Samsung TV does not see the Wi-Fi network-why and what to do?

Problems with the connection of modern TVs, in t.h. production of Samsung, to the Internet is one of the most common problems for the owners of this technique. The bulk of these problems is usually connected with the Wi-Fi wireless network. Here are just some of them:

  • There are no mention of Wi-Fi in the Samsung TV settings (T.e. The existing television receiver model does not support work through a wireless network, but you can still solve this problem).
  • In the TV settings there is no name (SSID) of the available Wi-Fi Roore, T.e. He simply does not “see” the network.
  • The appearance on the screen of the television receiver when trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network (situations with the absence of any error messages are also possible-the TV simply does not connect to the network).
  • Connection to a Wi-Fi network is performed, but there is no Internet access-sites in browsers do not open, network applications do not work, etc.D. (However, situations are possible when only one application works).

It is worth noting that problems with the connection to the wireless network may not be associated with the TV, but with the Wi-Fi Router. But before proceeding with any action, it is worthwhile to make sure that Samsung’s television receiver supports the functions of connecting to wireless networks (it will be useful only for users who are trying to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi for the first time).

Checking communication equipment

All models of Samsung Smart TVs are capable of entering the network, both through the wired and wireless communication channel (by Wi-Fi connection). over, with a wired connection, access to the Internet is possible only if for connecting to the provider network it is not required to enter the login, password or server address (Samsung television receiver does not support this type of connection). Therefore, a wired or wireless router with pre.set settings for connecting to the Internet is usually used to connect a television receiver to the network.

The easiest way to check the performance of the router is to access the Internet when using an alternative communication device. Wireless routers can be tested using a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.D. To diagnose wired routers, you will need a computer with the presence of a network LAN card.

If the connection with the Internet is absent on other communication devices, the problem should be sought on the router itself. Most often, the cause of the malfunctions is incorrect network settings. Here we will not consider the procedure for setting up the router, In each individual case, it is performed in different ways. You can visit the website of the manufacturer of the router, where the settings procedure should be described. In addition, you can contact the technical support of the Internet provider.

samsung, connecting, wi-fi

If the connection with the Internet was established through the existing router, the cause of the malfunction should be sought on the TV itself.

Methods of solution

The following are several basic and most effective ways to eliminate problems with the lack of connection to the network.

Reloading TV and router

The simplest and fastest restart method is to press the corresponding button. It is not present in all models of routers and is designated as on/off. It can be found in the connectors or on the back of the device.

  • Click on the button
  • To study the response of light indicators. changes should occur. flashing. In the absence of one, press the button several times or squeeze it. After the indicator stops flashing, you should turn on the device.

Manual indication of connection data

If the data is impossible to automatically receive, it is necessary to specify information on the connection manually. This follows:

  • In the built-in menu TV, go to the characteristics of the Wi-Fi connection;
  • Select manual settings mode;
  • In the line “IP address”, enter any IP from the local range;
  • In the line “Mask subnet”, indicate that part of the address range that will be used to address users on a local network;
  • Enter the address of the router used in the “gateway” line.

Elimination of errors of DNS servers

To eliminate the error that has arisen, you need to perform the following actions:

  • In the “Start” menu, enter the “control panel”, item. “administration”, select the section. “Services”.
  • Find the line “DNS Client”, there should be an inscription: “works”.
  • If the string is empty. bring the mouse cursor, press the left button, call the context menu, clicking the “properties”.
  • Next in the column “Type of launch” indicate “automatically”
  • Press the button “Apply” and “OK”.

In a situation where the service works, but there is no access to the network, the following actions should help:

  • Enter the control panel,
  • Open the tab: “Networks control center and total access”;
  • Click on the “Restoration” button;
  • Select the recovery point;
  • Confirm the action;
  • At the end, restart the computer.

Using another method of connection to Wi-Fi

Other most famous methods of connecting to Wi-Fi include:

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Android TV-box can connect through the available outputs under the video and audio, as well as through HDMI cable. It allows you to play tracks, videos and images in Full HD on the TV screen.

To use Plug AV, you must use 2 Home Plug AV adapters (in particular, TP-Link PA2010). Network connection is carried out through a corporate or home power supply.

Internet TV prefix is ​​designed to view video from Internet space on the TV screen. These devices are considered universal because they are combined with all TVs and can replace the DVD player.

Resetting TV settings

The reset of settings occurs by rebooting the TV as follows:

  • Press and hold the power button on the remote control for 5 seconds until the message “Power Off” appears;
  • Disconnect the power current cable.

note! In the absence of positive dynamics, pull out the cable from the network and wait 2 minutes.

Changing the location of the router

Sony Bravia does not see Wi-Fi, this may be due to several factors.

The distance of the router to the device is a factor that should be considered. To ensure maximum convenience of viewing when streaming video or listening from an audio application, you should make the router is located next to the device.

They should not be at a distance of more than 8 meters from each other. If possible, you need to install both devices in places where there are no walls between them.

Other wireless devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless phones, microwaves and devices that send radio frequencies, can also cause poor signal power.

Search for problems with Wi-Fi router

The reason for the lack of a connection may be a router malfunction or incorrect settings. For the first option, you must contact the service centers according to the existing guarantee, in the second case, re.reconfigure equipment.

To search for problems with Wi-Fi, the following operations must be performed:

Additionally, you can check the performance of the router by connecting the Internet cable directly to the computer. If problems are saved, it is worth contacting the provider.

Tapping update of TV firmware

To update the TV firmware, you need:

  • Go to television settings;
  • Select a link to update software in the “Support” section;
  • Wait for the message “update now” and confirm;
  • After completing the automatic search, confirm the installation;
  • Reload TV equipment.

Upon subsequently turning on, the device will work with updated.

Replacing Wi-Fi adapter with external

In the absence of a desire to use an Internet cable, you can purchase an external USB wi-fi adapter. Connection to a computer occurs through a USB-intensive. For the correct selection of an adapter, it is worth knowing what type is needed (for example, 802.11a, b, g, AC). They differ in frequency, data transfer speed. Standard 802.11AS has the following characteristics:

Using cable connection

To connect the Internet through the cable, the following actions must be performed:

  • purchase a network cable of the desired length;
  • connect one end to the LAN connector on the router;
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the laptop/ computer;
  • Connect the LAN cable with the Internet modem;
  • Wait for the glow of the indicator LED on the router.

After the actions performed, you can go to the Internet space.

The lack of the ability to connect to the Internet on the TV may be associated with a number of problems of both TV and router. This article shows the course of consecutive actions to restore the connection.

TV does not connect to a Wi-Fi router, although he sees it

How to connect Samsung Smart TV TV to a computer network via Wi-Fi? If the device sees a router, but the connection is not installed, you can try the following methods:

  • Restart the entire system;
  • Check the module;
  • Reset the TV to the original settings;
  • Update the firmware of the device;
  • Check the Wi-Fi adapter;
  • Check for the lack of DNS errors;
  • Indicate the necessary data manually.

It is believed that if the TV refuses to find a network of a router, the firmware update is well suited. How can this be done:

Some users are faced with the fact that this function in their TV is absent. In this case, you should go to the official website of the manufacturer. By writing the name of the model, you can get information on affordable updates. They download on the USB flash drive and are activated directly from it.

note! Another reason why the network does not want to install is a non-working Wi-Fi adapter. The user should inspect the device for mechanical damage.

Since Smart TV from Samsung has a adapter, you will need to check the performance of the necessary module (for example, in the service center). In emergency cases, you can purchase an external adapter to check the serviceability of the internal. Such devices are usually connected to a USB port. If everything works well with the external adapter, the problem is in the module.

How can you check if the adapter is in working condition:

  • Try to connect to the network through any other device, for example, from a tablet or a mobile phone. If other devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network, it is worth contacting technical support to inspect the module;
  • Another way is to find support in the device device. Next, select the action “Appeal to Samsung“. The corresponding signs will be spelled out in the line of the address. If the combination consists of zeros and dashes, this suggests that the internal device is faulty.

Make sure your TV is exactly with Wi-Fi

First, check if there is generally built-in Wi-Fi module on the TV. Most of the old Smart TV models do not support this function and connect to the network either through the cable or through the built-in USB successor. If you are 100% sure that Wi-Fi is supported by your TV, you can miss this chapter. Unknowing, but we offer 3 methods of verification:

  • Go to Wi-Fi network settings. If the TV does not support a wireless connection, there will be no such parameters at all on the menu or they will be gray, that is, inactive. Also, the system can request a connection of a cable or USB adapter (flash drives).
  • Also in the settings section, go to the “Support” section. “On TV”. Scrolling down until you see information about the MAC address. Interested in a wireless MAC address. If the line is empty, contains zeros, repeating signs or it is not at all, then Wi-Fi is not supported.
  • All information can be found simply on the Internet, including on the Samsung website. Set the TV model in the search engine, and carefully read the characteristics. If it is indicated that Wi-Fi is accepted optionally, this means that there is no built-in receiver. A wireless connection can be established through a USB-adapter connection.
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TV sees Wi-Fi network, but does not connect: error

Re-check the name of the network and the password for access to it (I have one acquaintance stubbornly wanted to connect to the Wi-Fi network of a neighbor (the network was called almost the same as he)). It is very convenient for this to use a mobile phone with Wi-Fi support.

In general, also pay attention to the error code (if it is displayed) and its description. In some cases, only this code allows you to get to the “truth” (especially when any errors in the developers are made).

Next, check the router settings (tab “Wireless Network Settings” / “Wireless Settings”). Whether you enter the correct name of the Wi-Fi network and password when you are trying to connect TV?

By the way, as a diagnosis, it would recommend changing the name of the network and its password. After, immediately try to connect TV (as the first device) according to these changed data.

[Bangla] How to Connect Wifi on Samsung Series 4 Smart TV

In addition, pay attention to the section “Bandwidth Control” settings. If there is a similar option in your router model. in some cases it may begin to block access to the Internet to certain devices (in t.h. and TV).

If you do not know how to disable it (or at all, you cannot find it). try to drop the router settings into default.

Control of the bandwidth (Tenda router as an example)

In a number of cases, they do not allow to install the network connection of old settings (if previously the TV was connected to another network). In order to accurately eliminate the reasons associated with this, it is recommended to reserve TV parameters in order to diagnose:

  • The TV menu has the following: “Settings. Additionally. General. Reset of settings to factory “;
  • TV samsung: “Support. Self.diagnosis. Reset “(see. screenshot below).

By the way, when resetting TV settings, not only network parameters will be cleared, but also lists of television channels. You will have to configure them again.

Try to use WPS technology instead of a regular connection to a Wi-Fi network (with manual password). Speaking briefly: by pressing the special. button on a Wi-Fi router and TV-the devices will automatically connect to each other.

Conveniently?! Undoubtedly! In addition, in cases like ours, it allows you to save a lot of time!

    First you need to go to the TV settings and turn on WPS;

WPS button on different models of routers (layout options)

To help!

WPS button on a Wi-Fi router: why is it needed and how to use it-https: //

If all of the above did not give a result, then it is possible, as a temporary measure, you will be arranged by the connection of TV to the phone or computer (which have the Internet).

This will allow you to view films and photos (which are saved on them), play computer games on the big screen, sow on the Internet, looking at the Internet prayer in their size.

A couple of articles on connection and setting brought below.

In rare cases, the fault of incorrect work TV with the Internet can be firmware (t.e. Software installed in the device). To eliminate this defect, you must download the correct firmware from the manufacturer’s website and update it.

I warn you that such a procedure is often the reason for the refusal of warranty service (in addition, it can cause a tv breakdown).

Samsung Smart TV Won’t Connect to Wifi Fix it Now

detailed information about the firmware TV: https: //

Software Update

If the TV software is outdated and frequent errors began to occur when connecting to Wi-Fi, the firmware updates will help. It is performed in several ways:

How to properly perform manipulation depends on the brand of the receiver.

For the LG TV

To update the firmware, perform such actions:

  • carry out the entrance to the official website of the brand;
  • drive the name of the model of the device;
  • redirect to the subparagraph “support”;
  • open the “software” tab;
  • The newest option is selected from the presented list;
  • download software on a laptop or computer;
  • A new folder is created on the screen where they send a downloaded file;
  • The folder is copied to the drive, after which it is inserted into the corresponding nest of the device;
  • confirm the process of updating the program after requesting a system.
samsung, connecting, wi-fi

For Samsung TVs

To perform the procedure for the device of this brand, they act as follows:

  • Enter the TV menu;
  • redirected to the Support subsection;
  • goes to the “Firmware update” menu;
  • click on the inscription “update now”;
  • If the new firmware is available, then a request for the procedure will appear on the monitor, and then click on the “Yes” button;
  • When the installation of software is completed, the TV is rebooted.

For any TV using a flash drive

To use the flash drive to update the software, act as follows:

  • They enter the company’s official website and download the new version of the software;
  • format the drive on a computer or laptop in the FAT32 system;
  • Copy a downloaded file on a USB flash drive;
  • Click on the inscription “Extract”, which starts unpacking the file;
  • After the process is completed, the flash drive is removed from the nest;
  • The drive is installed in the TV connector;
  • Enter the menu of the device;
  • redirect to the subparagraph “support”;
  • go to the “software update” tab;
  • click on the inscription “update now”;
  • The system makes a request for data updating, after which they confirm the action;
  • The process of detecting the firmware on the flash drive is launched, after which they click on the inscription “update”.
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After that, the process of updating the software begins. When the procedure is completed, the device will automatically reboot.

Universal solutions to the problem

Below I will show you how to restart the network and completely restart the TV. This can help you solve your problem with the Internet connection.

Reset of settings on TV and router

The reset of network settings is quite simple. As an example, consider instructions for the Samsung Smart TV TV:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Quickly press the buttons in the correct order: information, menu, shutdown of sound, power to open a system menu.
  • Select the “Options” section by pressing the Enter key.
  • Activate the function “Reset of settings to factory values”.
  • Turn off the TV to close the service menu.

Turn on the TV and redraw the device, first changing the name of the home network and password.

If the Wi-Fi-Division still does not work, follow the following actions:

  • manually change the DNS value to the parameters: 8.eight.4.4 or 8.eight.eight.8 You must first turn off the DHCP option on your router;
  • Open the main menu, and then the “Management” section, go to the subparagraph subsection, and then to the bookmark “Time of Disconnecting the sound RF”. Install the interval with which the channel will switch to the next channel (time should be indicated in milliseconds). Default value. 600 milliseconds.

If there is still no connection to the Wi-Fi network, it is necessary to restart the router. This is easy to do, but you have to do this only if you are sure that you can set it up again. After turning on the router, press and hold the WPS/Reset button for about 10 seconds until the SYS LED starts to flash quickly. Release the button and wait until the device completes the restoration of the main settings.


With independent settings of the router, pay attention to the “Reloading” or “reboot” buttons on the control panel. With their help, you can do a soft discharge, but not do this by turning off the power, otherwise the settings may not be preserved.

Note: Despite the specific Samsung model, it is recommended to connect to the Wi-Fi or cable router, open any browser in the address bar and enter type 192 into the address line.168.0.1 or Pressing an active link in a new window will require entering a login and password.

If the connected TV still sees the network and even tries to connect to the Internet, the problem is the provider or a reboot is necessary, which should be performed as follows:

  • Restore TV and router.
  • Check the correctness of the password.
  • Try connecting the receiver to another network.
  • Change the type of security in the router menu on WPA2-PSK (Persona).
  • Install mixed functions (b/g/n) or only n.
  • The channel and width values ​​of the channel are installed on “Auto”.
  • WPS should be disconnected.
  • Save all settings and try connecting again.
  • Reloading by turning off the power.

Theoretically, any router can be rebooted by simply turning off the power for about 30 seconds, and then turning it on again. You can also simply turn off the power using a special “VCL/OKL” button if it is on the case.

Non-working Wi-Fi adapter

To determine the probable cause of a wireless module malfunction, check the TV for mechanical damage. Check the work and operational characteristics of the device.

Not all Samsung TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Therefore, please check if the module you need is available. All information is given in the operating manual and technical characteristics. For further configuration of Wi-Fi, you can always get an external adapter. This is inserted into a USB-intensive.

If the TV is equipped with a module, check the operation of the hardware component as follows:

  • Try connecting to a home network from a smartphone or tablet. If you cannot connect from another device, this means that the built-in Wi-Fi does not work. Contact a professional to solve the problem.
  • Open the main TV menu by clicking “support”. Now select “Contact Samsung”. Scroll the page down. The corresponding numbers will be displayed in the line of the MAC address. If the combination consists of zeros or dash, the module is faulty.

Sometimes the Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet due to incorrect settings. You can restart them. How to do it? You will find out soon.

Full reset of settings or reset Smart Hub

The restoration of the initial settings of the device is carried out in stages:

  • The user falls into the support subsection and the device self.diagnosis menu.
  • There he enters the discharge system and enters the password for the procedure. If no changes have been made earlier, then the standard cipher will be a set of four zeros.

The second possibility of debugging is the changes made by the Smart Hub self.diagnosis device. The latest models work only with the indicated functionality.

Important!The greatest problems when restoring equipment to the original state are caused by the features of debugging individual Samsung TV models. To obtain more information about the capabilities of your device, please contact the leadership that comes with the device, or contact our technical support department.