A9 WI-FI mini DV

HD Camera. HD recording and live viewing.

Wide viewing angle. 150 degree angle, the camera provides wide coverage of the scene, don’t miss anything that happened in your home.

Night vision. The camera provides excellent night vision, you can control even in the dark.

Loop recording. During recording after memory is full, A9 will automatically delete the previous video and keep the last video.

Motion Sensor. Video will be recorded when motion is detected, making your home or office more secure. Ideal for baby monitoring, pet monitoring and home security. You can know what happened when you were not at home.

Mini size. Mounting methods: standing / magnetic stick / wall / flip.


H.264.1080P remote wireless hidden camera

A9 camera adopts unique ultra-portable design, it can be applied in various fields, it is very comfortable, safe and brings colorful life for you, please install the camera correctly in accordance with the annotation.

Press the ON / OFF button to turn on, press and hold the ON / OFF button for 3 seconds to turn off. (MODE key. This is a reset button. Press and hold for 5 seconds in power-on state to restore factory settings after automatic restart)

Blue light. Power indicator.

Green indicator. WI-FI indicator

Red. Charge indicator

APP download software

Scan the QR code (Figure 1) directly to go to the download screen (Figure 2). Select the appropriate download software to match your mobile phone system. (Note: This type of installation is only available for mainland China.).

For Android phones, search for google app called “HDMiniCam” in Google Play, download and install it. For Iphone, APP called “HDMiniCam” in App Store, download and install it.

Connecting a phone to a camera

Enter the phone settings where the WI-FI signal is, find the signal (this is the unique UID number of the machine for each machine) and connect. As it shown on the picture

Then open the phone APP (IMINICAM) as shown in the picture, this signal UID device UID of each machine is different, even after clicking the plus sign, shown above to add to the camera as shown below.

Click to start live camera view.

Camera setup

Click on the icon. Set up your camera.

Enter the password for the camera.

Ok, wait for the camera to reboot, it will take about 40 seconds. Online from the camera will disconnect, then you can get remote access, and when the WI-FI phone and cameras are in the same network as the local network, or any other phone connected to the 4G WI-FI APP cell phone, will automatically reconnect the camera after successful connection you can watch the video.

1) download the computer client, downloaded the addresses and install

2) Click on install, a window will appear as shown in the picture. (See below)

Enter username (admin) Click “Login” (Note: original username. “Admin” without password).

A9 camera specifications

Resolution ratio: 1080P / 720P / 640P / 320P AVI format Frame rate: 25 Viewing angle: 150 degrees Motion detection camera Straight line shooting 6 meters Minimum illumination: 1LUX Duration over 1 hour Compressed format: H.264 Consumption: 240mA / 3.7V Storage temperature:.20-80 degrees Celsius Operating temperature:.10-60 degrees Celsius Working humidity: 15-85% RH Memory card type: TF card Player software: VLCPlayer / SMPlayer Computer operating system: Windows / Mac OS X Mobile phone operating system: Android / iOS Web browser: IE7 and higher, Chrome, Firefox Safari.Etc

Why is the video NOT smooth? You must select the appropriate resolution for viewing in accordance with your Internet.

Why is the SD card not working? The SD card must be formatted if you are using it for the first time.

Why is there no network connection? Choose the correct connection method according to your network

Why is the SD card remote video viewing application NOT smooth? Adjust the video hardware to match the resolution of your mobile phone.

How to reset password? Press the reset button with 10 seconds and restore factory settings.

Note: P2P device name UID Password 8888 if you changed.

Special note: 1. If the camera is not connected to a router, perform a reset even after a hot setup of the computer. 2. If the camera does not read the memory card, or mobile phone on the local network, Advanced settings in the background after use. 3. Shutdown reset: please shutdown and restart again when you see red light.

Q7 Wi-Fi mini camera. Instructions.

Install the app:

After entering the URL into the download interface www.Scc21.Net in accordance with the mobile phone operating system, to download and install the corresponding viewing software. Or Scan the QR code on the package to download and install.

Android phones can also search “9527” in “Google Play” and download

Iphone can also search “9527” in “App Store” and download.

You can also scan the QR code and complete the installation.

Connect Power on for the first time.

First switch “Start” boot button and wait for the camera blue light flashing or on (if after 60 seconds the blue light is off or flashing, please long press the reset button for 3 seconds), and then use the mobile phone to look for Wi-Fi signals hot spot: Q7 or HD-Q7 (code: 12345678) emitted by the camera.

After successfully connecting with Q7 or HD-Q7, open the software on your mobile phone. Click the “LAN” button. Cameras will be displayed on the page, click on your camera icon. If a video appears, then you connected to the camera directly (P2P) The camera is blue.

Return to the camera list page, the “LAN” button. Opposite the camera icon, the blue arrow (settings for this camera) clicked it, you will go to the (Settings: Camera No.) tab. On this page, click on the (Wi-Fi) icon. Enter the name and password of your home network. Click the (Ok) button. We are waiting for 1 minute until the camera connects to your city. If successful, your phone will disconnect from the Q7 network and connect to your home network, and the camera will light up and flash red. If the blue LED is on again. Failure.

When you have connected to your “LAN” network, you can now connect to the global network “WAN”, press the “WAN” button, enter the camera number and password (they are written on the camera body) and connect. If successful, video will appear and red light on camera.

Reasons for refusing to join the network and precautions. 1. Incorrect router password account. 2. TF card is defective, please format. 3. Routers take too long without congestion to assign IP addresses. 4. Close the router as far as possible for optimal viewing.

Write to TF card1. Turn off the camcorder, put the TF card into the slot. Turn on camera. The camera will automatically record and save, blue light flashes. Press the reset button once, the camera will stop recording video, and save the current video. Video files are saved for a 5 minute period and a camera loop. When we need to read the TF card file, please use a card reader.

Recording to the card, when the camera is online, the red light is on. When the camera is turned on, insert the card, the red light will flash quickly. Turn the camera off and on, the red light will flash slowly, recording is in progress. (If you insert a card with the camera turned off, the files will NOT be read).

Night video In the app, open Video. Press the button to turn on the infrared backlight.

Forgot your camera password? 1. First switch “Start” boot button and wait for the camera blue light flashing or on (if 60 seconds blue light is NOT flashing or on, please long press the reset button for 3 seconds) and then use mobile search WI-FI hotspot signal : Q7 or HD-Q7 (code: 12345678) emitted by the camera.

setting, mini, wi-fi, camera

After successfully connecting Q7 or HD-Q7, use your mobile phone to open the system software. find the “local” page. click the “settings” button. select “unlimited network settings”. enter your home router username and password. 1 minute later, succeed or fail. if it fails, the camera will return to initialized state and the blue light flashes or lights up. if successful, the red indicator flashes or is on.

After successfully connecting to the network, use your mobile phone to open the software, find “local”, press the “settings” button. Select “system setting” again. “Reset to defaults”. Wait 60 seconds (after successful recovery, there is the original account password.)

Related Parameters Name: WI-FI / P2P Camera Video Format: AVI HD-Q7 Resolution: 1280720p Q7 Resolution: 640 480 VGA Network Resolution Q7: 320 240 QVGA Frame Rate 10fps ± 5fps Storage: Support TF memory cards expandable up to 32GB Support System : Windows, ISO, Android Charging voltage: DC-5V Interface type: Mini 5 / 8P / Micro USB Memory card support: Micro SD Card (TF Card) Battery type: High capacity polymer lithium battery

Wireless mini video cameras: covert surveillance has become more accessible

Technologies that seemed in the near past to be something from the realm of fantasy are now becoming more real. Everything that a couple of decades ago appeared only in science fiction films is gradually being brought to life.

The video surveillance industry has also undergone noticeable changes for the better. modern technologies allow realizing the full range of capabilities of a conventional CCTV camera in a miniature body.

In addition, various spy cameras appeared in the form of buttons, glasses, watches and other items of human everyday life. In this article, we will just analyze the various variations of wireless mini cameras for covert video surveillance, which are of the greatest relevance today.

Wireless surveillance cameras

Wireless CCTV cameras can be divided into analog and digital. The former are very susceptible to various distortions and interference. The quality of the image received from the second group of cameras is practically not affected by interference, but they can still lead to a loss of radio signal or a decrease in the connection speed.

Wireless mini video cameras can be connected to the DVR via a radio channel, with a transmission range of up to 50 meters, in the absence of interference in the form of concrete walls, etc.

Digital cameras, like conventional cameras, have a standard set of components: lens, viewfinder, light-sensitive element. matrix, case. To reduce the size of some models, manufacturers make frameless, but the most popular due to a wide range of applications are still case models.

Among other things, an integral attribute of a set of modern wireless mini cameras is a receiving module, which will receive a signal from a CCTV camera (similar cameras are equipped with a radio channel to ensure wireless data transmission), cables for connecting to a monitor, computer or TV, and two power supplies. one for the camera, one for the module. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can install and configure such a kit. it does not require any special skills, or well-known programming.

Some body models are equipped with an interchangeable lens, which is an undoubted advantage if you need to change the angle of view from time to time. installed a wide-angle lens, you get the maximum field of view, and when you screw on a lens with a longer focal length, you will be able to track only a specific object. car in the yard, etc. The lenses have a threaded connection, so their replacement is not particularly difficult.

The power supply of hidden video surveillance cameras is carried out by means of a battery, but there is also the possibility of connecting to the mains using a power supply. The camera can work from 1 to 5 hours on batteries. Also, depending on the specific model, it is possible to use the built-in battery as a power source.

For shooting at night, like most conventional cameras, miniature wireless cameras are equipped with infrared LEDs. Such illumination is not visible to the human eye, and allows you to shoot in complete darkness with a possible range of up to 10 meters.

In some cases, mini cameras are also equipped with a slot for a Micro SD memory card, which allows, in the absence of a wireless connection, recording video to an internal drive for further viewing on a computer monitor. To save memory, you can use the motion recording mode. in this case, the video will be recorded only after movement occurs in the field of view of the camera lens. over, such a camera, in principle, does not require a wireless connection, which makes it several times cheaper than analogs equipped with a wireless transmitter, and thanks to this, it can be easily used as a wireless outdoor mini CCTV camera.

The legality of covert video surveillance

Due to its small dimensions, the wireless mini CCTV camera is easily enough disguised as interior items, and no one will even guess that they are being watched, but if something happens, you should know that the law of the Russian Federation prohibits such interventions in a person’s personal life without warning, and you may suffer administrative responsibility for such actions. Articles 20.23 and 20.24 of the Administrative Code of Offenses presuppose a fine for the use of covert video surveillance or eavesdropping, and Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation prohibits the import of Certain devices that are special technical means into the territory of the Russian Federation.

Mini wireless camcorders with internal memory

Wireless mini camera.

Among the large number of all kinds of miniature video cameras, one can be distinguished with the most compact dimensions and the possibility of universal use. This is the Ambertek RS101 model. Its dimensions (25x25x26 mm) are almost half the size of a matchbox, and everything is only 11 grams. This camera records color video in AVI format 640×480, and at a rate of 30 frames per second. She is also capable of taking photos with a resolution of 1600×2000.

A few more models of wireless mini cameras from Ambertek, their brief characteristics and price.

Miniature video camera Ambertek.

Ambertek MD80 SE.

Dimensions: 54x20x15 mm;

Metal body;

AVI video recording at 640 × 480 resolution and 30 frames per second;

Support for Micro SD memory cards up to 32 GB;

Work from the built-in battery up to 1.5 hours;

The Ambertek MD80 SE camera comes with various mounts for all occasions: clips with a clip for clothes, a set of fasteners with screws and double-sided tape, a silicone case to protect the camera from damage, a magnetic bracket.

Small CCTV camera Ambertek MD98, cost 7000 rubles.

Ambertek MD98.

Dimensions: 53x25x23 mm;

This camera has the ability to record video in Full HD 1920 x 1080 or HD resolution 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second. In addition, it is equipped with a motion sensor and infrared illumination diodes for shooting in the dark.

Wireless mini WI-FI cameras

Wireless WI-FI mini cameras have the ability to connect directly to the device from which it is planned to monitor (mobile phone, computer, laptop, etc.) via the WI-FI network, and signal transmission to the Internet through a router with subsequent online viewing from any device from anywhere in the world.

The most important obstacle to signal transmission from WI-FI cameras are walls, so before purchasing them you need to know in advance, but it is better to carefully check whether the WI-FI signal strength is enough to carry out what was conceived in your particular case, for example, a wireless outdoor camera with WI-FI may have serious problems with signal transmission if it is installed at a considerable distance from the receiver and in the presence of interference in the form of walls, which will be inevitable if it is installed outdoors. In the absence of obstacles, the picture from the camera will not differ from the usual ones, while the transmission range can be up to 100 meters.

A built-in rechargeable battery also serves as a power source for mini cameras of this group. In order to configure the camera, you first need to connect it to the power supply, then find the WI-FI network of the video camera on your Android / iOS mobile phone or computer and connect to it. Most mini cameras for covert surveillance with WI-FI DO NOT require the installation of special software, which makes their configuration easy and accessible to everyone, some use a special application for mobile devices based on Android or iOS, the download and installation of which will also not cause much trouble to the user of gadgets based on operating systems.

When using several miniature WI-FI video cameras in different places, it is possible to view the image from each of them on one monitor, but this will require special software and a little computer knowledge to figure out how to set up such a system.

Mini WIFI Camera Ai Ball. Price. 7000 rbl.

Ai-Ball. Among the large number of mini cameras equipped with a WI-FI data transmission module, one can single out the popular Ai-Ball model. Its dimensions are small. 30 x 35 mm and weight 100 g including battery. Ai-Ball wireless mini WI-FI camera easily and easily connects to a computer / laptop, as well as devices based on android and iOS: you just need to turn on the camera on your computer or mobile phone, download the simple Ai-Ball AV Recorder application (or use a browser ), connect to the WI-FI network “Trek Ai-Ball”, and immediately view the image from the camera, as well as record video with sound.

To correctly configure the camera, you must read the instructions included in the kit!

WI-FI SyCloud camera. The cost is about 8000 r.

Sycloud. Another good model. mini WI-FI SyCloud camera. It is capable of recording video in HD (1280×720), 30 fps. It has small dimensions and weight: 56x54x19 mm, 50 grams. With free applications for Android and iOS, you can view the image from this camera directly on the screen of your mobile phone, as well as on your computer. Built-in rechargeable batteries allow the camera to work continuously for 1.5 hours. You can set up video recording on a Micro SD card and use the camera as a car DVR. You can buy a SyCloud camera within 8000 rubles.

Wireless mini web cameras

Nowadays, you will NOT surprise anyone with miniature WEB-cameras that easily fit in the palm of your hand, but wireless models can still be a wonder for a person who first encounters such devices. Wireless mini WEB cameras are quite simple to set up: a special receiver is included in the kit, which is inserted into the USB port of a laptop / computer, and receives a signal from the camera at a frequency of 2.4 MHz at a distance of up to 100 m. I installed the software that goes into set, you will immediately see the picture transmitted by the camera on the monitor screen.

The wireless WEB-camera can be easily installed anywhere in your house, apartment, office, or on a window, for example, to track a car in the yard. A battery, a battery, or an electrical network is used as a power source.

To implement covert video surveillance in an apartment, it is necessary to disguise the camera as some kind of interior item, or install it in a secluded, NOT visible place. But do not forget about the legality of such actions, if you plan to monitor someone, this was already mentioned above, so we will NOT repeat.

Among other things, miniature WEB cameras are very convenient when used for your own needs, for example, for communicating with friends or family on Skype, or simply for shooting children or home holidays, if the image quality is not critical to you.

Spy mini camcorders

If earlier spy cameras in the form of buttons, watches, glasses, pens were beyond reality, and were shown only in fantastic films about the future, today you can easily purchase such a gadget at quite affordable prices.

Spy camera in the form of a button

Here is an example of a hidden spy video camera in the form of a button. Such a camera is a small body with protruding buttons that can be easily inserted into any eyelet on clothes. The wireless mini camera button has a Micro SD card in the kit, on which video is recorded, and the presence of a built-in battery ensures the operation of the camera for 2 hours. That, you see, is not so expensive, but do not forget that the use of such a device may threaten you with problems with the law, so Use this information for information only, and you purchase spy mini cameras at your own peril and risk! The same goes for a pen with a camera and a watch, which have almost the same price in the range of 2000-3000 rubles.

So, in this article we tried to tell as much as possible about what kind of wireless mini cameras for covert video surveillance and not only exist today. Of course, this is NOT a complete list of models, but the purpose of the article was simply to introduce you to the most affordable and popular mini cameras at the present time. We hope this article will help you in your choice.!

Mini WI-FI camera. Criterias of choice

WI-FI equipment has incorporated all the advantages that allow you to maximize the quality of hidden video recording devices. But if this is your first time choosing a technologically equipped model, then without some tips and tricks it will be difficult for you to make the right choice and NOT get confused among the huge range of products.

Principle of operation

Improved technologies have made it possible to create not only video cameras, which differ in their miniature size, but also developed the device in such a way that using the Internet to transmit the received color image and sound, using additional WI-FI transmitters.

The principle of operation does NOT differ in any difficulties, the camera is connected to the network, after which, thanks to the Internet, the resulting picture is transmitted to a computer or any other device.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of such equipment include the following advantages:

  • Creation of both a standard black and white picture and the ability to obtain a high-quality color image.
  • The miniature size and compactness of the device make it possible to use it in hard-to-reach places in such a way as to hide the video camera from prying eyes.
  • High strength of the product is achieved through the use of materials resistant to external factors, thus creating a strong shock-resistant construction case.
  • Soundtrack capability.
  • The resulting image can be transferred using built-in WI-FI conductors Not only to a computer, but also to other gadgets such as tablets and mobile devices.
  • Many modern models are endowed with sensitive matrices, which create the clearest possible image, and high light sensitivity allows shooting even at night.

There are also disadvantages, and consumers have managed to share these product oversights with others:

  • Most people complain about the low power of the built-in battery, which is why the settings of the entire device often fail.
  • It is also noted that in the production of Some models, low-quality plastic is used, on which cracks and other injuries immediately appear.
  • There are certain difficulties with the operation of the camera interface when the memory card is full.

Wireless mini WI-FI cameras refer to outdoor video surveillance, because they can be used even in complete darkness at night. If we focus on views, then all mini-cameras can be divided into two groups:

  • Analog;
  • Digital.

Analog devices have poor image quality and are very susceptible to various interference.

As for digital models, here any interference can only affect the speed of information transfer, and such failures in the system do not have any effect on the quality of the picture.

There is another classification that divides mini WI-FI cameras into:

  • Black and white;
  • Colored.

The first models have a sharper image, and besides, the black and white picture Takes up much less internal memory.

Criterias of choice

Choosing a mini WI-FI camera, many first of all pay attention to the external design of the model. Of course, appearance is of particular importance, but it is worth evaluating a few more parameters:

  • Image capture angle;
  • Camera lens focus;
  • Image reproduction range;
  • Brightness.

Among other things, such equipment does NOT tolerate moisture ingress, so it should be installed indoors or under a waterproof canopy. Direct sunlight can also damage equipment. Consider these limitations when installing the camera.

Regular models have a standard appearance, so additional masking of the product will be required to hide it from prying eyes.

Review of the best models

Preference is given to leading companies that have managed to gain leading positions in the market. One of these manufacturers is the Ai-Ball brand, which created a wireless mini-camcorder.

Model motto. lightness and ease of use. No “abstruse” functions and incomprehensible details. All an inexperienced user needs to do is:

  • Turn on the equipment;
  • Connect your device to a wireless network called “Trek Ai-Ball”.

Just two steps and you become a witness of the broadcast, and you can immediately start taking photos.

Al-Ball features include the following:

  • The ability to broadcast online from anywhere in the world;
  • High-quality color digital image;
  • The ability to transfer images Not only to a PC, but also to all kinds of gadgets.
  • 24-hour color reproduction even while the device is being charged.
  • The presence of an autonomous mode of operation using batteries and portable chargers.

The size of the product is 30 × 35 mm, and the weight. 100 g.

Another device called Easy Eye. The main feature of this model is the lens, the viewing angle of which is 100 ° and the possibility of two-way communication using the built-in microphone. The main functions of the model are:

  • The presence of a motion sensor.
  • Built-in 720p memory card.
  • Loop recording capability.
  • The presence of the camera mode.
  • The model supports Micro SD cards up to 64 GB.

The size of the product is 45 × 45 × 12 mm, and the weight. 40 g.

Buying a mini WI-FI camera Easy Eye will cost you 6980 rubles.

Mini WIFI Camera: Hidden Home Security Surveillance Camera

Mini camera WI-FI. video surveillance device for home and office. The picture taken by the equipment can be viewed from any computer. The device connects to the router wirelessly using WI-FI. You can connect to the router and configure it yourself. I will tell you what to look for when choosing a device, as well as describe general instructions for setting up.


Let’s start simple. Why are small cameras needed? Mini WI-FI camera is used when large professional equipment cannot be used. The device can be fixed in an inconspicuous place so that no one can see it. But you need to place it so that nothing interferes with video filming.

Typically, the device is installed at home or in the office. It is used when you need to observe the actions of subordinates, household staff or children. Most often, the camera is placed to check the activities of a nanny, caring for nursing babies, or a housekeeper.

The device transmits the image to the recording receiver, so that the user can view the recording anywhere. The main thing. have a computer or laptop with Internet access at hand.

The WI-FI micro camera consists of the following elements:

  • Lens;
  • Viewfinder;
  • The matrix;
  • Housing.

The device operates on batteries or mains power. In the first case, the video recording time depends on the power of the batteries. As a rule, they are enough for 2-5 hours. If the IP camera is powered by an electrical network, then the recording can be carried out for 24 hours.


The mini camcorder allows you to transfer a picture using WI-FI. All information received from the device is saved in the Motion JPEG format.

Previous devices had a limited coverage radius. The distance between the recording device and the receiver was limited. Wireless technology has expanded the shooting range and increased the distance between devices. Depending on the model, recording can be carried out even if the receiver is 10 km away.


  • Wireless camera that connects to a router and recording receiver using WI-FI;
  • A miniature device that can be installed so that it is not noticeable to others;
  • Easy to install and rearrange by yourself;
  • Can be used as an access point, which allows you to connect to the device from any computer, laptop or gadget to view a picture;
  • The ability to configure the broadcast of the video stream to the Internet;
  • Some devices are equipped with a motion sensor. The camera starts recording video the moment someone enters the apartment or office;
  • The swivel mechanism allows you to control the device remotely using any gadget;
  • Some hidden WI-FI cameras are equipped with IR illumination, which allows video surveillance even in the dark;
  • Micro SD card included allows you to continue recording even if the WI-FI signal is lost.


Benefits of inconspicuous video cameras:

  • Increased strength;
  • The ability to record a picture and sound if the device is equipped with the required sensor;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Broadcasts video in black and white and in full color range;
  • High image quality;
  • The ability to view the picture online;
  • Long operational period;
  • Works with computer, laptop and gadgets;
  • Affordable price.


The hidden Wi-Fi camera also has disadvantages:

  • The case of some budget models is made of fragile material. Such a device is NOT resistant to mechanical damage, which quickly breaks down;
  • If the card is full, the program may crash.

Depending on the case, cameras are allocated for indoor and outdoor use.

For outdoor video surveillance

Self-contained remote camera with protective housing. This allows the device to be used outdoors. The device is resistant to the negative effects of moisture, high temperatures and its drops, mechanical stress.

For home

Difference from street models. lack of a protective case. These cameras are installed in favorable conditions where there is no:

  • High humidity;
  • Temperature drops;
  • High temperatures.

Types of recording devices for home video surveillance:

  • Standard. such models do not have external differences from analog and wired cameras;
  • Compact. outwardly resemble ordinary webcams;
  • Hidden device. this is an inconspicuous camera that can be disguised with any piece of furniture.

Connection and configuration

See the example setting in the following

Install the wireless camera as follows:

  • The device is connected to the router via a network cable;
  • They also connect the router and the computer with a wire;
  • From the PC, they enter the browser and drive in IP cameras at the address time;
  • Go to the first portal after advertising;
  • Login and password are entered into the windows, which manufacturers point to stickers located on the case;
  • Set all Relevant parameters based on the instruction. choose the type of connection, video stream, picture resolution, etc.
  • Reboot;
  • They remove the wires and connect via WI-FI;
  • Install software from the original disk, which is attached to the device.

Installation and settings are easy to do by yourself. However, if there is no time and self-confidence, then you can invite professionals. But this will entail additional costs.

Device selection

When choosing a hidden camera, consider their types:

  • Analog. They work with the help of on-air television. For this reason, the broadcast is often conducted with interference, which can provoke even weather conditions.
  • Digital. They work using a mobile signal. Such devices are for home and outdoor surveillance. They are distinguished by high quality picture and sound. Digital Cameras Are Most Popular.

What other parameters should be considered:

  • Playback brightness;
  • Distance between camera and receiver;
  • Coverage angle;
  • Focus.

Manufacturers overview

Who cares, here is an overview of the most bought cameras on the famous Chinese site:

I offer our review of the best brands and models. I hope this will help our readers make the right choice:

  • Panasonic. The manufacturer produces cameras with a wide range of characteristics. You can find budget and expensive models. The devices are equipped with a highly sensitive matrix. All devices have good image quality.
  • Easyeye. Such a camera allows you to establish a connection with a gadget via IOS or Android applications. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery. This allows you to record videos even in the event of a power outage. The camera transmits a color image.
  • Sunell. This is a device for outdoor video surveillance. A device with an IP, which makes it possible for video recording even at night. Records up to 30 meters.
  • Universal IP-camera, suitable for office and apartment. Easily customizable via IOS and Android apps. Records in HD resolution. Viewing angle. 120 degrees. A built-in microphone allows audio communication. Equipped with motion and sound sensors and mobile phone alert.

Small WI-FI camera. an excellent solution for video surveillance of your home or office. Thanks to the device, you can observe what is happening in the room even when you are several kilometers away from the device. The main thing. choose, install and configure correctly.

Certain devices may only be used by members of the Criminal Investigation and Investigation Department:

  • Cameras disguised as a household appliance;
  • Devices in which the “pupil” is taken out of the lens;
  • Equipment that operates in low light conditions (less than 0.1 milllux).

And remember! Punished for collecting and disseminating information about the private life of a citizen! All good!

Review of wireless mini cameras for covert video surveillance with wi-fi

A WI-FI camcorder for covert video surveillance is called a useful “trick” connected to a home router. It allows the user to watch live transmission with picture and sound from anywhere on earth.

Principle of operation

The technical device of the wireless mini camera is intended for outdoor shooting. Exposure to weather conditions for the device is NOT a nuisance. Installed indoor camera records covertly, and the user can evaluate the work of employees.

Wireless WI-FI uses advanced technology in information transfer. Practically into the invention, easy to use, widely used at home, just doing household chores, chatting with friends, using a tablet, mobile phone.

Installed mini cameras display various objects on the screen at the same time. The picture is of high quality and clear, without interference. The signal arrives through the Internet connection.

The camera is so small that it can be hidden in any home furnishings. The camera works silently, it is difficult to detect it. The main point is to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

The Q5-Full HD mini camera is rated the smallest, with a color image. The model weighs up to 36 grams, the dimensions are minimal, which is a record for wireless systems. This CCTV camera is invisible. The number of functions and possibilities is numerous. When you turn on video recording, the indicator on the body goes out.

This model allows you to use it discreetly. At night, shooting is invisible, a powerful sensor detects weak movement, with high transmission quality. In the world, WI-FI cameras for covert video surveillance are becoming more and more popular due to their small size, easy handling and maintenance.

The WEB-camera is used as a regular video camera with file recording. Resolution 720 px. When traveling, the device is used as a video recorder. Through the Internet and WI-FI, a mini camera for hidden video surveillance allows you to monitor an apartment, a summer residence, an office from anywhere in the world and give the user complete confidence in the safety of home property.

Mini cameras for hidden video surveillance with wireless WI-FI broadcast online. full sound video for smartphones, laptops, tablets, home computer and TV.

Types and overview of models, selection criteria

Wireless wi-fi mini camcorder provides the most convenient way to monitor reality. These cameras transmit images in Color or Black and White quality. It is possible to record sound and transmit it via web feeds in real time.

When using wireless wi-fi mini video cameras, the following principles should be followed:

  • Camera capture angle;
  • Focus;
  • Range;
  • Playback brightness.

It is impossible for moisture to get on the device and the WI-FI camera remains damp. It is not recommended to leave the camera in direct sunlight. Based on the listed requirements, you need to choose the most suitable camera for the tasks that are assigned to them.

Easy Eye. The most functional WI-FI camera on the market today is the Easy Eye model. Use bi-directional audio communication, to talk and to hear, being next to the camera, as well as online to see the color image.

Easy Eye camera to its remarkable lens with a review of 100 degrees, at the same time have a microphone, yaky provides two-way communication. There is a motion sensor, as well as the ability to loop recording. The camera also works like a camera. The memory card supported by the camera is 64 gigabytes. At the same time, the device can broadcast an image in color, with the least resource consumption for transmission over the network.

Ai-Ball. Among the mini Internet, the Ai-Ball camera is in the first place. Lightweight, simple, inconspicuous, capable of broadcasting in color around the clock and taking photographs at the same time. The device weighs only 100 grams. Measures four by four centimeters. It costs about seven thousand rubles.

From the presented review, the Easy Eye camera looks preferable. She has a pretty big review of the lens and built-in microphone, as one can not only see what is happening, but also hear the sound.

Pros and cons

Modern mini video cameras differ from standard cameras, and their functionality is not worse than that of the conventional video surveillance systems.

Pros. The wireless wi-fi mini camera is very convenient. It is good in that it has a built-in Wi-Fi module, and you do not need a desktop computer to view the recording remotely. It is enough to have at hand a tablet or mobile phone with Internet access and IP addresses of the camera, which will allow you to view the image online from anywhere in the world.

Using a mini camcorder does not require any special skills. To start it, set the switch to the ON position, and then use Wi-Fi to connect to the network. Also in remote mode, you can view all records from the gadget and save them.

Due to their very small size and weight, mini devices are hardly visible to the prying eye, which makes them easy to use for covert surveillance. That is why they are widely used in residential security systems. The presence of the battery and the battery allows the device to operate autonomously for a long time, and do not depend on external sources of supply.

The camera is less susceptible to interference from concrete walls and high-rise buildings, therefore it is able to provide a clear image in urban high-rise buildings. However, despite the indisputable advantages, the mini camcorder has some disadvantages.

Minuses. The disadvantages of a video surveillance camera should include its volatility and limited filling of the memory card.

Disadvantages of a mini camera:

  • Low battery power, due to which the settings of the gadget are often lost;
  • Weak body of the product, on which cracks and chips appear;
  • Glitches with a full memory card;

Modern devices are part of our lives, making it more comfortable, helping to control the situation and to be in the thick of things.

Installation and settings

Wireless mini camera. This is a modern device used for covert surveillance. It includes a built-in web server and a Wi-Fi network interface. This makes it possible to connect to the Internet.

Wi-Fi camcorders do not require a license to use them. They have their own coverage radius, within which a router must be located, providing data transmission over the Internet.

When familiarizing with the communication range parameters in the product passport, the actual values ​​may be lower. This is due to interference, they create barriers in the form of: green spaces, concrete walls, transport. Of course, there are devices that are NOT afraid of barriers, they are capable of transmitting data over long distances. But this option requires a license to use and the cost of the device is much higher.

Installation and configuration of wireless devices does NOT require cabling, which greatly simplifies the process.

Features of mounting mini cameras:

  • The small size of the cameras allows them to be mounted in any place, while, if necessary, they can be relocated;
  • To connect No wires are required, just connect the device to a laptop or a router for direct Internet access via Wi-Fi;
  • The motion sensor notifies about moving objects;
  • It is possible to view the video image through a phone, smartphone or tablet;
  • There is a manual mechanism for rotating the camera for accurate shooting;
  • At a distance of 5 meters, it conducts high-quality video recording at night;
  • Sends photos from a mini device to email.

Hidden mini cameras are mounted on a wide variety of objects: schools, shopping centers, offices, private houses, gas stations, parking lots and in places where a lot of people gather.

Tips & Tricks

Modern technologies have made it possible to create not just a mini-camera, but a wireless video camera that is capable of transmitting a color picture and sound of good resolution via the Internet, using Wi-Fi transmitters. Innovations in the field of ensuring the safety of your own home or any other facility, represented by wireless mini cameras.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a mini covert surveillance camera:

  • When choosing between analog and digital models, choose the second one, since the image is of higher quality and the camera is able to work in conjunction with four more additional devices;
  • Before starting the installation, you need to think over the location if the miniature device will be used at night. Do not forget about infrared illumination;
  • Do not forget about interference with wireless video cameras, for this you need to choose the right model or purchase additional GSM cameras.

Mini-cameras wireless with Wi-Fi are mounted temporarily and permanently. For any type of installation, it is necessary to provide the device with a good overview, adjust the focus. If the function is available, the camera is installed according to all conspiracy laws.

The compact size of mini cameras for covert video surveillance with wireless WI-FI allows for covert recording. Transport the image to a certain distance for several hours without recharging. User selectable shooting mode.