Online download manager

There are many sites that allow you to save videos from. One of them is FBDownload. You will need a browser with support for downloading files to it. For example, Loader.

Download the Downloader app from the App Store. If you cannot find it, please follow this link.

If you have already copied the link of the video you want to download, skip this step. If not, open the app and find the video you want. Click the Share button in the lower-right corner and then select Copy Link.

Open the downloader app and type in the address bar.

When the site loads, paste the video link into the search bar and then click the Download button.

When the files are generated, a table with available permissions and download links will appear at the bottom of the page. Select the option you want, click on the Download button next to it, and then in the window that appears, select Download.

The app will start downloading the video. You can view the progress on the Downloads tab. When the video downloads, swipe left on it and select the Open in… action. From the menu that appears, select Save Video. That’s all, the video has been saved to the Photos app.

ways to download videos from to iPhone

Despite all the criticism, it remains one of the largest social networks in which users can communicate, share videos and photos with each other, interact with brands and companies, and much more.

video, iphone

If you are using. you have probably more than once stumbled upon a funny and interesting video that you wanted to save on your iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no way to download videos to iPhone in the application itself.

However, there are several other ways to save videos from directly to iPhone. Below we will tell you about three different ways to bypass the limitation of the official application.

Is an unofficial app with many additional features, including the ability to download videos, but it requires a jailbreak. You can download it to your device via Cydia Impactor.

Note: To use. you need to uninstall the official app

Download the IPA file to your computer from here. You also need to download Cydia Impactor for Mac, Windows or Linux.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch Cydia Impactor.

Drag the file to the Cydia Impactor window.

Enter your Apple ID and password.

Cydia Impactor will start installing on your device. Once completed, the icon will appear on your iPhone‘s home screen. Before starting the application, go to Settings General Profiles (the section may be called a little differently).

Open your Apple ID profile and click Trust.

Now open and find the video you want. You will see a Save button with which you can download the video to iPhone.

Third party program

There are many programs for downloading videos from various social networks to your computer. One of them is 4KDownload. The program is supported on macOS, Windows and Linux. In it, you can download the video from to your computer, and then transfer it to your iPhone via AirDrop or in another way.

We’ve told you about three different ways to save videos from iPhone. Each of them has its own pros and cons, but they all work with any device and operating system. over, all of the above methods are free.

How to flip videos on iPhone through third-party programs?

The program, which was given our preference, has a rather unobtrusive name Сlip Rotate (on the device itself it is listed as Video Rotate). For some unknown reason, this utility is bypassed on thematic blogs and forums. even though it is completely free, very convenient, does not place watermarks and has an attractive interface. Download Clip Rotate here.

To flip a video using Clip Rotate, follow these instructions:

Run the program and give it access to the “Photos” application.

On the start screen, click on the large round button with the image of photos.

Clip Rotate will take you to the Photos app where you need to select the video you want to flip.

Click on the desired video, then click the “Choose” button. You will start the process of compressing the video. at the end of this process you will find yourself in the video editor.

Flip the video horizontally using one of the 90 ° buttons. You can move both clockwise and counterclockwise. In our case, you should move counterclockwise, otherwise the image will be upside down.

After adjusting the video rotation, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner. After that, the process of converting the video will begin.

Decide what you want to do with the modified video. You can immediately upload it to Instagram or YouTube, or send it by email (the letter will contain an advertisement for the application). If you want to save the video to the iPhone memory, in order to preview it on the device, click on the button with a floppy disk.

Just a couple of seconds of waiting, and the utility will notify you of a successful save.

Then you can go to the “Photos” application and make sure that the Clip Rotate utility did its job 100% and did not place a watermark on the video. An old video that was shot incorrectly should be deleted so that it does not take up precious megabytes in the device’s memory.

How to avoid “wrong” shooting?

Instead of correcting a mistake, it is better to anticipate its appearance. The user can shoot videos through the Horizon app. then he definitely won’t have to think about how to flip video on iPhone. You can download this application here.

The essence of the Horizon program is as follows: no matter how you hold the iPhone, the utility will set the frame in landscape orientation (horizontally) due to the fact that it uses the device’s gyroscope. As a result, you will get a video that does not need to be processed by additional software tools in order for it to look good on the PC screen.

You need to configure Horizon like this:

Launch the application and sequentially give it access to the microphone, current location and the “Photos” application.

Next, you will see the main screen of the program with a rectangular frame in the middle. Exactly what is included in this frame will be present in the video.

Try turning the iPhone in your hand. you will see that the frame on the screen also moves (like all icons).

Switch to the “Video” mode. for this you need to click on the button with the image of the video camera.

After this button increases in size, click on it again. this will start the video recording process.

To stop recording, click on the counter:

You can view the filmed video by clicking the button in the lower right corner.

Select the recording that interests you and launch it in the built-in Horizon player.

Already during the preview, you will notice that the program adds watermarks to the video. You can get rid of the signs through the application settings, but you will have to pay 75 rubles for this.

If the result suits you, proceed to output the video from the program.

Click the “Share” button located in the upper right corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Video”.

The converted video can be found in the “Camera Roll”.

You can not only download the video to the device’s memory, but also send it by SMS-message, by e-mail, via Viber and What’s App messengers.

The free version of Horizon is capable of shooting only at 640×480 and 480×480 (both front and rear cameras) and with a rather mediocre frame rate of 30 frames per second. Horizon Premium is guaranteed twice the frame rate and the highest resolutions supported by the device’s camera.

How to flip video on iPhone?

Very often, iPhone users, in a hurry to capture the exciting moment, begin to shoot video, holding the device in the usual position. upright. Alas, this is a mistake: the owner of the gadget will make sure that he shot the wrong one as soon as he starts watching the video on a TV or computer. Instead of a normal frame, he will see two dark stripes at the edges and a narrow image in the center.

Fortunately, such a “camera” mistake is not difficult to fix. However, you cannot do without a visit to the AppStore. the iPhone does not have built-in tools with which you could turn videos.

How to flip iPhone video on computer?

Instead of searching and downloading suitable software from the AppStore, you can perform such a simple operation as video rotation on a PC. It’s much easier: for example, using the free utility Free Video Flip and Rotate, the whole procedure is performed in 3 steps:

Upload the video you want to convert by clicking “Add File”.

Use the arrow buttons to turn the roller as you need it.

Select the format you want to convert the video to and click on “Save”.

At default settings, Free Video Flip and Rotate places the converted video in the My Videos folder. You can change the output folder by following the path “Options”. “Options” and finding the desired directory through the “Explorer”.

The utility also has a paid version, the only advantage of which, however, is that the inverted video can be output in the original format.

To make a problem out of the fact that the video was recorded on the iPhone incorrectly means “blowing an elephant out of a fly.” Flip a video is the simplest operation: it’s about awareness. it is important for the user to know which utility does not ask for money and does not place watermarks. The procedure itself takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Memory card adapter

Finally, you can copy a video from an iPhone to a computer using a special device that allows you to connect a microSD to your phone or, depending on the modification, even a USB flash drive.

  • Place the required video in any directory in the internal memory of the iPhone, and then copy it to the memory card. Remove media from iPhone, connect to PC.

Tip: if the iPhone does not detect the connected memory card, you should try to reformat it. change NTFS to FAT32 or ex-FAT.


Downloading a video from iPhone to your computer using a proprietary application is no more difficult than finding out your Apple ID. A user who wants to transfer a video to a computer must:

  • Launch the application and, if required, log in to it.
  • Connect iPhone and wait for the app to detect the device. At this stage, in no case need to start the synchronization process. otherwise the videos stored on the iPhone may be deleted.
  • Find the section “On my device”, go to the subsection “Movies” or another, where the video can be stored, and transfer the file from the iPhone to the hard drive of the computer.

Tip: If iPhone does not connect to your computer via USB, you can try connecting the devices over Wi-Fi by allowing the appropriate action in iPhone Settings.

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer?

The owner of a device from Apple Inc., who knows how to download a movie to an iPad or iPhone, and who has already learned how to use a file manager, no doubt knows how to shoot video with a camera. and, quite possibly, does it as well as professionals. Then a new task arises: to prevent the iPhone’s memory from overflowing, from time to time transfer files to the computer. We will talk about the simplest ways to resolve the issue.

Windows Explorer

This option may not work with the most recent generations of iOS, but older devices still allow you to download videos from iPhone without any “intermediate links” without problems. The iPhone owner must:

  • Connect the device to a PC using a USB cable, then wait until it is recognized by the operating system and go to the DCIM folder.
  • Here, having found the required video, you need to right-click on it.

Advice: first, the user needs to make sure that the video is on the device in the specified folder. and if it is not there, transfer it to 100APPLE using any available file manager.


To download a video from an iPhone to a computer using Apple’s cloud service, the user needs:

  • And by entering your Apple ID account information in the appropriate fields.
  • Open one of the directories shared with the cloud storage that appeared in the “Explorer”.
  • Find your video and copy it to any other directory on your PC.
  • If the folder is empty or you can’t reset the video, you should check if you are logged in to your iCloud account by opening the “Settings” of your phone and going to the “Accounts” section. it’s as easy as clearing your iPhone completely.

Note: you can also perform the opposite task using the iCloud cloud service. upload a video from a computer to an iPhone.

Summing up

It will be possible to transfer video from iPhone to computer using proprietary services: iTunes and iCloud. For older generations of iOS, direct device connection with Windows Explorer is available. If you have an adapter for memory cards, you can first copy the file to a microSD or USB flash drive, and then to any directory on your PC.

Cloud storage

If you are a user of any cloud storage, you can easily transfer a video from your computer using it. Let’s consider the further process using the example of the Dropbox service.

    In our case, Dropbox is already installed on the computer, so just open the cloud folder and transfer our video to it.

The video will not appear on your phone until the sync is complete. Therefore, as soon as the sync icon next to the file changes to a green checkmark, you can watch a movie on your smartphone.

Launch Dropbox on your smartphone. If you don’t have an official client yet, download it for free from the App Store.

The file will be viewable on the iPhone, but with a slight clarification. a network connection is required to play it.

But, if necessary, the video can be saved from Dropbox to the smartphone’s memory. To do this, call the additional menu by clicking the button with the ellipsis in the upper right corner, and then select the “Export” item.

  • In the context menu that appears, select “Save Video”.
  • iTunes and AcePlayer app

    The main disadvantage of the first method is the scarcity of supported formats, but you can get out of the situation if you transfer the video from your computer to a video player application that supports a large list of formats. That is why, in our case, the choice fell on AcePlayer, but any other player for iOS will do.

    • If you do not have AcePlayer installed yet, install it on your smartphone from the App Store.
    • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes. To get started, go to the smartphone control section by clicking on the corresponding icon at the top of the program window.

    On the left side, in the “Settings” section, open the “Shared Files” tab.

  • The program will start copying the file to the application. As soon as it is completed, the video will be transferred to the smartphone and available for playback from AcePlayer (to do this, open the “Documents” section).
  • iTunes

    The standard method for transferring clips using iTunes. The disadvantage of this method is that the standard Video application supports playback of only three formats: MOV, M4V, and MP4.

    • First of all, you will need to add the video to iTunes. This can be done in several ways, each of which was previously covered in detail on our website.

    Read more: How to Add Videos to iTunes from Computer
    Once the video is added to iTunes, it remains to move it to the iPhone. To do this, connect the device to your computer using a USB cable and wait for your gadget to be detected in the program. Now open the “Movies” section and select “Home Videos” on the left side of the window. This is where your videos will be displayed.

    Click on the video that you want to transfer to iPhone, right-click and select “Add to device”. “iPhone”.

  • The synchronization process will begin, the duration of which will depend on the size of the transferred movie. As soon as it is completed, you can watch the movie on your phone: to do this, open the standard Video application and go to the Home Videos tab.
  • Ways to Transfer Movies to iPhone from Computer

    Below we will try to consider the maximum number of ways to add video from a computer to an iPhone or other gadget running iOS.

    Wi-Fi sync

    If your computer and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it is the wireless connection that can be used to transfer video. Additionally, we need the VLC application (you can also use any other file manager or player equipped with the Wi-Fi sync function).

    • If necessary, install VLC for Mobile on your iPhone by downloading the app from the App Store.
    • Launch VLC. Select the menu icon in the upper left corner, and then activate the “Access via Wi-Fi” item. Next to this item, the network address will be displayed, which must be accessed from any browser installed on the computer.

    A window will appear on the screen in which you need to click the plus sign in the upper right corner, and then select the video in the opened Windows Explorer. Also you can just drag and drop the file.

  • The download will start. When the “100%” status is displayed in the browser, you can return to VLC on the iPhone. the video will automatically be displayed in the player and will be available for playback.
  • How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

    The complexity of the iPhone lies in the fact that, like a removable storage device, when connected via a USB cable, it works with a computer in an extremely limited way. only photos can be transferred through Explorer. But there are many other alternative ways to transfer videos, and some of them will be even more convenient.


    iTools is an analogue of iTunes, in which the process of working with files transferred to or from a device is simplified as much as possible. You can also use any other program with similar capabilities.

      Launch iTools. In the left part of the program window, select the “Video” section, and in the top. the “Import” button. Next, Windows Explorer will open, in which you will need to select a video file.
  • When the sync is complete, the file will be in the default Videos app on the iPhone, but this time in the Movies tab.
  • As you can see, despite the closed nature of iOS, there are a lot of ways to transfer videos from a computer to an iPhone. From the point of view of convenience, I would like to highlight the fourth method, but it will not work if the computer and smartphone are connected to different networks. If you know other methods of adding videos to apple devices from a computer, share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    Method: Purchase a YouTube Premium subscription

    This method is legal, safe and very convenient, but keep in mind that YouTube Premium will need to be paid for 12 months every month. However, in addition to downloading videos, you get the advantage of watching all videos without annoying ads.

    To save a video from your YouTube Premium account, you need:

    Open YouTube app on iPhone 2. Go to the desired video 3. Press the “Download” button located under the video. 4. Select the folder where to download the video. 5. Wait for the video to load.

    How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

    Let’s talk about how to legally (and not quite) save YouTube videos to your iPhone so as not to lose your favorite videos from bloggers, music videos or reviews.

    In fact, uploading video content streamed to YouTube is a very simple operation if you know what is what. But, nevertheless, we must warn you that, if you are not the owner of a YouTube Premium account, it is not entirely legal to store other people’s videos and distribute them without specifying the source or link to the channel.

    There are only two ways to save YouTube videos to iPhone.

    Method: Using the service

    There are many services on the network that can help save videos from YouTube, but we recommend what we use or have checked ourselves. Yes, it’s illegal, but if you’re just going to watch the video a little later on the road or show a friend, you can use the service.

    Attention! Before following the instructions, download the Documents app from Readdle. It is available at this link on the AppStore.

    • Unlock your iPhone.
    • Open YouTube.
    • Find the video you are interested in.
    • Copy the link to it using the “Share” button.
    • Minimize YouTube app.
    • Open Documents app by Readdle
    • Open the compass sign in the lower right corner.
    • In the link field write
    • When the site opens, paste in the required field your link to the video.
    • Next, you need to click “Download”.
    • After that, select the desired format, size and folder for downloads, again click “Download”.
    • We are waiting for the video to be saved.
    • Go to the already downloaded video in the program and drag it to the “Photos” folder.

    Unfortunately, these are all proven ways to download YouTube videos to iPhone / iPad. We strongly advise against installing any applications from unreliable sources that promise fast downloads, because they can harm your smartphone and cause your data to leak.

    Also, do not forget that you can always contact the specialized iLab service center for help.

    IG Helper for Mozilla Firefox

    We have already covered the application for Mozilla Firefox in the overview of programs for downloading regular videos. This extension will allow you to download stories and live broadcasts, working by analogy with applications for Google Chrome and Yandex.Browser.

    How to save Instagram videos to phone

    It will be possible to download your favorite videos to your phone with our guide: we will tell you how to save videos from Instagram on iPhone and Android and make this process as clear and accessible to everyone as possible.

    Smartphone Apps

    InstaStory is a popular software available for iPhone users. Scheme of work:

    • install the application on your smartphone and launch it;
    • in the search bar, enter the username of the user whose video you want to save;
    • open the list of all downloadable stories, live broadcasts, videos and photos and upload a document.

    Remember that in this way you can only save content from the open page, information from closed profiles is not available for viewing and downloading.

    Screen Recording

    A non-standard method that often saves in situations where you need to urgently save a video. In iOS phones, this function is available in standard tools, you just have to click on the record button, open the video and play it completely, and then turn off the screen recording and edit the video by cutting off unnecessary parts.

    For smartphones on an Android platform, you must first download a screen recorder. The most popular ones are:

    • One Shot Screen Recorder;
    • Unlimited Screen Recorder Free;
    • SCR Screen Recorder.

    How to Save Instagram Videos to Computer

    We figured out how to save Instagram videos to your phone. however, there are situations when it is necessary to download a video to a personal computer. And even in this case, the application developers have created the appropriate software.

    Browser add-ons

    Before saving a video from Instagram Stories, make sure that the page on which the video is posted is open to all users.

    Chrome IG Stories is a free add-on for users of the popular browser. Install this software, go to your Instagram account and select the video you like from the list (you will be prompted to list all the stories in the specified range).

    Attention! To download the live broadcast, you will be prompted to download video and audio files separately, later they can be edited in a special application.

    How To Download Any Video On iPhone [Without App]

    InstaSaver for Yandex and Opera

    A similar extension with a slightly modified scheme of work. Here, a link to download the video is added to each individual post on the Instragram website.

    How to save a video from Tik Tok to your phone (to the gallery). step by step instructions

    Many applications including Odnoklassniki and others, do not allow you to upload videos even from your own account. Saving these videos usually requires the use of third-party applications or a screen recorder, which is not always convenient, and the quality of the recorded video sometimes leaves much to be desired. Meanwhile, TikTok is a new and popular video platform that allows even an unregistered user to upload videos.

    How to save videos from Tik Tok to Android

    • In the search box, enter the query “Download video from”. Play Store will display applications that match this request.
    • Then the desired video downloader is selected. In this case, an example will be shown on the application “Video download for tic toc”.
    • After the bootloader is installed on the phone, you need to open the Tik Tok app. You should find the video you like, click on the “Share” icon after the video starts playing, and then tap on the “Copy link” option.
    • Next, you need to launch the previously downloaded video downloader and click the “Copy Link Download Video” icon.
    • After that, an advertisement will start, which can be closed in a few seconds. Next, click the “Download” button, after which the download of the clip will begin.

    Ads in Video Downloader for tic toc can be annoying, especially if you use it all the time. Therefore, many people download the video downloader “Video Download”, which provides download access without viewing ads.

    How to Save Tik Tok Videos to iPhone

    Downloading videos to iPhone using a third-party application is as follows:

    How to Download ANY Videos on iPhone/iPad from Internet? (UPDATED 2021)

    • The Shortcuts program is downloaded from the AppStore and installed on the phone.
    • In the TicTok music app, you need to find the video you want and copy the link using the Share button.
    • Open the previously downloaded application and paste the link into the search bar. After that, he will offer to either download the video to the phone gallery or save it as an audio file.
    • You can download videos with watermarks. To do this, instead of the “Select Item From List” button, change to “First Index”.

    The principle of downloading in different programs is the same, with the exception of some points. With the help of downloaders, you can save your own videos that are in the profile.

    Downloading Tik Tok Videos by Email

    You can send the video not to a friend, but to yourself by e-mail:

    • After selecting the clip you want to send, you just need to click on the “Share” icon.
    • Select the “Email” option from the menu and paste the email addresses into the “to” and “from” sections. Only instead of a friend’s email address, you need to insert your own address.
    • All that remains is to go to the email account where the video file was previously sent. The download option will be displayed next to the video, so it remains to click on it to save the video to the phone memory.

    Saved videos directly from the TikTok app are watermarked. Therefore, if you want to download videos without them, you should consider other ways.

    Using the Share button

    That from the familiar to all Android, that from its apple counterpart, the download process is almost the same. This can be done in just a few steps:

    • First you need to select the desired video or find it on the profile page if the video was posted on your own profile.
    • Then you should tap on the “Share” icon in the lower right part of the screen.
    • A new window will pop up containing various sharing options, in which you must select the “Save Clip” option.
    • The download will start immediately after clicking this icon, the video will be saved to your phone. You can find it in the gallery.

    There is another effective and fastest way to save. during video playback, press the smartphone screen and hold it for a few seconds. Three icons will pop up, among which you need to select “Save Clip”. The video will start loading instantly.

    On Android

    Users of gadgets of this OS, in order to decide how to save a video from tiktok, should follow these instructions:

    After performing such an operation, the desired digital product appears in a special file storage.

    How to save videos from tiktok to gallery?

    It doesn’t matter what OS the gadget is running on, digital content from tik tok can be downloaded to the device. In order for the video to immediately appear in the gallery after saving, the user must act in this way:

    • The social network resource is launched.
    • You should find a clip that you want to keep from tiktok, which everyone will recognize.
    • The Share button is pressed. It is located on the side of the video.
    • From the menu that opens after that, you should select Save.
    • You need to wait until the download is complete.

    How to Save Tik Tok Video Without Watermark?

    If you need to download to your smartphone, you should use one of the schemes. But if you want to save the product on a PC, you will have to act differently. The user needs to perform the following clear operations:

    • The application contributor profile opens. This must be done through a browser on a PC;
    • You need to find a video of interest;
    • Right-click on the video recording and activate the save item;
    • In the window that opens after that, the save location is selected and the file name is set;
    • Click Save.

    The default content is saved with the mp4 extension. But you can manually set other options.

    How to save videos from TikTok: on Android and iPhone?

    How to save a video from tiktok is a question, the answer to which is of interest to users who want to become popular on this social network. For beginners, the scheme of action is not clear. Therefore, it is worth studying the information in this article. Here is information on how to save content on smartphones of different OS, on a PC. What benefits can be obtained from performing the operation.

    On iPhone

    One of two methods can be used. The first is based on using the functions built into the application. To call up their list, you need to make a long touch on the open video. Save here.

    If there is no such option, we can conclude that the author of the content himself blocked this opportunity. In such a situation, it is necessary to decide how to save the video tick to the phone using the following algorithm:

    After performing such a scheme of action, the product automatically appears in the built-in photostream of the phone. After saving it can be viewed, but without access to the network.

    How to save a tik tok video from a draft?

    To save content from a draft, you do not have to use third-party applications. All the necessary operations are in the utility itself. It is required to enter the section. Find a video here. If necessary, edit or edit it. After carrying out these operations, you can save the content to your phone or computer.

    One of the most popular options is the Screen Recorder program. It has a user-friendly interface. No interfering features. In the program, you can record not only the screen, but also audio or how the game is carried out.

    If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

    You are allowed to select a screenshot area. Zoom in, comment and sketch while shooting content. This option allows you to shoot and crop the video, convert it to other formats, or record the GIF form. For working with videos, applications are a great solution. You can also improve it.

    Top 5 Android Apps to Speed ​​Up Videos

    # 5: TiltShift Video

    The main feature of this application is the ability to change the speed of the video, and it also allows you to create time lapse and slow motion. Either way, you will gain some foundation when working with TiltShift Video on iOS.

    Advantage: It is very easy to upload video directly from the camera, as well as share it online on sites like

    Disadvantage: The interface of the application is not professional, no matter how you want it, so the application needs some work.

    # 3: Lapse It

    This application has absolutely all the features that you will need for video editing. Freeze motion is the main feature that allows you to speed up the video according to your wishes. If you choose the free version, be prepared for some functional limitations. The application works on any Android devices.

    Benefit: Easy to use application due to its relaxed interface, while its functionality is amazing.

    Disadvantage: White spot never appears during recording, but always appears during playback.

    # 3: SloPro

    This application has a detailed editing system with which you will get the best slow motion effects. Then share the edited video on any site like YouTube or YouTube. The final product will be a real masterpiece.

    Advantage: Your video will not contain annoying ads, in addition, serial downloads are available in the program.

    Disadvantage: You may encounter some editing restrictions that you will apply to the video.

    # 1: KineMaster

    This is a professional video editor that you can use on your Android device to speed up videos. It offers some very powerful post-edit results as it is quite advanced with a multitasking timeline for easy editing.

    Benefit: Stylish and intuitive interface, making the app the best editing app.

    Disadvantage: The price range may not quite match what the program offers.

    Price: 0.99. 39.99 per item

    # 4: Givit Video Editor

    This is another app to use on iOS to speed up a video file. It offers the easiest way to create great videos as there are no limits on what you can do. Givit Video Editor gives you the freedom to edit your video right in the Camera Roll and save it there.

    Advantage: You don’t have to pay anything for filters, and at the same time saving to the Camera Roll is easy.

    Disadvantage: Some key features are missing, such as uploading files to websites or social networks.

    # 4: Magisto Video Editor Maker

    This application has truly magical capabilities that an Android device will need to speed up your video. Within 15 seconds you can edit the video and share it, which will be a big surprise.

    Benefit: Easy-to-use app for great results.

    Disadvantage: This application does not provide the user with full control over the functions, so the user cannot influence the final result.

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