How to choose a remote control for your Sony Bravia TV

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It’s hard to imagine modern life without television. Televisions have become an integral part of everyday human life. These devices act as a powerful information provider, as well as a way of entertainment while watching interesting movies, TV series and TV shows. Of course, such devices are equipped with everything necessary for control, however, remote control of devices is most often used. In practice, a Sony Bravia TV remote control is often used, as it is a widespread and popular brand. This device is universal, and in addition, it is equipped with a touch control with a touchpad. Such a device is multifunctional, however, it can also become unresponsive to commands. In such a situation, you will need to visually consider how to disassemble the remote control from a Sony Bravia TV, and in addition, eliminate the existing malfunctions if necessary.

There are several types of remotes for Sony Bravia TVs


Corresponding touch-sensitive remote controls were produced specially for these series of devices. Such equipment is much easier to configure in contrast to conventional push-button options, since all commands are displayed with a characteristic response on the display. Let’s take a closer look at how this equipment is configured:

  • first of all, it is necessary to make an appropriate reset of the settings present in the device to the factory value;
  • subsequently, the device is switched to the appropriate encoding search mode from the TV;
  • then the TV is turned on, after which the device is aimed at the module that emits a signal;
  • then the screen displays the relevant information regarding the device with which the pairing occurs;
  • upon completion, you only have to save all the relevant settings using a specific command.

It also provides not only automatic, but also manual adjustment. To do this, you have to select the appropriate manufacturer in the device, as well as a series of equipment. Further, all parameters are saved and the subsequent test application of commands.

Important! Immediately before the configuration, the parameters are reset, so that later there are no failures, and the new encoding is registered in the proper order.

How to disassemble the remote

In practice, remote controls may not respond to commands due to accumulation of dirt and dust. In such a situation, it is required to properly clean all the components of the device, while immediately before cleaning, the device is disassembled in accordance with the prescribed procedure. In practice, such a procedure is carried out as a regular maintenance, since touchscreen consoles differ significantly from traditional push-button versions and react to any contact or lack of contact. In this case, in order to disassemble the device before cleaning, the following sequence of steps will have to be performed:

  • You will first need to turn off the device so as not to disrupt its functionality and mode of operation.
  • Subsequently, the batteries used to power such a device are removed.
  • The next step is to carefully unscrew all the screws present on the rear panel that hold the structure.
  • After that, it is necessary to carefully detach the present protective back cover from the device.
  • Next, a sequential parsing of all the modules present is carried out, with the exception of the sensor unit.
  • You will also have to carefully disconnect all the keys present in the device and their contacts.
  • Subsequently, a full cleaning of the device is carried out using the necessary devices.
  • At the final stage, a sequential assembly of the device is performed, followed by a check of the device for operability.

Important! When parsing small elements, it is very important not to damage the contacts present on the circuits, since they are extremely sensitive to any mechanical stress from the outside.

On the phone

If necessary, all TV control can be performed directly from the smartphone. In order to carry out such a setting, it is necessary to install a special plug-in on the mobile device, which is freely available on the Internet. Next, a corresponding search for the available encoding is carried out, which is transmitted from the TV. In the case of manual configuration, you have to choose a specific model, and in addition a line of equipment, in order to then carry out the necessary control from a smartphone. Unlike remote controls, phones do not need a preliminary reset, but such gadgets do not provide full access to all functions.

How To Fix a Sony Remote Control That’s Not Working

How to choose a remote control for your Sony Bravia TV

In a situation where the original Bravia device does not work, and besides, the manual and instructions do not help to restore functioning, there is a need to choose a new device, or to contain the appropriate control on the phone. Let’s consider in more detail what is required to select the appropriate model:

  • First of all, you will need to look for a model that will be fully compatible directly with the present TV series.
  • You will need to take into account the available budget to purchase the appropriate remote.
  • It is important to take into account the manufacturer of the equipment, or use a universal device for control.
  • If the buttons on the remote do not work, then when replacing, you will need to take into account not only the TV model, but also the specific assembly with the series.
  • It is imperative to find the appropriate coding for the subsequent remote control of the device.
  • When choosing a suitable model, it is important to consider its functionality, as well as the keyboard layout present.

In this video, you will learn how to choose a remote control:

Important! In practice, in order not to face unpleasant consequences when working with the device, after switching on, you will need to wait a short period of time before subsequent commands, which will avoid a situation when the device does not turn on from the remote control due to errors present.


After the device is completely disassembled, a full-scale cleaning of the device will have to be performed. In such a situation, it is recommended to use components that do not contain moisture or other liquid. This will require the use of cotton swabs, as well as the usual alcoholic wet wipes. In practice, excess dust and accumulations of dirt are removed with cotton swabs, after which the individual element is gently wiped with a napkin. Subsequently, after all the elements are cleaned of the present dirt and dust, it is only necessary to completely dry the elements from moisture that got when wiping the devices with a damp cloth. Only after the complete drying of these elements is the subsequent collection of the entire structure, followed by testing for performance. All external elements, including the sensor, need to be cleaned routinely with napkins.

Information about codes is usually contained in the instructions

Of course, each remote control device has the necessary encoding to work with the TV when fully pairing the devices. In practice, manual or automatic input of values ​​is required to carry out the conversion. If all the necessary data is not registered in the device. You will need to find them first. As a rule, such data is contained in the following places:

  • In certain situations, such information is contained in the instructions that come with the equipment.
  • This data may be present in the user manual for your Sony Bravia TV model.
  • You can find the appropriate encoding on the official website of the manufacturer of such technical equipment.
  • Information is available in service centers where repairs and diagnostics of such electrical equipment are carried out.
  • You can also find everything you need in the public domain on the Internet, where on forums and certain sites, the data is present in clear text.

It should be understood that the coding for each individual device may be different or correspond to a specific line of electronic equipment.

Important! Today, television is in great demand, which is why televisions are used everywhere, but one should not forget that these devices always work in conjunction with additional components, which is why timely maintenance is carried out not only for televisions, but also for remote controls.

Logitech Harmony 350

Premium universal remote control model. Supports up to 8 devices at the same time as well as button programming.

Powered by two “little finger” batteries. The kit includes instructions for setting up and using.


Loss of signal

If the TV does not respond to the remote control when you turn it on / off, or when you switch sound or channels, the result comes after repeatedly pressing the remote control button, then the reason is the signal loss.

You can try to solve this problem yourself by simultaneously pressing the Program and Volume buttons on the TV case.

Experts can change the firmware of the device to a later version, and the TV will work properly.

One For Smart Control Motion

This model is a premium remote control capable of supporting up to 6 devices simultaneously. There is a built-in motion sensor.

ALL Sony Remote Controls FIXED! Power Button, Other Buttons, Ghosting, etc FIXED!

Powered by batteries, includes instructions for setting up and using.


TV remote

This application is compatible with over 200,000 TV devices. The program interface is simple and straightforward, which will make it easy and quick to understand the setup and management.

Provided to users of devices with the Android operating system version 4.4 and higher. An infrared port is required for the application to work properly.

The TV remote control application allows you to completely replace the standard remote control.

It has all the same functions, which allows you to use the application as a remote control not only temporarily, but also permanently.

As we have seen, there can be many reasons why the TV does not respond to the remote control.

First of all, you need to identify the reason in order to suggest a further course of action.

It is always worth checking the batteries and the performance of the LED on the remote.

Replacement with a universal remote control

Universal remote controls are becoming more and more commonplace in everyday life.

According to the principle of setting, universal remote controls are divided into 2 types:

  • programmable;
  • trained.

The universal remote control can be like a regular remote control in appearance, or it can be a key fob.

If everything is clear with the first, then the question arises about the second: what functions does it carry in itself??

The answer to the question is pretty simple: the most basic functions.

  • Turning the TV on / off
  • volume control
  • channel switching
  • AV mode
  • enable / disable silent mode.

Mechanical wear

The time factor can also be the reason. When the membrane of the remote control is worn out, the buttons will sink and stop responding to manipulations.

Also, the reason may be the wear of the control board. This part is just as important as the membrane. Therefore, if the reason lies in wear and tear, there is only one way out. to purchase a new remote control.

Factory reset

Sony Bravia runs on Android system. To perform a factory reset, press the Home button on the remote control. Select Settings, then Storage & Reset, Factory Data Restore, Erase Everything, and finally Yes. This process is called data reset and it erases all history and saved data and returns everything to default settings.

You can also perform a forced factory reset to remove all apps and all data from the TV’s memory related to you and your history. To do this, turn off the TV. Hold the “Power” and “Down” buttons at the same time and plug the power back in, holding the buttons for 30 seconds. When the green LED turns on, release the buttons. Wait for the TV to reboot several times and go through the reset cycle. The original welcome screen appears after the process is complete.


Your preferred settings and data will not be lost after restarting the TV.

Factory settings

If problem persists after reboot, please do a factory data reset.

Updates and troubleshooting

Outside of the reset process, your TV will require periodic updates. The Sony Bravia TV 2017 update was important for the launch. Failure to keep abreast of updates can lead to problems. Also, troubleshoot individual app issues before assuming the TV has a problem. In some cases, uninstalling and reinstalling the application responsible for freezing or other crashes fixes the problem.


Performing a factory reset will erase all TV data and settings (for example: Wi-Fi and wired network settings information.Google account and other login information, Google Play and other installed apps).

The Sony Bravia is relatively easy to reset with a shutdown or factory reset method in which the TV reverts to its original default settings. Resetting your Sony Bravia to defaults when you resell the TV or give it to someone else: A hard reset removes saved passwords and uninstalls apps and other add-ons. Power cycle is better for small fixes like freezing, slow operation due to too many applications open, or anything else that gets stuck on the system. If your Sony TV does not turn on properly or has a major problem, a factory reset may solve the problem from scratch.

Sony bravia TV factory reset

If you experience a problem such as no picture on the screen or the remote control does not work, follow the procedure below to reset your TV. If problems persist, follow the factory reset procedure below.
If an external USB device is connected to the TV, disconnect it from the TV before performing a factory reset.

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