of compressed air and direct the nozzle horizontally to the holes.

How to protect your iphone 7 speaker from dust and dirt

Most of the available cases have a notch for the phone speaker, so they don’t affect the sound quality.

People who often carry smartphones in their s or keep them in dusty places can opt for a unique case.

Despite the fact that the speaker in the case is closed, the cover does not affect the quality of the music and information signals being played.

The extremely elegant Wood Cases are made from high quality woods and are available in a smooth and engraved version. Success.

Speaker not working on iPhone

If the speakers don’t work on iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, there are a few steps the user can take, to understand the reason for its malfunction.

For example, you can plug in and pull out the plug from the headphones. sometimes the phone freezes and “does not see” that the headphones are no longer connected to it.

You can also view which programs you have recently installed. sometimes they can cause a similar effect. To exclude their influence, simply delete them and restart your smartphone.

Check your sound settings, make sure the “Silent” switch is not turned on.

If these actions did not have an effect, contact the service center master. usually the problems with the speaker are solved in 15-20 minutes.

Why iPhone speaker doesn’t work

There are several reasons why the sound does not work on the iPhone. For example, the top ribbon cable or the audio connector may be damaged.

The speaker itself may also fail, then you will have to replace it with a new one. often, simple cleaning can help. This allows you to fix the bad sound situation.

Sometimes problems are caused by software problems. flashing the iPhone will help solve them. In any case, it is better to entrust the procedure for restoring the functioning of the device to specialists who can repair it literally in half an hour.

Call us and we will fix your gadget

Call us. we will fix your device on the same day. Our operators will help you choose a service center, the and location of which will suit you as much as possible.

We can also accept an application for the departure of the master, who will be on the spot in an hour and will make the necessary repairs. All service work is carried out with a subsequent guarantee, only high-quality, pre-tested parts are used.

How much does it cost to replace the speaker?

Device Price onsite Price in service centers

iPhone 11 4 290 rbl. 4 290 rbl.
iPhone 11 Pro 4 690 rub. 4 690 rub.
iPhone 11 Pro Max 4 590 rub. 4 590 rub.
iPhone 12 Price on request Price on request
iPhone 12 mini Price on request Price on request
iPhone 12 Pro Price on request Price on request
iPhone 12 Pro Max Price on request Price on request
iPhone 4 990 rbl. 990 rbl.
iPhone 4s 990 rbl. 990 rbl.
iPhone 5 1 090 rub. 1 090 rub.
iPhone 5c 1 090 rub. 1 090 rub.
iPhone 5s 1 090 rub. 1 090 rub.
iPhone 6 1.490 rbl. 1.490 rbl.
iPhone 6 Plus RUB 1,590. RUB 1,590.
iPhone 6s 1 690 rub. 1 690 rub.
iPhone 6s Plus 1 790 rub. 1 790 rub.
iPhone 7 RUB 2,490. RUB 2,490.
iPhone 7 Plus RUB 2,490. RUB 2,490.
iPhone 8 2 590 rub. 2 590 rub.
iPhone 8 Plus 2 590 rub. 2 590 rub.
iPhone SE RUB 1,590. RUB 1,590.
iPhone SE 2 Price on request Price on request
iPhone X 3 290 rbl. 3 290 rbl.
iPhone XR RUB 2,990. RUB 2,990.
iPhone XS 3 290 rbl. 3 290 rbl.
iPhone XS Max 3 490 rbl. 3 490 rbl.

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St. Petersburg, st. Professor Katchalov, house 11, letter A, floor 7, room. 20.

to improve the quality of service, your conversation can be recorded

repair time may vary depending on the model of the device and the complexity of the work carried out

Speaker stopped working on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

If your iPhone speaker does not work. it is completely broken or wheezes and rattles during a call. you don’t have to go to the service center right away. First you need to try to find the cause of the problem yourself and fix the malfunction at home.

What could be the reason for the breakdown

Sound problems with spoken (high) and low (polyphonic) speakers are fairly common. The main causes of malfunctions:

  • ingress of moisture due to the fall of the smartphone in the snow or flooding with liquid (tea, coffee, juice, water)
  • mechanical impact (shock, falling on a hard surface) causing damage to internal parts (loop, “ear sensor”, microphone, front camera, etc.)
  • dust and debris on the speaker or headphone jack
  • software malfunctions (especially if you install “left” programs on your phone)
  • volume is poorly adjusted
  • manufacturing defects

Problems can manifest themselves in different ways: it is hard to hear when the interlocutor speaks, the iPhone speaker rattles and wheezes, or stops working altogether.

We fix the malfunction on our own

If you stop hearing the other person or he speaks very softly, start by checking the equalizer settings. First, adjust the volume during a call, making sure the indicator is displayed on the screen. Then make sure that no other devices are connected to the phone jacks. Insert and remove the headphone plug several times. Disable Bluetooth function.

To rule out the possibility of a software problem, you should uninstall new, recently installed software and reset all settings. Algorithm for hard rebooting the device:

  • press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time
  • hold for 10-15 seconds
  • wait for the gadget to restart

If iPhone speaker still does not work (spoken or downstream), restore your system backed up using iTunes. Remember to update iOS to the latest version regularly.

Simple cleaning of hearing and polyphonic speakers from dust often helps. Before performing the procedure, remove the cover and film from the back and front panels, then use a soft-bristled brush slightly moistened with alcohol or refined gasoline.

If you suspect a factory defect, immediately take your iPhone to an authorized service center or Apple dealer. they should change the internal parts of your model free of charge. Remember. when installing unlicensed software and careless handling, the warranty conditions are violated. Therefore, if you dropped or flooded your smartphone and damaged the speaker (hearing, voice), do not waste time traveling. It is much easier to call an experienced craftsman at home.

Where to go for help

If you’re having problems with your microphone (bottom left side) or speaker (top, spoken), save time and effort by finding a wizard on Yuda performers will find and fix the breakdown as soon as possible if you are faced with the following situations:

  • the speaker does not work well. it is worse to hear the interlocutor during a call after moisture or mechanical damage
  • rattling sound (when communicating through the voice speaker, when turning on the speakerphone)
  • the sound does not wheeze or tremble. it does not exist at all

Each YouDo performer has been working for many years, has extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing iPhones. Other benefits of performers:

  • leave within an hour to any area
  • provide services without days off and holidays
  • use only new and original spare parts (loops, ear sensors, upper and lower speakers, etc.)
  • repair any model, from 3 to 7

Private traders and companies registered on YouDo guarantee the quality of cleaning, soldering and installation of new components. If the speaker on the iPhone does not work (for example, it broke due to mechanical impact), order the service through Yuda. the master will change the spare part within one hour.

The main causes of breakdown

If the speaker on your iPhone has become quiet, you should first examine the ear canal. If dust or dirt is found, it must be carefully cleaned. If cleaning the earpiece does not work, then other causes of the failure should be considered. The most common are the following:

  • mechanical damage. poor sound of the phone may be the result of a shock, falling
  • software crash. very quiet sound or no sound at all is often the result of a firmware failure
  • moisture penetration. after moisture gets inside the smartphone, the printed track, board or other components are damaged, as a result of which the user cannot hear the interlocutor

Before deciding to replace the earpiece or earpiece, diagnose your smartphone and follow the recommendations for self-fixing volume problems.

Speaker on iPhone is not working well

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

Some users of Apple smartphones are faced with the fact that the speaker on the iPhone does not work well. during a conversation the interlocutor is almost inaudible, a weak sound when listening to music or watching movies. Most often, the cause of the malfunction is the contamination of the protective membrane of the speaker and it can be eliminated by cleaning.

However, there are situations when the cause of poor sound during a conversation is damage to the internal components of the phone, and then cleaning the membrane mesh will not be enough to restore good audibility. To understand why an Apple smartphone has poor sound, you need to take a closer look at all the possible causes of the problem.

How to solve the problem with the volume of an Apple smartphone on your own?

If your iPhone speaker is not working well, you can try to fix the problem yourself. It is possible that the earpiece or earpiece itself is working and the reason for the weak ringing on the iPhone is simply eliminated. Follow these steps:

  • check the iPhone volume level. perhaps during a conversation you accidentally pressed the knob and the volume became lower
  • reboot the device. a small software glitch is eliminated by a forced reboot method
  • check the sound of the iPhone without a case. sometimes it is the protective case that dampens the sound during a conversation
  • use a headset. insert the headphones into the jack and pull them out sharply

If none of the above steps helped and the sound of the subwoofer or ring is still weak, call a professional wizard to diagnose the device. The problem may be due to a broken microphone, oxidized contacts, a kinked ribbon cable, or a malfunction of other components.

Professional smartphone repair

If the sound on the iPhone starts to drop and you are unable to solve the problem on your own, contact the experienced technicians registered on YouDo for help. Private technicians will replace the bottom speaker on any Apple device in a short time. The advantages of working with private craftsmen are as follows:

  • inexpensive iPhone repair of any model at home
  • replacement of broken components with original parts
  • departure at a convenient time for you
  • minimum cost of services

As soon as you notice that the sound of the phone has begun to drop and the call on the iPhone is almost inaudible, urgently call a specialist. The wizard will quickly determine why the sound is weak and, if necessary, replace the iPhone speaker with a guarantee for all work performed. Experts know perfectly well why the speaker on the iPhone does not work well, so they deal with the problem in a short time.

What to do if the microphone does not work on iPhone 7?

What to do if the microphone does not work on iPhone

  • Clean the microphone The microphone may be clogged with dust and dirt.
  • Disconnect Bluetooth accessories
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the microphone
  • Disable noise canceling
  • Grant microphone access to applications
  • Force restart your iPhone.
  • Reset all iPhone settings.
  • Update iPhone firmware.

Where are the speakers on the iPhone 11?

The dual speakers of the smartphone are located at the bottom of the bezel and in the cutout above the screen. In this case, the bottom speaker is much louder and clearer than the speaker in the bangs. Also on the underside is the Lightning connector.

What to do if speaker is not working on iPhone?

If the speaker on the iPhone does not work or there is no sound in the headphones, contact the PlanetiPhone service.

  • IPhone 4S charging connector replacement 30 minutes
  • Replacing the hearing speaker iPhone 430 minutes
  • IPhone 4 speaker replacement 15 minutes
  • Replacing the microphone 1190 rub.
  • Replacing the audio codec

Why is the microphone not working on iPhone?

The microphone could break due to moisture ingress. In this case, the iPhone must be disconnected from the power supply and turned off. Another cause of the problem could be a software glitch. Then you need to restore iPhone firmware.

How to increase the speaker volume on iPhone?

Go to Settings → Music → Equalizer and select the Late Night preset. The iPhone sound will then change and become louder. Depending on the smartphone model, this can be a gain of 5-10%.

What to do if the speaker does not work after water?

  • Leave the gadget on a windowsill in sunlight or near a battery.
  • Wrap tightly with a towel.
  • Place the phone in a jar of rice and let it lie down.
  • Dry with a hairdryer, but very carefully so as not to overheat the smartphone.

why is the iPhone speaker not working

Generally speaking, there are two prerequisites related to the iPhone speaker not working.

First, if the software is malfunctioning, your iPhone may not be sending the correct signals to the speaker. As a result, the speaker does not work at all. The good news is that most software issues can be fixed.

When it comes to hardware issues, that’s a different story. Your iPhone speaker is one of the more vulnerable components on an iPhone. If it is damaged, your iPhone speaker will not work completely. In this case, you will have to fix it in the Apple Store.

Way 1: make sure the iPhone isn’t quiet

The Mute button is located on the top or side of the iPhone. If you see orange color, it means that your iPhone is in Quiet Mode. Move it to the other side and adjust the volume using the Volume Up and Volume Down keys. Then your iPhone speaker should work fine. For the latest version of iOS 13, you will be able to find Quiet Mode On or Quiet Mode Off Screen Alert.

Way 5: restart your own iPhone

Resetting your iPhone options to factory settings means returning your iPhone to its factory state, which allows you to fix options and eliminate related tasks if the iPhone speaker is not working.

Go to Settings General Reset.

speaker, working, iphone

Select Erase Content and Settings, enter your own password and click the Erase iPhone option in the pop-up window.

Set up your own iPhone as a new device after restarting iPhone.

Note. This will erase your data and options on your iPhone, so it’s best for you to make a backup first.

Complete Management to Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working You Should Know About

If your iPhone speaker is not working, music may not play, there may be no incoming text message notifications, or even may not be able to use your iPhone speaker. What must be the problem? How to fix iPhone speaker not working? The article talks about the usual methods of solving this problem in 7. Just read the article and choose the one you want depending on the situation.

Symptoms of a Top Speaker Malfunction

  • Sound is not played during conversation
  • Noises, crackling, distortion of the voice when talking
  • You can hear me in the FaceTime app, but I can’t hear the other person.

Why does not it work?

All iPhone models are equipped with an earpiece and a polyphonic one for playing music and ringing. For example, if the sound does not work on the iPhone, you need to realize which of them has become unusable. There are many circumstances when a speaker on an iPhone breaks down, here are the most common ones:

  • Water got into the polyphonic or earpiece speaker
  • Mechanical damage to the phone
  • Overheating and the following peeling of the microcircuit responsible for encrypting the audio signal, it may be precisely because of this that you lost sound on the iPhone.
  • Falling iPhone from a great height onto a hard surface, as a result, again a discrepancy with the microcircuit.
  • Software errors of iOs, applications, or obvious system glitches

As a consequence of the speaker not working on the iphone 5, the sound on the iPhone is not working. But we need to clarify, since the phone has an upper and lower speaker, each is responsible for the reproduction of various sounds. To find out which of them has fallen into disrepair, especially if water gets into the phone, we carry out simple tests, by analogy with microphones.

What to do if iPhone speaker does not work properly?

Phones are gaining popularity every year, the newest models enter the market, electronics are becoming more advanced and multifunctional, but obstacles in the process of operation are inevitable. There are a lot of iPhone breakdown options, let’s try to figure out this sea of ​​chaos. In this article, we will give an answer to the question, what to do if the speaker on the iPhone does not work? We will find the prerequisites for getting out of the standing speakers and list the options for eliminating the problem.

According to statistics, 25% of users are faced with this problem for us. With the release of the latest Apple models, the problem when the speaker does not work on a seemingly reliable device like a tank will only get worse.

Increase the volume

If this is your first time using a smartphone, then you probably don’t know yet that the volume buttons are on the end. Just press the top button, it is responsible for adding sound. This is the easiest option.

It should also be borne in mind that the volume for standard speakers and headphones is adjusted separately. Also, headphones can only be configured when connected to a device. If not, then you are adjusting the volume of the phone.

It often happens that the headphones have already been taken out of the phone, but it still shows that they are connected. Try cleaning the socket gently, this should fix the problem.

Headset jack problem

If the sound on the iPhone only works through the headphones, then there is a problem with the jack. Clean it up, look inside. Be sure to inspect for mechanical damage.

The main signs that there are problems with the mini jack (3.5) connector (headphones with the following parameters must be disconnected):

  • the phone does not record sound through the voice recorder;
  • your interlocutors cannot hear you in speakerphone mode;
  • by pressing the volume button, you do not adjust the volume of the call, but the volume in the headphones;
  • music does not play through the main speakers, but when headphones are connected, everything is in order;
  • the headphones broke and the plug remained in the jack. This happens, of course, rarely, but it does happen. If the plug remains inside, then the iPhone thinks that no one has disconnected the headphones, that they are working.

If you have the above listed problems, we advise you to carry your smartphone for repair. Do not try to do anything yourself, Apple’s equipment is very delicate, it needs only professional repair.

Mechanical deformation

In case of mechanical damage to the phone, there is a high probability that either the speakers or the sound control microcircuits will fail. In both the first and second cases, it is better not to try to solve the problem on your own, since you most likely will not be able to disassemble the iPhone correctly the first time. Damage something, and repairs will cost several times more.

What to do if sound doesn’t work on iPhone

If you are a happy owner of an iPhone, you probably noticed that you use its functions every day. Now imagine for a second that your iPhone sound is not working. Unpleasant and uncomfortable, not right?

Such a misfortune can happen for a variety of reasons. It is the reasons for the loss of sound and their solutions that we will consider today.

By the way, the sound can disappear both in the phone itself and in the headphones. The problems are inherently similar, but at the same time, from the technical point of view, they are completely different.

Sound control IC

Inside the iPhone, there are only two microcircuits that are responsible for sound. It:

  • audio codec;
  • sound control chip.

They can be damaged both when water gets inside the case, and when subjected to strong impact. In case of damage, you only need to replace it, there are no other solutions. By the way, if the above microcircuits do not work, then the sound when you call will work on.

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