Webcam A4Tech PK-710G

Additional software

The software makes it possible to use additional image settings. Change size, brightness, contrast and other parameters.

Review of PK-710G Webcam

Plug-and-Play communication

You don’t need to install any software to chat. Just plug the camera into a USB port and start chatting.

Main characteristics of PK-710G webcams

AdditionallyMain settingsPicture
Mount on the monitor there is
Dimensions (WxHxD) 53x73x53 mm
Lens angle of view 60 °.
Quick photo button there is
Connection USB 2.0
microphone built in
Windows compatible XP, Vista, 7
Focusing automatic
Mac OS compatible 10.4.8
The number of megapixels of the matrix 0.3
Matrix type CMOS
Resolution 640×480
Resolution (photo) 640×480
Interpolated megapixel resolution (photo) sixteen
Maximum frame rate 30 Hz

Webcam A4Tech PK-710G

All A4Tech webcams are certified and serviced in authorized service centers, including the PK-710G model, during the entire warranty period.

DescrIPtion of PK-710G Webcams

USB 2.0 high speed data transfer

Provides instant on-screen display and high image quality at 30 frames per second. USB 1.1 is also supported.

Characteristics of the PK-710G Webcam

Setting up the camera in the new version of Skype on a computer, laptop, phone and tablet

Setting up your communication device is not that difficult. To do this, you do not need to invite a specialist, you can do it yourself.

This applies to both built-in and external devices. Connecting and configuring Ritmix RVC-006M is NOT more complicated than Genius ilook 300, islim 310, eye 312 or Logitech C110, C160, C170, C210, C250, C270, C310, C525.

Before you start managing the settings, you must:

  • Make sure that the built-in webcam is working or connect an external one to the device, for example, Canyon. The third-party must be conveniently and firmly installed in advance on or near the monitor. Connect via yusb port;
  • Install drivers. Each gadget needs its own. Firewood from Oklick, Denn, MRM, Logitech or Sven is NOT suitable for Qumo.

Both of these topics are covered in detail in SEPARATE articles. If something doesn’t work, you can contact us or Support. TV connection procedure, ps3 is different.

Similarly, they connect webcams for Trust streaming, live broadcasts of games in twitch.

For IP cameras, a different procedure applies:

Setting Up A4tech Web-Camera
  • Place the device on a flat surface;
  • Attach the antenna;
  • Connect the back of the network adapter of the IP device;
  • Connect the network cable.

Setting up the webcam IC 350, Logitech HD 720p, CBR, a call for communication on Skype can be done in the messenger itself.

This can be done only on the version for pc with windows 7, 8, 10, ubuntu, macbooks. There is no option in the mobile version used on a smartphone, tablet with Android, IPhone, IPad. The main front camera is automatically selected for operation with the specified settings.

To correctly configure the webcam on a monoblock, acer laptop, lenovo, msi, dell, hp:

  • Go to “Settings” (three dots above the menu with contacts)
  • Click on “Sound and“. A small window will appear in front of you with your image in real time;
  • Under the image you will see “Webcam settings”, feel free to click on this function;
  • In the window that opens, on the “Processor Amplifier” tab, change the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, clarity, gamma, white balance and even frequency. An additional option will improve the image quality when shooting against the light;
  • Choose the best image in your opinion, click “Apply”;
  • Check the sound quality. The built-in microphone is often bad. May be interrupted, echo, wheeze;
  • If you are already ready to communicate, we recommend that you make sure that the Internet is working and that you are online.

Similar actions are performed on the laptop dns, ASUS, Samsung, good. Settings are saved automatically. If they crash for any reason, they can be easily restored.

When working with an external gadget, we recommend that you additionally check and configure:

  • Zoom;
  • Sharpness;
  • Focus. Webcams, even very cool ones like A4 tech, defender are not a camera, but many of them have autofocus and manual focusing tools;
  • As heard in the microphone, its sensitivity, volume. This is necessary so that there are no problems with sound during broadcast.

All of the above settings are for picture quality and transmission only. You will NOT be able to record a conversation or Skype lessons to disk, because this function is not available. Alternatively, you can suggest the obs program. Works on wines xp, 7, 8, 10 If you ask how much it costs, we will answer that it downloads for free. Suitable for transferring recordings to YouTube, via Wi-Fi, chat roulette, .

Bandicam is used instead of obs. With its help, you can record a for further uploading to classmates, vk. The price of the application is low, you can download a trial version for free.

To start filming on an Android phone, IPhone, IPad, or tablet, you don’t need to make any settings. It is enough to click on the camera icon in Skype. This is how the chat starts on the smartphone Huawei, Lenovo.

With the help of the Jenius webcam, defender sven, logitek С170, с270, rhythmix, you can easily make your own avatar for Skype or a second messenger. Take a photo, run facerig and transform yourself into a fairytale character.

How to set up a skype camera, two at the same time, mirror, zoom, background. instruction

Hello dear friends! Today the conversation will be about how you can easily communicate with people at a distance, see each other many kilometers away. In this article we will tell you how to set up a WEB-camera in a new skype on a computer, laptop, phone, tablet. This topic is covered in great detail precisely because now, with the help of calls, various issues are resolved. from rest to work, and without it there is no way. However, all this concerns more of the old version of the messenger. Information about work in the new one is still rather scarce. The main thing is that you will learn how to configure the camera correctly in Skype.

  • Setting up the camera in the new version of Skype on a computer, laptop, phone and tablet
  • How to configure 2 cameras at once
  • How to change the background in the camera and zoom out
  • How to change camera color, make it a mirror, and see yourself
  • conclusions
  • Overview

How to change camera color, make it a mirror, and see yourself

As we have already seen, in the settings of the Genius messenger 310 webcam in skype on a laptop Acer, Dell, dns, asus, mac devices, it is possible to change the color gamut, brightness and saturation of the image.

When you turn on the usual call mode, the webcam shows well what it is aimed at, be it a person or some object. You can see it at any time.

By changing some camera settings, the image can be flIPped, i.e. FlIP horizontally or vertically. In the first case, what was on the left will appear as a mirror image. In the second. the image will be upside down.

Another way to mirror is to use the previously mentioned WebcamMax program.

How to configure 2 cameras at once

With real-time communication, sometimes you need to simultaneously transmit two different images to the screen. Let’s say right away that skype allows you to use only one camera, and then you will NOT be able to do it using the messenger.

The solution, as always, is offered by third-party programs.

You can download the mixer for free and for money. The paid version allows you to transmit in HD quality.

When setting up a webcam in Skype, you need to select vMix as a camera and already there select the required number of devices and the active.

However, if he is not speaking in a messenger, then two devices can be connected at the same time if there is an extra usb port and bought another gadget. To slightly increase the shooting range, they take wireless gadgets, for example, v380. This is convenient for monitoring, remotely GoProviewing what is happening. Two cameras are used if you need to switch shooting from one place to another.

How to change the background in the camera and zoom out

As you noticed, A4tech, Logitech webcam settings concern only the image and its transmission. In skype, comments on the background configuration option, the appearance of communicating people. In it, a person does NOT increase or decrease in size. To make communication more interesting, adjust effects, you can install WebcamMax program for windows xp, 8, 10, macbook. You can download it for free from our portal. Analog for Linux ubuntu. Webcam studio.

You can read in detail how to use the WebcamMax program, how to set it up in our article “The program for skype changing the face of webcammax”.

You can also change, set the background, resolution and add effects using the SplitCam application. The program is also interesting in that it allows constant broadcasting to several streaming platforms at once. It is enough to add a camera (you can also choose IP), a browser (chrome, opera), a platform and save the parameters. If the settings fail, it’s easy to restore them.

The software will allow, if you wish, to even change the size and scale of your loved one. to reduce, make it thinner or, conversely, thicker.

But seriously, if you have problems with the scale, for example, when one corner of the picture is larger, you need to look at the webcam settings or reinstall its driver.


To set up a webcam in a new skype, just go to the appropriate menu. If some options are missing, the problem is solved by installing additional processing programs. For example, bandikam, WebcamMax. A large number are available to work in Windows x. Some can connect 2, 4 devices at the same time. Webcams are connected to PS3, TV, but that’s another story.