How to install browser on LG Smart TV TV

Modern LG TVs are high-tech solutions with a wide option, combining TV tuner, computer and multimedia platform functions. All this became possible thanks to the introduction of the Smart TV function, which allowed to connect the TV to the Internet.

Smart-TV allows you to watch videos through YouTube, TV series on cutting services, communicate in messengers and play games. Large brands produce their own SMART TV platforms, and LG has a WebOS operating system. In addition to intuitively understandable intees and ease of use, an important advantage of the WebOS is the availability of additional software applications that the owner can download and install independently, setting the LG TV functionality under your own needs and interests.

When you first use the LG Smart TV TV, many users have a question, how to download and install a browser on a TV? Make it easy. Installing the browser to the TV will not take much time and will not require special knowledge and skills, as the manufacturers take care of users. In addition, software on any technique over time is obsolete, as manufacturers improve technology and produce new and new firmware, eliminating bugs and adding new options. So updating the browser on the LG TV regularly so that it worked stable.

Consider more Main Methods for installing a browser on LG TV:

In order to download the browser, you need to log in to the application store using the remote control, select the required application (you can find it by typing the appropriate name in the “Search” column) and click on the Install button.

IMPORTANT: Do not turn off the TV until the download process is completed and do not press any buttons on the remote control (for example, program switching keys, volume and T.D.) otherwise it will not be established correctly.

Install the browser on LG Smart-TV TV and from external media, for example, flash drives. Make sure that no information is recorded on the media. Optimal will format it before starting work. Then you need to go to the LG website in the section “Software”. Choose your TV model and download update the latest version.

Next, you need to insert a USB drive to the TV (USB ports are usually located on the rear panel), wait until the “New Installation File” found on the screen appears on the screen. After that, the download will be made automatically, or (depending on the model) on the TV screen will appear simple instructions that need to follow.

IMPORTANT: Do not remove the flash drive from the TV until the installation process is complete. Make sure you’re going to install licensed software on your TV from the official website. Otherwise, the software can harm your technique.

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First you need to make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet by any of the ways (using cable, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet). Access to the network should be reliable, and speed. fast, since the file with software is usually not less than 500 megabits.

  • Press the Settings button on the console.
  • Select “Support”.
  • Find the “Update” section. If you have available to your LG update TV model, click Install.
  • Do not turn off the TV until the installation process is completed.

What to do if after installing the browser on LG Smart TV arose problems?

If after installing or updating the browser, your LG TV started working with interference or failures, you need to initialize. This will require:

  • In the menu, find the section “Support”.
  • Go to the “Application Initialization” item.
  • Select the application from the list to be initialized (for example, Google Chrome Bedroom) and confirm the action by the OK button.

After that, you must wait until your LG TV reboot or restart it forcibly. Browser failures should disappear.

If it did not work, we recommend contacting the official service center LG.


Before using Application Store for Smart TV, you must register on the official LG website. To do this, in the main menu you need to select the “Login” item and register at your email address, and then confirm the registration by reference from the received letter.

Now you can enter your account. Do not forget when you first enter, put a tick “stay in the system” so as not to enter the password every time.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

Initially, we will proceed from the fact that you have already created a home network, and you know how to use it, manage. First you need to connect the Samsung Smart TV to our access point, for this go to the main menu, select the “Network” section, and then go to the “Network Status” tab. From the proposed list, select “IP Settings”. Near the IP and DNS lines should be the inscription “Get automatically”.

Be sure to make sure that the dynamic configuration protocol of the network node is activated in the settings of your router. DHCP. Remember that the connected Samsung SMART TV to the marchutizer is automatically synchronized with the access point. Almost always this protocol is activated by default.

If the network is configured, then you can safely connect to the point. However, predominantly, after all, it is necessary to configure the basic parameters. How to connect via Wi-Fi? We now define, as an example, take the model of the TV UE40ES 6570WW. In general, all series have a roughly identical menu, the difference is only visible in the name of individual commands.

Now you know how to connect SAMSUNG TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi, there is nothing difficult in this. An intuitive menu is the main distinctive feature of the South Korean brand, so there should be no problems. To open any Web site, use the preset browser.

Configuring Internet Connection to Yandex TV

The platform from Yandex very quickly became one of the most popular in our country. It is installed on its TVs more than ten brands. Especially Russian brands such as Dexp, Doxpler, Novex, HI that actively establish domestic software. However, to use the services provided in this platform on the main page, you must have a subscription to Yandex Plus, thereby getting access to online TV channels and online cinema film market. But without subscription, you can install various apps and enjoy other free Smart TV services.

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Internet connection via Wi-Fi on Yandex TV

Of course, of course remember the data of your router that will be necessary to synchronize devices and connections over the network.

How to connect a smart TV console to tv

There are many different manufacturers of consoles and a huge number of all kinds of TV models. But despite this, the principle of their connection is approximately the same. This is done as follows:

  • First you need to turn off the TV from the network, and also make sure that the SMART prefix is ​​also disabled from the network. This is done due to the fact that the connection of devices on the devices turned on creates the risk of damage to the ports of the devices;
  • In the event that the television prefix uses a flash drive, you will need to simply paste it into the USB port of the TV. After that, you can turn on the device and immediately move back to the last step;
  • In the event that boxing prefix is ​​used, you will need to connect the corresponding sockets of the smart console and television. If in boxing, and the TV has an HDMI type output, then you need to connect them using the appropriate wire. It is worth noting that such a wire may not always be in configuration configuration, and therefore its additional acquisition may be required;
  • There are no HDMI ports in the old TV models. in them, as a rule, there are three multi-colored nests, which are also called “tulips”. In this case, two options are suitable: Acquisition of an additional HDMI-AV converter and connecting one connector to the HDMI port in a smart console, and the other to three “tulipians”. In the second embodiment, the output of the type AV consoles with “tulle” of the TV. The choice of the most suitable method directly depends on which ports are available in the user-acquired smart console;
  • After selecting the most suitable method of connecting and, directly, the connection itself, you can insert a network cable into a smart console and include it in the network, as well as include the TV itself;
  • Now you need to select the signal source on the TV. As a rule, the SOURCES, INPUT, AV icon or an arrow on the remote is pressed for this. It also depends entirely on the model of the TV and the console. In certain cases, you may need to press the button several times or use the arrows to select the required port. For example, if the cable is connected to the HDMI 2 connector, then you need to choose this name in the list of available sources. After the correct source is selected, the screensaver will immediately appear on the TV screen.
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How to connect the usual TV to the Internet

If the user does not know how to connect TV to the Internet, but wants to configure the usual and old TV, then it needs additional equipment that will help connect to the Internet, open access. Accurate settings depend on the device, TV and functional model. Thus, you can purchase the necessary equipment, then connect TV to the Internet, watch movies online, connecting quickly and easily with different models of TVs.

Important! So connected TV many users before the steel TVs with SMART system.

Is it possible to distribute the Internet from the phone to the TV

When you receive the Internet through a smartphone, it is necessary that the operator allows you to perform such distribution. It is necessary that the mobile provider provides unlimited traffic.

It is done just a few steps. User disposal have several ways from which you can choose the most suitable.

Wireless connection

  • Go to the LG TV settings.
  • Select “Advanced Settings” → “Network” → “Connect to Wi-Fi”.
  • Choose your home network in the Wi-Fi network list.
  • Enter the password and connect to the Internet. Recall that the Wi-Fi password is sensitive to the Register: Do not confuse the capital and lowercase letters!

There are alternative ways to connect the LG TV to the Internet, if for some reason these are not suitable for you. For example, you can go online through the phone, connecting to it using the DIRECT Wi-Fi technology, or use the console to the TV.

TV does not connect to the Internet

Very often, the problem is to work the dynamic configuration protocol of the network node (DHCP). This may occur for various reasons. When all devices work well through the router, but at the same time TV gives an error of connecting to a wireless network, then do so.

Turn off the DHCP in the router settings. In the TV menu, go to “Network”, go to the “network state” point and click on the “IP Settings” button. Change the value of the “Get automatically” field to “enter manually”. When the window appears, specify network settings in it relative to the router parameters.

We prescribe a public address that Google introduced: 8.eight.4.4. or 8.eight.eight.eight. We make another attempt to associate a wireless network and a TV using the “Repeat” button. Network connection must be established provided that you did everything right.

Please note that the DHCP protocol is convenient. It allows you to configure the SMART TV connection to the Internet automatically. To do this, only the LAN cable must be connected to the Ethernet port or connect via Wi-Fi. To carry out such actions on the device, you must enable the “Get Settings Automatically” parameter.