Setting the menu in Russian in the Chinese fitness bracelet M4

The M4 fitness tracker, like the Xiaomi Mi Band device, is equipped with one button on the body. It serves several functions.

Power button on Samrt bracelet

With it, you can both set up a fitness bracelet and turn it on. After switching on, pressing the button switches to the bracelet menu items.

Sport Responsible for the sporting paths we can change.
Message Responsible for messages received on your smartphone. Using the appropriate settings in this section, you can read them directly on the bracelet in accordance with the instructions.
details This is an additional menu that contains tools such as camera, device search (paired), themes, and more. With the help of the camera, we can take pictures from a distance. Themes expand the possibilities of decorating the main bracelet menu. By default, the tracker has three.

Additional menu in M4

There is also a “Reset” item in the additional menu, which resets all of our manual settings. As well as a QR code, with its help we can download an application from the Play Market to establish a connection between the phone and the M4 fitness tracker. No need for a user manual, as all items are in Russian.

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Setting and features of Smart watch M4

When synchronized with a phone, the M4 bracelet receives basic data (including time). The phone (in the FitPro app) displays the bracelet data. To control the required data in the application, you must press the button “Start measurement”.

To work with other data (for example, set an alarm), you need to launch the application and select the appropriate option in it.

To switch between options on the fitness wristband, press the button under the screen and select the desired option by pressing the button above for a longer time.

As we said above, the M4 is just a cheap copy of the original Xiaom gadget. As a result, a number of functions in it are false (pulse, pressure measurement, etc.). Therefore, do not rely on its results.

How to charge

The models are divided into two types depending on the charging method. Capsule trackers, such as the Mi Band 4, are pulled out of the silicone strap, then the “tablet” must be inserted into a special cable that comes with the kit. The USB connector is connected to a standard power adapter, and then to a 220V network. Charging time is usually 2 hours and full capacity is sufficient for two weeks of use. The second type of pressure watch is shown in the figure below. The USB connector is located on one of the legs on which the strap fits. To charge, you need to remove the strap and insert the gadget into the USB adapter. The indication will be visible on the screen. The process is safe and incredibly simple!

Useful functions

The app on your phone greatly expands the capabilities of your M4 sports tracker. Not only can it help you with your daily activities, but it can also replace some electronic devices to measure your health. Open the app on your phone and go to the heart section.

This module can check your blood pressure, pulse and more.

Run the test on your smartphone and the results will appear on the screen.

The main condition for the withdrawal of a smart bracelet is the presence of a capsule on the wrist during testing. As an experience, you can move it to another area of ​​the body, such as the neck. The main menu is not all the functions of the bracelet. There is an additional section, which is called in the “Advanced” menu. Select it, press and hold the power button for a long time.

Other menu items will appear on the M4. The first item on the list is “Camera”.

By touching it, you can capture the image of the bracelet. That is, you can capture indicators. And also “Search”, which is a section for finding a device. In the “Theme” section you will find all the themes that can be installed on the Smart-bracelet, as well as on your smartphone.

Also in this version, as in the previous one, there are only 3. In additional entries you will find an entry for resetting the settings and a section for downloading an application for your mobile device.

How to connect the M4 fitness tracker to your phone

The M4 smart bracelet can only be connected to a mobile phone using a special program. If the fitness tracker menu is in Russian, then it is better to use the QR code, which can be found in the manual. Or find the code in the menu of the tracker itself.

  • Go to the bracelets menu. To do this, quickly press one single button once;
  • Find the item called “” and long press on it until the screen changes;

Other »item in the Smartwatch menu
Scroll through this menu and find “Download”. After selecting this item, find the QR code.

The FitPro app can be found manually in the Play Market or App Store.

But there is a chance that it has Chinese by default (hieroglyphs). And you will not be able to find an item in the menu that can be changed, unless, of course, you do not know the language. In order to download an application via a QR code, the mobile device must have an appropriate program that recognizes them. If not, search the Play Market and install it.

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Install FitPro app for M4 and give it all the permissions it needs to work.

  • Go to the Bluetooth section of your phone. To access it, you can select the technology icon and hold it in the context menu (by lowering the drop-down menu in Android or iPhone);
  • Press the button to search for devices in the Bluetooth range again;
  • Select the device with the M4 Smart wristband icon in the list of found devices;

Select Smart bracelet from the list of found bluetooth devices

  • To check that the pairing has already happened in the application, select “Find” from the main menu. Your fitness watch should vibrate when you do this.
  • You only need to pair your device with your phone once. After that, you can use it without pairing again. You do this when you remove the Smartband from the list of connected Bluetooth devices. Or reset your smartphone to factory settings.

    What the Chinese fitness tracker M4 can do

    The functionality of the M4 bracelet is outlined below:

    • Date and time display;
    • Stopwatch;
    • Wake up;
    • It gives out the number of steps taken and the distance traveled;
    • Calorie consumption monitoring (mathematical calculation);
    • Heart rate monitor (nominally, not actually activated);
    • Blood oxygen measurement (nominally, not working);
    • Sleep duration control;
    • Notification of messages and calls (social networks are listed in M4, but not supported);
    • Search by phone (signal the phone to find it).

    Some of the declared features are only on paper and not activated. This is due to the fact that such a cheap device could not contain all the sensors needed for use. Those who have disassembled the M4 bracelet can only find sensor dummies without declared functionality.

    Samsung Gear Fit

    The manufacturer of the Samsung Gear Fit line of fitness bracelets allows you to customize the time on the device without first downloading third-party applications. This requires:

    Xiaomi Haylou Youpin LS01 Smart Watch. как перевести на русский язык

    • Go to the “Settings” menu on the watch itself.
    • Click on the “Time and date” tab.
    • Set the date in the required format (usually DD.MM.YY).
    • Select the time format (usually 24 hours) and set the corresponding value for hours and minutes.
    • Confirm saving changes.

    How to set up your Smart Band watch

    Compatibility The smart bracelet supports the following mobile devices: iOS: OS must be iOS 7.0 or later, Bluetooth 4.0; such as iPhone 4S, 5, iPod touch5, etc. Android: OC must be Android 4.3 or later, Bluetooth 4.0; such as Samsung S4, Note3, etc.

    Function icons Time: Calories: Mobility alert: Bluetooth: Steps: Alarm: Call alert: Autocamera: Distance: Sleep monitoring: SMS alert: Bluetooth broadcast:

    Charge Charge the bracelet for 30 minutes before using. Pull out the host as shown in the picture. Plug the host into a 5V / 1A USB port for charging. The red indicator will stop flashing when the device is fully charged in 30 minutes.

    Install the App Enter the App Store or Google play store, download the Zeroner App and install it. Before using the Zeroner app, make sure your phone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or or 3G.

    Account setup Open the Zeroner app. Log in to your account if created or register a new one.

    Connection Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone. 1) Log into the Zeroner app, to the main page, click on the button in the upper left corner or swipe from left to right and click on Device Settings. 2) Double click on the button on the bracelet, a search icon will appear on it. Click the Search for device button in the application, select the device to be connected from the list that appears and wait 1-2 seconds. 3) On the Android device, a pop-up window will appear Request for connection, select confirm, the connection is established. 4) On the iOS device, a pop-up window Requesting a Bluetooth connection will appear, select connect, the connection is established. Note: If the pop-up window does not appear within 1 min. Repeat the previous step.

    Data Synchronization The bracelet will sync the data automatically after connecting to the phone via the Zeroner app, the time on the bracelet will be the same as on the phone. Synchronized data includes: steps, calories, distance. You can check the successful data sync in the app. The first time synchronization takes 1-2 minutes. Data synchronization can be done manually by clicking the Refresh button in the application.

    Sleep monitoring Turn on sleep mode: hold the button on the bracelet until two vibrations, the bracelet will go into sleep monitoring mode, an icon will appear. Exit from sleep mode: hold the button on the bracelet until two vibrations, the bracelet will exit the sleep monitoring mode, the time indication will appear on the bracelet again.

    Resetting the bracelet Hold the button on the bracelet up to 3 vibrations, the screen will go out, the white indication will appear 1 time. the bracelet has been rebooted. Resetting will not erase the data being written.

    Find out more functions using the Zeroner app.

    FAQ 1. Q: The bracelet cannot wake up from sleep mode by pressing the O button: Please reset to wake up from sleep mode

    Q: After connecting to the app, data synchronization ended, but the time on the bracelet is not displayed correctly. A: Do a reset and sync again

    Q: After connecting with the application, the bracelet does not show the caller’s number. A: Android phone: After connecting the bracelet with the application, you need to allow Zeroner to see calls, SMS, contacts and leave the program running in the background. If your phone has security software, add the Zeroner app to trusted resources. iOS: If you have an iPhone, restart your phone and pair with the bracelet again. When connecting, wait for the “Bluetooth connection request” pop-up window and click connect, the number identification function on the bracelet should work.

    Q: The wristband shows the Bluetooth icon and is connected with the APP, but the APP cannot sync data. A: Basically, this can be caused by Bluetooth on the phone. Please close the APP first, then restart Bluetooth on your phone. If that doesn’t work, please restart your phone and try again.

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    Q: Why does the bracelet often lose connection with the phone? A: Check the security settings of the phone or programs if the Zeroner application is included in the trusted resources, if not, add it and try again.

    Q: Is the bracelet waterproof? A: The bracelet is only waterproof (IP55), please take off the bracelet in the shower or when swimming.

    New generation fitness bracelets are compact gadgets designed to measure the health and physical activity of their wearer. They measure the heart rate, count the number of steps taken, mark the time of deep sleep, and record the daily calorie expenditure.

    In addition, the manufacturer provides the ability to use a smart device as a clock or alarm clock. There are several ways to set the time on the fitness bracelet.

    The owner of the Smart device can use the factory options not only with the help of a smartphone paired with the device, but also by pressing the function buttons on the body of the gadget itself. Depending on the brand of your fitness watch, the way you set it up may differ. Knowledge of the methods of working with modern technology of this type will make it easier for the owner to use it in everyday life.

    A line of watches from Xiaomi (Mi Band 1, 2, 3)

    On a fitness bracelet of this company, you cannot set or change the clock without using a smartphone. The manufacturer has provided for the implementation of this option only using the Mi Fit application, available for download on all mobile platforms. To set the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band, you should:

    • Open preinstalled app.
    • Choose your bracelet in the list of devices paired with your smartphone.
    • Go to the “Profile” section.
    • Click on the “Display Settings” tab and select “Time Format”.
    • Having decided on the best option for displaying hours and minutes on the display of the Smart-bracelet, save the changes.

    Useful video

    How to set and change the time

    The time on the fitness tracker is set automatically by reading information from a paired smartphone. Most manufacturers of popular bracelets only provide for the possibility of manually selecting the time format (how the watch will be displayed on the gadget itself). Accordingly, in order to set the parameter in question on the new Smart-watch, you need to download the application required by the creators of the device, synchronize the devices and wait for the firmware update (optional). After completing these steps, the time on the bracelet will automatically be set.

    If it is necessary to change the preset parameter, the owners of “smart” bracelets need to correct the hours and minutes on their phone. After that, you should reconnect the tracker to your smartphone, wait for complete synchronization and, if necessary, update the software.

    Apple Watch

    The premium fitness bracelet from the Californian manufacturer is equipped with a full touch screen. This allows you not to install additional software on your smartphone, but to set the settings on the bracelet itself. To set or transfer an Apple watch, you should:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu by pressing the corresponding field on the display.
    • Select the “Time” tab.
    • Specify in the window that appears “0 minutes” for further saving the specified parameters, regardless of the original time zone.
    • Using the functional “wheel” on the body of the “Digital Crown” gadget, set the hours and minutes.
    • Select “Save”.

    Important! Apple Watch allows the user to move the time forward only, while periodically automatically synchronizing with the actual time zone of the person’s place of stay.

    Which smart trackers can set the clock and date without a phone

    You can set the time on the fitness bracelet using the app preinstalled on your smartphone, or without it. The vast majority of trackers, upon initial synchronization (via Bluetooth) with their owner’s phone, automatically read the time zone displayed on the display. If this does not happen, the manufacturers of “smart gadgets” recommend resorting to manual configuration.

    Without using a smartphone, it will be possible to set the clock and date only on premium models of fitness bracelets. Among them:

    • Fitbit Blaze;
    • Motorola Moto 360 Sport;
    • Microsoft Band 2;
    • Asus ZenWatch 3 (WI503Q) leather;
    • Withings Steel HR 40mm;
    • Garmin Vivoactive HR;
    • Garmin Fenix ​​3 Sapphire HR.
    smart, watch, xiaomi, setting

    If the specified parameters are incorrectly displayed on the Smartwatch display (the time on the bracelet does not match the time on the phone or the selected settings cannot be saved), you should check the gadget for a malfunction. This dysfunction can be caused by:

    • a factory defect (in such a case, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer’s service center as soon as possible, providing a check, a warranty card, the device itself and all components for it in the seller’s packaging);
    • “Pirated” firmware of the smartphone used, not intended for pairing with the official firmware of the “smart” bracelet (applies to phones running on Andro OS

    Important! The option to set the time on a fitness bracelet without using a preinstalled application can be available only if the gadget has a full touch screen or has more than 2 buttons on the body. Knowing this detail will help to visually determine whether the manufacturer provides for the manual configuration function of the device.

    How to change the date

    The easiest way for the user to change the date in the watch is to use the preinstalled application. During the first synchronization with the phone, the bracelet will “remember” the data displayed on the main gadget display and copy it to his screen (if the watch owner uses the option to display the date on the main panel of the Smart device). If you further need to make specific changes to the month, day or year, the user of the fitness bracelet should change the parameters in his phone, then reconnect the devices, update the watch firmware and wait until the complete synchronization of the gadgets is completed.

    Setting up the Mi Fit app

    After registration and authorization in the Mi Fit app, you will be prompted to enter some data:

    • Name.
    • Floor.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Growth.
    • Weight.
    • Goal (number of steps per day).

    Then you need to select Mi Band 2 from the list of devices, and go through the process of synchronizing the bracelet with a smartphone. To do this, the bracelet must be brought as close to the smartphone as possible and after it vibrates, press the button below the screen. That’s it, the bracelet is connected, and you can proceed to setting it up.

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    The application menu is divided into three tabs: Status, Activity and Profile. To check the success of connecting the bracelet, you need to go to the “Profile” tab. If the connection was successful, the bracelet name will be displayed in the “devices” section. Some settings are made in the same tab. Let’s go through them in more detail.

    How to control a smartphone camera?

    You also need a third-party app to control your smartphone camera. This is Free camera application for shooting and Mi Band 2/3 and Amazfit Selfie application for using the bracelet button as a camera shutter remote control.

    The Mi Band 2/3 and Amazfit Selfie app will ask for the tracker’s MAC address. We have already written above where to find it. After entering the address, click “Connect”. Now open the Free camera application and take a picture with the button on the bracelet.

    Setting up Xiaomi Mi Band 2

    Setting up the bracelet is very simple and does not take much time.

    Profile tab

    The purpose of the activity. Here you can change the number of steps you want to take in a day.

    Weight target. In this submenu you can set the target weight.

    Friends. It is possible to add friends or relatives to exchange information about activity and sleep.

    Activity alert. By activating this function, information about the activity during the day will be provided every day at a certain time.

    Wake up notifications. In the morning you will be shown information about your sleep state.

    Behavior labels. Some users are faced with a situation where the bracelet does not count the steps correctly. To eliminate this disadvantage, the pedometer needs to be calibrated. It is for these purposes that labels are intended. When performing an action, a certain mark is selected, and the bracelet understands, for example, that you are currently driving and there is no need to count steps. The bracelet will remember the movements during each lesson, and in the future it will count the steps as accurately as possible.

    Intelligent analysis. When activated, the app will provide personalized recommendations to improve your sleep quality.

    Help. This tab contains legal information related to the use of data obtained by the fitness tracker.

    Settings. Here you can select units of measurement and check for updates.

    Now let’s move on to the settings of the bracelet itself. To do this, in the same “Profile” tab, you need to click on the name of the bracelet. The following settings are available in the window that opens:

    Unlock the screen. This function allows you to configure the so-called “smart unlock”. That is, the smartphone will be unlocked when the fitness bracelet approaches it.

    Incoming call alerts. When this option is activated, the bracelet will vibrate with an incoming call. Also in this tab you can set the vibration delay for an incoming call.

    Alerts. In this tab, notifications from social networks are activated and applications are selected from which notifications will be displayed in the bracelet.

    Don’t mess around. A useful feature that, at set intervals, reminds you to take a walk.

    smart, watch, xiaomi, setting

    Notifications and goals. When this option is activated, the bracelet will vibrate as soon as you pass the planned number of steps.

    Do not disturb mode. This tab sets the time at which the bracelet will not vibrate.


    Search for a bracelet. When you click on this option, the bracelet will vibrate and you can find it, for example, under the sofa.

    Bracelet location. Here you need to choose the hand on which you will wear the device.

    Display settings. This tab selects the information displayed on the screen. For example, if you do not need calories, you can turn them off, and when you switch functions, they will not be displayed on the screen.

    Time format. You can choose from two options: just a clock or a clock with a day of the week and date.

    Activating the screen by lifting the wrist.

    Switching functions by turning your wrist.

    Track your heart rate while you sleep. With heart rate tracking turned on, you can get more accurate sleep data, but the battery will drain faster.

    At the very bottom of this tab there is a short instruction for Xiaomi Mi Band 2, its firmware version, Bluetooth address and a button for unlinking the bracelet from the smartphone.

    How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to Android smartphone or iPhone

    To fully use all the functions of the fitness bracelet, a connection to a smartphone or tablet is required. A gadget running Android 4.4 or iOS 7 and newer versions is suitable. The Mi Fit app is used for pairing and setting. As of today, the current version is Mi Fit 3.4.6. Windows smartphones will need another app such as Bind Mi Band.

    To register an account, you will need an email address, phone number, or an account on one of the social networks: Google or WeChat. The registration process is very simple, just follow the instructions and everything will work out.

    How to set the time on Mi Band 2?

    You cannot set the time on the fitness bracelet itself. After pairing with a smartphone, the time is automatically synchronized, and the time and date from the smartphone will be displayed on the tracker screen.

    How to control a smartphone camera?

    You also need a third-party app to control your smartphone camera. This is Free camera application for shooting and Mi Band 2/3 and Amazfit Selfie application for using the bracelet button as a camera shutter remote control.

    The Mi Band 2/3 and Amazfit Selfie app will ask for the tracker’s MAC address. We have already written above where to find it. After entering the address, click “Connect”. Now open the Free camera application and take a picture with the button on the bracelet.

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