Set Up Outdoor Video Camera

DescrIPtion outdoor AHD camera Tecsar AHDBT-1Mp-0Fl / AHDBT-0F1M

Outdoor AHD camera Tecsar AHDW-1Mp-20FI-light
princIPle of operation

  • Wired AHD camera Tecsar AHDW-1Mp-20FI-light is used for real-time surveillance. The camera can be used on any objects, both outdoors and indoors.
  • The camera transmits images in high HD (1280×720) quality.
  • The camera is connected to the recorder using a coaxial cable up to 500 m long. The camera can also be connected with twisted pair wires, in this case the distance of the wired connection is 100 m.

Functions and features

  • The camera is equIPped with a 1-megapixel OmniVision 1/4 “OV9712S CMOS Sensor;
  • Thanks to infrared LED illumination, the camera captures a high-quality image in low ambient light and even in complete darkness, switching to black and white mode;
  • Automatic white balance correction makes it possible to adjust the most correct color rendition in the frame;
  • Automatic gamma correction helps to correctly set the image illumination;
  • Auto exposure adjusts shutter speed and aperture to ensure the correct lighting in the frame.

Microprocessor control

  • The NextchIP NVP2431H processor allows you to obtain a consistently high quality image, including in low light conditions;
  • In low light, the camera enters black and white mode, keeping the image high definition;
  • Thanks to the processor, the camera supports AE, AWB, AF, 2D / 3DNR, FLK, HLC / BLC, Private Zone
  • AE dimming function allows you to get the best picture in both high brightness and low light conditions;
  • Automatic white balance adjustment AWB helps you to adjust the required white balance in the picture;
  • AF auto focus adjusts the lens to focus on the subject and can provide the difference between clear shots and a missed opportunity;
  • The 3DNR 3D Noise Reduction feature is designed to eliminate noise in poor lighting conditions. Calculations are performed not only for one frame (as in the 2DNR function), but for several consecutive frames, which allows more accurate selection of noise, since it changes over time. This technology is more modern and more efficient;
  • Flicker-free FLK makes this camera applicable in the area of ​​fluorescent light sources;
  • HLC / BLC backlight compensation functions help to avoid darkening of objects in the frame that are in the background of light. In order to make details in dark tones better distinguishable, it removes these light sources from the calculation of the average brightness, masking bright light sources with a mask;
  • The function of masking the private zones of the Private Zone allows, on the one hand, to hide parts of the surveillance zone, on the other, to save the amount of information recorded from the camera.

Camera characteristic

  • Body material. Plastic
  • Outdoor use. there is
  • Maximum resolution. 1 megapixel
  • RGB (color shooting) support. there is
  • Sensor type and eGoPro manufacturer. CMOS
  • Matrix size. 1/4 ”
  • Lens type. Fixed
  • Focal length. 3.6 mm
  • Day Night. there is
  • Functions. DWDR, 3DNR, AE, AWB, AF
  • IR illumination. there is
  • Infrared illumination range. 20 m
  • Working voltage. 12 in
  • The consumed current. 800 mA
  • Operating temperature range 20 ° С

60 ° C

  • Working humidity. No Pain 90%
  • Dimensions. 62x62x160.8 mm
  • The weight. 380 g
  • Features:

    • AHD camera for outdoor and indoor use;
    • 1/4-inch OmniVision OV9712S sensor, 1MP resolution (720p)
    • Lens with a focal length of 3.6mm / F2.0;
    • IR illumination range 20 m;
    • The camera is compatible with any AHD recorder.

    How to set up a WEB-camera

    One of the most popular ways of communication today is communication by means of communication, which can be organized using the worldwide Internet. However, to do this, you need to first configure the WEB-camera on your computer. Honestly, it’s very, very easy to do this.

    To make our advice as informative as possible, we will tell you how to configure WEB cameras in a variety of situations. And it doesn’t matter which company your WEB-cameras are: Genius, A4Tech, Logitech or any other.

    How to set up a WEB-camera on a laptop

    As a rule, webcams in laptops are already built-in, therefore they DO NOT require any special settings or settings. You just need to correctly install the operating system (preferably Windows 7) and connect your laptop to the Internet, and it will find all the necessary software by itself. It is worth considering that the camera itself does not turn on, but only works when you turn on the appropriate application, for example Skype. If the camera does not work, then you need to install the driver. You can find them either on the Internet, by entering the request “WEB-camera driver for a laptop, specify its model here”, Or (which is more correct), install them via a disk that comes with the laptop. Most of all GoPro problems are caused by Asus, MSI and Acer laptops.

    How to properly configure a WEB-camera on a computer

    Please note that for the correct operation of the WEB-camera, it is enough to connect it to the computer (via USB-output) and turn on the program that you need. As a rule, the computer itself installs the drivers and understands what kind of camera it is. If you want to adjust the clarity or quality of the signal, then you need to install the utility (program) that comes with the WEB-camera. To do this, insert the disc into the drive, in the pop-up window, select “Install the program for working with the WEB-camera”.

    In addition, many programs allow you to customize the signal quality in their interface. Also, consider factors such as room lighting and the specifications of your device.

    How to set up a WEB-camera in Skype (Skype)

    Setting up a camera in Skype is quite simple, to do this, turn on the Skype program, enter your username and password (or register). Next, go to the “Tools” tab, and then select the “Settings” item, as shown in the screenshot:

    The settings window will open in front of you, in the left menu in the “General” section, click on the “Settings” item. Then the following window will open, in which you can enter the necessary settings for the WEB-camera in Skype:

    How to set up a WEB-camera in classmates

    To make calls on the Odnoklassniki social network, you just need to connect a WEB-camera to a computer or laptop and direct it towards yourself (try to sit so that the light falls on you, and not on the WEB-camera). Do not forget to check the sound from the speakers and if the microphone is connected. Naturally, you must install all drivers for the WEB-camera, find them, as we have already said, on the disk, which comes with the camera.
    Sometimes the absence of an image is due to the fact that you do not have a flash player installed, and for this you need to install the Adobe Flash Player program (it is free). Then everything will be simple: move the mouse over the photo in your friend’s profile, you will see a prompt with the offer “Call ?!”. Click on this button, and then allow the social network to access your camera and microphone.

    If you still have questions about setting up a WEB-camera, please ask them in the comments, but it will be even better if you ask our consultant. We work with absolutely all PC users who live in Krasnoyarsk. Low for our services will pleasantly surprise you!

    You can also contact us by phone:

    • (391) 231-12-94;
    • .

    We are looking forward to your call!!

    But there are such cameras!

    Yes, you are NOT wrong. On sale you will not find CCTV cameras for the street. Therefore, it is difficult to find information in a search via the Internet. How to be? There are enough indoor surveillance cameras on sale, you can even find licensed and certified ones, but there are no outdoor cameras.

    Outdoor surveillance cameras

    In my opinion, covert surveillance helps to solve problems with vandalism and a thief, which I cannot understand on a regular camera. However, the secrecy of such cameras can lead to problems with the law. As trite as it may be, hidden cameras fall under the jurisdiction of criminal law. There will be a separate article about this, which you can read on our website.

    When you are robbed on the street, gasoline is drained, wheels are unscrewed or someone damages a car with a nail, the natural reaction of a person is to catch and punish the villain, pinch in a dark corner and slap bream. And so they do. The victim can track the intruder vigilantly at night or periodically go out into the street Watch the object or install cameras.
    Standard outdoor night vision cameras have a number of advantages. they have an excellent clear picture, in thermo boxes they work at 30C, but they are noticeable. There is only one way out. installation of covert surveillance cameras.

    Disadvantages of hidden cameras

    Still, there is a way out and now you will find out which one if you read further. If you decide that you need a hidden camera, first you need to get acquainted with the overview of THESE smallest cameras, get acquainted with the technical characteristics. And think again if they are right for you? If approached, let’s move on to the choice and methods of installing cameras on the street.

    Choosing and installing hidden cameras on the street

    Hidden camera for ATM

    With these properties, even ordinary Chinese mini hidden cameras for surveillance become outdoor. The instructions for a branded mini-camera with Pinhole, for example, the Italian manufacturer Computar, indicate the possibility of operating the device at low temperatures. The camera is a frame on which you can hang various lenses and camera lenses from the manufacturer Computar.

    Outdoor Miniature Camera with pin-hole Computar

    Here are the characteristics of some series:

    • Working temperature range in the WP series (WP-E38, WP-E60):. 30 to 50C
    • Operating temperature range in BP series (BPE-38, BPN-29): from.73 to 60C

    In fact, for a high-quality image, it is NOT the case that is important, but the matrix and the camera board. Correct lens and focal length will NOT compare to Chinese devices.

    There is an alternative

    Some organizations and individuals ask to find a way out and connect them with cheap sets of outdoor surveillance cameras, or, conversely, ask to figure out how to make street cameras hidden.
    Those who are NOT afraid of costs have a simple solution. camouflaging conventional cameras. They are either embedded in the walls directly in casings with a pin-hall, or they are masked across the territory for lamps, lanterns, decorative elements.Do not forget to mask the lead wires.
    It costs more, but more affordable. As they say, the master’s will. The quality of night shooting is ensured by installing lamps and lanterns on the territory, where they hide the camera.

    How “surveillance” from Rostelecom works?

    Having understood the purpose of the “surveillance” service from Rostelecom, it remains to understand the requirements and basic princIPles of work. Camera owners should be aware that the system requires:

    • Internet speed not less than 512 Kbps;
    • Modern browser updated to the current version;
    • An application that allows you to remotely control equIPment (not necessarily).

    If the above is available, Zaostrov should pay attention to the work process. Without going into specifics, the whole procedure is as follows:

    • The camera takes pictures and sendss to the cloud storage;
    • Some of the recordings that capture someone’s activity are preserved;
    • The user himself is able to watch the filmed premises live;
    • When suspicious activity occurs or an attempt to obscure the camera, the subscriber is notified of the incident.

    In this case, the subscriber sets up the main features of the camera on his own.

    It is important to clarify that the number of cameras available for installation is not limited. But you can watch online NOT more than one at a time. To switch to recording from another device, you need to stop viewing the previous.

    Unified surveillance system Rostelecom

    No recIPient will use an incomprehensible service or function, the meaning of which He does not understand. This also applies to the “observation” of Rostelecom online.

    The main purpose of this proposal is to ensure the safety of the home. With the purchased and installed equIPment, users will be able to:

    • Follow the events taking place at home online;
    • Receive messages and notifications in important events;
    • View records containing all significant events over the past week;
    • Unload individual movie clIPs;
    • Remotely control a surveillance camera.

    The listed functions are enough for the owners of the equIPment NOT to doubt that their house or protected area is reliably protected. And in the event of an unforeseen unpleasant situation, the user will learn about it in a timely manner and will be able to take the necessary measures to eliminate it.

    How to connect a surveillance system?

    The process of connecting b2b cameras can be divided into 2 main stages:

    • Installing equIPment in a suitable location;
    • Registration on the official website.

    With the first part, there will be NO complications and difficulties for users. The second stage is to create a Rostelecom monitoring management center. a personal account. The mentioned process contains the following steps:

    • You will have to start by visiting the official website of the company and going to the registration page;
    • Enter your personal information here, including your name, service region and contact information;
    • After that, it remains to accept the conditions, put the Appropriate checkboxes, and call the button “Register”;
    • The next step is to log into your personal account and open the “my devices” section;
    • Here you will need to click on the button offering to add a device and specify that a camera will be added;
    • Then you just need to follow the recommendations of the system.

    If the actions turned out to be correct, immediately after adding the device it will start working.

    How to install and configure monitoring Rostelecom?

    Knowing how to connect an IP-camera, users will need to figure out how to configure the device. To do this, there is a special subsection with the appropriate name in your personal account.

    To use the system, you will need to switch to the “desktop”, where the main actions proposed by the developers to subscribers are available.

    In addition, the operator provided for the installation of equIPment by the master, but this service is paid. Its cost will be specified in the contact center operators.

    The cost

    The main expenses that those wishing to carry out the installation of the camera will have to face is the purchase of equIPment. Currently, the provider offers 3 main types of cameras, presented in the table below.

    WI-FI camera DS-2CD-VC1 HiWatch DS-I120 HiWatch DS-I122
    Appointment indoor Street, cylindrical compact-network Street, dome, network
    Resolution 1280 x 720 1280 x 960 1280 x 960
    viewing angle 92 ° 69.4 ° 92.5 °
    IR illumination range (limit) 10 meters 15 meters 15 meters
    the weight 400 gram Irrelevant Irrelevant
    Additionally Day / night mode and IR cut filter Anti-vandal protection, day / night mode IR-cut filter
    Operating conditions 40 to 60 degrees 40 to 60 degrees
    Total cost and price per month with installments 4990 (300 rubles. Monthly) 5990 (300 rubles with an initial payment of 1200 rubles) 5990 (300 rubles. Initial payment. 1200)

    Cameras for business Are presented in a wider assortment and have different prices. Details are required to be clarified at service offices or when calling the contact center.

    Surveillance service from Rostelecom

    Modern large companies are trying to actively expand the range of services offered, adding not only standard options to their own offers, but also rather unexpected connection options. All of the above also applies to the “surveillance” system of Rostelecom.

    The mentioned service is the most important component of the “Smart Home” company, which is distributed and connected to subscribers. At the same time, customers are able to independently choose the configuration they require by purchasing a large-scale set of instruments and devices or by stopping only at the camera. But even in this case, users will have to choose between two main options that allow them to establish control over premises or external objects, for example, the camera can be installed in the entrance.

    Additionally, the provider has provided a special offer for business, which allows you to establish monitoring of the selected area and receive information about all events taking place on it.

    Surveillance rates

    Paid for the surveillance camera by Rostelecom, users will be entitled to a year of free service when paying the entire cost of the equIPment at once or 2 years of free use of equIPment when buying in installments.

    All this makes it much more important and relevant to tariffs for entrepreneurs:

    • Base;
    • Minimum;
    • Optimal;
    • Maximum.

    A descrIPtion of each of them is presented in the table.

    Base Minimum Optimal Maximum
    View full record (number of days) 3 7 fourteen thirty
    Uploadings (per month) absent 2 20 100
    Duration of the uploaded record (minutes) absent thirty thirty 60
    Access by links No No Yes Yes
    Non-removable clIPs (minutes) ten 20 60 240
    Cost (rubles) 250 400 750 1200

    Additionally, a daily service is provided with its own prices, depending on the requests and wishes of customers. over, the main criteria affecting the cost are related to the storage time and the amount of information collected. Depending on them, the price ranges from 6.57 rubles. Per day with minimum requests and 49.28 rubles. At maximum parameters.

    System advantages and disadvantages

    The main disadvantage of the described system will be the limited storage period of information provided for by Rostelecom cloud monitoring. There are many more advantages:

    • Home security and control of what is happening in the surrounding area;
    • The existence of remote control, if you download the provider’s mobile application;
    • Special notifications about ongoing events;
    • The presence of a setting that allows you to adjust the use of the program;
    • The ability to purchase equIPment and use it for 2 years for free.

    Other advantages will become noticeable after you start using the equIPment and personal account.

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