How to turn on the WEB-camera in OBS-Studio

A high-quality and juicy picture in webcams is very important. After all, your image. this is what the members pay attention to in the first place. You should get attention at first sight!

The hardest part. setting up the program at the very beginning. But, having set up OBS-Studio for Stream correctly from the beginning, you will NOT have to come back to this question again. We are NOT going to analyze which encoder is better, etc. this is an instructional article for basic broadcast setup.

OBS-Studio (OBS-Studio) for Chaturbate webcam site

  • First of all, you need to add your microphone and your camera (or splitter) to the source list. Otherwise, you will not be seen or heard.
  • In addition to video, you can embed various images into the broadcast (for example, the DMCA icon). Sources. Picture.
  • Go to Settings, Video tab. Here you need to set the video resolution for your Stream. In our case, it is 1280×720. on Chaturbate this is enough to get an HD icon. Everything will depend on your camera, the number of work sites and the capabilities of your PC. FPS set to 30 is no longer necessary. this is more than enough for a webcam. If you have a weak computer, you can try setting the FPS value to 24-25, this will slightly reduce the load.
  • Output tab. We need to change the bitrate of video and audio, you can also change the video recording settings here (in case you are making custom videos). Recommendations for setting the bitrate depending on the resolution:

Setting up

To add source “Video capture device”, first of all, create a new scene or add to an existing scene skips 1 step. To do this, right-click on the “Scenes” field and select “Add”, set the scene name or leave it by default.

In the field sources, also right-click and select “Video capture device” in the drop-down list

Let’s go over the settings of this source:

  • Device. Logitech Webcam C525, in this field we select our WEB-camera, I have it Logitech C525.
  • Deactivate. turn off the web camera.
  • Video setup. goes to the setup program supplied with the web camera.
  • Crossbar setting. this setting is not active.
  • We put a tick off when it is NOT shown. source will be turned off if device is NOT connected.
  • Resolution / frame rate. leaves at default device values.
  • YUV color space. choose the newer 709.
  • YUV color range. full.
  • Buffering. auto-detect.
  • Flip vertically. this mapping is upside down, we leave it as it is, that is, it did not become anything.
  • Sound output mode. if you need a microphone from the camera.
  • Use a custom device. if you have a good microphone it is better to use it of course.

How you can add a WEB-camera to OBS-Studio: an up-to-date checklist

How to add a WEB-camera to OBS-Studio and launch a game and conversation with the audience on Stryi in parallel? Nothing complicated: follow our Step by step instructions, everything will work out!

Instructions for adding a new device

How to make a WEB-camera in OBS-Studio and add your own image to the stream?

  • Open the program and select the desired scene in the field of the same name on the left;
  • Go to the Sources field and click on the plus sign;
  • Select the term “Video capture device” from the drop-down list;
  • Check the box next to “Create new”. To add a new device;
  • Enter the name in the appropriate line and click on the “OK” button.

You have received the answer to the main question. but this is not enough! Below we will take a closer look at which settings you should use to get the highest quality result.

Why would you even need to add a webcam to OBS? You’ve seen this on stream (for sure). In addition to broadcasting the passage of the game, the streamer shows his own face to the audience. it’s a great way to stay connected and improve your engagement with viewers.

Setting up the device

Users can configure the WEB-camera in OBS-Studio so that the additional window will not just interfere with the main action. it will perfectly complement the broadcast! Above we described how to add a new device. as soon as you select the device, the image display will appear on the screen in front of you.

Moving on to the Important point! Let’s talk about how to crop a WEB-camera in OBS-Studio and move it. we create the perfect broadcast screen. The answer is very simple:

  • Select the device name in the Sources field with the right mouse button;
  • The image transmitted from the device is highlighted with a red frame;
  • There are markers along the edges. Pull them to move and reduce the size of the source.

In a separate review, we talked about how to set up a WEB-camera in OBS-Studio using an alpha mask (that is, change the shape of the displayed image) or add a frame. We recommend reading and using masks / frames to decorate and personalize your Stream!

The first step has been taken! The question of how to enable the WEB-camera in OBS does not have to arise. the image will be transmitted by default if you have added the device to sources.

Following on. let’s talk about what settings should be set for the best, optimal interaction with the program:

  • Select the device with the right mouse button and click on the gears. it is just above and titled “Properties”;
  • Find the “Resolution / Frame Rate” section and select “Custom”;
  • In the line “Resolution” we set the numbers corresponding to the technical characteristics of your monitor;
  • Choosing the frame rate. in the line “FPS” you need to put the value “30” from the drop-down menu;
  • Look for the “Color Space” icon and select the value “709”;
  • Click “OK”. To save your changes.

Now in the same menu we are looking for the “Video Settings” icon. An additional window will appear where you can select brightness, contrast, sharpness and saturation. these characteristics are individual, choose according to your monitor.

You know how to add and connect a WEB-camera to OBS-Studio. but how to disable it with one click, and not remove it from the list of sources? Go back to the already familiar section of properties and look for the “deactivate” button! It is located under the name of the device. One click. and the camera stopped filming.

Possible problems

Setting up an OBS Studio WEB-camera is not always successful. sometimes there are slight difficulties in users. What we advise to do?

  • Open the “Device Manager”;
  • Open the subsection of the video camera and find the name of the connected or built-in device;
  • Make sure the device is actually connected. now you can right-click and select “Update driver”.

The second reason why OBS does not see the WEB-camera and displays a black screen. device is busy with another application. See what processes are currently running (you can through the “Task Manager”). If programs using the WEB-camera are currently open. for example, Skype. close them!

We described in detail how to add and how to enable a WEB-camera in OBS-Studio. be sure to use this tool to establish communication with the audience! Sometimes the off-screen voice isn’t enough. and you just need to display a picture on the screen.

How is OBS-Studio set up for Stream on Twitch?

To stream the game on Twitch, you need to use additional software. The choice of programs for streaming is large, but the most popular is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). The software is qualitatively different from other tools, starting with flexible parameter settings and ending with ease of use. Below is a detailed description of the OBS program, how to install and configure it on your computer, as well as ways to solve auto products problems.

Download and Install Open Broadcaster Software

It is better to download the program from the official website of OBS Studio, because there is the latest version of the software. After selecting the operating system, the user can download the file in one of the following ways, including direct download, using BitTorrent or GitHub.

Reference! OBS Studio supports Windows, macOS and Linus operating systems.

To start the installation, you must double-click on the file with the.Exe extension and follow a simple instruction:

  • Click “Next” in the welcome window;
  • Read and agree to the license agreement by clicking “I agree”;
  • Select the directory where the program will be installed;
  • Configure components in addition to software;
  • Click “Install” and wait for the end of the process.

When the program is installed on your computer, the settings window will appear, which you need to close and start OBS.

OBS-Studio hotkeys for twitch

For the ultimate user experience, OBS can be configured with hotkeys for almost all major processes. The streamer does NOT have to use a mouse, it is enough to learn the list of combinations and control the broadcast using the keyboard.

The list of configurable parameters includes:

  • Broadcast. start and stop, reset delay, start and end recording, studio mode, transition, and start and stop replay.
  • Scene. the ability to switch between them.
  • Sound and playback devices. mute or unmute sound, and temporarily disable or enable it by pressing.

Reference! To change the combinations you need to go to the “File” menu. “Settings”. “Hotkeys”.

OBS also has a set of keys for working with sources:

setting, web-camera, obs-studio
  • Ctrlc. copy to clipboard;
  • Ctrlv. insert into the list of sources;
  • Delete. remove from list.

How it sticks out on twitch via obs: full OBS-Studio setup for Stream

In order to start sticking out, the initial OBS setup is required. To do this, go to the “broadcast” section in the program settings.

Then you need to follow the steps sequentially:

  • Find and select Twitch from the list of services.
  • Specify the server of the twitch, which is used for streaming. You can choose the automatic detection function, or independently analyze the response speed of each server and choose the best option.
  • Enter your broadcast key or connect your Twitch account.
  • Click “Apply” to save the selected items.

You also need to configure the parameters of video and audio broadcast, encoding, bit rate and much more. on all settings below.

Where to get the twitch key for OBS-Studio?

The key is located in the channel dashboard on the Twitch platform. Go to the section, go to the channel settings and the main broadcast key will be placed in the upper field. It is displayed encrypted. It can be copied using a special button.

To display the key on the screen, just click “Show” and confirm the action.

Reference! The streamer can reset the key, after which all activated programs are unlinked from the channel.

Broadcast setup and scene creation

Before starting streaming, you need to decide what to show to the user. It can be a game, a screen or part of it, and much more. The material shown in the broadcast is determined by the sources.

Their list includes:

  • Browser;
  • Delight of input and output audio stream (microphone and sounds from PC)
  • Delight of the game, window or screen;
  • Picture;
  • Slide show;
  • Scene;
  • Text.

All sources are combined into scenes for quick access. For example, for streaming Dota 2 and Apex games, the scenes are completely different.

Setting the resolution and number of frames

To set the resolution, go to the “Video” tab and select the appropriate parameters:

  • Base resolution. video quality in the preview, the default is 1920×1080, you can downgrade to 1280×720.
  • Output (scaled) resolution. video quality for viewers, the standard size is 1280×720, and the minimum is 640×360.
  • FPS (frames per second). the default is 30 but the larger the parameter, the better.

Setting video and audio bitrates

Correctly selected bit rate is responsible for the quality of the transmitted picture and audio. For each broadcast extension and encoders, you need to configure individual parameters. Below are the main indicators of bitrate depending on the number of frames per second and video quality.

Resolution FPS Audio bitrate
(1280 × 720) thirty 128 2500 (1560-4000)
(1280 × 720) 60 128 3800 (2500-6000)
(1920 × 1080) thirty 128 4500 (3000-6000)
(1920 × 1080) 60 128 6800 (4500-9000)
(2560 × 1440) thirty 128 9000 (6000-13000)
(2560 × 1440) 60 128 13000 (9000-18000)
(3840 × 2106, 4K) thirty 128 23000 (13000-34000)
(3840 × 2106, 4K) 60 128 35000 (20000-51000)

To change the bitrate, just go to the “Output” section and specify the parameters manually in the simple output mode. In the case of the extended mode, the video bitrate is indicated in the “Streaming” tab, and for audio in a separate window.

Also in the extension mode, a choice of bitrate control is available:

  • CBR. constant;
  • ABR. averaged;
  • VBR. variable;
  • CRF. determined by Separate value.

Advanced video settings (filters, Advanced settings)

Scale filter settings are also available in the video tab.

Users are offered the following options:

  • Bilinear. ideal for weak computers. Unfortunately, the broadcast quality will be average, but the method consumes a minimum of resources.
  • Bicubic. the best option for getting good quality, and not overloading iron.
  • Lanczos method. the best way to get high quality pictures. The main disadvantage is considered to be exactingness to system parameters.

In advanced settings, you can also change the render settings, color format, space and range. As a rule, streamers use default settings so as not to overload PC resources.

Launching a test broadcast via OBS

To start a test broadcast (content is available only for the streamer), you need to go to the OBS settings. In the broadcast section add an inscription to the key? “Bandwidthtest = true” without quotes. To start a test Stream, click “Start Broadcast” in the main program window.

Stream through the processor

It is possible to reduce the load on the streamer software using the central processor. To do this, there is a special item presetting the CPU usage (the higher the indicator, the less the CPU load) in the “Output” section. For powerful hardware, it is recommended to use the veryslow and placebo settings.

You also need to specify the parameters in the profile, which depend on the iron. For old computers, the main item is suitable, and for new ones. exceptionally high. You should also optimize the broadcast setting, set zerolatency to zero.

Stream via video card and H.264 codec

To broadcast with the introduction of a video card, you must select “NVENC H.264”. You can use forced encoder settings and DO NOT change parameters.

But users can always change:

  • Bitrate control;
  • Bitrate;
  • Keyframe interval;
  • Preset;
  • Profile;
  • GPU usage;
  • Number of B-frames.

Important! Setting up translations using a GPU is easier, since all parameters are described in detail in the program.

Quick Sync

Owners of Intel processes with integrated graphics can enable Quick Syns. This reduces the load on the CPU, but the quality of the broadcast decreases. Before enabling the option, you must enter the BIOS and enable the item “Multi-Monitor”.

Configuring the output of the chat to the stream in twitch

Additional programs are used to display the chat on the screen during Stream. The most popular is TwoRatChat.

Go to the installed application and add the Twitch chat source, indicated the streamer’s nickname. After that, open the settings section, activate the options “On top of all windows” and “Save chat as picture”. Then the folder for saving pictures is specified.

Important! You must enable the local server function in TwoRatChat for it to work in real time.

To sync your application with OBS Studio, you need to add source. Select the subtype “Browser” and enter the link from TwoRatChat into the address bar. After that, a chat will appear on the screen, which is automatically updated. Streamer can change its size, location, and more.

OBS errors when streaming

In the course of streaming, users face a number of problems. These include bugs in OBS Studio, broadcast lags or freezes, black screen or missing audio, and incorrect connection. Below is more information on popular errors and how to fix them.

How to remove the delay on Stryi OBS Twitch?

If the broadcast is shown to users with a delay, and this was not included in the streamer’s plans, you must go to the OBS settings.

Find the item “Delayed stream” and Disable the function.

Reference! Stream delay requires additional computer resources.

Broadcast lags

Lagat or frieze broadcast can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Wrongly chosen streaming method (cannot stream using the processor if it is weak, etc.);
  • FPS settings DO NOT match hardware;
  • Video extension is too high;
  • Invalid broadcast server;
  • Low data transfer rate (internet)
  • Weak computer for simultaneous streaming and gaming.

If the hardware is powerful and meets the system requirements, you need to look for the problem in the program settings. As a rule, it is enough to test 2-3 points of the above and the problem is solved!

Invalid path or URL connection

The error occurs due to the incorrectly entered “Play Path / Stream Key”. Often occurs after resetting Twitch settings. To fix it, just update the information or link the twitch account to OBS.

Black screen when streaming

Black screen instead of broadcasting occurs due to incorrect scene and source settings. Try to remove everything from the list and add it again. To restore the normal operation of the flow, it is enough to select the delight of the desktop in the source, and in the scene. borderless windowed mode.

Streamlabs OBS Advantages Over Standard Edition

Streamlabs OBS. an updated version of a free program that is only available for Windows.

It has the same feature set as standard OBS, plus additional options:

  • Face masks. users can launch SnapChat style masks for donations;
  • Delays 1000. long delay setting;
  • Automatic chat download. you no longer need to use third-party software;
  • Four screens in one. saving CPU and RAM resources thanks to Convenient functionality;
  • Alerts. the ability to customize notifications for fundamental events;
  • Special video encoding. freeing up PC resources or improving video quality under the same load;
  • Quick setup. the ability to integrate personal settings from OBS.

As a conclusion, we can say that Open Broadcaster Software. the best free twitch streaming software. A huge number of settings, the ability to manage computer resources and much more are available in the software. The program will satisfy even the most demanding users. Windows streamer is recommended to use Streamlabs OBS.

How to make and install a frame for a webcam for OBS?

The frame for the webcam for OBS decorates the stream, creates the right mood, allows you to Personalize and highlight the channel. If you want to learn how to arrange the broadcast. read our review! As a bonus, we’ll tell you where to get the coolest effects and overlays.

Where can I download

You can make a frame for the camera in OBS yourself if you have the skills to work in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects (for animation). If you do not have such knowledge. there are a lot of sites on the network with ready-made options.

Selecting the option you like in the catalog and download it to your computer for free. Please note that in most cases you will be able to Personalize your border. you can add your name or enter additional characters, choose the color you like to download.

OBS Webcam Frames can be downloaded for free here, here or here. Look for other directories for a really wide selection!

Alpha mask

If you don’t like the standard rectangular design solution, you can use masking. With the help of specially created pictures, you will change the appearance of the window. make it NOT a standard rectangular, but round or square.

We will tell you how to insert a WEB-camera into a frame in OBS-Studio! First step. change of size. This must be done so that the window does NOT overlap the game. by default it opens in full size.

  • Find the desired video capture device in the “Sources” section (if it is not there, you must first add it)
  • Start dragging the red handles to reduce the proportions and aspect ratio;
  • Move the window to the desired part of the screen.

Done, size adjusted! Now let’s talk about how to add a webcam frame in OBS-Studio. Previously, we made in Photoshop or downloaded a window of the desired shape. round, curly or other.

  • Click on the name of the capture device (in the “source”) with the right mouse button;
  • Select the “Filters” item from the drop-down menu;
  • Click on the plus sign;
  • Click on the line “Image mask / blend”;
  • Name the effect (if desired)
  • In the Type section, leave the Alpha Mask value;
  • In the “Path” section, click on the “Browse” button. Go to the directory where the previously downloaded file is stored and open it.

If this solution is not enough, you want to know how to make a webcam frame in OBS-Studio with animation or color effects. read the next part of our review!


We think you guessed it. you first need to download the appropriate effect to your computer. Now back to the program:

  • In the “Sources” field, click on the plus, select “Add” and click on the “Image” menu item;
  • We mark the term “Create new”. Add a title if necessary (or leave the default option)
  • In the line “Image file” there is a “Browse” button;
  • Click on it and select the document Saved to your computer;
  • Move the added overlay so that it overlaps the camera;
  • Now we need to fit the WEB-camera to the frame in OBS-Studio. Pull red markers so that the sizes match completely;
  • For ease of use, select the “Image” term in the sources with the mouse button, hold down the Ctrl key and select your webcam;
  • Right-click and select the “Group” icon. This simple action will help you drag both windows together, rather than moving the image separately, the effect separately.

You have received an exhaustive answer to the question of how to put a frame on a WEB-camera in OBS-Studio. now get to work! It’s time to Personalize your stream and decorate your camera with a unique effect.