How to put your ringtone on iPhone without computer and iTunes

Here is a solution to the question of how to put music on a call on an iPhone. There is free software for this. These programs include:

  • ITools:
  • Download the ITools program, install and open.
  • Click “Tools”.
  • Click on the icon that says “Create (Make) sound signal”.
  • Next, through the “Choice” we select the desired composition.
  • Then you need to cut off the fragment you like and click “Save”. The final save folder is “Desktop”.
  • Connect iPhone to PC.
  • In ITools, on the left side, open “Media”, on the right “Ringtones” and drag a fragment of your favorite song to the area indicated by the arrow.
  • The finishing point will be the action that decides how to put a ringtone.
  • The option of working through the program does not always work. If the warning “Unable to establish compatibility with iTunes” pops up, then use another method in order to throw off the audio tracks.
  • IFunBox. A very simple way to transfer the desired piece of a song. You need to download from the Internet and run the IFunBox program. In the column on the left side, select the section “Ringtones”. On the right, you will see a list of basic phone sounds, where you drag the trimmed song. Saving will be done automatically.

How to make ringtone on iPhone without PC

Install the GarageBand app on iPhone and launch it.

Go to the “Audio Recorder” menu by scrolling to it on the main screen of the application.

Click on the button with the image of the layers in the upper left corner (shown in the screenshot below).

How To Make Custom Ringtones On Iphone 8 / Iphone 8 Plus No Computer No Jailbreak.

Turn off the metronome by pressing the button with its image.

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Click on the “” button to the right of the recording track.

In the “Song Section” window that opens, select “Section A” and activate the “Automatic” switch.

Click on the loop icon in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Music” tab.

How to change ringtone iPhone 8 / 8 plus

Find the song from which you want to make a ringtone, hold it with your finger and drag it to the track on the main screen of the application.

Click on the imported track to enter edit mode.

Change the length of the song by moving the edges of the beginning and end of the track. Please note that the duration of the ringtone should be 30 seconds.

For the most accurate ringtone creation, zoom in the track by stretching it with two fingers.

After the ringtone is created, click on the triangle (or the inscription “My songs”) in the upper left corner. You will be taken to a list of songs you created in GarageBand.

Long press on the created ringtone, click “Share” → “Ringtone”, specify the name of the ringtone and complete the operation by clicking “Export”.

Done! Your ringtone has become available for installation in the “Settings”. “Sounds” menu.

How to set a standard ringtone for a call

What actions to take and how to put a melody on a call is an urgent question for novice iPhone users. Setting up an ordinary call takes place in a couple of keystrokes and is not too difficult. Algorithm explaining how to put a standard ringtone on the iPhone:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select the “Sound” section.
  • Click “Ringtone”.
  • A list of beeps appears. Choose the right one, install, save.

The initial use of the iPhone brand mobile phone is limited only to the basic set of sounds. If you want to install music based on your personal musical preferences, you must first download it. You will be able to carry out self-loading thanks to the computer and useful programs. How do you change the ringtone on your iPhone to the one you really like? There are several ways.

ringtone, iphone

How to make ringtone on iPhone without PC

There are several convenient ways to create and download ringtones on iPhone. But most of them require the use of a computer, which users cannot always afford. How to make a ringtone directly on the iPhone and immediately set it as a ringtone was described in this instruction.

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Note that this method of creating ringtones on iPhone without a PC has existed for a very long time. However, not everyone could use it. This is because the GarageBand application, with which we will create a ringtone directly on the iPhone, was previously paid for most users. Recently, Apple made it free for absolutely everyone, thanks to which the method described in this manual for creating a ringtone on an iPhone without a PC has become relevant for every user.

Also, before starting, it is necessary to note two disadvantages of this method. First, the GarageBand app weighs 1.44 GB, which is why not all users will be able to keep it installed on the device. And secondly, alas, you cannot cut out a ringtone from a song from the Apple Music collection using GarageBand.

How to put a ringtone on iPhone

Apple has created a product in the form of an iPhone and has won its consumer with excellent quality, high performance, and a novelty of high technologies. Caring for users is also represented by a special kind of functionality. To an android user, such control will immediately seem strange. Previously used programs seem a little confusing on the iPhone. Even the question of how to put a ringtone on an iPhone can be confusing for a beginner. How to set a ringtone on an iPhone 5 or its siblings, there are several solutions.

Create a ringtone from your computer (no third-party software)

This method will allow you to create iPhone 8 ringtone from the track you like. Follow the instructions:

  • Find and download your favorite song to your PC
  • Connect your phone to PC
  • Open the iTunes app and log into your Apple ID account
  • In iTunes, open the “Library” section and drag the previously downloaded song into this window
  • Now right-click on the desired file and select “Details” in the list of actions
  • In a new window, open the parameters tab and set the time frame for the call that you want to cut from the main song:
  • Click “OK” to save
  • Now in the “Library” window, right-click on the song again and select “Create ACC”

The trimmed version of the song appears in the list of available tracks. To display a track in your phone settings, move it from the shared song library to the Sounds section of iTunes.

Disconnect your smartphone from the PC and go to the iOS settings. Click on “Sound” à “Ringtone” and select the previously created iPhone 8 ringtone.

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Method without a computer

You can change the iPhone 8 ringtone without using a computer. To do this, you need to install the GarageBand application on your smartphone. Initially, the program was created as a tool for creating their own calls using virtual instruments, but resourceful users have learned to use it to set iPhone 8 ringtone.

  • Open the GarageBand app and click on any instrument
  • In a new window, open additional settings and go to the “Music” section
  • Select a song from the device memory
  • The audio track of the track will open. Crop it to create iPhone 8 ringtone
  • Save the file and sync it with the system folder “Ringtone”.

How To Set Any Song as Your Ringtone on iPhone (X,8, 8 Plus,7)

Search for ready-made tunes

If you are tired of the standard iPhone ringtone, there are two ways to change the ringtone:

  • Creating a new track from a song you like;
  • Search for ready-made tunes.

For the first option, you will need to choose a song yourself, download and cut it using iTunes or third-party programs.

The music can be downloaded from sites such as Muzofond, Muz-color, Ringon, Myzuka and MP3poisk. They are already cropped and converted to M4R format.

How to set ringtone on iPhone 8, without a computer and with a computer

IOS users often don’t know how to set ringtone on iPhone 8. Smartphone lacks a direct function to easily change the ringtone. Only standard tracks can be selected through the settings.

Let’s consider how to set any ringtone for iPhone 8 and other devices running iOS 11.

AnyTrans App and Computer

This method is suitable if you cannot access iTunes or want to simplify the process of creating ringtones for your iPhone 8. Download the AnyTrans utility and install it on your PC.

Open the program settings and in the “Ringtone” window select the preferred call duration.

Return to the main page of the application and click on the “Audio” icon. Next select “Ringtones”. An explorer window will open where you can select the song you want. Next, select which part of the track you want to leave and AnyTrans will automatically install it on the iPhone 8 call.