What is a smart home: principle of operation and device Creating a project and assembly tips

Numerous engineering systems arranged by the common name “Smart Home” provide users with high level of comfort, safety. But there are hundreds of varieties of such equipment options, with solving fundamentally different tasks.

Let’s try to understand all the subtleties together and understand what is a smart home, and then proceed to practical steps to increase the comfort of living. Since expensive components do not leave places for mistakes.

Smart Home Observation System

The first thing that comes to mind is when you think about the automation of the house, it is to ensure the safety of your home and family. Especially if you see your home like a stuffing “smart” (and not very) electronics space. Therefore, it is very important to know what is happening inside your home and in its immediate surroundings, including when you yourself are somewhere outside the house.

There are many companies that offer smart cameras that will be able to follow your home in your absence, including ISmartAlarm, which is quite recently at CEDIA 2014 presented its new iCamera chamber. It has a resolution of 1280×720, and also has a night vision feature. In addition, it naturally contains motion and sound sensors. An interesting fact is that the camera can be used independently, without the need to include in a unified system of “smart home”. The main advantage of the camera compared to competitors is the storage function. ICamera has a USB port that allows you to connect a local information storage, such as a powerful terabyte disk. There is such a chamber of 149, which corresponds to the middle of the price range for such devices.

Or, as an option, you can use the “smart” HD-camera of the company withings, which will soon be on sale. This camera does not only look good and has all the necessary environmental control sensors, but also allows you to see what is happening at home from anywhere. The system has a function of a live recording, and you can see what happens in the house through a mobile application, you can also increase the image in order to consider details. The camera has a function of sending automatic alert if there is something different from the ordinary order in the house. Chamber price. 200 euros.

Results of the review of smart houses

The concept of fashionable smart housing has already become a reality. Therefore, every owner of the house or apartment will be able to find the appropriate option. What kind of smart home to choose? Since the for such sets are constantly decreasing, and there are no problems with the purchase of products from different firms, there are practically no restrictions.

What kind of smart home system to choose: an overview of the best kits of intellectuals

If the owners want the system to be high-quality and durable, they are recommended to give preference to more expensive models of well-known manufacturers. Those interested in fully ready-made kits available in almost all regions of Russia, one of the best decisions will be a smart home from Rostelecom. If the owners of real estate want to get a small, but the most reliable set, they better pay attention to Xiaomi products.

When the main thing when buying savings, then the range is significantly expanding due to Chinese products. Since their characteristics are often absolutely identical, then the landmark will be only reviews for goods of this or that firm will be. In this case, quite a long time to collect information. But to achieve the goal. the purchase of a worthy set. they can still donate.

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About what kind of smart home system to choose, will tell the next popular video:

Planning a “smart home

Before you challenge to buy those interesting devices that we describe below, it is necessary to plan everything in advance and determine your goals. To do this, make a brief list of your actions.

Determine your goals. What do you want to control your home on the phone and check the temperature of the bathroom from any corner of the planet, or you are somewhat more modest in your desires? Write in detail that ideally you want to get. The right approach. Start small, but know what you want to get at the end is a key factor in the successful completion of the project. Try to understand what you will be most useful. Start, for example, from the security system. Or here are some other examples.System “Vacation”. Pressing one button on the keyboard and the heating will be disconnected, the security system will be in “Enabled” mode, and the lighting will be included in the evening in a certain order to simulate the availability of people at home. Or the mode in which, in the case of a call to the front door, the image of the caller comes to your phone, and you get the possibilities of bilateral conversation with it. And you can decide whether to open him remotely door (and then locked after it is care).

Select Standard for home automation. In principle, you can use any. The main thing to decide to select the desired devices. X10 and Insteon are now dominated. Both are easy, x10. Some cheaper, and Insteon can work with a large amount of data.

Types of devices for intelligent house

When going to make your home “smart”, it is necessary to have the concept of at least the most sought-after and affordable systems:

  • Air conditioning equipment. It adjusts heating and air conditioning in the premises, taking into account the presence / absence of people in them and weather conditions.
  • Lighting devices. Includes and turns off the light automatically by the presence or absence of people. Sets the level of illumination based on the state of natural lighting. Allows you to implement various scenarios for a comfortable stay in the house, depending on the specific circumstances. work, rest, sleep, reception.
  • Safety instrument. Protects housing from unauthorized access, fire, flooding, gas leaks.
  • Energy Saving and Energy Systems. Manages devices connected to the power grid, distributes the load based on the download.

In the system of smart home there are three key elements: controllers, sensors, actuators. The latter includes relays, drives. electric and solenoid.

To control the system, except for the smartphone, use the remote controls, touch panels.

With the help of a smartphone, you can control and control almost all processes in the house, being very far from it

Smart devices: pros and cons

Any technology has pros and cons. Smart home is also no exception. The advantages of these systems include:

  • Maximum convenience. All equipment in the house will be programmed exactly as it is necessary to its owners.
  • Easy installation and easy equipment setup. You can enable a large number of devices.
  • Full housing safety.

Chief plus “independent” system. savings. Air conditioners, lighting and thermostats can be monitored to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

If we consider disadvantages, then it applies to them:

  • High price: Some smart devices are still very expensive;
  • The relative reliability of the system, since the work of a smart home completely depends on the Internet connection.

The last “stumbling block” is the complexity of setting up and management for people who have not come across such work and such devices.

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Pros win or minuses? Since devices for a smart home are interested in an increasing number of people, it can be concluded that the shortcomings of systems for household owners and apartments are not serious.

Is the installation of a “smart home“?

Installing the system, you can save well in the future on utility bills. But the arrangement of automation costs. Specialized companies take up to 50% of the cost of equipment. On average, installing full-fledged engineering automation software SMART HOUSE technology turnkey for small houses begins from 150 thousand. rubles and can reach a million. It all depends on the project, budget and wishes of the buyer.

If you independently approach the installation of a “smart home”, then you need to have a luggage of knowledge in programming, electrical engineering, understand the principles of building automation subsystems and work algorithms.

Thanks to different manufacturers and constant innovations, you can find any sensors or choose exactly the automation that matches your budget.

Why do he need it

Everything is obvious: to make your life easier and better. Smart home is Stihl and substantial savings.

Let’s start with peace. If experiences are about everything in the light of the usual thing for you, the smart home will help get rid of at least those alarms that are connected with your apartment. Did not turn off the iron? Not trouble, send the command to the smart outlet, it will be de-energized. Afraid that launched before leaving the house washing machine failed and arranged the neighbors from the bottom of the water park? It’s OK. If it really happens, you will instantly inform the leakage sensor.

What is the result: you worry less because of non-existent problems and free the brain from unnecessary reflections. Check how the houses are at home, you can at any time with a smartphone.

Now about savings. Many this advantage of a smart home will probably seem doubtful. Say, what else saving, when you need to buy several sensors, sockets and camcons? Believe, tangible. Take the same clever socket. she knows how to track how much energy consumes the device connected to it. As a result, you can calculate the most voracious devices and decent to save accounts. And how much money you will save if the leakage sensor announces the starting focus on time, and it is difficult to submit.

In general, a smart home. an undertaking that fully justifies. Life without unnecessary alarms worth it much more expensive than a few sensors and sockets.

How to assemble a smart home

Select Controller

Dozens of different systems of smart home are available on the market, which differ from each other at the price, ecosystem devices and scaling capabilities. Choose based on these parameters.

Solutions with affordable price tag are most popular, extensive base of supported devices and friendly community. In Russia, among all other, the following systems are allocated.


A famous Chinese brand has several hubs in the form of outlets, individual devices, as well as special versions with support for certain platforms, such as Apple Homekit.

The main advantages of the smart home Xiaomi are the largest ecosystem of devices and the best price and quality ratio. Among the minuses. a binding to Chinese and services.


Relatively affordable domestic development with not a very extensive family of smart devices. The latter is partly compensated by the possibility of scaling due to components operating on the distributed Z-Wave protocol.

The advantages of Rubatek can be attributed to even the official, but integration with Apple Homekit right out of the box, as well as Russian-speaking support.


The smart home of the Russian Internet giant does not boast a large number of branded devices. In addition to the column there is only a light bulb, a socket and a remote. But the decision “Yandex” has support for sensors and third-party devices, including Xiaomi, Rubatek, Samsung, Redmond and Philips.

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The indisputable advantages of the system are excellent voice management in Russian, as well as the possibility of using as a gateway not only Yandex.Stations “, but also any gadget with Alice. for example, a smartphone with Yandex app. True, nothing will work without the Internet.

Raspberry PI

complex, but flexibly customizable and affordable option, assuming the Raspberry PI platform of the Raspberry PI platform of the Raspberry Pi platform or other software hub.

Due to the installation of plug-ins and physical modules of the “Malinka” extension allows you to add support for almost any communication and device protocols. However, you have to dig with the command line, to study the documentation and, possibly, even write a few lines of code.

Decide with a set of sensors

To make your home smarter, you will need sockets, lamps, various sensors and other devices. Start better with small. basic components that are sold along with a hub. Such supplies are most beneficial for most manufacturers.

If the understanding of the requirements for a smart home has developed at the implementation stage, you can immediately purchase all the necessary sensors and devices for automation. However, this is not necessarily at all, since any platforms are easily scaled within their ecosystem.

Install and turn on components

All modern systems operate on wireless communication channels, so they are easy to mount without prejudice to the repair and design of the dwelling.

Most elements do not require electrical connection and operate from lithium batteries, which is enough for about a year. Small modules are attached to double-sided adhesive, the devices are more larger in the outlet or mounted on the wall of screws.

The procedure is extremely simple and takes a couple of minutes. All you need to do is follow the instructions. In some cases, before fastening the components, you need to scan the QR code on the reverse side using the branded application.

Set up the system

As a rule, all settings are carried out via a mobile application that is loaded by QR code. To add a hub and other components, follow the prompts. You usually click on the device on the device and select it in the application from the list.

After connecting, select the Wi-Fi network and specify the location of the current device in the house.

Add automation scripts

Just include and disable outlet or lamps are not interested. So that the system really justifies the title of smart, it is necessary to configure the action scenarios that will be launched under specified conditions.

This is usually a special automation tab in the application or a separate item in each device menu. All scenarios work on the principle of simple logic: if (condition) → then (action). Conditions can be somewhat. For example, when the room is dark and the motion sensor works, the night light turns on.

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