Connecting IP cameras to the Ezviz service via the website

The firmware version of the device must support Ezviz, the IP camera or video recorder must be activated, and the IP address, subnet mask and gateway must be specified in the basic network settings.

Enter the menu area of ​​the IP camera or DVR called “Access Platforms”. Make sure the device supports Ezviz and device status. “online“.

How To Setup Any Hikvision IP camera: #1 Easy Way Via Hikvision Software [IVMS]

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Create an account with Ezviz ( Go to the device management section and add a device.

Add a device by serial number.

Click “Add”

Enter the device verification code indicated on the sticker on the device case

HikVision remote view setup for web and mobile phone. detailed!

The device has been added to your account. Viewing is possible through a web browser, IVMS 4200 software and through the Ezviz mobile application. Hik-Connect can also be used as an app.

HD cameras at an affordable price

The image quality of modern video surveillance systems is constantly increasing, and the price of HD video surveillance is decreasing. In 2015, the most budgetary segment of the video surveillance market was occupied by cameras of HDCVI, HD-TVI and AHD formats with HD and Full HD resolution at a price of 500 to 1000 grams. At the same time, the resolution of these cameras, which characterizes the ability to transmit a clear picture without interference, exceeds this parameter of old analog cameras by 4-6 times. New video surveillance formats use UTP cable or twisted pair cable to transmit the TV signal, which makes it possible to migrate from standard definition analog systems to HD and Full HD systems without costly replacement of communication lines. Despite the variety of formats, it is not difficult to build a video surveillance system on your own.

Video recorders are used to record video
received from CCTV cameras. Modern recorders have the ability to record digital video with a resolution of 2 Mp (Full HD) in the budget segment and up to 12 Mp, overlapping the resolution of 4K CCTV cameras. For small HD video surveillance systems, 4, 8, and 16-channel video recorders are widely used. expensive models work with up to 64 cameras and more, are equipped with video analysis functions, and can accommodate up to 8 HDDs. All models of multichannel DVRs have the ability to work with various cloud services that simplify the process of setting up viewing via the Internet.