Ways to get a ROOT Rights on Android through a computer and directly through a smartphone

Many people when using smartphones on Android OS are attended by the idea of ​​making changes to the firmware. Such a desire may be caused by the need to reflash the smartphone, delete the system applications that are “sewn” in the memory of the phone, hack the game, speed up the device, unlock the graphic key, add firmware of their “bells and grounds” and a lot of other reasons for other reasons. How to get a ROOT right on Android and will be discussed later.

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The opening of access to the rights of a super.user is fraught with not only the expansion of the capabilities of the owner of the smartphone, but also the likely complications in the operation of the device. And before answering the question “But does it need it to me?”, I advise you to get acquainted with the positive and negative sides of this privilege.


Among the most popular functions of the holder of full access:

  • The ability to make changes or completely get rid of system applications and files;
  • The right to individualization of the intese (changing the image of the icons, elements of the menu, sounds, etc.);
  • Permission to install “special” software requiring possession of full access;
  • Increasing the productivity of the device due to the use of the necessary programs;
  • Obtaining access to Bootloader required to make changes to the phone firmware.


The most common side effects of this procedure are:

ROOT ANY DEVICE WITH IROOT [PC] Android 2.3 to 5.0

  • Violation of the rules of operation, which is the routing of the device, leads to a complete loss of the right to warranty service;
  • Malfunctions in the operation of the operating system and the gadget as a whole (often occur due to the deletion of system files or incorrect use of tweaks);
  • Violation of the operation of some applications, requiring additional manipulations for their configuration;
  • Lack of the ability to receive an official update of the firmware from the manufacturer;
  • The probability of staying with a “brick” instead of a phone when thoughtless operation of a device with full access.

If, having evaluated all the pros and cons, you still decided to realize the idea of ​​becoming a superpol user, then it is time to talk about how to get a ROOT Rights on Android.

How to root any android phone without PC | 2020

Preparation for Root activation on Android

Before dealing with the question: “Root access to Android-how to turn on?”, The device must be prepared.

  • Just in case, transfer the necessary information to the flash drive (or better. to the computer): photos, contacts, correspondence, files. If the setting goes wrong, they can be lost.
  • Charge the battery at least 30-40%.
  • If you connect the rights through a computer, prepare a normally working USB cable (not disconnected if you move the phone).
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To back up all the information from the gadget’s memory, use the backup application. For example:

How to get a Root.right on Android

There is no universal recipe for all Android devices. Therefore, everything will have to be sorted out on your own. Fortunately, the community of users of the 4PDA forum creates detailed instructions for all more or less popular smartphone models. You just need to find the corresponding for your Android. The algorithm is approximately as follows:

Register on the 4pda. Without this, you can’t download files, firmware and utilities from there.

Find the topic devoted to your device. Be careful in writing the name of the model and make sure that you do not confuse your phone with its modification. For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is not the same as Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s.

Unlock the bootloader (bootloader). First find the instructions for unlocking the bootloader for your model. To do this, read the headlines in the theme of the theme on the 4pda. Users make them out of what is the same, so the desired algorithm can be found in the section “Instructions”, “firmware” or in a separate paragraph “unlocking the bootloader”. You can use Google by drawing up SITE: https: // 4pda.ru/ unlocking the bootloader “Model of your phone”.

If you can’t find the right manual yourself. these are a few official Bootloader unlock instructions for popular smartphone manufacturers:

root, rights, android, computer

You may have to wait for some time. For example, Xiaomi devices sometimes receive approval for unlocking up to 1,440 hours. And sometimes this happens instantly. In general, be prepared for everything.

Install the custom recovery. The most popular. Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP). You can find a suitable TWRP image and instructions for installing it in the 4PDA topic dedicated to your device. To install it will be needed by a USB cable.

root, rights, android, computer

Install the ROOT unlock application. The most advanced and popular. Magisk. It is suitable for devices with Android 5.0 and newer. Find the Magisk installation manual in your device on your 4PDA device. In most cases, it boils down to download magisk from here. Place the ZIP arch in memory of the smartphone and install it through TWRP. Reboot and install Magisk Manager, which allows you to manage Root rights through a convenient graphic integration.

Perform actions, clearly following the instructions with 4PDA, and you will succeed.

How to download Supersu to a phone from get a ROOT access

The Supersu program does not give as such access to the developer’s rights, it only facilitates their use. In other words, this program is recommended to install already on the “root” phone. Although this is in many cases performed using the flare program.

The easiest way that even a novice user can cope with is to download the application with Google Play. Downloading and installing the program is no different from installing any other program.

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The second method implies mandatory unlocking the system nucleus, as well as the installation of a modification of the smartphone recovery environment (Custom Recovery System). This method allows you to install Supersu with the minimum possible risks for the system (in the case of a “cluttered” device. on such devices in 70% of cases, viral software is found).

The third method is Supersu at the end of the installation of a dews of the system nucleus. For example, the Framarot program allows you to install the control system upon completion of the core unlock process.

Programs for PC

In addition to installing software directly on a mobile device, you can use PC. This method may be somewhat more convenient due to ease of control and the ability to carry out a procedure with any connected device.

A convenient integration and a visual installation process is one of the main advantages of Kingroot. The program is pre.downloaded and installed on PC, after which it should be connected to it. To get started, you will need to open the settings and allow the “USB debugging”. Further actions are carried out on a computer.

The program will analyze the connected device, and if possible routing will notify this. The user will have to click on the corresponding button and wait for the end of the procedure. During this time, the phone can reload several times, which is an integral attribute of the installation. After completing the work of the program, the device is ready for work.

Root Genius is one of the very effective programs working on most devices. However, a significant drawback is Chinese localization, which repels many users. At the same time, you can understand the work of the program and get the necessary Root-rightness quite simply, without deepening the subtleties of the program language. A detailed description of working with it is given in a separate article:

The name of the program may seem like the first item from this list, but this differs from the previous. The main advantage of Kingo Root is a large range of supported devices, which is relevant if previous programs are useless. The process of obtaining a ROOT-right is also quite simple. After downloading and installing the program, it remains to connect the device via a USB cable to the PC and wait for the results of scanning the program, and then press only one button to obtain the desired result.

The above information will help to rute a smartphone without any problems. However, it is worth remembering that the obtained functions should be caused with caution to avoid problems.

Danger when using root

Using the device in the super.user mode, remember:

  • If the system is damaged (due to deleting an important file)-the phone will not be restored under warranty;
  • Auto updating OS does not work (it will work again after the Root-right is turned off).

Therefore, do not activate the Root-right aimlessly.

Types of Root-right

There are several varieties of a ROOT access that provide for restrictions:

  • Full. Are permanent rights that ensure administration, interaction with system files, for the deletion of which certain measures are required.
  • Shell. Similar to the first type, but do not provide access to the System section.
  • Temporary. Provide the possibility of temporary management, after rebooting the gadget Root access is blocked.
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All of them are used to achieve various types of tasks. We will consider when programs for obtaining a ROOT-access can be useful, how to work with such types of utilities.

Advantages of gadget routing

Root rights are necessary to complete a number of tasks:

  • Removing programs that cannot be removed in the usual way, protected applications free receipt of the functionality that must be bought in standard versions.
  • Removing advertising in applications.
  • Editing system files.
  • Installation of mods, software, utilities operating on the basis of Root.
  • Modernization of the functionality of gadgets, autonomy through specialized programs.
  • Activation of additional devices functions.

Disadvantages of gadget routing

Working with ROOT laws also provides for several disadvantages:

  • With incorrect events with Root, as well as the accidental deletion of the necessary files, the gadget may fail.
  • The use of Root deprives the guarantee for smartphones and other devices, but if necessary, the signs of obtaining a Root-right can be eliminated.
  • Inability to receive automatic updates from the manufacturer.

It is necessary to use ROOT programs as competently as possible, given the possibility of breakdown. over, many applications provide for the most simple navigation that allows gadgets to be more functional.

How to delete Root-right from the phone

If you regretted that you have achieved expanded access, then it is time to find out how to remove the Root-right on the Android device. Immediately make a reservation that it will not work to return the right to serve in this way-the master will immediately understand when examining that you were a super-user for some time. But if you want your system to gain protection again, then this is a right step.

You can turn it on and turn off the Root either through the PC, or through the phone itself:

  • Download on the Supersu smartphone, run, find and look through the “settings” to the option “irrevocable removal of the ROOT POSITION”. The program will do everything for you.
  • It is recommended to install Total Commander on PC, then connect the device and climb into its internal folders. First you should be interested in /System /App. from there you should irrevocably delete Supersu.APK. The same is done with SU and Busybox files from the /System /Bin folder and similar from the folder called /system /xbin.

Have you ever received a Root-right on your device with the Android operating system? If so, then share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.