Communication with the phone is lost

When the Smart watch is disconnected from your phone, the watch face has a crossed-out cloud icon on it. If the connection between the devices is intermittently lost, try to fix the problem in the following way: hold the watch close to the phone. This usually helps.

Also see if Bluetooth is turned on on the mobile. If enabled, but still no communication, check that the watch is not in flight mode (on an airplane).

It is desirable to update the software of both devices. Operating systems must be the latest version available. The same applies to the Wear OS mobile app. After installing the updates, both devices must be rebooted.

If the update fails for some reason, try reconnecting your smartwatch to your smartphone. To do this, you must first remove it from the Wear OS app (Advanced Settings Forget Watch) and then from the Bluetooth list (Bluetooth Settings Forget Device). Your smartwatch may not be listed in one of the lists. So the previous pairing failed, so the watch must be reconnected.

If all else fails, perform a full reset on your smartwatch.

Tap in the upper right corner and select smart watch. Select your device model. Press OPTION and the app automatically searches for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once your watch is detected, tap its name to start pairing.

Press and hold to turn the Galaxy Watch Active on or off. Tap to turn on the screen. Press and hold for more than 7 seconds to reset Galaxy Watch Active device. If the watch screen is open, press to go to the apps screen.

My Huawei Watch is disabled, what should I do?

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You are using a connected Huawei Watch but it disconnects from your phone for no reason. You do not know why, but the connection is unstable, making it difficult to use and share information.

In this article we will help you to solve connectivity problems when Huawei Watch disconnects.

Here’s what to do when your Huawei Watch turns off.

My Samsung Galaxy Watch no longer turns on, what should I do?

You’ve recently become a big fan and user of these connected watches and bracelets that allow you to take much better control of your physical activity. Your Samsung Galaxy Watch as a reliable Partner throughout the day allows you to get a lot of information about your activities.

Whether it’s heart rate, calories burned, number of steps. etc. д.

You can keep track of these important information to optimize your physical activity and thus stay in shape.

But what to do if it stops working? What to do if your Samsung Galaxy Watch no longer turns on?

In this article we will help you solve the problem to turn your device back on.

If you think you’re having trouble connecting, read this article, which will help you more accurately:

How to connect Smart Watch to Android phone

First, let’s look at the principle of connection for Android smartphones. To set up the connection, we need both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (mobile internet), and a special mobile app.

At the beginning of the material, we already noted that the program to connect will differ depending on the brand of the watch:

If your brand of Smartwatch isn’t on the list, don’t despair. The name of the application is always indicated on the box or in the instructions that come with the gadget. In a pinch you can get all the necessary information on the manufacturer’s website.

Also note that Samsung watches, for example, easily connect to Honor or Xiaomi smartphones. And the Huawei device to Samsung or Honore. So you can easily combine devices from two different companies.

Since there are a lot of applications, let’s consider the principle of connection using the very popular Amazfit Bip smartwatch (Xiaomi sub-brand) to an Android smartphone as an example. For devices of other brands the principle will be similar. You just need to download a different app.

So, first you need to download the Mi Fit program to your phone. On Xiaomi it is already installed by default, but owners of other brands of devices need to visit Google Play.

After downloading, activate Bluetooth and Internet connection on the smartphone, as well as check whether the smart watch is charged. The next step is to launch Mi Fit. The program will greet you with a friendly interface, where you will immediately notice the “Add device” button.

We press the button, then click on “Watch”, choose our model and wait for the pairing to start. Process may take 5-10 minutes because Smartwatch will update firmware and GPS sensor data.

In the future, the connection of the watch to the phone will be instantaneous if there is a Bluetooth connection.

Every time taking the phone out of the / bag, to check for SMS, calls and any alerts is not very convenient. Especially since phones are getting bigger and harder to fit in my Several times phone fell down, screen shattered. I think this problem is familiar to many people.

Fix samsung watch disconnecting bluetooth devices

I started to think about buying a smart watch. I was attracted by the following points:

  • No need to climb into the phone constantly checking notifications and SMS. Therefore less likely to drop the phone.
  • Always on time to see SMS, because the watch is on hand. I have trouble answering messages and calls. My husband is always complaining that I cannot be reached. I have a small child and my phone is always on silent mode.
  • You can watch the time.
  • Stylish, modern.

That’s basically all I was interested in.

I did not know which model to buy, so I left the choice to Santa Claus

On the night of January 1, my grandfather brought me a gift. a smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in pink gold.

Name: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active smart watch

Where to buy: any electronics store, as well as online stores.

  • The watch is positioned as a universal, that is, it fits any android phone. You do not need to buy a Samsung phone to use the clock.

But is it really so? I have my doubts about it.

  • Screen size 1’1 (28.1mm)
  • The processor frequency is 1.15 GHz
  • Type of processor: dual core
  • Battery capacity 230 mAh / non-removable
  • The average battery life of 45h
  • Built-in 4GB memory
  • The RAM capacity of 0.75 GB
  • Available memory 1.5 GB
  • Resolution
  • NFC functionality
  • Bluetooth
  • Weight 25 grams
  • Navigation system GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo
  • Wi-Fi
  • Operating system: Tizen OS
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, barometer, gyroscopic sensor, HR sensor, light sensor
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 39,5 x 39,5 x 10,5 mm

They look simple but stylish. I can not say that the design has won me over. I would say simple but tasteful.

Round case with two buttons: “Back” (wide top) and “Off” (round bottom).

Black glass screen, the color of the body does not play a role here, the screen is always black.

When I bought my watch, the screen was immediately installed liquid glass, which I think is a very good decision!

On the back of the surface to connect to the charger. Metallic, not painted in the color of the body.

Removable strap, so it can be easily replaced when worn, or just pick the color you like.

To do this, you have to move the small iron button on the inside of the strap.

I like the rose gold color very much, so I’m not thinking of replacing it yet. It has a soft, light pink color which is nice.

The strap has ten holes for the clasp and the tail goes inside, so it does not cling to clothes and is very comfortable to wear.


Powershare Wireless Charging.

Round, covered with a protective film. I do not remove the film, I charge through it. So the screen is not scratched and dusty. Color black.

Sold without power supply. I plug into the unit from the phone Huawei.

You can also charge the watch from a phone Samsung Galaxy S10 (only from this model, with a smartphone other brand does not work). You can just put the watch on the phone and it will charge. The only thing is that it works when the charge level on the watch is at least 30%.

During the wireless charging some applications and the Internet may not work correctly.

You can not really put the watch under the stream of water and rejoice at its water resistance. I wouldn’t do that.

There is a button on the watch, it looks like two drops. When you click on it, the security mode is activated. In this case, the screen stops responding to pressing. it is blocked. You can wash your hands and do some small procedures with water. But you shouldn’t dive into the water or take a shower. Some important functions can be confused.

The “Moisture protection” button looks like this.

It is located on the top tab. You have to swipe your finger from top to bottom to reach it.

Before you start using the watch you need to synchronize it with your phone. To do this, download the application Galaxy Wearable from Play Market.

On the phone turn on Bluetooth. Synchronizing with it.

We turn on the watch and downloaded application and follow the prompts. There shouldn’t be any complications.

All the basic settings are set through the phone, it is more convenient. Here I chose the screen saver watch screen, alerts.

You can install the applications you use: calculator, internet, translator and many others. The whole list is in the settings. I installed a calculator, I do not need the rest.

You can get alerts from different applications. It is selected in the settings. I set myself alerts from Viber, WhatsApp, messages.

When a message comes from these applications the watch reacts with vibration. This way it is hard to miss them.

Most of the time I use speech conversion if I have to reply with a sentence. By short SMS, if you need to write two or three words.

You will not be able to install Viber or WhatsApp. The watch doesn’t support this function. That is, you can answer, but initially from the watch you can not write SMS.

On the main screen after the arrival of an SMS you can see an orange circle, which means that there is an unread message.

In order to read it, you need to swipe the screen from left to right. Here opens the function to read, reply, delete SMS.

Calls received on the phone are automatically transferred to the watch. They respond with a vibration and a melody. Very convenient when the phone is far away, you can answer through the clock. Audibility is good.

First, it is necessary to enter the card data into the Samsung pay system (follow the prompts).

The manufacturer states that the payment system supports payment by MIR card from Sberbank.

In Samsung Pay you can add the cards of international payment systems Mastercard and Visa, as well as cards of the national payment system MIR.

In fact, I had a little trouble with this. How I did not try to add a card MIR did not work alas (for me this is important really, because it is the world is relevant to me as a payment.

I had to add a Mastercard. What I’m not comfortable with.

Press the upper right button and hold it for a few seconds. See the following screen saver.

It is necessary to enter the password for the card. After that, a screen appears, providing a choice of cards.

Press pay and we have a few seconds to pay.

Operated by swiping your fingers.

From left to right ➡️ opens alerts. Here we browse, reply to SMS.

From right to left ⬅️ additional functions, settings.

Change them, adjusting them to suit you. Remove unnecessary and put those you use more often.

Top to bottom ⬇️ Quick access bar. Here you can see the watch charge, water lock and other functions.

Two buttons to the right of the display (back and off).

The screen of the clock can be chosen with the parameters that are necessary for you personally. Just a watch; a watch with heart rate, stopwatch, pedometer, etc.

I am comfortable with the electronic watch face, pedometer, weather, date and heart rate.

There are lots of dials to choose from, you can choose anything you like for free or for a fee.

This is the dial I bought for 80₽. You can change the color of the stones))

The battery retains charge for about two days in the mode of infrequent use. If you don’t go on the Internet, if you don’t go on apps. And only to receive / answer SMS, calls, watch the time, etc.

After two weeks of use, I noticed that the strap began to change color. It goes from nice rose gold to dirty gold. the pink turns gray.

Tried cleaning the strap with laundry soap and water, so far helps. aggressive means are not risky, so as not to hurt the delicate surface. I don’t need it.

Conclusion: keep in mind, the light-colored strap, which at the time of purchase attracts the eye and seems yummy, very quickly loses its commercial appearance.

It is very convenient that the strap is removable! You can clean it without worrying about the dial and change it for a new one in case of wear))

But the protective glass was just right. After a month of use, myself did not notice how, but the dial is scratched. When I saw this.

Surprised to say the least. And at the same time I was glad that the watch face has a protective glass!

❗ So don’t be lazy to put protection. Turns out I really need it. ❗

I just changed the liquid glass and everything is fine again.


With the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active we are together/inseparable for two weeks. In that time a lot of things have been experienced. They drank a lot of my nerves and blood and are still doing it to this day.


Every morning I find that the watch does not sync with my phone. It turns off by default. So every morning I do a sync ritual through the app on my phone. Can’t do it through the clock.

Sometimes the synchronization doesn’t happen right away. I have to reset my phone, turn the watch on/off. But it doesn’t always work the first time either.

During the day, I stop getting app notifications and find that, despite the “Synchronized via Bluetooth” inscription, they are actually disconnected from each other again. (watch and phone). Again with the dancing. Reboot, on/off watch. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Given the fact that this procedure must be carried out sometimes FIFTY times a day. or even more often. ♀️

Except for this VERY IMPORTANT point, otherwise the watch suits me fine. But! If I had known about the tambourine in advance, I would not have bought the watch.

I think this problem is due to the different brands of the phone and watch. My phone is Xiaomi and the watch is Samsung. That’s why if you’re thinking whether or not to buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch ActiveActive with a phone from another manufacturer, I advise against it!

This is the WORST drawback. which is a huge turnoff.

➖ Occasionally, the card is dropped out of the Samsung pay system. This may be caused by resetting the watch. I don’t know. but I have to add it again. Which is also BEAUTIFUL.

➖ It is not possible to pay with a MIR card, despite the promise of the manufacturer.

⌚ PLUSES OF THE Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ⌚

➕ Shows your steps, heart rate, reminds you to be active.

➕ The watch is cool! If only all functions worked properly.

➕ Always in touch. Don’t miss the alerts and the calls.

I recommend Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to those who use the phone of the same company, the rest categorically NO! Don’t waste your nerves!

The watch is cool, feminine, sophisticated and a lot of pluses, but only if it works properly. Too bad that’s not me.((

I don’t know how long I’ll last until I freak out! The only thing holding me back is a gift from my husband. or I’d put it on the market. Phone change is not an option. It’s fairly new.

By the way, I think the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is more suitable for women than men. really cute)

Addendum after two months of use.

I figured out the reason for disconnecting the watch from the phone.

It turns out that after establishing a connection between the Samsung watch and the phone, it is not necessary to close the watch tab. It must always be open, otherwise the connection will be interrupted.

I bought myself a removable blue strap and a silver watch face cover. Firstly, that the watch does not scratch on the sides, and secondly with a blue bracelet silver looks nicer.

So keep in mind, you can buy an interchangeable strap and case for the watch Sumsung.

I have a phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T. After spending several years with different models of fitness trackers from Xiaomi, I wanted a Smart-watch Samsung. No, the fitness tracker suited me fine, it still works, and I’m afraid I’ll switch back to it. Because with the acquisition of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 I had a rather serious problem that I still can not solve.

Color Arctic

Price 17999

The size of the screen 40 mm

Material is aluminum

The package with the watch looks quite laconic and at the same time stylish. Small, compact. It contained the documentation, the watch itself and the magnetic charger.

Samsung watch is the only one that does not look like a huge flying saucer on my thin wrist (14 cm). This was one of the main reasons to purchase this model even though there are a lot of smartwatches being sold right now. It’s a real eye opener.

I like the presence of NFC on this watch. You can pay or withdraw cash from ATMs with no problem. Even if your phone doesn’t support this feature. My Xiaomi also has NFC, but sometimes I’m too lazy to dig it out of the depths of my backpack. The watch is very handy!

I like the voice response to messages that come in. You just dictate it to the watch and they convert the voice to text and send it. I use this function very often.

Also, the advantage is that unlike a fitness tracker, you can even see the images sent to you on the watch, as well as emoticons and stickers.

Messages come from all selected apps. And you can also receive incoming calls directly from your watch, make calls from your watch and respond to SMS. That’s something a fitness tracker definitely can’t do!

You can control music from the watch that plays on your smartphone. You can also download some songs into the watch and listen to it through wireless headphones.

It is possible to install applications on the watch itself. True, a lot of them are paid. They can be found in the main Galaxy Wearable app. Also, if you have a non-Samsung phone, the watch will ask you to install Samsung Health to work properly. Samsung Accessory and Watch Active 2 plugins.

Clock management is intuitive and easy. Despite the fact that with the Tizen OS, which stands here, I have not previously dealt.

In addition to Bluetooth there is also Wi-Fi. You can install a browser and surf the Internet and watch YouTube videos. I tried it for fun. But I can tell you, since the screen is small, it’s a rather dubious pleasure.

There is a calendar, alarm clock, a bunch of different workouts. Different themes on the clock and lots of screen savers.

And now let’s talk about the frustrations of owning this gadget.

You have to charge the watch often. And specifically. every 36 hours. That is, it is not even enough for two days. And I don’t use it that much. Yes, I have a workout sometimes, but not every day. I try not to listen to music in the watch too, so as not to damage it too much, and it does not change anything. I used to charge my fitness tracker from Xiaomi once a month and forget about it (yes, yes, I remember that there are fewer functions). And yet. Very annoying.

Sadness number two, and it’s pretty serious. Apparently, my phone model conflicts with the clock and the Bluetooth connection is constantly lost. This is what it looks like on the screen. The white little icon at the top. This means that the connection to the phone is down.

And the yellow dot on the left. Is the messages coming in before the connection cut off on my phone. Doesn’t help at all. I have already shamanized in the battery settings of the phone, unlocked all the inhibitions. And in other settings. All to no avail! Several times a day, the watch steadily disconnects from your phone. I wish I could buy a Samsung! Don’t know what to do anymore.

I will recommend the watch. They are really cool, look stylish, have the most needed features and many coveted contactless payment. But rather, if you are the lucky owner of a Samsung phone. With other brands, it appears that there may be conflicts when pairing.

Check notification access

It is always a good idea to check notification access for the Galaxy Wearable plug-in. Open “Settings” on your phone and find the “Special Access”. Tap it to open and choose to access notifications.

Turn on the Galaxy Wearable Plugin switch.

  • Check the hardware Use only original accessories (charging cable, power adapter and docking station).
  • Try turning the watch on when it’s charging
  • Connect the charger to another outlet and repeat step 2.

If your smartwatch refuses to turn on, there’s likely a problem with the charging. Then you should check the connector on the Smart watch. If it is loose, you will have to take the device to repair. In models that support magnetic fixation, the contacts can oxidize over time.