Call panel Dahua DHI-VTO2111D-WP


Calling IP panel DHI-VTO2111D-WP is applicable to work together with Dahua IP intercoms or stand-alone. A distinctive feature of the device is the built-in wireless Wi-Fi communication module, which greatly facilitates installation and configuration, although, if necessary, the panel can be wired to the network. In the case of autonomous operation, the Call panel, when called, sends a push notification to a smartphone with a preinstalled application via the Cloud Server. This application allows you to receive video images from the panel camera, establish two-way audio communication with it and issue a command to open the door. This review is devoted specifically to the autonomous use of the device. The methods of connection and configuration as part of the intercom system are completely identical to those described in the article “Dahua IP intercoms”.


Calling panel DHI-VTO2111D-WP. Installation bracket. Fasteners. Rubber plug. Allen key. Connection loops. Instructions.


DHI-VTO2111D-WP connection diagram

The diagram shows the difference between the methods of connecting magnetic and mechanical electric locks. To operate the panel, a 12 V DC power supply is required. We recommend a power supply of at least 2 A, since you need to power not only the panel itself, but also the lock controlled by it. Also, this Call panel can be powered using POE technology. Connect the power supply to the red and black pins of the ringer according to the markings on the back of the case. After power is applied, the outdoor panel starts launching the built-in operating system, which can take up to one minute, and checking the communication lines. While searching for a wireless network, the LED illumination of the call button on the front side starts blinking rapidly (assuming a previously established wireless connection). The transition from blinking to constant light means a successfully established connection and full readiness for work. If you do not have the ability to organize a wireless network, Connect the panel to an Ethernet network with Internet access, according to the diagram.

Setting up

Launch DMSS lite app.

The display page will open. To add a panel enter the device list.

Click on the plus to add a new device.

Select a method to connect your new device. “Wi-Fi”. If the outdoor panel is already connected to the network. choose P2P.

Enter the name under which it will be convenient for you to see the panel in your application. You can add a panel only by specifying its serial number. You can enter the number manually using the On-Screen Keyboard, or scan a barcode or QR code with your mobile device’s camera. The serial number and code are indicated on the back of the camcorder and, in some cases, on the packaging.

Click on the QR code symbol at the end of the serial number entry period and I will bring the lens of the mobile device to the sticker on the back of the panel case. Having read the QR code, the application will substitute the serial number of the video camera in the line. The default user is admin. The default password is admin. PUSH notifications: must be enabled. Audio: if enabled. the application will not make video communication with the panel. This option can be useful if your Internet connection is slow. Click Next.

After checking if there is an active connection to the Wi-Fi network, the DMSS application will display the network name. Enter the password for connecting to the wireless network so that the application can transfer it to the video panels. Click Next.

Bring your mobile device closer to the panel. The connection may take some time. If the call button on the front side of the devices is permanently lit in blue, this means that the process of connecting the panel to your wireless network is complete.

The door station has been successfully added to the application. Click “Display”.

Now you can view the video images transmitted by the panel.

To watch the video in the best quality, click on the right symbol at the bottom of the smartphone screen.

When you press the call button on the door station, a PUSH notification will be sent to your mobile device. If the panel is connected to the intercom, then in parallel with this there will be a call on the intercom.

To start a conversation, press the center key representing a handset.

Click on the lock to open the door.

The event log and the archive of snapshots and videos saved on the phone are available through the menu.

Saving videos and snapshots is available in the Playback window. the keys are indicated by images of a camcorder and a photo camera.

Stopping video recording is performed with the same key as starting recording.

Additional settings

Most of the settings for the DHI-VTO2111D-WP outdoor panel are not available through the mobile application. The easiest way To access these settings. connect to the web interface of the outdoor panel using a personal computer. To do this, you need to know the IP addresses that the panel received when connected to your wireless network. This can be done using the free Dahua Config Tools software, or via the web interface of your Wi-Fi router. In case of a wired connection, the default IP addresses are “”.

Enter IP addresses in the address term of the internet browser. In some cases, activated add-ons block access to the panel, for example, the Yandex Bar add-on automatically searches the Internet for the entered IP address. We recommend disabling these add-ons. To view the video through the lens of the door station, you need to use Internet Explorer, since only the necessary plug-in can be installed on it. In the Windows 10 operating system, Internet Explorer can only be launched manually, and it is located along this path: Drive C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore.Exe “.

Further work with the panel is described in the article Dahua IP intercoms.

Advantages and disadvantages


Autonomy. Easy setup using your smartphone. Send push notifications to your smartphone. Fully compatible with Dahua IP intercoms. Compatible with network video devices. Wireless (Wi-Fi) and / or wired internet access. Built-in access control by contactless cards.


Lack of motion recording. English-language menu when configuring via the web interface.

First you need to initialize the devices and create an account

To do this, use the VDP Config program, via the web interface at the standard IP address, or via the gDMSS application (for Android), iDMSS (for iOS).

During initialization, set a password for the door station and an email address to reset the password if you forget it or to reset the device to factory settings.

Check the box to automatically download updates for the device to work correctly.

Setting up the outdoor panel network

In the “Network settings” section, “Basic” submenu, you need to specify the basic network settings (IP address, subnet mask, gateway) depending on the connection method. LAN or Wi-Fi. In the future, this IP-address will be the main address of the Sip server, to which the intercom will connect and receive calls.

SIP Server configuration (menu “Network settings”, submenu “Sip server”):

By default, SIP Server is enabled. When the SIP server is enabled, the input fields for Server type, IP addresses, Port, Username, Password, SIP domain, SIP server username, SIP server password will be inactive. If you want to assign static IP addresses to the SIP server, Uncheck the activity, enter the IP address you assigned in the network settings of the outdoor panel, enter the password from the device, which will be the password for the SIP server and re-activate the SIP server, after which the device will reboot.

Setting the call numbers of the Local Settings menu in the General submenu:

“VTO No.” call panel number 8001 (default).

“House call number”. SIP account number for intercom / mobile phone / softphone or second SIP device 9901 (default). This number can be changed to another; to dial this number, a SIP account must be created.

“Concierge Room”. SIP account number for the intercom / mobile phone / softphone or the second SIP device 888888 (by default) to which the Call panel will call at the specified time interval, or constantly (the time interval for a permanent call is 00:00:00. 23:59: 59). This number can be changed to another one, to dial this number a SIP account must be created.

The option works when the checkbox is active. The call panel can call to the number “House call number” or to the number “Concierge number” simultaneous call to these numbers is not possible.

“Group calls”. group calls are active by default. The main intercom has a SIP account number 9901 # 0, additional intercoms 9901 # 1, 9901 # 2, 9901 # 3, 9901 # 4, 9901 # 5, 9901 # 6, 9901 # 7, 9901 # 8, 9901 # 9, 9901 # 10. If you need to use 1 intercom. you need to uncheck “Group Call”, the main intercom will have the number 9901.

If the default settings are changed, you need to save the new settings by clicking on “Confirm”, restart the device using the “Restart” button.

Checking the operation of the SIP server in the “Subscriber settings” menu in the “VTO No. Management” submenu:

Parameter value “VTO No.” 8001 (default).

The value of the “IP Address” parameter must always match the address of the outdoor panel. If the Call panel has an IP address of, then the value of this parameter should be If the value of this parameter differs from the address of the outdoor panel. The SIP server will NOT work. After rebooting the outdoor panel, the SIP server should start working, check the values ​​of the “IP addresses” parameter after rebooting.

Next, you need to carry out the initial configuration of the DHI-VTH5221DW-S2 doorphone.

Connect it to the mains supply through the power supply or via PoE technology from the switch. Turn on the intercom.

To enter the network settings menu, SIP server, etc. Press the “Settings” button for 8 seconds until the password entry window appears. Enter the password you created. And you will enter the network settings menu.

Setting up the main intercom:

The main doorphone number (SIP account number) can be set in the Config. VTH “in the” Room no. “, Type” Main. »(Main doorphone), confirm the setting with” OK “.

If “Group calls” are disabled in the parameters of the door station, the main intercom can have the number 9901, 9902 and so on.

If “Group calls” are enabled in the parameters of the door station, the main doorphone can have the number 9901 # 0.

SIP Server configuration:

SIP server address, SIP server port, password for the account on the SIP server can be set in the “SIP Server” menu in the “Server IP” parameter (SIP server IP address (IP addresses of the door station)), “vto port” (SIP port server, 5060 by default), “register pairs” (password of the SIP account (123456 by default, if a different password is set. You must enter it manually), “Domain name” must be entered in the same way as in the settings of the door station, the name is admin and the next password must be entered here on the outdoor panel, then it will turn on the “ON” status, confirm the setting with the “OK” button;

If the intercom DOES NOT connect to the SIP server, you must set the status “OFF”, click on the “OK” button, set the status “ON”, click on the “OK” button. Reboot your device.

Connection to the main and additional outdoor panel to open the lock:

“Name” (login of the main outdoor panel (admin) to enter the web interface), “Password” (password from the main outdoor panel to enter the web interface), set the status to “ON”;

If the intercom is NOT connected to the outdoor panel, you must set the status “OFF”, set the status “ON”.

Hikvision door station setup

And yes, it didn’t seem like it’s a multi-subscriber call with face recognition DS-KD9613- (F) E6.

Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

Only a master card is included with the call. Everything, no instructions, booklets and other (unnecessary) pieces were there.

DS-KABD9613-G. Mounting base of the outdoor panel. As we have already informed, it is not included in the package. This is for sale on our second floor.

The second generation of video intercom has a more presentable and modern design in comparison with the first. And multi-drop callout is NOT an exception.

Let’s even compare visually.

Can you believe this is a multi-apartment callout? It’s just an orgasm for the esthete. And the novelty of 2020 is in demand, we are just sure of that. Your customers will appreciate, and feel free to suggest already.

Also, if you have previously installed IP. Hikvision video intercom. This is not a problem as this Call Room works with all Hikvision IP intercom. (Like)

setting, hikvision, call, panel

Let’s move on to the functionality of the novelty. She conquered us with more than one appearance.

Two 2-HD-megapixel camera, with an ultra-wide angle lens, and infrared lights hardware WDR, all this will unmatched image quality, and built-in microphone and speaker has another filter noise and echo. Everything you need for perfect sound.

An opportunity that no one expected. 10-inch touch screen with 600×1024 resolution can serve for displaying advertisements.

In total, you can set up to 5 images, indicated the time interval for switching between them and defining the display schedule (newfangled LCDs will now be spam only on the vibe).

The whole thing is configured through the long-familiar iVMS-4200.

Impressive Isn’t it?

How about opening the door with a QR code? Yes Easy.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the speed of face recognition even at a great distance (up to 3 meters without any hiccups at all). It is also possible to adjust the recognition interval, which cannot but please.

If you still think that with the help of a photo it is possible to deceive the device and open the door, then you shouldn’t. The Deep learning algorithm in this outdoor panel does not let itself be fooled.

The panel comes with a built-in Mifare card reader, but it also supports connecting additional via RS-485.

And the setup has become even easier, now everything can be done on the spot WITHOUT leaving the device using the GUI. To do this, you need to open the on-screen keyboard and enter # 777. Unlock, and voila! You are on the menu.

On the device itself, you can edit the user library, as well as add new ones using the built-in camera and more. But still, we recommend that you configure with IVMS.4200.

If you have SIP configured in your office. And you loved this Callout. Buy it safely, it supports SIP to make calls to IP phones.

The presence of a USB interface allows you to import / export data from a USB flash drive (sort of), but you are unlikely to be able to connect a WI-FI adapter, modem, keyboard, gamepad or printer.

Let’s sum up what we have for a modest 1200?

Multi-apartment, multifunctional door station with face recognition, fingerprint scanner and card reader, in a metal case, with a degree of protection IP65, which is capable of operating at temperatures from 30 ° C to 60 ° C.

Simplicity of installation and high performance make the system a universal solution for any project.

Be sure to need the DS-KABD9613-G mounting base for the DS-KD9613 series panel.

The line includes models without a fingerprint scanner (DS-DS-KD9613-E6).

Hikvision door station setup

Remote access to Hikvision and HiWatch cameras and recorders can be implemented in the following ways.

1) If a white (public) static IP is used, then configure port forwarding 80554 and 8000 on the router (we recommend disabling uPnP)

2) If using a gray IP, then the only way to configure access. P2p service Hik-Connect, remote viewing and remote viewing of the archive is possible. Cloud recording does not occur.

Russian server addresses:

For intercom.

IVMS 4200

Instructions for versions and higher

Instructions The following was done for versions and higher

Flashing cameras and everything connected with it

You can update the firmware through the web interface of the device, like a regular router, or through the client software IVMS-4200.

The update must be done sequentially. 5.1.X. 5.2.X. 5.3.X. 5.4.X

From firmware 5.3.X to 5.2.X and from 5.4.X to 5.3.X it will NOT work.

You can rollback the firmware (for example) from 5.3.8 to 5.3.3 using TFTP, from 5.3.8 to 5.2.0 you CANNOT rollback!

Re-flashing registrars everything connected with it

We recommend updating through the client software IVMS-4200 or the BatchConfigTool utility

RTSP links

RTSP links

Basic and universal link for IP cameras, NVR and DVR: rtsp: // admin: 12345@ 554 / ISAPI / Streaming / Channels / 101 where: rtsp. type of protocol used admin. account name 12345. password of the account used Camera IP address 554. RTSP port of the camera (by default 554, can be changed in the settings) 101. This is 1 camera 1 stream 201. This is 2 cameras 1 stream102. This is 1 camera 2 stream

IP channels HD-TVI recorders 7204.501 601; 7208.9011001; 7X16. 1701 1801 etc.

For outdoor panels:

Rtsp: // admin: 12345@ 554 / Streaming / Channels / 101

Outdated links: rtsp: // admin: 12345 @ IP cameras: 554 / mpeg4 / ch01 / main / av_stream receiving stream from the first channel rtsp: // admin: 12345 @ IP cameras: 554 / mjpeg / ch1 / sub / av_stream receiving mjpeg stream from the second stream. The firmware must support mjpeg on the second stream.


Only camera sub-stream can be converted to MJPEG.

List of tested HDD and SD cards. How to view a device in a browser

For Windows

To view via the web, you need to install the Web Components plugin

  • Instructions for setting up browsing in Firefox
  • In Internet Explorer, under Internet Options-Advanced, allow third-party plugins to run.
  • In Chrome and browsers based on it, for example, Yandex browser, the developers have disabled support for third-party NAPI plugins. For this reason, you will need to install the IE Tabs extension. Instructions for setting up viewing in Chrome
  • Plugin does not work in Opera
  • Plugin doesn’t work in Safari

For macOSX

Use iVMS-4200 client for macosx

Intercom. Before setting, update the device firmware to the latest versions.

After updating, be sure to do a full reset of the device settings.

To work with the first generation of devices Use the client iVMS-4200

To set up the second generation of intercom, download the current version

The setting must be done in English. You can change the language to Russian after.

Second generation of devices:

Intercoms: DS-KH6320- (W) TE1, DS-KH8350- (W) TE1, DS-KH8520- (W) TE1

Outdoor panels (V series): DS-KV6113- (W) PE1, DS-KV8X13-WME1 and doorbell DS-KV6103-PE1

Modular outdoor panel DS-KD8003-IME1

You can download the firmware here

The first generation of intercoms was represented by models:

Intercoms: DS-KH6210, DS-KH6310- (W, L), DS-KH8301- (WT), DS-KH8300-T

Outdoor panels (V series): DS-KV8X02-IM, DS-KV8102-VP (IP)

Multi-Station Outdoor Panels (D series): DS-KD3002-VM, DS-KD8002-VM, DS-KD8102-V

You can download the latest firmware for the listed devices here

Hikvision door station setup

What is IP intercom ?

In fact, this is the same analog intercom, but which is connected to your local network with a twisted pair cable or via Wi-Fi connection.

And most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to see through the Internet who came to you, you can also talk to the guest, open the door remotely if you have an electric lock installed in your system.

What is the cost of installation and configuration services ?

Installation and configuration work starts from 1000 UAH.

You can buy intercom systems yourself from Svittem

What does the IP intercom complex consist of? ?

The outdoor IP panel is what stands near your entrance from the street, for example, a gate to your house, or a door to an entrance. It has a call button, a microphone with a speaker and, most importantly, a camera with IR illumination for the dark.

The IP intercom itself, usually installed in your house, is a monitor that shows the camera from the door station and transmits sound. Also has a button to open an electro-mechanical or electro-magnetic lock.

How much does an IP intercom kit cost? ?

The approximate price of such equipment: intercom, outdoor panel, ROE switch, electro-mechanical lock, 7000 UAH.

Is it possible to install an IP intercom instead of the old analog ?

Yes, there is such an opportunity under the condition of a normal 8-core twisted pair cable that is laid from the intercom to the outdoor panel. Next, your old intercom with the outdoor panel is removed. A 4-core twisted pair cable supplies power and an interface through the ROE switch to the new IP outdoor panel. The remaining 4 wires supply 12 volts with a quality power supply to your lock, if it has a separate cable, that’s even better. Further, the IP intercom is connected with a twisted pair to the same ROE switch as the panel. Then the switch connects to the router, that is, to the Internet. It is possible to connect via Wi-Fi, with a good signal.

Naturally, before all these actions, the equipment is stitched and configured among themselves !

IP intercom will work when the Internet is lost ?

Yes of course. After the Internet starts working, you can see all events remotely. The intercom has a place for a 32 gigabyte memory card.

What IP Intercoms Installing ?

I prefer intercom systems from Hikvision.

How to view events from the door station via the Internet ?

Through apps in your Android and iOS mobile phone. No static IP address required !

Is it possible to add a camera from the door station to the video surveillance system ?

Yes, this can be done provided that your DVR supports adding an IP camera, and it is desirable that it also be from the manufacturer Hikvision.

The outdoor panel is autonomous, without an intercom ?

Comments, The outdoor panel can work mainly only in conjunction with an intercom. Although there are stand-alone ones that can be connected to a smartphone. That is, the call will go to your and another phone to which you give access.

Several doorphones from one outdoor panel are working ?

We already have experience, it is possible to do this. For example, a three-storey house with an intercom on each floor. You just need to remember that the main master intercom is one, and there is a memory card in it, and the rest are slaves. They are called, you can talk and open the door !

Intercom operation from multiple outdoor panels ?

The question is quite difficult, and here’s why. For this business, hybrid intercoms are used, or, in other words, an ordinary analog intercom in which they made a connector for a twisted pair and gave some IP settings, as usually these manufacturers are NOT popular because of the quality. And especially not happy about their price.

Where is it applicable? often this happens in new buildings, fashionable outdoor panels are installed on the ground floor, and residents are offered to choose an analog or IP intercom. But people want to have a call panel near their apartment, not only below, but most importantly, to see what is happening. And according to experience, such a system works best of all, from the panel on the first floor, an ordinary budget analog intercom with a memory card, and near your apartment, an IP panel and an IP intercom connected to your Internet.

Why do I need two monitors near the door inside the dwelling? I agree, only the price of one (I don’t want to name the brand) is almost twice as expensive.

And the most important thing is that with one intercom, in the case of IP, the lower Call panel works more often via SIP, that is, the Internet in the house is lost and the bottom will NOT call you on the intercom !

Under certain conditions, it is possible to make a call to the mobile in the installed application from the lower outdoor panel, but this depends on the manufacturer and service, which is used in a multi-storey building.

Put ordinary budget intercoms without IP ?

Yes We install, but the price of the issue is equal to the price of the intercom, and most importantly, the quality of visibility in it !

Consultation on installation and setting up the intercom is free within 15 minutes !

Do you want to ask? Then go to the forum!

I tell a lot of interesting things in my group on.

Intercom setup

Everyone knows that such a dark entrance, strangers sleeping in it, heaps of garbage, and not only, remain after them. Stealing rugs, light bulbs, etc. Combination locks and analogue intercoms came to the rescue. Now you can see such equipment at the entrance to almost every house. But people do not stop thinking about the safety of their apartments, houses, because they are NOT alone living in high-rise buildings. Therefore, intercoms have become widely demanded in every apartment. At first, analog intercoms provided only audio communication, then a slight technological advance made it possible for people to see the person outside the door. In modern reality, there are digital IP intercoms. They are thinner, sleeker and much more functional. They also make it possible to connect to them IP cameras, electronic locks, security systems, etc. Another advantage of the IP intercom is that it is possible to remotely access and control it through a smartphone or laptop. You can also install a memory card, and the intercom will record the messages left and pictures of people who came to you.

IP intercom. it is the most modern and high-tech device among intercom systems, using a digital data transmission network for data transmission. local area network, Wi-Fi or internet.

But the more modern and multifunctional the intercom, the more difficult it is to set up. Therefore, now, using the example of the Dahua VTH5221DW intercom, the Dahua VTO2111D-WP outdoor panel and the Dahua IPC-HDPW4221FP-W IP camera, set up the connection between These devices. Since this equipment is mainly installed by people at the very end, when the repair in the apartment (house) has already been done, in order to reduce various connections, cables, we will configure these devices so that information is transmitted via a Wi-Fi network. But still, each of the devices, be it an intercom or a camera, needs electricity. Since there is no need to pull the twisted pair to them, you can power it from the nearest outlet.

Before you start installing such equipment, you need to buy a Wi-Fi router or router, and connect a good, high-speed Internet. Place it in the apartment (house) so that there is good signal coverage in the place where the intercom, outdoor panel and camera will be installed. If at the initial stage this is not done, then the picture may freeze both on the camera and on the calling panel.

Step aside a little from the topic of installation and configuration and get acquainted with the characteristics of this provided equipment, namely:

IP intercom Dahua VTH5221DW

DH-VTH5221D. This is an IP video intercom equipped with a 7-inch capacitive display with a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels. At any time during a conversation with a visitor, you can take a picture and save it to a memory card. Through such a device, you can make video calls to other residents if a similar system is installed in them, and it is possible to maintain two-way audio communication with visitors remotely from a smartphone.


  • 7 “capacitive touchscreen, 1024×600 pixels.
  • Working with IP video cameras
  • Connecting alarm sensors
  • Micro SD up to 32GB
  • Video and photo recording
  • Wi-Fi

Call panel Dahua VTO2111D-WP


  • 1/4 “CMOS camera
  • Viewing angle 105 °
  • Day / Night (ICR)
  • Voice guidance
  • Supports work without monitor, call to mobile application
  • Wi-Fi

Calling IP panel DHI-VTO2111D-WP is applicable to work together with Dahua IP intercoms or stand-alone. A distinctive feature of the device is the built-in wireless Wi-Fi communication module, which greatly facilitates installation and configuration, although, if necessary, the panel can be wired to the network. In the case of autonomous operation, the Call panel, when called, sends a push notification to a smartphone with a preinstalled application via the Cloud Server. This application allows you to receive video images from the panel camera, establish two-way audio communication with it and issue a command to open the door.

Dahua IP Camera IPC-HDPW4221FP-W

IP camera. is a digital video camera, a feature of which is the transmission of a video stream in digital format over an Ethernet network using the IP protocol.

As a network device, each IP camera on the network has its own IP address.

Users of IP cameras can use both standard web browsers and special software for network video surveillance, which usually comes with the camera, when working with IP cameras.

Note that each user, depending on the camera settings and his personal and network security policy, can set access to video data from an IP camera. And also vice versa, cameras can be openly accessible for all network users, such as in the case of shared network cameras from some public places of visit or world famous attractions.


Model: DH-IPC-HDPW4221FP-W (2.8 mm) Wi-Fi Manufacturer: Dahua Installation: Outdoor, indoor Video compression: H.264 / H.264B / H.264H / MJPEG Matrix: 1 / 2.7 “progressive scan CMOS Resolution : 2 MP, 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) Sensitivity: 0.01 Lux / F2.0 Lens: 2.8 mm, viewing angle 120˚ IR distance: 20 meters Power / consumption: DC 12V / 5W Protection class: IP66 Size : 106 x 50mm

Back to setting up devices.

I carefully read all the characteristics of the equipment provided, you can see that all of them can be connected via Wi-Fi.

The diagram below shows how information is exchanged between intercom devices, outdoor panel, camera, router and your smartphone. And also registered examples of addresses with which devices can “communicate”. To be clear, this is just an example of network addresses. You can use either the address shown in the diagram or any others, but remember, all devices must be on the same subnet with the router, the address must be static and remember about the conflict of IP addresses.

Next, we turn to the most interesting, to configure each of the devices separately, using the diagram provided above.

Let’s start with the door station. Connect a 12V 1A power supply and an Ethernet cable to it. Using a specialized program that is freely available. ConfigTool, we need it to detect the panel, go to the panel’s web interface.

  • Install WEB-plugins Which the browser offers to install. They enable online viewing of video from the camera on the door station.
  • Then, using the standard username admin and password admin, proceed to setting up the panel.
  • Then go to the SystemConfig ® Wi-Fiinfo tab and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Then go to the NetworkConfig®Wi-Fi tab and write

Default Gateway:

Click OK and proceed to camera setup.

Similarly to the outdoor panel, we connect to the camera using a 12V 1A power supply and an Ethernet cable. We go to the camera’s WEB interface and immediately go to the Network tab, go to the Wi-Fi settings, similarly to the call panel, we connect to our Wi-Fi network.

  • Next, click on the TCP / IP tab. We register the settings there:

Next, we will configure the port on which the data transfer will occur. To do this, go to the Connection tab. In the line HTTP port write 8080.

Click Save, and proceed to setting up the intercom.

IP intercom Dahua VTH5221DW is configured without using the WEB interface. At the beginning, connect the 12V 1A power supply and wait for the intercom to load. Once the device has booted up, you can start setting up.

To access the network settings menu, press and hold the Setting button until the password entry window appears. Standard password. 888888.

  • Go to the Network®WLAN tab and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, go to the WireLessIP tab and write
  • Click OK.
  • Next, go to the VTOSet tab to add our outdoor panel.
  • We register the settings:

VTO ​​IP Address:

We finished setting up the outdoor panel, if we followed all the steps and did NOT have any problems, then the panel icon (in the upper right corner) should have disappeared, which means that the connection panel.

Let’s move on to adding a camera to the intercom. We return to the initial page by clicking on the “House”.

Click on the Monitor®IPC button and enter the settings:

User name: admin

And click OK.

That’s it, the setup is complete. I repeat, if there were NO questions during setup, the Call panel and the camera are connected to the intercom.

Connecting the Hikvision DS-KV6113-WPE1 and DS-KH6320-WTE1 intercom kit

In this article we will be connecting the Hikvision intercom kit which includes:

CCTV camera Hikvision DS-2CD2523G0-IS

To connect and configure, we need a PoE switch (for example, Dahua DH-PFS3006-4ET-60), Hikvision SADP Tool utilities and a couple of patch cords.

Connect the intercom panel and camera to the PoE switch, and the PoE switch itself to the Internet router.

Install and run the Hikvision SADP Tool utility and see our 3 devices with the Inactive status.

This status tells us that the devices are connecting for the first time or reset to factory settings.

We need to activate each device according to the instructions.

After activation, the statuses on the devices will change to Active.

All subsequent configuration is performed from the intercom screen in 4 steps.

Choose the language Russian. Click Nex

We activate the DHCP checkbox (after 1-2 seconds it will come back. This is normal). Click Next

If you have one intercom, press. Following

Mark the found panel and click Finish.

This completes the connection of the outdoor panel to the intercom.

Setting up a call to a smartphone.

First you need to enable the Hik-Connect service.

We go in. Settings. . Settings for the Hik-Connect service, enable the service and check the status. Connected.

After that, go to the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone, click Add device

We scan the QR code located at the bottom of the screen of the settings menu of the Hik-Connect intercom service (or pasted on the intercom itself)

Further. Add to

Enter the confirmation code specified in the settings menu of the Hik-Connect intercom service, click. OK.

Through the mobile application, you can communicate with the visitor and open the door.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, write to chat or call our technical support.