How to activate a WEB-camera in skype

To use the device in the most popular messenger, you must first select a webcam. To do this, go to the sound settings and select your device from the list. Both front and external cameras are available there.

Setting Up A Web-Camera Windows 7

After that, call someone and click on the crossed out webcam icon at the very bottom of the screen. It will be painted black. Ranked third if counting from left to right.

Enabling the camera on a laptop in Windows 7

One of the nice additions to any laptop is a built-in camera, which does NOT require the owner of the equIPment to spend additional amounts of money, as is the case when purchasing a stationary PC. Nevertheless, sometimes a situation may arise when a person cannot turn on the camera on Windows 7 installed on a laptop. What to do?

Of course, sometimes there are cases when such devices are out of order. In such situations, it is easier to acquire a new product than an old one. Nevertheless, it is initially recommended to check the settings of the Windows 7 used. perhaps they prevent access to this functionality.

What to do if the device is not detected?

To set up the camera on a Windows 7 laptop or PC, you need to follow a few standard steps. If after their completion the device remains inactive, then you will have to remove all installed drivers and load them again. A similar problem also occurs when trying to set up a webcam in skype.

  • Through the “Start” menu go to the “Device Manager” section. Do this in the same way as when you turn on the webcam.
  • In the window that opens, find the item “EquIPment for image processing”.
  • Right-click on the equIPment name.
  • In the list that appears, select “Delete”.
  • The system may require confirmation of the operation. In this case, click on the “Yes” button.
  • Restart the computer, Chisinau will complete the process of removing drivers.
  • Then the new software is loaded.

If there are no drivers

If the WEB-camera does not turn on automatically, you need to download special drivers. To do this, you should visit the official Internet resource of your laptop manufacturer. On the site you need to go to the Software or Support section, find your laptop in the list of models and start downloading the drivers for the WEB-camera.

Install downloaded files on laptop. If everything is done correctly, then after the completion of the process the WEB-camera will be configured automatically.


A webcam is a useful device that will help you see your friends and family in other cities and countries. If you have carefully read today’s article, you know how to connect the device and configure it.

Setting up a webcam on a laptop with Windows 7. Setting up a camera in the program

Also, a WEB-camera can be configured via Skype or another program that invites users to make calls inside themselves.
The presented procedure takes a minimum of time and is by far the most popular and effective.

If you already have this program installed, then you need to adhere to the following steps:

  • Run the program.
  • Go to the toolbar and call the window that opens. Settings.
  • Select Settings
  • In the window that appears, in the section Instructions for installing the WEB-camera, you must name it and wait until the browser with the Official page of the program is automatically opened on the laptop.

On the website, you can quickly find the answer to the correct implementation of the camera setup procedure.

How to enable usb camera on laptop or pc on windows. Linux and Mac

Regardless of what kind of laptop you have. hp, Lenovo, msi, ASUS, acer, sony, good, usb, aspire, bell, compaq or any other. the process of connecting an external usb camera is the same for them. The same aLGorithm is used to work with a computer under Windows or other systems.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Unpack the device and find the flat plug on it.
  • Insert it into the USB port on the front or back.
  • Neatly pin the webcam on the screen.

The OS will detect the camera automatically. you don’t even have to select anything in the dispatcher.

Dealing with the reasons

Most modern laptops are already equIPped with WEB cameras. Many people believe that built-in WEB cameras are already configured, therefore, after the first call, they often encounter such a problem as dimming or, conversely, lightening the picture, and in rare cases the camera simply does not turn on. All this suggests that it is necessary to configure the camera. In such cases, very often users ask the question: how to set up a camera on a laptop built-in?

As for the settings, first of all you need to see if there is a driver for the WEB-camera on the computer. To carry out this action you need:

  • Named to Start.
  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Named to Device Manager.
  • Find in the list of proposed programs the item Imaging devices, where All devices that are in the connected state are presented. For the camera to work correctly, drivers like Cam, V must be installed. If the driver has not been installed, then you need to visit the website of the copyright holder and download the necessary files. on this below in our article.

Having solved the problem with the drivers, you need to check the connection of the camera to the laptop. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Named to Imaging Devices.

Here you can see all the parameters of the camera. If everything is in order, then you should download a special program that can work with a WEB-camera, for example, LiveCam, WebCam, Skype.
Installed the program, you need to go to its menu and configure the camera.

For drivers for Windows 10, we tell you here. Ways to download drivers for Windows 7 in this article.

How to connect an external VK

Most often, the connection is carried out via a complete USB cable. Just plug the cable coming from the VC to the corresponding port on the computer.

In the complete absence of any reaction from the PC after connecting the VC, it is possible to conclude that the wire or connector in the computer is faulty.

How to check the performance of the latter? To do this, you will need to install some (known good) USB device in the connector, for example, a USB flash drive.

If the external media is normally displayed in the Windows 7 explorer, it means that everything is in order with the USB port, but it is necessary to replace the defective cable or VK.

Outdoor versions of webcam models are mainly equIPped with a software disc. Therefore, after connecting the device to the PC, you need to insert the “CD” into the optical drive and install the software.

Usually proprietary programs have a wide range of settings, which significantly increases the usability of the equIPment.


Very similar to the previous utility, but has much wider possibilities for applying effects.

The procedure for connecting and configuring VK

Usually, the already built-in camera in laptops is in standby mode, that is, it is almost completely ready for full-fledged use. You just need to open any program for communication, for example, Skype, and specify the required image settings in it.

Sometimes the application cannot detect VK. In this case, the camera must be turned on. In laptops, for this purpose, the simultaneous pressing of the following two keys is often used: “Fn” and the button with the “camera” icon printed on it.

Also often used and functional. “F1 F12”. Therefore, it is advisable to check the user manual from the accompanying documentation for the PC.

It can also be very useful to know how to programmatically enable the camera on a Windows 7 computer. To this end, you need to perform just a few sequential steps:

  • Launches the “Control Panel”;
  • Then enter the “All elements” tab and open the “Device Manager” section;
  • Then look in the displayed list of the term “Image processing devices”, where, by calling the context menu from VK, they will call “activate”;
  • After that, restart the PC;
  • Done, VK activated.

Third-party applications for VK

Many useful utilities have been developed that work well in the Windows 7 environment. Below are the best ones.

And if VK is not detected in the device manager?

In this case, provide the hardware with suitable software.

Usually “Windows 7″ itself does a good job of installing the necessary programs. You just have to call it “Update drivers”.

In the next window, it is recommended to click on the first option.

Install and configure a webcam on a Windows 7 computer

The Internet offers many ways for people to communicate. Even in the very near past, users were mainly content with text communication methods through chats, e-mail, etc.

Due to the significant improvement in connection quality over time, voice communication with simultaneous image transmission has gained popularity.

The key element for doing this is the webcam (VC). To take advantage of its advantages, you should be able to connect the device and configure it correctly.

Below is a descrIPtion of all the necessary steps to correctly launch and configure a webcam in a Windows 7 computer.

  • What is VK?
  • The procedure for connecting and configuring VK
  • And if VK is not detected in the device manager?
  • How to connect an external VK
  • Third-party applications for VK
  • Splitcam
  • Webcammax
  • Manycam


Has wide functionality. Among them, the zoom and recording options should be especially noted. Convenient taking screenshots and adding a large number of effects.

What is VK?

It is a device for recording (and sometimes sound) into a computer for further transmission through the global network assigned to the client. Most laptops are already equIPped with VK, and for stationary computers it is purchased and installed separately.

Most often external webcams are attached to the monitor with a special clIP, but there are models that can be installed separately on the table.


Enables higher image quality. Adds funny effects.

The app specializes in surveillance and has the ability to continuously stream over the WAN. Supports the simultaneous operation of several VCs. All filmeds are saved on the server. Allows you to remotely control the activation of the camera, and also turn it off.