Is it possible to connect the iPhone to the TV and how to do it through Wi-Fi, USB cable or in another way?

Despite all the functions and capabilities of the iPhone, the device has one significant drawback: no matter how hard the developers try to increase the display and increase its quality, viewing files on it remains purely intimate.

If the task is to demonstrate photos, presentation or video of a company of several people, a problem arises. It is quite simple to solve it if you connect a mobile device to any monitor with a large diagonal, for example, to the TV. The article will tell you how to do it right and without unnecessary troubles.

Is it possible to connect the iPhone with TV and what it will give?

Connection of the iPhone to the TV allows you to watch pictures and media files loaded in the memory of a mobile device on a large screen. In addition, some types of compounds make it possible to use TV as a mirror monitor, t.e. play a video open on the iPhone via the Internet.

Among the possible connection options are the most popular:

Through Wi-Fi

Synchronization on a wireless network is considered one of the most convenient methods of connecting, allows you to do without cables and additional devices.

  • Create a network or choose on both devices an existing.
  • Run on the iPhone application for output, sound and video on TV. It can be the services of Belkin MediaPlay, Twonky Beam or Imediashare.
  • Scan available devices and select a connected TV.
  • In the application, specify the file that you need to transfer to the TV screen.

If a built-in Wi-Fi Module is not provided on the TV, the connection is possible using a router. Cable, it is connected to TV, and on the iPhone network is caught in the usual way.

Through USB cable

This connection is a universal solution for synchronization of two devices among themselves. However, the method has a significant drawback: it will not work to duplicate the iPhone screen, the phone connected through the USB will be considered by the system only as a removable drive.

  • Disconnect the power of the TV.
  • Connect the cable to the USB port of the TV device and the corresponding output of the mobile phone.
  • Turn on the TV and select a USB input signal as source.

Depending on the iPhone model, an adapter from the 30-pin Apple connector on TV or Lightning may be needed.

Using HDMI

HDMI is widely used when connecting various electronic devices to each other. User love Inte Weeise has earned its ability to transmit a high accuracy digital signal, which is extremely important for watching a video in Full HD or Ultra HD 8K quality.

The catch is only that all the devices of Apple use their own branded connectors Lightning. You can solve the problem using a special adapter, for example:

  • Insert the adapter into the Lightning port on the iPad or iPhone, to connect the HDMI cable to the second adapter connector.
  • The free end of the HDMI cable is used for HDMI slat on the TV.
  • Select the corresponding port in the TV settings (HDMI1 or HDMI2). If necessary, if the mobile gadget did not automatically configure, the iPhone also install HDMI as the source of the main signal.
  • The iPhone display should display on the TV screen.

The automatic output of the screen on a large monitor is available for iPhone 5/5s models and older. On older devices (4S and below), the television screen will display only shortcuts for launching video, audio and viewing images gallery.

Other options

It would seem that the old models of TVs that do not have a Wi-Fi module, the Smart-TV HDMI-section and technology, and modern mobile gadgets are incompatible. But no! Synchronization of obsolete electronics and the latest phones models is possible if there are adapters corresponding to the intensity.

For example, Composite AV Cable. This is an original adapter for connecting Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod) with a 30-pin connector with RCA audio/video connectors (classic “tulips”).

To connect the devices, you need:

  • Connect the plugs of the RCA cable to the audio and video inputs of the TV: the yellow “tulip” to the Video connector, red to Audio L and white- to Audio R.
  • Insert the opposite end of the wire into the digital adapter.
  • Connect the remaining connector to the port of charging.

Next, the devices are synchronized. To do this, as source of a signal for a TV, you must select AV.


Conjugation opens up additional opportunities to the user.

  • When connecting to a worldwide network, you can view films with wide resolution on a large screen online. You can also enjoy your favorite television channels and direct broadcasts.
  • Synchronization will be useful in creating your own videos and visual presentations.
  • If a powerful acoustic system is connected to the TV, you can listen to music and other audio recordings through it.
  • Through a large screen, you can broadcast photos and images saved in the phone’s memory.

There are a number of features of connecting smartphones to TVs of different brands.

If you are the owner of a television receiver from Samsung, you can connect a mobile phone in the following ways:

Experts checked each of the options and found that for the technique of the Samsung trademark, it is best to use the DLNA connection. This option is considered the simplest, convenient and effective.

When working with LG equipment, you can use any of the methods described above.

There is an alternative option. Company employees have developed a special application called Smart Share.

To complete the connection, you need to perform the following:

smart, connect, iphone, connection, phone
  • Open the program (in this case, the “photo” window will open);
  • find the necessary gadget (in the menu on the left) and choose it;
  • Now you can play files of various formats.

How to connect?

There are several options for connecting devices.

Alternative connection without the Internet and cables

In this case, a special adapter HDMI will be needed. This method can be used if the TV is equipped with the necessary output. It is recommended to buy a high-quality adapter from the manufacturer (AV-Dapter Lightning or Digital AV Adapter).

Connect the devices with each other in the turn off mode. If there is no Micro-HDMI port on the phone, you need to use the micro-USB-hdmi converter. As soon as you run the gadget, the conjugation process will be completed automatically.

If you could not create a connection, it is necessary to activate the adapter yourself and repeat the connection.

Synchronization via a USB?

This option is very simple and understandable, while it is somewhat organized functionally. You can use the cable that comes with a mobile phone.

To carry out conjugation, it is necessary to act step by step.

  • At one end, the cable needs to be connected to the TV, and the second to the compact gadget.
  • Turn on the television receiver.
  • Go to the settings and select the display function of the USB device screen. The picture should appear automatically.

Through HDMI cable

The second version of the wired connection is the use of the cable and the port of HDMI. The main advantage of this option, in comparison with the described above, is the high quality of the video signal transmission. This method of conjugation is recommended to choose for a video in wide resolution. When connecting the iPhone, you need to use the Digital AV Adapter adapter equipped with the necessary intese (HDMI.).

The conjugation process is as follows:

  • Connect the smartphone with the adapter;
  • One of the wire plugs must be connected to the adapter, and the second to the television receiver;
  • Open the TV settings and select HDMI;
  • After a few seconds, the TV will display the screen of the mobile gadget.

Through Apple TV

Using Apple TV is a convenient method of wireless equipment. To complete the task, it is necessary to use the special player Apple TV.

Also, you can not do without HDMI cable. This method is suitable only for mobile devices not older than 4 generation. Such requirements are established by the developers of the prefix Apple TV.

The branded operating system on both devices should be updated to the latest version.

The conjugation looks as follows:

  • Turn on the multimedia console;
  • Connect it to the TV: for this you need to use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless signal;
  • Perform a mobile phone with a prefix;
  • On the phone you need to press the “home” button twice;
  • The next step is “volume and brightness control”;
  • Select the AirPlay function;
  • In the list of gadgets that opened, you need to find the equipment you need;
  • The “Switch to AirPlay Mirroring” mode will appear, it should be activated;
  • After a few seconds, the picture will be broadcast from phone to TV.

Transfer the phone and watch video from YouTube (YouTube)

In TV, with a Smart function, there is a definition YouTube application. If the user has not found such an application, then you can view the videos by creating your own play list. To start such a broadcast, enough for the TV to support the DLNA function. But both devices must be connected to one local network.

After connecting to the user, it is convenient to view videos from YouTube on a large screen and in high.quality format. No iPhone will provide such impressions.

Bring the image from the iPad (iPad)

The same technologies are used to connect the iPad to the TV when working with iPhone. The simplest and most popular method is to use the USB cable.

This means that the connection has turned out and now you can use all the capabilities of a large screen.

You can connect the gadget to TV using a special VGA adapter. Such an adapter allows you to connect the iPad to the TV or to the computer monitor. Using Wi-Fi connection requires additional programs on the gadget, for example, Samsung SmartView for iPad.

No matter what size IPhone has, watching various photos and videos is better with a full screen. Almost all modern TVs have the opportunity to synchronize with the iPhone or iPad. This can be done using standard cables, as well as having several common applications.

Most of the TV with Smart function without any problems connect to Wi-Fi. It is important that the TV and the smartphone are connected to one network. With sufficient technical characteristics of the equipment, after the connection there will be not only the opportunity to watch photos or videos, but also use TV as a game console.

How to connect without wires?

If you have a Smart TV, you can try to carry out the air connection without using any wires and cables.


AirPlay Protocol is a branded development of an apple company and provides an opportunity to directly connect a smartphone to the TV. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate settings, and then select the appropriate device in the list and synchronize.

It should be noted that not all TVs from the Korean company can boast of the presence of a wireless connection module. There are such devices only in Smart models. They allow you to enter the global network without first connecting a cable or some other equipment. That is why the Wi-Fi connection is considered the most comfortable and practical way.

Before performing a complete synchronization of the smartphone from the “apple company” and the TV, you need to install a special application. LG has developed an application for solving such problems called Smart Share.

For a smartphone, you will also need to install a special program. There are a huge number of them today, and the most popular and easy to use is Twonky Beam.

To set up and connection, you need to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Open the program and install the box in the menu, this allows you to display the image on the screen.
  • Select a media file that needs to be played on the screen, and then find available devices in the list. Here you need to choose a TV to which you need to display images and videos.
  • To play playing, you should click on “Bearning”.

This method of connection by air is not the only. Recently, the IMediaShare application is popular, synchronization in which is carried out almost the same principle. The only difference is that the user will need to enter a password from a wireless network. The Korean company produces some TVs that are equipped with a Wi-Fi Direct function. A distinctive feature of the function is that it makes it possible to connect without using the router. However, for use, you should first configure the system in the “Network” section. There you can choose an iPhone, after which both devices are immediately synchronized.

One of the most popular and rapidly developing technologies in the world today is Google Chromecast, which is also used to connect the iPhone via wireless module. The main feature of the device is that it should be inserted into the HDMI connector, after which it plays the role of a router. Usually users resort to the use of such a module in cases where their TV is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a multimedia console, the use of which allows you to synchronize a smartphone and TV. The connection process is carried out thanks to the Wi-Fi protocol. There are no requirements to the prefix itself, but the smartphone should not be older than the 4th generation.

Before the start of synchronization, it is necessary to update the OS on all devices, since otherwise the connection error will be issued.

The process of connecting the iPhone to the TV from the Korean brand includes the following stages.

  • Launch of the prefix, after which it will be necessary to attach it to the TV from the Korean brand.
  • We are convinced that the smartphone and the prefix from the “apple company” are connected to one local network.
  • Select the AirPlay menu and find the device we need in the list to mating a smartphone with a TV.

Thus, the connection of the iPhone smartphone to the Korean TV allows you to watch TV, play video or control multimedia content. If you duplicate the screen or turn it on, you can knit both devices and view all the media files on the big screen.

How to connect to different TV models

In the production of television equipment, the company use different technological chips to establish wireless communication with other devices. For example, Samsung and Philips opened Smart-TV PRO for AirPlay. LG work with Smart Share extensions.

Features of connection to Samsung

When connecting to Samsung TVs, users in most cases are available the following methods:

Their use will allow you to broadcast data from the iPhone for viewing on the TV.

Features of connection to samsung-capacity

To connect to the Samsung TV, you should take weapons previously described options. The most popular method is by means of Wi-Fi (provided that TV is equipped with a special Wi-Fi module). For this, it is recommended to follow the instructions:

  • Create a network or organize an existing.
  • Upload an application called Allshare (present in the automatic Smart-TV Samsung) or Samsung Smart View automatic set.
  • Launch the application and perform Smart View settings.
  • Click on Samsung TV. TVs connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPhone will be highlighted on the screen.
  • Allow the use of photo and video on iPhone.
  • Select the required TV. Tap “allow” on TV when using the remote control.
  • Touch the application on the gadget, starting the activation of the program on the TV screen. A list of permissible additional features is opened.

To configure the broadcast from multimedia App, you need to touch the square icon with a Wi-Fi symbol.

Also, in this case, you can use the prefix Google Chromecast. an analogue of Apple TV. To work with such a device, the Google Chrome browser is loaded from the AppStore.

Connection features for LG

To interact with “skiing”, you need to pre.upload an auxiliary application called LG Smart Share to the TV. Then follow every step:

  • Install a utility called Twonky Beam on a gadget.
  • Tap item in the menu: Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen.
  • Choose a video file that needs to be reproduced.
  • The video will begin to play after the words “Beaming”.

For ordinary TVs, analogue connection, USB or HDMI cable are suitable. The installation principle is the same as the previously described.


After starting the software, several actions need to be carried out:

  • On the main screen of the phone, slip the tab that you need to open.
  • Select the file on the gadget. Take on the TV screen.
  • Click on a suitable display (Apple or TV). Reply “Yes” to a request for access to media content and its playback.
  • Wait a few seconds and see the picture on the “box”.

Before starting the connection, you should check the three points:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Leave the screen display with SSD and WPA keys. They need to be entered on the iPhone.
  • Select Wi-Fi in iPhone settings. Turn it on.
  • Tap on the desired network. In the case of the Bravia model-Direct-XX-Bravia. Press the button “join”.
  • After the installed connection, the setup screen will appear. Select the necessary parameters and start reproducing content.

However, not everything is so easy. Often the owners of the gadget complain about the problems with the connection.

How to connect iPhone / iPad to TV? WITHOUT Apple TV and APPs.

other methods

One of the most common alternative ways is to use the prefix Chromecast. It looks like a flash drive of an unusual shape, which needs to be inserted into the HDMI connector.

This device provides high.quality wireless communication with iPhone. Thus, you can ensure the broadcast of the image from the phone screen to the television receiver. To use this way, the user needs to do the following:

  • The iPhone needs to download and install Google Home.
  • Chromecast is connected to the desired connector.
  • You need to check that this device and smartphone are connected to one wireless network.
  • You need to start Google Home.
  • In the application, authorization must be carried out.
  • You need to choose a connection method from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • In the first case, the setting will occur automatically. In the second, the phone must be connected to a wireless network created by the device, which is easy to find by its name.
  • Click on the “beginning of broadcasting”.

This method can be used to broadcast what happens on the Chrome browser tab. Thus, you can find a video, run them on the iPhone and watch them on the TV screen.

How to connect to different TV models

Connection to various models in most cases is produced in one of the standard ways. In some cases, there may be features that are related to the choice of a TV model.

Features of connection to Samsung

When connecting to Samsung TVs, users in most cases are available the following methods:

Their use will allow you to broadcast data from the iPhone for viewing on the TV.

Connection features for LG

All previously described methods are available for TVs of this brand. LG developers additionally created the Smart Share application, which can also be used for this purpose. It is available for download from the page. Using this program, you can view the media files located on the iPhone.


This company was one of the first to start producing TVs with the Smart TV prefixes. All fixed assets for viewing content with iPhone have been introduced here. Applications are available in the App Gallery Applications store that will make viewing media files more convenient. All the main options for connecting to the phones, which were described here were also available here, are also available.

The use of Wi-Fi Direct, AirPlay, DLNA and other connection options used to transfer content from the iPhone to a television receiver is available. For this purpose, users also often use specialized applications TV Plus and IMediaShare.

Wending connection

As mentioned earlier, wired connection is more common among TVs that do not support the Smart TV function. In more advanced devices, this option is also used, because the main advantage of wired connection is a high speed of transmission or reading data. Further, the methods of wired conjugation are discussed in detail.

This cable is considered the most advanced tool for synchronization of all digital devices. Having connected to the TV via HDMI-Schnur, the user will receive a high-quality picture with high resolution. It is worth considering that iPhones are very rarely equipped with such a connector, so for the procedure you will have to purchase a special adapter. There are two options: Digital AV (for devices 4 series) and Lighting (for phones 5 series and above).

The process of connecting devices is quite simple:

  • First of all, you will need to connect the cord with the adapter.
  • Following the resulting node install in the corresponding phone connector and TV.
  • After the equipment of the equipment, the phone system will automatically set up.
  • In some cases, a message with an error appears on the TV screen. In this situation, it will be necessary to set up manually.
  • To duplicate the image in the TV menu, you need to confirm the connection via HDMI. In this case, the digital intese becomes the main source of the signal. If the procedure is performed correctly, the content of the phone will appear on the TV screen.

The simplest and most affordable connection method is the use of USB-shnura and similar connectors. The main advantage of this option is that absolutely all mobile devices are equipped with a similar connector. It is also worth noting the instant activation of energy replenishment after the conjugation of the devices.

When the user joins the mobile phone and TV using the USB cord, it will become impossible to view any file format in the smartphone.

After connection, the device turns into a removable memory drive. Before purchasing a cable, you need to familiarize yourself with their options: Lighting, 30-pin and micro-USB. Which one is required depends on the iPhone model.

This method is ideal for presentations and viewing images in the phone gallery. For more advanced operations, other methods should be used.

Analog cable

Another available connection method is the use of analog cable. The people are called a tulip such a knot. It should be noted that the described method is suitable for TVs, because it is in them that such connectors are installed. Therefore, using an analog cable, the user will be able to connect the iPhone even to a 30-year-old TV.

The treatment procedure of devices is quite simple. You just need to connect the devices with a wire, after which the smartphone system will automatically display the image to the TV screen. However, it is worth remembering that it will not work to view content in high quality, because this wire is not designed to convey a clear picture. To dock devices with such a cord, you will have to get an adapter. On the domestic market there are the following options for analog cables:

  • VGA. A more advanced version of the analog cable, which is designed to connect the iPhone version 5 and above.
  • Component. Another advanced option, including several additional plugs that are responsible for transmitting content with high quality pictures. Can be connected to phone numbers 4.
  • Composite. Standard analog cable with three plugs (tulip) and one USB. Designed to connect the iPhone 4 or more old series.

Wireless connection

The conjugation of devices using a wireless connection is calculated exclusively for Smart TV TVs. It is very convenient to use a Wi-Fi module, but this method has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, the constantly turned on the unpromus adapter quickly discharges the phone battery. Secondly, in the case of slow speed, the functioning of the formed network will be unstable.

When the SMART TV function has a corresponding module on the TV with support, when connecting devices, you will not need to use any wires. Of course, the conjugation through the Wi-Fi network can be called convenient, however, when connecting, it is worth taking into account the mass of the nuances.

  • Before the setting process, the user will need to install a special application on the TV.
  • If we are talking about TV-device LG, then you will need to download the program “Smart Share”.
  • It will not hurt to install specialized software on a mobile phone. For more reliable synchronization, you can use the Twonky Beam utility.

To connect the devices, the following actions should be performed:

  • Open the program.
  • On the application desktop, install the flag opposite the “Show Or Hide Visual Indicators” function.
  • Find the file required for display and specify the source of playback (TV).
  • Press the graphic key “Bearn”.

You can also use another connection method. To do this, you need to download the IMediaShare program from the App Store store.

The principle of synchronization is absolutely identical. The user will need to turn on the utility on the phone and indicate the source of the TV. The main thing is to indicate data from the wireless network at the beginning of the work. If the TV supports the Direct Wi-Fi function, then it is not necessary to use a router to connect.

In this case, the user should go into the TV settings, select a section with networks and start the appropriate tool. Next, the system will find the phone, after which you can dock the devices.


This technology is designed for transmitting information from a smartphone in TV with support for SMART, duplication of screens and launching stream video content. The main condition for stable functioning is the presence of AirPlay technology on the TV.

The synchronization procedure does not take much time. This will need to take the following actions:

  • Connect devices with one wireless network.
  • In the phone settings, find a tool that provides a repeat display.
  • In the list that appears, select your TV.
  • A protective code will appear on the TV display, which will need to be entered into the phone.

If all conditions are met, then at the end of the content of the phone, display on the TV screen. To turn off the connection, just go to the screen repetition section and click “stop duplication”.

Apple TV

One of the most effective interfacing methods, the use of Apple TV technology, however, in this case, you will need to separately purchase the corresponding prefix. As in previous methods, the connection will be carried out through a Wi-Fi network, but it is worth considering the fact that devices are not higher than 4 series for synchronization. As for the prefix, any model that supports wireless connection is suitable for work. Before starting the joining, you will need to update the software on all devices.

If all conditions are met, then you can proceed to the procedure:

  • Turn on the console, then connect it to the TV.
  • Coasting the smartphone and the Apple TV prefix through a single wireless network
  • On the phone twice press the “home” button, and then go to the phone settings, the brightness control unit and volume.
  • Indicate the AirPlay technology.
  • In the list that appears, select an affordable connection option.
  • Press the tool shortcut, after which the contents of the phone move to the TV screen.

Apple TV prefixes are highly worth it, so it is recommended to purchase such a device in a specialized store. It is also worth clarifying the seller whether this model maintains a connection with the existing TV.

Google Chromecast device

As it turned out earlier, some TV models do not support the function of wireless communication or a Wi-Fi module simply fails. In this case, you should not be upset because the Google Chromecast equipment can come to the rescue. The device resembles an ordinary flash drive to the appearance. What steps will have to be taken to conjure devices:

  • Install Google Chromecast on TV via HDMI port.
  • From the official store App Store, download the Google Home application to the smartphone.
  • Connect devices with a single wireless network.
  • Open the downloaded program on the phone, and go to the settings.
  • Indicate your own Google account.
  • After an automatic search, the system will open a list of supported devices on the screen, among which you need to choose your TV-type.
  • Indicate the protective code from the TV screen to the mobile phone program.

With the correct execution of the described steps, the technology will create a connection between home gadgets.

How to watch YouTube

To connect only YouTube from the iPhone on Smart TV, you need to download and install the application on a smartphone and TV. The application is loaded and installed on the phone through the App Store store. On TVs, the application is often present immediately after the purchase. If you don’t, you have to download the program through the store:

  • LG Content Store for LG Smart TV;
  • Samsung Apps for Samsung Smart TV;
  • Google Play Store (Play Market) for Android TV TVs.

Connect TV and iPhone to one Wi-Fi network. Launch YouTube on a gadget, play the right video. After a one.time click on the video, the control buttons will appear, among which there is a broadcast icon.

Click on the icon, select the detected TV.

After a quick connection of video from YouTube, it will automatically start playing in a television application.

smart, connect, iphone, connection, phone

Cable connection

There are two different ones in the method of displaying the content of the connection method.

  • Use HDMI-Inteateis. It is considered a priority way, as it translates the iPhone display in real time. Everything that happens on the phone is transferred to the TV.
  • Connect via a USB-shener. The method is suitable only for reproduction of content stored in the iPhone memory. The image of the image does not occur.

Before connecting a TV device to any external gadget via HDMI, it is recommended to turn off the television receiver from the remote control. When connecting in a working state, there is a risk of “burn” the HDMI connector.

  • Connect the adapter to the iPhone charger;
  • Insert one end of the HDMI wire into a similar connector on the TV panel;
  • Insert the second end of the cord into the port of the adapter;
  • Switch the TV to another signal source. You need to open the source menu with a remote control from the TV and select a connected connector. After, the image with the iPhone should be duplicated on the TV.

The inputs (sources) menu is opened by pressing the button on the remote control (Source, Input, AV, HDMI). Often the button does not subscribe, but almost always indicated by the plug icon with the wire.

    . It is possible that the incorrect number of the connector on the television receiver is selected. Look at the numbering of the connectors and switch to the used. If the inscription on the screen does not disappear, a cable may be damaged or the plug is not inserted into the port exclude banal factors. zero volume, quiet mode. Increase the volume on the iPhone and television receiver. Disconnect the silence mode, click the “Mute” button on the remote control. The latter must be done if the icon of crossed out the dynamics is displayed on the screen. Do not connect to HDMI (DVI) connector. The prefix “DVI” means that only the video is transmitted. To work sound, you need to use another port.

  • Image defects. Stripes can appear on the screen, the picture flickers or distorted colors. Most likely, the problem lies as a cable. It is also not recommended to use too long cord. the necessary films, videos, photos or music in your memory.

Connection technology is identical to HDMI:

Next, move using the remote control through the iPhone folders and play multimedia content in the TV player. Modern Smart TV devices support almost all well.known file formats and codecs.

The input “USB” marked “Service Only” is not suitable for connecting.

The sprayer service connector is used

Problems may arise with the connection if the iPhone has not been staffed by the usual Lightning-USB cable (or 30-Pin To USB cord for iPhone 4).

With a standard cord, at the end of which the well-known USB-A plug (connectors of laptops, charger adapters), there are no difficulties. It is necessary to combine the equipment with both wire ends. Additional adapters to use there is no need.

But if the iPhone has recently been bought, then the Lightning-USB-C cable will have a cable. The USB type “C” on the TV housing is not provided. So, you need to resort to one of the options:

  • Buy additional Lightning-USB cable. Then it will be possible to connect in the future to any standard technique with conventional connectors. By the way, if the new iPhone was bought, which has no power supply, but there is a block from the previous version of the device, the method is also relevant. It will be cheaper to purchase a cable and charge through the existing adapter than to buy a new charging unit with a USB-C input.
  • If there is a regular USB-USB cable, you can purchase an adapter Lightning-USB OTG.

How to connect iPhone to TV

All methods of connecting a smartphone to a TV are divided into two categories. wired and wireless.

smart, connect, iphone, connection, phone

With the help of a cable

Using a cable, you can connect a smartphone directly to the TV without using any prefixes. You will need:

  • HDMI or VGA cable (depending on the connector that is on your TV. If there are both, it is better to take HDMI. the image quality will be higher);
  • for the iPhone 5 and above. an adapter from VGA/HDMI to Lightning;

This is a similar adapter, but for older iPhone models

Connect one end of the VGA/HDMI cable to the TV, and the other to the adapter. Insert the adapter cable into a smartphone. Turn on the TV and select the VGA or HDMI line in the Input menu (depending on what connection you used).

This connection is the simplest and does not require any special actions

USB connection

To connect the iPhone to a USB TV, you will need only two things-a regular USB-Lightning cable (or USB-30pin) from which you are charged and a TV with a USB connector.

USB connection does not allow you to broadcast the picture from the iPhone to TV. This type of conjugation only indicates the TV that you need to use a smartphone as a flash drive. This means that you can see the files downloaded in the storage of your iPhone. for example, photos or videos loaded from a media text. But to see the documents saved on iCloud or another cloud service will not work:

  • Connect the iPhone to TV using a cable.
  • Select a USB item as source in the TV menu.
  • Wait a few seconds while the devices are mating.

Wireless connection

It will be possible to connect to a TV without wires if a device that supports DLNA streaming is connected to your TV. These include Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire, as well as most of the Smart TV prefixes. To clarify whether your DLNA standard supports your device, refer to its specification or to the manufacturer.

This method is suitable for the iPhone 5s and above.

To connect to DLNA device, you need iPhone and the device are on one Wi-Fi network:

  • Download on the smartphone Allcast application. It is free.
  • Open the application and click in the lower left corner of the streaming icon. It will begin to scan the network for compatible devices.

Connect your phone to Tv (just with USB Cable method) ENGLISH VERSION

When the application completes the scan, you will see a list of devices available to connecting. or notification that such are not found

To Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV prefix, then you can broadcast from the phone on the AirPlay protocol, which provides a quick and stable data transfer. Like the previous method, it is suitable for the iPhone 5s and above. It is easy to connect to the prefix:

  • Make sure Apple TV and iPhone are connected to one Wi-Fi network. The prefix and the TV must be included.
  • Open the control point and click “Repeat of the screen”.

This default button is located at the control point

The search usually takes no more than 10 seconds

Features of connection to different TV models

All TV manufacturers have their own characteristics, so let’s clarify how to connect the iPhone to various models.


If you have Samsung Smart TV, then it is best to connect through the Mirror Cast for Samsung TV application. It was designed specifically for this manufacturer, so the connection is stable, and the bugs are minimized. Wired connection is carried out as usual.

Smart-TV by LG are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, so it is easiest to connect with a smartphone through the application, as described above. But first you need to install LG Smart the TV itself. The rest of the connection is standard.


Philips Smart-TV has a pre-installed AIRSCREEN application. If you accidentally removed it, restore it if you want to connect the iPhone without wires.

Wending connection to both Smart-TV and conventional TV from Philips is absolutely similar to the standard.


TVs from Hisense, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic and others do not have any special differences in terms of connecting to a smartphone. If there is DLNA support on the TV (and this is most modern models), then just connect it to Wi-Fi and use a third-party application, as described above. If there is no support for this standard, use the wires and select HDMI or VGA as a signal source for your TV.

There is nothing particularly complicated in the iPhone connection to the TV. If you have a relatively old TV, then you can use the usual adapter that you can buy in a large technique store. If the device is new, then hide by Wi-Fi.