Complicated Failures

If the “Samsung” TV turns on and off by itself, you have to think about more serious consequences. Sometimes such behavior is caused by low frequencies of signal reception. Often this is why the TV works this or that time.

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For example, one TV channel can work fine until the device itself goes into standby mode. On the other channel will be observed such a story, when the frequency is not enough, so the device works only for a couple of minutes.

Difficult breakdowns

If the “Samsung” TV turns on and off by itself, you have to think about more serious consequences. Sometimes this behavior is caused by low frequency signal reception. Often, this is why the TV works a certain amount of time.

Samsung Smart TV turning On and Off Fix it Now

For example, one TV channel can work fine until the device itself goes into standby mode. On the other channel, there will be a story when there is not enough frequency, so the device only works for a couple of minutes.

Defective remote control

This failure is to some extent similar to the situation when the TV trigger does not work. It is possible that the “Power” button on the remote control is stuck or is not pressed right away. As a result, the device switches on at random. The remote control malfunction can also be caused by a broken infrared sensor.

There are even more banal causes of remote control malfunction. For example, the batteries run out. Because of this it works intermittently. In any case, to fix this defect is not difficult. Most of the remotes are not repaired, and you just buy a new one. If you use a modern Samsung TV, then you can download a special application to your smartphone, with which you can also control the technique.

The Samsung TV turns on and off

The problem of turning on and off Samsung Smart TV itself is quite common. Sometimes Samsung Smart TV turns off and then on again after a while. There can be several reasons for this malfunction. In some cases, you can find the cause of the problem and restore normal operation of the TV. Now I will tell you how to check the functionality of the TV.

Inspect the cord and power supply, the outlet to which the equipment is connected. Lack of electrical power in a non-contact gives malfunction and the TV will turn off and on by itself, going into protection mode. Check the following:

  • No mechanical damage to the connectors and plugs;
  • No fractures or kinks in the power cord;
  • there are no dark spots, charring on the plug;
  • the socket is fixed tightly (it’s not superfluous to try to connect the TV to another socket).

Power surge is the main cause of failure

Modern network often causes malfunction, and the equipment suffers from this. Electricians say TV can turn on and off due to unstable power grid. Voltage fluctuations affect the performance of capacitors and diodes, which are responsible for turning on and off the TV.

A prime example of permanent problems with capacitors is the TV Horizon. Capacitors in this Belarusian model are constantly failing. Non-functional elements can be found by yourself. Take an ammeter in your hand and check the voltage on the boards. If the device does not respond, you need to contact a master.

Samsung TV turns off and on by itself causes

Life without a TV set is no longer the same in the 21st century. But often owners of Samsung TVs face the problem of turning off the TV. Let’s try to deal with such behavior of the equipment and find out what to do if your Samsung TV turns off and on by itself, the causes of this phenomenon can be trivial and available for fixing with your own hands.

Moisture and dust penetration

Dust and moisture accumulated on the surface of the microchips can cause short circuits, resulting in the basic hardware modules burning out. This is why it is essential to follow the care instructions in order to prolong the life of your appliance as much as possible. For example, moisture can get in because many users spray cleaners on the screen. You can’t do that. Spray the liquid on a dry cloth or a microfiber and wipe the screen afterwards.

Absolutely all appliances need to be dusted regularly. Televisions are no exception to this rule. It is possible that the TV turns off and on by itself because of the dust accumulated on the microchips. Dirt buildup conducts current. So they are a catalyst for sparks. As a result a short circuit occurs. To clean the technique from dust, remove the back cover, and then gently blow out the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

External factors

This includes faults that do not require disassembly of the TV.

Sleep timer

Users set the sleep timer or turn on the schedule, and then forget about it. This can easily be determined by turning it off. The TV receiver after a certain time (30/60/90 minutes) or on/off. model at the same interval.

Pay attention! The sleep timer should turn off automatically after the first trip.

Remote Control

If TV works steadily, remote control button is the cause

Check the remote control for a “squeezed” power button. If the button is pressed hard, it jams on the contact, resulting in a sudden startup and shutdown TV. Owners of remotes with an IR port can check this as follows:

  • Turn on the camera on your smartphone.
  • Point at the top end of the remote.
  • If you notice the light (IR port) blinking without pressing any buttons, then the problem is in the key.

Note! The cause of the problem could be dust or oxidation after penetration of moisture into the remote control (spilled tea, water).

When you can’t replace the remote control (the model is no longer available), buy a universal remote control or use the IR-port built into some modern smartphones.

Installed apps

Roll back the system to factory settings

Smart TV models are open for downloading applications from untested sources. If the software is not compatible with the system, the device fails to work, including spontaneous startup or shutting down the TV. What to do:

  • Uninstall the recently installed software;
  • Roll back the system to factory settings;
  • Check the remaining amount of internal memory and the RAM load.

The latter solution is applicable in case of OS failures. This can be caused by a failed system update, when the TV was de-energized at the time of firmware installation.

Updating the firmware

Models without “Smart features” update manually

The reason why the TV turns itself on is hidden in the outdated firmware:

Models without “Smart functions” update manually by downloading software to a flash card from the manufacturer’s official site and downloading it through a free USB port.

Interesting! Do not hurry to update the firmware after it appears. Sometimes, developers make mistakes in the code, after which the situation only gets worse. About the effect of the updated software is written in the thematic forums in the branch of the series or model of TV.

Power Cells

Inspect the outlet, power supply, or power cord:

  • Insert the cable plug into the socket as far as it will go.
  • If the socket is melted, the input where the TV is inserted is burnt, there is a problem with the contacts. Replace the socket or call a master.
  • A broken or damaged cable causes a short circuit, which immediately disconnects the TV. inspect the cord for damage to the braid, first pulling it out of the mains.
  • From voltage fluctuations in the power supply could bloat capacitors, which will be the reason why the TV turns off by itself. You can tell by the smell of burning or by disassembling the unit.

Pay attention! Check batteries when not plugged in to avoid electric shock. Replace the outlet after disconnecting from the power source of the room, apartment or home.

To keep the TV working, it is recommended to buy a voltage regulator, which will suppress fluctuations in the mains.

Disconnecting external devices

Among Samsung models it is common to see the TV turned on and off by randomly connecting to a Wi-Fi router

External devices connected via USB, HDMI or antenna input can cause the TV to malfunction. The problem is similar to the previous one. power failure, which triggers fuses and disconnects or turns on the TV receiver.

  • Disconnect all devices connected to the ports.
  • Start the TV.
  • If stable, return devices to the ports to determine which one is causing the problem.

Less often the reason is the dust clogged up in the ports after a long period of inactivity. Blow them out with a can of compressed air or a hair dryer at maximum power, but taking care not to overheat the stuffing.

Among Samsung models it is common to see the TV turning on and off randomly due to connection to a Wi-Fi router. When the latter is in sleep mode or unplugged, the TV receiver tries to communicate with it to reconnect to the Internet. Try to reactivate the wireless network or connect an Ethernet cable to the device.