Sony SRS-XB30

Pluses: The sound is good, I recommend

Disadvantages: Charging via power supply

Pluses: Good sound and body materials

Disadvantages: The speaker wheezed after 13 months. 1 year warranty.

Commentary: In connection with that. that after 13 months the speaker wheezed, a paid repair is required. The service center announced the cost of repairs almost at the cost of a new speaker. As a conclusion, poor product quality for the Sony brand. Before that I trusted a lot. I bought a large number of equipment from this manufacturer. Manufactured in China and the trademark plaque, that’s all. You can find an alternative with the same quality and parameters. Why buy a famous brand if they don’t care about quality.

Pluses: sound, bass! I have been using it for 2 years

Disadvantages: everyone is happy if you turn off the backlight!)

Pluses: Bass norms. There are no tall ones from the word at all. There are some kind of middle smeared.

Disadvantages: I charge for more than a day. the orange indicator is on. I turn on the column. turns off as you are discharged. Charging again. the same story. This glitch is already half a year.

Advantages: Sony, as usual, makes high-quality audio equipment and this speaker is no exception. It connects quickly and easily, and even faster with NFC. The ability to connect several devices in parallel is useful if there are several people in the company who want to put their own music. You can turn the backlight on and off. And it’s also very cool that you can charge your phone via USB from the same speaker! In general, I am very pleased with the purchase!

Disadvantages: Perhaps the only drawback here will be charging. A large power supply and a round socket, when all competitors have either Micro USB or Type C. A strange solution, but in the style of Sony

Disadvantages: Separate charging block

Comment: JetAudio plus, ldac, flac

Pluses: I liked absolutely everything!

Commentary: I expected such quality for such money. Works every day for over 3 years.

Pluses: Sound for such pennies. bomb. The bass is natural, and not “wheezing” like some JBLs. Battery. if not at full volume. pulls for a long time. Nice tactile. Lights and extra bass can be turned off for background or classical music.

Commentary: I often go on business trips. I don’t know what I would do without her. Connecting via Bluetooth pleases. If you have Windows 10. will connect to the laptop as well. Films look perfect. Holds up to 6-7 meters easily. It is also how POWERBANK works! On the train, there are not sockets everywhere in the compartment. I wish I took the XB40. I think the sound is even better there. Sound quality varies by location. Place it higher and on a hard surface, and so that the back wall is farther away (refrigerator, ideally in the kitchen, the edge of furniture. In the room, outdoors. On a log, stump). and you will get great sound. (I mostly listen to HardHeavy)

Pluses: Compact yet powerful and loud. Sound quality for a portable device is quite good even at maximum power. Easy to connect. Cheerful backlight. Protection from dust and splashes. Playback time is quite acceptable: at maximum power with the backlight turned off, it can play for about 5 hours if the battery is swinging. assistant.

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Disadvantages: Weak strobe lights, which, in fact, are not really strobe lights.

Comment: I bought a phone to which this column was a gift. Only positive impressions. Where she did not work: at a construction site, in the dust, on the street in winter, in the forest in a light rain. The battery is strange here. If the speaker has been used for a long time at half strength or less, then with a full charge at maximum volume it lasts for about a couple of hours, but if you use it often at maximum volume or close to that, then it already starts to suffice for 5-6 hours of continuous playing music at maximum volume, of course without backlighting. She bathed in a local pond, fell a couple of times on concrete, but continues to play.

Disadvantages: I came here only to write disadvantages, they are certainly not significant, but you should know. I own a column for more than a year, I use it for outdoor activities I really don’t like the fact that the specific remaining volume of the battery is not clear, and also when charging the device, how much is needed until a full cycle, it strains all the time) well, I think that the volume of the battery could be made a little higher, because. it turns off already at 30%

Commentary: the approximate operating time at 25 degrees at a maximum of 4 hours (without backlight) at 15 is about 3 hours, highly dependent on temperature.

Sony SRS XB 30 Bluetooth Speaker

Advantages: The presence of the LDAC codec Backlight The ability to charge the phone Total speaker power 40 watts Extra Bass function

Disadvantages:.Croppy customization application.Very soiled case

Disadvantages: You cannot charge and listen to music when the battery is low. software volume limitation is turned on. Cannot be charged from USB.

Pluses: Holds charge well. Excellent sound quality. It doesn’t weigh much. Very easy to use.

Comment: A friend bought as a gift. The friend is completely satisfied with her. Several months of use have passed. The quality has not changed. It still holds a charge. Excellent value for money.

Disadvantages: 1. Sound. For a very long time, the sound was disgusting, especially with the sound buffer turned on. It took about two months before the diaphragm at the speakers took on an operating mode. A month later, the bass returned to normal. 2. Application. Glitchy enough. The connection is constantly lost and you need to reconnect by resetting the Bluetooth connection. This is especially true when playing media content via Bluetooth. 3. I don’t know how it will work when playing in a group with other speakers, but when you connect another device (not even active) to the line-in (Audio) input. Photo 1 and 2, no Bluetooth playback. That is, I connected, for example, an MP3 player through the line input, in order to listen to the radio, you can forget about playing from a smartphone. Want to listen to your smartphone. Disable the line-in. When several devices are connected via Bluetooth, there is no choice between them. 4. Fingerprints remain on the case. photo 4.5. Why did the power supply unit have a round connector? photo 5, and not micro-USB, so that you can recharge from any charging for a mobile phone. I do not understand. Think about this when you take your second PSU on your trip. By the way, the Sony SRS-XB31 has already corrected this flaw. Very small battery capacity.

Comment: I use it, I am satisfied, I try not to pay attention to the shortcomings.

Sony SRS-XB30 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Pluses: Nice appearance, good sound for a portable speaker, nice backlight.

Disadvantages: Don’t buy it! The biggest drawback. when the battery is charged below 30%, the volume drops to ten percent, and more can not be done. This option cannot be reconfigured anywhere. As a result, it turns out that the mobile speaker should always be on charge, and even in this case. if it is connected to the network, but not charged to 30%, it will play in such a way that in order to hear something you need to put your ear to the speaker. Thrown away money.

sony, xb30, connect

Advantages: Holds a charge for a long time with a good load.

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Commentary: Great sound quality, Loudness. very loud))). Build quality is perfect.

How did the advent of portable speakers make life easier for music lovers, why do you need this gadget and how to choose it? Dealing with Sony.

A portable speaker allows you to listen to music anywhere: in the park, while hiking in Kok-Zhailau or while doing sports. There are hundreds of such devices on the market, and the more you choose, the more chances you have to make a mistake. Often the choice is made based on looks or battery life, but we think these are not the main criteria. Choosing a speaker is no easier than choosing a speaker system. There are many technical characteristics to consider.

How To Pair Sony XB41 XB31 & XB21 To The Older Sony XB40 XB30 or Sony XB20

What are the portable speakers?

In an amicable way, the speaker can replace a home audio system. over, it has several advantages over its bulky counterparts: the wires do not dangle, the speaker can be placed anywhere, and sound control is available from anywhere within the network’s range. over, the stylish speaker will become an interior decoration. And most importantly, you can take it with you on vacation at any time to continue enjoying the music. For example, the Sony SRS-XB30 model is made of polycarbonate with a rubberized coating and protection against moisture according to the IPX5 standard.

Who needs a portable speaker?

Not everyone can afford a sophisticated speaker system, but the sound of a computer or smartphone is often lacking. A compromise solution. portable speaker.

The ancestors of modern portable speakers were portable tape recorders with built-in speakers (remember those huge things?). Since then, at least thirty years have passed, but the purpose of the technology has remained the same: portable acoustics allows the owner and his environment to listen to music where they want, and as loudly as they please.

As for the sound, modern speakers are also far ahead. They are capable of reproducing bass, adequately displaying the acoustic-frequency picture with all dynamic nuances. Of course, they still have to grow to full sound, but at the current stage, portable speakers are showing tremendous progress.

Okay. And the sound reproduction technology in all speakers is the same?

Not. From the point of view of technology, columns are divided into three types:

  • Mono speaker. There is only one speaker, sometimes quite loud, but don’t expect surround sound.
  • Stereo speaker. Two or more speakers sound much more interesting than one, but only with sufficient volume and correct positioning relative to the listener.
  • Systems 2.1. There is also a subwoofer, so high-quality rock is worth listening to on such models, however, they are not very compact.

Review of Bluetooth-speakers Sony SRS-XB30: king of the parties

In the family of Bluetooth speakers from Sony, there are several options that differ in size and acoustic performance. The largest of them is participating in our review. the SRS-XB30 model. In addition to the separate ability to dramatically increase the bass, the speakers have customizable lighting, which is installed around the speaker grill.

The SRS-XB30 wireless speaker is housed in a plastic case with rubberized inserts on the sides. All control buttons are located on the top edge. These include managing tracks, power and linking other speakers in the series in an acoustic tandem. With a separate button, you can activate the “Extra bass” function, which turns the column into a bass cube. The same button can completely turn off the backlight. Indicator lights complement Power, Bass and Wireless buttons.

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Traditionally, the speaker is very versatile in terms of connectivity. In addition to Bluetooth 4.2, you can use an audio cable, the input for which is under the cover on the back. For faster wireless communication with a sound source, you can use NFC. There, under the hatch protected from water ingress, there is a column reset button and a USB port for charging other devices. By the way, the entire body of the device is insulated from water and dust ingress IPX5.

The speaker supports Sony‘s proprietary LDAC transmission technology. It allows you to stream audio at speeds up to 990 kbps without loss of quality. Also provides better compression and playback efficiency than Bluetooth. To use it, the source must also be an LDAC-enabled device.

Again, we are faced with the fact that a portable speaker is charged only from a 220V power supply. It is not possible to use a power bank to recharge the charge. In this case, the battery charge should be enough, according to the manufacturer, for 24 hours of operation. But in fact, with backlight, the autonomy remains at the level of 12-14 hours. Which is also quite good.

You can make additional settings and choose the lighting animation using the proprietary Music Center application. It also provides options for operating the broadcast source, for example, using already selected or new equalizer parameters. All column settings are located under a separate section. Among them are the activation of the equalizer, the choice of the power mode and the Bluetooth codec. Here you can also configure 10 types of illumination animation. Among them, not only the choice of colors and type of ripple, but also the inclusion of two diode strobe lights located on the front.

The preparation level of the device and the assembly are at a high level and correspond to the brand. However, in our opinion, the price is too high, given the experience of comparison with competitors’ models. Lighting effects are good as an interesting decor.

The Sony SRS-XB30 speaker leaves positive emotions in terms of sound quality and richness. The good bass level, although it can be excessive at times, will definitely appeal to the public when used outdoors. For an open-air party, the amount of bass will be optimal. Outdoor use near a reservoir is even more possible, since there is protection from moisture.

sony, xb30, connect

Control using buttons is convenient, in general, like using an application on a mobile device. Excessive structuredness of the menu, however, may not please everyone. The presence of an alternative to analog audio connection is a plus for some situations, but the inability to recharge the speaker from an external battery is a significant omission.

Sony SRS-XB30 Winner

Can be used wirelessly.

SpecificationAltec Lansing SoundBladeSony SRS-XB30
Has built-in stereo speakers there is there is
The control panel is built into the device there is there is
Number of drivers 2 2
Can be used wirelessly. there is there is
Sound 517.28 cm? 1610.43162 cm?
Has a battery there is there is
Has aux input there is there is
Has wi-fi there is
Support bluetooth pairing using NFC there is there is
Height 61 mm 82 mm