Setting up the calling panel Hikvision ds kd8003

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    The main purpose of Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1

    Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 outdoor call panel, weatherproof, is designed for outdoor or indoor use. The Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 outdoor panel is used in conjunction with network video intercoms to conduct two-way conversations with a visitor, open the lock, call one subscriber and broadcast video in real time to the intercom. An additional feature is support for connecting up to 8 expansion modules to increase panel functions.



    Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 is a network color outdoor panel for 1 subscriber with a fisheye camera.

    A state-of-the-art HD CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2 Mp main stream (1920×1080) or 480p sub stream (720×480) produces crisp low-light video. When transmitted, the signal lends itself to video compression in the H.264 standard.

    The focus of the lens is fixed with a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees horizontally and 96 degrees vertically.

    In the dark, the IR illumination is turned on. Automatic changeover to day or night operation is carried out.

    Simple connection of electric locks is carried out to 2 output contacts of the relay.

    Alarms, a magnetic door sensor or an exit button are connected to the 4 alarm inputs. Tamper protection is necessary to prevent the panel from being dismantled or tampered with.

    The device is equipped with interfaces for configuration, RS-485 and Ethernet (10M / 100 Mbps).

    IP65 weather rated device manufactured in black.

    The video panel is mounted on a wall or other convenient place using a special frame, in an overhead or cut-in way.


    Main features of Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1

    Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 is specially made for work with IP video intercom of this company. The call is made using 1 mechanical button. Near the button, which is highlighted, indicates the number of the apartment, office, office name, etc.

    The new generation matrix will be able to function in low light, while the video will be clear and with high-quality color reproduction. Image quality is enhanced with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) and Back Light Compensation (BLC).

    When the light level is lowered, the IR illumination is automatically turned on Switching to night or day mode is also carried out automatically. At night, when the IR illumination is on, the picture will be in black and white.

    With a panoramic lens angle of 180 °, it is possible to view the entire area in front of the entrance door at a maximum resolution of 2 Mp, which will help control the area at the entrance.

    Ethernet connection is made via TCP / IP and RTSP protocol at a speed of 10M / 100 Mbit / s.

    With the help of built-in relay outputs, it is very easy to connect electric locks to the security system, which are equipped with 2 doors.

    4 alarm inputs are used to connect the exit button, reed switch and other alarm equipment. The panel is equipped with tamper protection.

    Possibility to select panel power supply from an external source or PoE technology (IEEE802.3af).

    Installation of the panel is carried out quite simply by overhead or cut-in method near the door, for which it is necessary to use an appropriate mounting frame. Due to the weather protection, the outdoor panel can be installed.

    Expansion modules manufactured by Hikvision can be connected to the DS-KD8003-IME1 panel via the RS-485 communication interface: calling subscribers to 6 numbers, keyboard, ID card scanner, indication or false panel.

    Installation of security equipment

    Pipl offers installation and assembly services for the following types of equipment:

    • CCTV Cameras. The installation of this system will provide not only control over personnel, but also the safety of loved ones, protection of valuable property.
    • Security alarm. The warning system will prevent intruders from breaking into the premises, and will also promptly inform about an emergency: fire, gas leak, etc.
    • Intercom and access control. The presence of this system guarantees constant control over visitors and protection from uninvited guests.

    The installation and equipment of video surveillance systems, burglar alarms are carried out by specialists of the Pipl company. We use only modern tools and devices from leading manufacturers, which guarantees work efficiency and the absence of any risks.

    IP outdoor panel module cut-in frame Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 / FLUSH

    IP outdoor panel module cut-in frame Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 / FLUSH

    IP outdoor panel module cut-in frame Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 / FLUSH

    • Noise and echo cancellation;
    • Low illumination;
    • Supports expansion modules (max. 8);
    • 2 megapixel HD camera;
    • Access control function;
    • H.264 video compression;
    • Fisheye camera with IR illumination;
    • Enclosure protection IP65;


    Operating system

    Method of work



    Viewing angles

    White balance



    Noise Reduction (DNR)

    Audio input

    Audio out

    Audio compression

    Audio bitrate

    Illumination type ІЧ

    Alarm inputs

    Lock control

    Module connection interface


    Network protocols



    Power consumption

    Working temperature

    Embedded LINUX OS
    Mechanical button
    2MP CMOS
    1080p, 720p
    180 ° (horizontal), 96 ° (vertical)
    there is
    there is
    there is
    there is
    Omnidirectional microphone
    Built-in speaker
    64 kb / s
    2 relay outputs for lock control
    1 port
    1 × RJ-45 Port (100M)
    TCP / IP, RTSP
    DC 12V
    10 watts
    -40 °

    How is the installation and installation of equipment?

    Before installing burglar alarms or video surveillance, a team of specialists goes to the site. Thorough inspection of the territory and premises allows you to choose the right equipment.

    After agreeing on all the terms of cooperation, the masters draw up a plan-estimate: what, how and where it will be installed. When drawing up the estimate, all important factors are taken into account, for example: the object of observation, the type of equipment, interior and exterior features, the budget of the security system.

    As soon as all the points are agreed upon, a service contract is signed with the client and installation and commissioning work begins. In this case, the date and time is agreed with the client individually.

    Customers receive from the company full technical support and a guarantee of work performance.

    DS-KD-DIS Display Module Features & Setup in Hikvision 2nd Gen Modular Intercom System

    You can leave a request for the installation of security equipment or find out more detailed information by calling 38 (073) 600 500 2, writing to or directly at our offices at the addresses:

    • Kiev, Prospect Goloseevsky 84 (metro station Goloseevskaya);
    • Odessa, st. Genoese 24D, building 1;

    Checking the operation of the SIP server in the “Subscriber settings” menu in the “VTO No. Management” submenu:

    The value of the parameter “VTO No.” 8001 (default).

    Setup & Tutorial: Hikvision 2nd Gen Modular IP Video Intercom System

    The value of the “IP Address” parameter must always match the address of the outdoor panel. If the outdoor panel has an IP address of, then the value of this parameter should be If the value of this parameter differs from the address of the calling panel, the SIP server will not work. After rebooting the outdoor panel, the SIP server should start working, check the values ​​of the “IP address” parameter after rebooting.

    Setting up the main doorphone:

    The main doorphone number (SIP account number) can be set in the Config. VTH “in the” Room number “parameter,” Main “type (main doorphone), confirm the setting with the “OK” button.

    If “Group calls” are disabled in the parameters of the door station, the main intercom can have the number 9901, 9902, and so on.

    If “Group calls” are enabled in the parameters of the door station, the main doorphone can have the number 9901 # 0.

    Next, you need to carry out the initial configuration of the DHI-VTH5221DW-S2 on-door speakerphone.

    Connect it to the mains supply through the power supply or via PoE technology from the switch. Turn on the intercom.

    To enter the menu of network settings, SIP server, etc. hold down the “Settings” button for 8 seconds until the password entry window appears. Enter the password you created. And you will enter the network settings menu.

    First you need to initialize devices and create an account

    To do this, use the VDP Config program, via the web interface at the standard IP address, or via the gDMSS application (for Android), iDMSS (for iOS).

    setting, calling, panel, hikvision, kd8003

    During initialization, set a password for the door station and an email address to reset the password if you forget it or to reset the device to factory settings.

    Check the box to automatically download updates for the device to work correctly.

    Setting up an IP intercom and Wi-Fi outdoor panel

    In this manual, we will look at how to connect Wi-Fi calling panel Dahua DHI-VTO2111D-WP-S1 and 7 “IP video intercom with Wi-Fi Dahua DHI-VTH5221DW-S2.

    Setting up the outdoor panel network

    In the “Network Settings” section, the “Basic” submenu, you need to specify the basic network settings (IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway), depending on the connection method. LAN or Wi-Fi.
    In the future, this IP address will be the main address of the Sip server, to which the intercom will connect and receive calls.

    Setting call numbers in the Local Settings menu in the General submenu:

    “VTO No.”. the number of the calling panel 8001 (by default).

    Home Call No. SIP account number for intercom / mobile phone / softphone or other SIP device 9901 (default). This number can be changed to another, to dial this number a SIP account must be created.

    “Concierge number”. the number of the SIP account for the intercom / mobile phone / softphone or other SIP device 888888 (by default), to which the call panel will call at the specified time interval, or constantly (the time interval for a permanent call is 00:00:00. 23:59:59). This number can be changed to another, to dial this number a SIP account must be created.

    The option works when the checkbox is active. The call panel can call to the number “house call number” or to the number “Concierge number” simultaneous call to these numbers is not possible.

    If the default settings are changed, you need to save the new settings by clicking on “Confirm”, restart the device using the “Restart” button.

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