Instructions for setting up Samsung equipment

Decoding Samsung TV models

DVB-C receiver built into all models from 2009 (letter code B, C or D).

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Before tuning, you need to set the following parameters in the menu: Country. Slovakia or Slovenia, Auto search for digital and analogue channels, Source. Cable, Network.

General algorithms for tuning digital channels for various models of Samsung LCD TVs

Click on the entrance to the menu. (green button);

Choose in the menu. Channel (satellite dish icon);

Choose. Auto-tuning;

Select. Signal source. Cable;

Choose. Digital;

Click. Start.

Setting up takes about 5-10 minutes.

Setting up digital channels on Samsung TVs of 2010 and beyond

In order to tune digital TV channels for the overwhelming number of Samsung models, press the Menu button on the remote control, you will see the TV menu, in which you will need to select the Channel section (Satellite dish icon). The TV will ask for a pin-code, if you have not changed it, then enter 0000. To have the necessary DTV search parameters, make sure that the following settings are selected in the Channel. Country menu:

Make sure Cable is selected in the Channel. Antenna menu.

Open the menu Channel. Cable Search Options. Start frequency. 298000 KHz, End frequency. 362000 KHz, Baud rate. 6952 KS / s, Modulation. 256 QAM.

Open the Channel. Auto Tuning menu. Signal source. Cable, Channel type. Digital.

Choose the type of channels at your discretion, you can find only digital channels, or digital analog. Click Next.

How to get digital channels on Samsung tv | samsung tv channel scan antenna

Search Mode: Network.

Click the Search button. After the channel search is finished, press OK.

After an automatic search, you will find all existing digital channels on the cable network. But only those that are included in the packages of digital TV channels you have chosen will be shown. The rest of the channels are most conveniently deleted.

Sorting channels. Open the menu Channels. Channel Manager. Select the desired channel (or several, using the C (yellow) button on the remote control), press the Tools button on the remote control and select Delete.

After confirmation, the selected channel will be deleted.

To sort the channels, select the desired Channel. Channel Manager in the menu, press the C button, then the Tools button, the Sort menu and move it to the desired place in order.

Find the Smart Hub button on the remote, press and select the Channel icon. Next, you will see a list of channels, in the upper right corner, select Edit.

smart, samsung, digital, channels

How to determine the presence of a tuner

Without an additional set-top box, you can set up a TV with a built-in or external tuner to receive a DVB-T2 signal. The module easily decodes 20 basic channels, which are transferred to digital broadcasting.

You can check if there is such equipment in your TV model on the official Samsung website or in the passport for the TV. On the manufacturer’s resource, it is enough to find the column “technical characteristics”, go to the “Broadcasting system” or “Tuners”, enter the model data and see if there is a plus in the DVB-T2 column or not. If available, digital TV is available.

For reference. You can set up digital TV on Samsung TVs without a set-top box in most versions of QE,UE, HG, GO. Smart models receive signals over the Internet.

Channel tuning: automatic, manual

General scheme for searching TV programs for receivers:

  • On the console from the console, find the “Menu” button, most often it is the Sourc key
  • In the window that opens, press HDMI 1. digital broadcasting will go through it.
  • Find “Autosearch” and click start. The set-top box will automatically select the appropriate frequency and save TV programs.

The exact sequence of searching for TV channels depends on the selected model of the receiver or the cellular operator to which you connected to watch digital TV.

How to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV

Manual search: instruction

Here’s how to manually tune digital channels on a Samsung TV:

  • Go to the menu, choose a cable instead of an antenna.
  • Click in the item country. Eastern Europe.
  • If necessary, enter the pin code: 0000, 1111, 1234.
  • In the parameters, select the frequency limits from 298 to 362 thousand kHz.
  • Go to the settings and set the channel type to “digital”.
  • In the search mode, put “network” and press the search for available options.
  • Save found channels.

Unnecessary programs can be removed if necessary. To do this, just go to the “Broadcast” subsection and open the “Dispatcher” there. Removal goes through the “Tools” button.

How to find out the model and year of production of a TV

Setting up digital channels on Samsung begins with specifying the year of release and the TV model. This can be done in 2 ways: go to the TV menu or look at the label on the back panel.

  • Through the TV menu. Find the “Menu” button on the remote control. Select “Support”. Then, “contact Samsung.” A screen will open with the item “model code”.
  • On the device label. The information is written in the form of a code, where each letter has its own meaning, for example, UE32F6800. The information is decoded as follows:
  • UE. TV type: UE / LE. liquid crystal, PS / PE. plasma.
  • 32. diagonal, ranges from 19 to 105 inches.
  • F. year of manufacture, its classification: A. 2008, B. 09, C. 10, D. 11, ES / EH. 12, F / FH. 13, H / HU. 14, J / JU / JS. 15, K / KU / KS. 16, M / MU / Q / LS. 17, N / NU. 2018, S. premium variants of different years.
  • 6800. digital designation of TV modification.
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When the model is determined, check if it supports digital signal reception without a special attachment.

Samsung TV varieties

Samsung has been making home appliances since 1930. In 1998, the company introduced the world’s largest LCD TV, measuring 30 inches. Modern models can be divided into 3 options:

  • Models with built-in tuner for DVB-T digital reception
  • External device options.
  • TVs that do not support digital signal need a set-top box.

The digital channels themselves are broadcast via the Internet for Smart TV or via IPTV. Before setting up the equipment, you need to find out if the TV supports DVB-T2, and specify the year of manufacture and model.

What to do if the TV does not see channels when searching

Auto setup for digital TV on Samsung doesn’t always go smoothly. The reasons for failures may lie in the antenna, receiver, correct connection of the TV to the equipment. To eliminate and restart autosearch, you must:

  • Check if the receiver is connected to the TV correctly. If the connection is incorrect, the TV does not recognize the device and when you press HDMI 1, the information “no signal” will be displayed.
  • Reset receiver settings to factory settings. perform a complete reboot. To do this, go to the menu, find the item “Settings” and “Reset” or “Restore factory settings.” If a password is required, enter 0000, 1111 or 1234.
  • Try reconfiguring or reconnecting the antenna. You can purchase a signal booster that will provide a good connection. Consider the location of the house in relation to the tower. The further it is, the more the antenna is needed.

The exact recommendations for advanced digital TV settings on Samsung TV vary by hardware model.

  • The menu opens.
  • The item “Broadcast” is selected.
  • Signal source (cable, antenna or satellite) is indicated.
  • If the item “Country” appears in the menu, you must specify “Russia”.
  • The item “Manual setting” is selected.
  • The item “Setting up digital channels” is selected, where you need to click the “Create” button. In this case, additional TV channels will be added to the existing ones, and will not replace them.
  • A tab with parameters will open. Here you need to specify the broadcast frequency, module and transmission rate. This information should be obtained from the operator providing access to the cable or satellite signal. For terrestrial TV, indicate the broadcasting frequencies of the multiplexes.
  • After pressing the “OK” button, the TV will start searching for the specified parameters. After a while, a list of found channels will appear on the screen. You need to save them. and everything is ready to start viewing.

How to set up “digital” on an old Samsung that does not support digital TV

If it turns out that the TV set is not capable of receiving the current broadcasting standard or is not equipped with a digital tuner at all, the user can do the following:

  • Purchase a new TV. Not the most affordable option.
  • Connect a digital set-top box receiver. If you just need to watch programs, then this option will cost several times cheaper than buying a second TV.

A separate difficulty can be associated with the use of the receiver: it does not catch analog TV signals. If you want to watch both local and federal programs, take care of not only the correct antenna type, but also an antenna splitter splitter for the antenna cable. It is needed so that the signal goes simultaneously to both the receiver and the antenna socket of the TV. Then the transition between different types of broadcasting will be carried out as follows:

  • digital channel required. TV switches to AV mode;
  • analog is needed. switching is made to TV mode.

Series H, F, E and J

For models of this series, the setup process will look slightly different:

  • Turn on the TV and use the “Source” button on the remote to select “TV”.
  • Open the menu (by the button of the same name or “Keypad” and by selecting the menu item on the screen).
  • Select “Broadcast” and then “Auto Tuning”.
  • Activate auto-tuning again.
  • In the warning message about changing the settings, click the “Start” button.
  • Select the source from which the signal will come: “Antenna” if you are setting up the reception of free broadcasting of the DVB-T2 standard, or “Cable” if you are connecting cable TV.
  • Specify the type of channels. It is better to select “Digital and Analogue” here, so as not to repeat later a separate setting for the analogue programs remaining on the air.
  • Select the scan type. To catch as many channels as possible, select the “Full” parameter.
  • The “Scan” button is pressed.
  • After the end of the process, click the “Close” button and exit the menu.

Auto Tuning Digital Channels on Samsung

The easiest way to set up your antenna connection yourself is to run an automatic search. Let’s consider step by step how to organize the reception of digital TV channels for models of different series and model years.

smart, samsung, digital, channels

Checking if your Samsung TV supports digital TV

Before starting to search for channels directly, let’s make sure that the TV set is generally capable of catching a “digital”. Samsung‘s lineup includes many series and even more. individual models. Not all of them have a built-in digital tuner, and some, although they are equipped with it, are made for the old DVB-T standard, and not DVB-T2, which is now used in Russia.

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To do this, enter the model number in the “Search” line. If you find one, you can proceed to setting.

Model Diagonal Support DVB-T2
19H4000 nineteen
LT19C350EX nineteen
LT22C350EX 22
LT23C370EX 23
LT24C370EX 24
LT27C370EX 27
PE43H4000 43
PS43E497B2 43
PS43F4900AK 43
PS51E497B2KXRU 51
PS51E537A3 51
PS51E557D1 51
PS51E6507 51
PS51E8007G 51
PS51F4900AK 51
PS51F5500AK 51
PS51F8500AT 51
PS60F5000AK 60
PS64D8000 64
PS64E8007 64
PS64F8500AT 64
T24D310EX 24
T24D390EX 24
T24D391EX 24
T24D590EX 24
T27D390EX 27
T27D590EX 27
T28D310EX 27
UE22F5000AK 22
UE22F5400AK 22
UE22F5410AK 22
UE22H5020 22
UE22H5600 22
UE22H5610 22
UE24H4070 24
UE24H4080 24
UE28H4000 28
UE32EH5007 32
UE32EH5047 32
UE32EH5057 32
UE32EH5307 32
UE32ES5507 32
UE32ES5537 32
UE32ES5557 32
UE32F4500AK 32
UE32F4510AK 32
UE32F5000AK 32
UE32F5020AK 32
UE32F5300AK 32
UE32F5500AK 32
UE32F6100AK 32
UE32F6200AK 32
UE32F6330AK 32
UE32F6400AK 32
UE32F6510AB 32
UE32F6540AB 32
UE32F6800AB 32
UE32H4000 32
UE32H4270 32
UE32H4500 32
UE32H4510 32
UE32H5303 32
UE32H5500 32
UE32H6230 32
UE32H6350 32
UE32H6410 32
UE37ES6710 37
UE39F5000AK 39
UE39F5020AK 39
UE39F5300AK 39
UE39F5500AK 39
UE40EH5007 40
UE40EH5047 40
UE40EH5057 40
UE40EH5307 40
UE40ES5507 40
UE40ES6307 40
UE40ES6547 40
UE40ES6557 40
UE40ES6857 40
UE40ES6907 40
UE40ES7207 40
UE40ES7507 40
UE40ES8007 40
UE40F5000 40
UE40F6100AK 40
UE40F6130 40
UE40F6200AK 40
UE40F6330AK 40
UE40F6400 40
UE40F6500AB 40
UE40F6510AB 40
UE40F6540AB 40
UE40F6650AB 40
UE40F6800AB 40
UE40F7000AT 40
UE40F8000AT 40
UE40FH5007K 40
UE40H4200 40
UE40H4203 40
UE40H5003 40
UE40H5020 40
UE40H5203 40
UE40H5270 40
UE40H5500 40
UE40H6230 40
UE40H6240 40
UE40H6350 40
UE40H6410 40
UE40H6500 40
UE40H6650 40
UE40HU7000 40
UE42F5000AK 42
UE42F5020AK 42
UE42F5300AK 42
UE42F5500AK 42
UE46EH5007 46
UE46EH5047 46
UE46EH5057 46
UE46EH5307 46
UE46EH6037 46
UE46ES5507 46
UE46ES5537 46
UE46ES5557 46
UE46ES6307 46
UE46ES6547 46
UE46ES6857 46
UE46ES6907 46
UE46ES7207 46
UE46ES7500 46
UE46ES7507 46
UE46ES8000 46
UE46ES8007 46
UE46F5000AK 46
UE46F5020AK 46
UE46F5300AK 46
UE46F5500AK 46
UE46F6100AK 46
UE46F6330AK 46
UE46F6400AK 46
UE46F6500AB 46
UE46F6510AB 46
UE46F6540AB 46
UE46F6650AB 46
UE46F6800AB 46
UE46F7000AT 46
UE46F8000AT 46
UE46F8500AT 46
UE48H4200 48
UE48H4203 48
UE48H5003 48
UE48H5020 48
UE48H5203 48
UE48H5270 48
UE48H5500 48
UE48H5510 48
UE48H6230 48
UE48H6350 48
UE48H6410 48
UE48H6500 48
UE48H6650 48
UE48H6800 48
UE48HU8500 48
UE50ES5507 fifty
UE50ES6907 fifty
UE50F5000AK fifty
UE50F5020AK fifty
UE50F5500AK fifty
UE50F6100AK fifty
UE50F6130 fifty
UE50F6330AK fifty
UE50F6330AK fifty
UE50F6400AK fifty
UE50F6500 fifty
UE50F6650 fifty
UE50F6800AB fifty
UE50HU7000 fifty
UE55ES6307 55
UE55ES6547UXRU 55
UE55ES6557UXRU 55
UE55ES6857 55
UE55ES6907UXRU 55
UE55ES7507 55
UE55ES8007 55
UE55F6100AK 55
UE55F6400AK 55
UE55F6800AB 55
UE55F7000AT 55
UE55F8000AT 55
UE55F8500AT 55
UE55H680 55
UE55H6500 55
UE55H6650 55
UE55HU7000T 55
UE55HU7500T 55
UE55HU8700T 55
UE55HU9000T 55
UE60F6100AK 60
UE60F7000AT 60
UE65ES8007 65
UE65F6400AK 65
UE65F8000AT 65
UE65F90800 65
UE65HU7500T 65
UE65HU8700T 65
UE65HU9000T 65
UE75ES9000 75
UE75ES9007 75
UE75F6300 75
UE75F6400AK 75
UE75F8200 75
UE75HU7500T 75
UE78HU9000 78
UE85S9AT 85
UE105S9 105

Removing unnecessary channels and adjusting the order

To delete unneeded channels, proceed as follows:

  • Open the menu, go to the settings section and select “Broadcast”.
  • Go to “Change channels”.
  • Using the “Enter” button, tick the boxes that should be deleted.
  • In the side menu, select the “Delete” item.
  • Press the “Yes” button to confirm and switch the TV to normal mode. Immediately after that, you can make sure that unnecessary channels are gone.

If we are talking about Samsung Smart TV, then removal is easier there:

  • Using the “Smart Hub” button you need to go to the system hub.
  • In the form with the listed channels, you must select the editing section (usually it is on the right in the upper part of the table).
  • Guided by the prompts of the system at each step, you can select all unnecessary TV channels and delete them.

As for the order of the channels, the TV arranges them in two ways:

  • independently in the order in which I could find them during autotuning;
  • using the list sent by the operator (as, for example, when connecting to NTV channels).

In the second case, sorting is impossible: you cannot reconfigure what the operator has set, you can only delete unnecessary channels. In the first, the sort looks like this:

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

  • Go to the menu, select “Settings”.
  • Click on “Broadcast” and enter the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  • Select “Change. channel number ”and indicate“ Enable ”if the item is highlighted. If it is inactive, then go to the next step.
  • Select “Change channel number” or go to the “Live broadcast” section (depending on the interface option).
  • Here you need to open the “Channel List” tab and go to the “Channel Change” item.
  • The desired TV channel is selected using the “Enter” button on the remote control, next to it the checkmark icon lights up.
  • The item “Change number” is selected and using the arrow keys on the remote control the channel is dragged to a new place.
  • Pressing “Enter” again removes the check mark, the result is fixed.

If necessary, the procedure is repeated the required number of times.

When sorting channels on Samsung TVs, one of their peculiarities should be taken into account: if the digital ones in the general list are signed and have names, then the analog ones are only serial numbers. Accordingly, when sorting, the picture will be as follows:

  • Digital channels will move in the list, and one of them will take the position of the other.
  • The list of analogue programs will not change, only another program will be received under the old number.
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M, Q and LS series

After the cable from the room, street or general house antenna is connected, and the TV itself is turned on, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the general menu using the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Select the “Source” item. In it you need to specify the option “TV”.
  • Turn on the menu again using the same button, select “Settings”.
  • Go to the line “Broadcast” and select “Auto-tuning”.
  • Click the Start button. A warning will appear on the screen stating that as a result the existing list of TV channels will be deleted.
  • Select a signal source. You can specify “Antenna” (for terrestrial digital TV), “Cable”, “Satellite dish”, etc., depending on which TV you are connecting.
  • Select the type of channels. You can specify “Digital” or “Digital & Analogue”. In the second case, there is no need to further configure the connection of each local analog channel, if they are broadcast.
  • If you are setting up paid channels, the interface will ask you to specify the operator. For cable, select “Others”. Since terrestrial television does not have this parameter, we just move on.
  • Specify the mode in which the search will be carried out. Select the “Full” option. In this case, the system will search for everything that can be caught from the antenna.
  • Start the procedure by clicking the “Scan” button.
  • The found channels will appear on the screen (both TV, separately digital and analog, and radio stations) and an indicator showing which part of the range has already been scanned.
  • After the completion message, press the “Close” button and exit the menu (on the remote control. “Return”).

Cable TV setup.

Almost all Samsung LCD TVs have a built-in tuner for watching digital cable TV DVB-C, you can check this information in the instructions of your TV.

Setting up cable channels on Samsung is slightly different from setting up terrestrial channels.

To watch cable, conclude an agreement with a service provider, after which the operator will connect your line to the cable TV network.

  • Press the Home or Menu button to exit to the menu.
  • Next, we find the section Broadcast or Channels
  • Select Autosearch for channels and press ok
  • Next, in the Antenna item, select the Cable, this must be done to watch cable TV.
  • Channel type select the format in which digital and analogue broadcasts.
  • Choosing an operator, it is better to choose Others, if your provider is not there. Do not choose any of your service providers.
  • Search mode, check the box for Full, Network or Fast, you need to select if you know the parameters of your network.
  • Click on Scan and wait for the end of the process.

Setting up digital terrestrial TV.

There are two ways to tune twenty digital channels on your Samsung TV.

  • Manual channel search, if you know the frequency of digital broadcasting
  • Automatic channel search, the TV will install all channels by itself

We connect the cable coming from the antenna to the AIR / CABLE connector on the back of the TV, after that we go to the channel setup itself, for this you will need a remote control.

  • Press the Home button to display the TV settings menu on the screen. If you have a touch panel, this button may have a different name.
  • We find the item Broadcast, in different models this item can be called differently for example Channels.
  • We select the item Autotuning. Do not forget that all previously saved channels will be erased, the location of your favorite channels may change.
  • We confirm the action in the appeared info banner by clicking on start.
  • Next, select the broadcast format Antenna for setting up digital terrestrial channels DVB-T2.
  • Select the type of channels Only digital, if in your region local channels broadcast in analog, then select Digital and Analog
  • We confirm all actions by clicking on Scan.
  • We are waiting for the end of the scan, this may take several minutes.

Manual channel search.

If you need to add several channels or one channel package, for example, one multiplex of digital channels, and at the same time do not delete the existing list of tuned channels, then you can use the manual channel search on your Samsung TV.

  • Enter the TV menu and select the Channel or Broadcast section
  • We set the desired broadcast mode Antenna or Cable
  • Next, we find Manual Tuning or Change Channel
  • If you need to set up an analog channel, then select Analog, if you need to add digital channels, then respectively Digital TV.
  • Next, you need to enter the parameters Frequency, Flow rate, Modulation and network indication, then press start search.

The installed channels should show without any interference of the image and sound, if they are present, check the cable, plug, splitters. Also, to receive a good signal, you must have a stable digital signal reception, so your antenna must receive a stable signal from the transmitting TV tower.