What to do if the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi?

A fairly common problem on TVs of different manufacturers is that TV does not connect to Wi-Fi. Maybe he does not find a network at all, does not see a specific network, tries to connect, but to no avail. This problem may be accompanied by an error or do without it. The failure is spread due to the fact that there are quite a few settings that can interfere with the connection: from the most banal on the router to more complex, located in the TV system menu. We will deal with all problems in the order of quick leadership. Although we will not dwell in detail at each point, we will consider all the decisions.

smart, does, connect, wi-fi
  • incorrect DNS;
  • too loaded channel;
  • unsupported frequency of work;
  • lack of support for a specific encryption method;
  • The Internet is not fully configured or the wrong mode is selected;
  • installation of the MAC addresses;
  • poor signal quality;
  • problems with the setting of the Wi-Fi region;
  • damage to TV software;
  • A malfunction of the built-in Wi-Fi Module.

How to connect a modern Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi without cables

Owners of modern TV are interested in the question of how to connect a TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi without a wire. It is important to note that in the case of a wireless type of connection, sometimes interference is observed, which are absent when using a router connected by a cable method to the TV.

At the same time, when using a wireless connection, you do not have to stretch the wires, cluttering the indoor space.

Models with Smart TV with a built-in Wi-Fi module are often equipped with a RJ-45 connector, allowing you to connect a television receiver to the network using a wire. Any can be chosen as a provider. Rostelecom, house.RU, Beeline and others.

Before connecting the SMART TV to the Internet, you should check if there is a built-in module on the TV receiver, which allows you to install wireless joints.

If there is, then to enter the network you do not need additional devices. However, there are models that are not equipped with Wi-Fi, but supporting the connection of an external USB module.

In the second case, you will have to additionally purchase a Wi-Fi adapter. It is important to see its specification so that the device is compatible with the TV receiver model. If the TV does not have built-in Wi-Fay, but it is possible to connect through the LAN port, you can use two wireless circuits.

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The first option involves connecting it using a cable to the second router that supports the function of receiving a wireless signal. The second method is to connect with the LAN adapter.

This equipment is designed to obtain access to the Internet on Wi-Fui and the distribution of the cable. To set up such a TV-adapter, you will need to include it in the local network on PC. Then you can connect to the TV.

How to fix Internet Wi-Fi Connection Problems on LG Smart TV. 3 Solutions!

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi router, includes the following steps:

  • Clal on the remote control on the “Menu” key.
  • Then select the section “Network”, then. “Network settings”.
  • After that, switch to the item “Wireless (General)”.
  • A list of found networks will be displayed on the display. Here you need to specify your own and click on the “Next” button.
  • A window with a virtual keyboard will appear, with which you should write a password opening access to the network. To control the cursor, you can use the arrows on the remote control.

Or you can connect a computer mouse or keyboard on the wire to the TV. This will facilitate the process of entering data. After the following steps are performed, the connection must be established.

Connection of the Internet through Wi-Fi can also be implemented by WPS. This function allows you to set automatic connection settings between the router and the TV device without requiring password entry.

If it is supported by a router, then there is a designation “Wireless WPS”. In this case, it is necessary to select on the television receiver a item with a similar name and click on the same key on the router. It should be held for about 15 seconds. As a result, auto.assignment of the connection can be considered completed.

One Foot Connection is a function that provides the ability to connect Samsung brand to Wi-Fi to a router from the same manufacturer. It is enough for the owners of such devices to find this item in the menu and wait for automatic conjugation.

After completing the settings that provide access to the Internet, the user will need to go to the “menu” section. Then select “Support”, then. “Smart Hub”. This service allows you to find useful sources of information and widgets. It also contains a built.in browser that allows you to open sites and view videos.

Why can’t you connect to the Internet

The most common causes of problems:

  • Setting up network equipment was done incorrectly.
  • The TV itself is incorrectly configured.
  • The problem is not in technology, but the Internet provider.
  • Software failure.
  • Problems in the Smart Hub program settings.

How to eliminate problems

Each problem requires an individual approach, below is a list of the most common problems and ways to eliminate them.

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How to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Find Wifi Networks or Connect to Internet Wifi || Solved in Just 2 Min

  • The screen does not see the device. options for eliminating this malfunction: turn off the entire equipment, and then turn it on; Understand network settings and update.
  • Another Wi-Fi network-go to the network settings section, and specify the correct data.
  • DHCP problems. turn off the monitor, and then manually drive network settings.
  • A failure in the operation of the television panel. if there is a failure in the operation of the equipment, you must update the software.


Another factor due to which problems with the Internet may arise is interference from other devices. So that the adapter can “wypheat” without interference, it must be installed at as long as possible from possible sources of interference: air conditioning, microwave, telephone.

The location of the router

Any barrier can greatly weaken the signal from the router. Therefore, if the router is very far from the TV, the signal can reach the most level. Often, if the router is low.powerful or outdated morally, the signal is completely lost. Therefore, the TV stops finding Wi-Fi, even if the Internet is working. At best, the connection will end successfully, but the Wi-Fi signal will not be enough to watch even a video in low quality. The screen will have a constant loading icon with a periodic resumption of viewing for a few seconds.

It is recommended to install a router as close as possible to the technique. This is especially important if the apartment has a lot of Wi-Fi devices. Then you need to place it near the device that requires more Internet resources. And the TV is just such. Modern television receivers can play a video in 4K resolution, which is needed for high.speed stable Internet.

It happens that it is not possible to install a router near the TV. For example, the length of the cable is not enough, which was started when connecting the Internet to the apartment. Then you need to try to organize the arrangement of technology and router so that there is a direct visibility with uniform remoteness.

You can always strengthen the signal using a powerful router. There are models in the region of 2-3 thousand. rubles equipped with several antennas. expensive routers should be bought only for volumetric rooms with many units of equipment, for example, offices.


Radical, but in some cases, a fairly effective way to establish a connection of TV and Wi-Fi-marching. Before resetting the settings to factory, it will be useful to write the values ​​of the main parameters that are not related to the Internet connection.

On TVs from different manufacturers, the procedure is different:

  • “Samsung”: “Support”. “Self.diagnostics”. “Reset”.
  • LG: “Options”. “Extra options”. “General”. “Reset”.
  • “Panason”: “Settings”. “Optional menu”. “Factory installations”.

Important! When resetting settings for initial changes, not only network protocols, but also other parameters will affect: images, energy conservation, audio and other things.

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Determination of the built-in wi-fi

Before starting to search for a malfunction, you need to make sure that the TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi signal receiving function. To do this, just look into the instructions. If the user manual does not mention the built.in wireless network module, then you need to additionally purchase a special device with this function. It looks like an ordinary flash drive and is inserted, respectively, into a USB connector.

But in cases where the multimedia device supports a wireless data transfer technology, and the signal is still absent, the Wi-Fi module itself should be diagnosed. The algorithm of action includes the following stages:

  • It is possible to check with a device that supports Wi-Fi connection. Any smartphone is suitable. If the phone finds the network, then the module is working;
  • You can check the serviceability of the built-in Wi-Fi using the main menu of the device. In the window that opens, the section “Support” should be found, where you need to find a line with MAC addresses. The module does not work if there are dashes, zeros or other characters.

Android TV does not connect to Wi-Fi-the reasons and solution

The situation when when the device is turned on on Android, the user sees the inscription that the connection with the Internet is absent, occurs quite often. That is why many already know the causes and ways of solving. So most often this problem can be related to work on the side of the provider. Solutions if the Internet supplier does not have problems:

  • Reboot the router.
  • Checking all available compounds.
  • Checking all wires and cables for connecting to the outlet and integrity of the structure.
smart, does, connect, wi-fi

You also need to turn off and re-connect an Internet connection.

Useful tips

In addition to the already listed recommendations, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Is the password correctly entered from the access point;
  • whether the router works, how it is configured (even if the indicator burns green, the reboot will not harm);
  • Is there a radio module in the TV. If not or it is faulty, but there is no possibility of attributing equipment to the service, you can connect to the Internet with a wired method, using the LAN cable.

Reasons why the TV stopped catching Wi-Fi is a lot. Some of the problems are solved on their own, but sometimes you can not do without visiting the service center. In any case, it is better to check the equipment in stages, including network equipment for possible errors or incorrectly entered settings.