How to set up digital TV on samsung smart

Configure digital television on the Samsung Smart TV and other models you can only when the device supports a similar streaming format. Therefore, before using the instruction that allows you to configure, you need to check if the plasma receiver is needed.

All TVs connected to digital television are divided into two types:

In the second case, TV from Samsung will have a Smart TV function. Such TVs have appropriate labeling. To connect the others you will need to install a third-party tuner. To read more about how to determine the need to connect the console, we recommend reading another article.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up cable television on the Samsung TV

There are two main ways to configure cable channels on TVs. The first is an automatic setting, during which the TV program scans the entire range of the signal, and saves all the frequencies in memory that there is broadcasting. And the second way. manual tuning, in the process, the user itself introduces the frequency on which broadcasting and saves it in the TV program. The first way is much easier and more rational, because finding information about the frequency of broadcasting all the necessary channels is much more difficult than just scan range.

  • Before starting any kind of settings, make sure the cable is connected to the TV correctly.
  • In order to automatically configure, first of all, go to the “Menu” of the TV. To do this, on the remote, there is a corresponding button.

Go to the menu

  • Next, choose “Broadcast”. In the section that opens, select the signal source. Available options are the “antenna” and “cable”, in our case you need to choose the second.
  • After the source is selected, you need to go to “Auto-tuning”. In this menu, the settings of the channel search parameters will be available, you need to select the search mode “Full”.

Also, now you can change the order of saved channels so that you have more interesting to come, and less interesting. At the end of the list.

After performing these simple actions, all available channels must be saved on your TV, and you can view them at any time.

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How to set up digital channels on samsung TVs

Setup can be done manually and automatically.

Automatic search

As you can see, a large number of models are equipped with digital channels. But in the automatic mode of TVs “Samsung” on all 47 analog channels.

If you have a modern TV with Smart TV, the channel setting will take no more than 15 minutes.

The only one inteeis of each model may differ, but the identical settings algorithm. Smart-TV allows you to use TV with quick internet feed. In this way, you can download the application with channels, or on the big screen to use social networks or see any movie that does not go on TV, but I want to see.

To connect, you will have a special antenna with which the digital channel search will be searched. With proper configuration, the adapter receives a signal from the antenna and adds a definite number of digital channels in the menu of your TV.

Auto-tuning should be made according to the following algorithm:

  • Using the remote control in the user menu;
  • Go to the “Broadcast” section;
  • Click “Auto-tuning”;
  • After, specify the search method: adapter, antenna, cable, etc.;
  • Determine the purpose of the search, it is “digital television”;
  • The program will issue you a selection of speed and quality search: full, fast and network. Select. Full and activate the search with clicking the “Scan” button;
  • Device independently starts searching for digital channels. It takes from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the signal. You can independently search the “Stop” button.

It is necessary to evaluate the quality of automatic tv setup.

Manual search

ATTENTION, if any channels do not respond, you can try to repeat the automatic configuration procedure, or to configure the digital broadcasting manually.

  • Go to the menu section through;
  • Next, in the “Channel” section, instead of the antenna, select the cable signal;
  • Next, the device will ask to specify the country of broadcasting. Choosing “Russia”. Sometimes, the device asks to introduce pins. Standard, it happens a set of numbers: 1111.0000 or 1234;
  • We go to the section “Cable Parameters”. It is located in the menu itself and on some SAMSUNG models in auto-tuning. These parameters set the start and ending frequency range: from 298,000 kHz to 362,000 kHz;
  • Then, go to auto-tuning and choose the type of broadcasting. digital. But you can choose with digital and analog. There will be no superfluous;
  • The final stage is to activate the search. Upon completion, also check the result on the quality and number of channels.

Detailed description with images can be viewed on video

Setting up old models

Modern TVs are equipped with an internal prefix DVB-T2 format. The models released earlier than 2012 in the structure of the structure have a prefix of the DVB-T format, this is the same species of the console, but it does not allow them to receive the signals of modern digital broadcasting. For such devices, you will have to acquire a special console with a set of basic functions. Among the prefixes, there are more expensive, with an extended functionality and Internet access, which makes this prefix SMART-device.

To configure and further browse digital television requires DMW antenna. If there is no missing, it must be purchased. It can be located both in the room and fasten on the balcony or roof.

If there is a television powerful tower near your house, then you will have enough room antenna. But with a more remote location from the source of the signal, it is necessary to acquire an antenna with an amplifier and it is necessary to place it as above. So, you will maximize the flow of the signal to your TV and the reception of digital channels will go more confidently, without a championship.

If you have an old TV, then the connection is made using the so-called “tulip”, set of 3 wires of the corresponding colors: yellow, white and red. Usually, they come complete with the prefix. Yellow is responsible for video quality, and white and red for sound quality. But there are even older models of TVs, where the tulip is still needed by the RCA-SCART adapter. For LCD TVs, the usual HDMI cable is most often used. Make sure your TV and console are equipped with an HDMI cable entrance.

After connecting the console to the TV, it must be configured. Turn on the button to activate the Custom menu of the prefix menu, for example, AV, HDMI, VIDEO.

In the menu section, find “Channel Search” and run this program. A couple of minutes of search and you get a package of twenty digital channels. Basically, you will use the console from the console, and the television will be required only to turn on and off the device to view, increase or decrease the sound.

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Problem solving

Troubles happen to all devices. However, in practice, most problems arise in human factor. We often come messages that the TV refuses to search channels or finds them too little. For these cases, we have compiled a list of possible solutions.

  • Make sure the antenna is correct. The further you are from the transmitting the tower signal, the more powerful it should be.
  • Check out the selection of the TV display mode. You can see it by clicking Source on the remote control. If the search number takes place through the TV, without using the console, then you need to select TV mode. In another embodiment, go to the one by which it was connected.
  • Try to re-find the channels in manual mode.

Most importantly, remember that if the problem is in the search channel, then in most cases the antenna itself acts the culprit. People often write to us who have its old model of outdoor antennas with an open signal amplifier. In the process of work, its contacts are oxidized and the device can no longer work normally.

How to find and configure digital channels on Samsung TVs

We will analyze in order both options (without a console and with it).

For TVs with built-in DVB T2 and SMART TV tuner

If you have a modern TV with Smart TV, you will not have to suffer. Setting on it will take 15 minutes from the strength. The inteeis may differ depending on the “Samsung” series, but mostly the setting will be as follows:

  • We will analyze auto-tuning. Click on the menu button on the remote. Go to the “Broadcast” block.
  • Click “Auto-tuning”.

Wait until the search process is completed

If the automatic setting ends unsuccessfully, there is an option to use manually:

    Open the TV menu again. In the “Channel” block instead of antenna, we put the cable.

For old models that can be connected to digital TV only through consoles

If TV does not have a built-in tuner, buy it separately. His

Whether TV-consoles are suitable for samsung TVs

TV-consoles are usually universal, that is, suitable for TVs of different models and manufacturers, so worry about what you buy something inappropriate, not worth.

The main thing is that on your TV there were the necessary connectors for connecting this console (receiver, tuner and t. D.). The prefix will receive a digital signal from the antenna and convert it to the usual analog, which recognizes your old TV.

“Tulip” is the most popular method of connecting TV and console

How to connect the prefix to the old TV

Need to pick up the cable specifically for your situation. If you have a HDMI connector on TV, use a cable with a similar name (version 2.0). the picture will be better. If there is no such way out, we simply take a standard “tulip”. This is a cable consisting of three wiring. each with a certain color plug (red, yellow, white).

SCART cable can also be used.

Through SCART connected long ago outdated models

What is required of you: Cable connect TV and console through appropriate outputs. The slots for the tulip are also painted in different colors, so it will be difficult to get confused here. The receiver itself is already pre-connected to the antenna through a cable with a round output.

“Tulip” is connected in accordance with the colors and plugs

How to search for digital channels

Setup occurs through the TV menu, and consoles. Inteeis receivers is different, so in each case there will be their subtleties in the setting. We advise you to get acquainted with the instructions that goes complete with the device.

The total course of action, however, will be as follows:

  • First go to the source list (source) on the TV. Put the way to which the prefix is ​​connected.
  • Go to the console menu. Go to the section, indicated, as a rule, folder with a magnifying glass.

Configuring channels on Samsung TVs after successful search

If necessary, you can edit the list of found channels. For example, remove unnecessary:

  • On the TV menu, open the Translation section, and then the list of channels. Put the marks next to those channels you want to remove. Click on the Tools on the remote and select the removal or blocking in the menu called.
  • When blocking you need to come up with a password for which you can access the selected channels.
  • If you click on “Edit”, you can rename individual channels.

If you have a newer TV model, all channel settings associated with their change, the lock can be found in separate items right in the section “Broadcast”.

Select in the Channel Change or “Lock” menu

How to configure samsung tv to cable television

In order for the TV on the TV to watch cable television, the following conditions are necessary:

  • The provider must ensure the receipt of the signal not only to the house where the client lives, but also before his apartment.
  • Although there are free channels, in most cases a paid view is used. It is important that the user choose the right rate and paid it. After that, at the request of the user, the channels will switch to the one that is most interesting.
  • Cable TV is demonstrated in accordance with the requirements of DVB-T2. If the TV works with it, and this applies to all SAMSUNG models, starting in 2013, the show is possible. If there is no such support, you will need to purchase a console for TV that meets the required requirements.

If the user meets these rules, it can use digital television in accordance with the tariff.

How to set up a hall on a TV

If digital TV cannot find free satellite digital TV channels, they are not configured, then the problem may be that the standards of television channels and telecommunication support reports are not coincided with this device. Also television channels may not be network. TV channels can be under the code. In the case of coding of the TV channels, you need to buy a SIM card from the provider. The answer to the question why settings are knocked down, give the provider. To search for channels, you can use TV.

Today we will analyze the main questions about Smart TV LG: what it is and how to use? Some of these devices even learned to recognize gestures and in this their unique feature.

  • First of all, connect the device to the Internet;
  • Next include a smart LG TV and open the HOME button menu on the remote control;
  • We enter into “settings”;
  • Open the “network”;
  • Select connections and specify the necessary option;
  • 6. Click “Refresh”. After a few seconds, a successful connection setup message will appear. This basic configuration of Smart TV on LG is completed.
  • At the next stage we are registered. It will open access to all LG SMART TV features. All you need is to go to the official website and dedicate a few minutes to fill a special questionnaire. As a result, it will be possible to install various applications. Their set in Smart WORLD. There are also special widgets that open up new opportunities in front of the owner of the TV. In the presence of an account in LG Apps, you can use data from it.
  • note! When registering, you must use only the current email address, as confirmation will receive it.

This type of synchronization does not imply the use of wires. That is why it is necessary to have an access point. For its creation, the router is suitable. However, you can connect to the portable computer appropriately configured. This will avoid unnecessary spending related to the purchase of a router.

Laptops, as a rule, are equipped with Wi-Fi adapters, and therefore can serve as an access point and distribute the connection for a smart TV. By the way, this approach will provide Internet and other devices that support working with wireless networks.

  • On the remote control to TV click Settings;
  • In the menu, select the “Channels” item;
  • Next, activate the “Autopoyscript” function;
  • As source of the input signal, specify the cable TV and the antenna. After that, click “Next”;
  • As a supplier choose the “Other” option;
  • Set the frequency range;
  • We establish the search parameters by selecting digital and analog channels;
  • Click the “Run” button, and the TV will start searching for the specified channels.

What can we just know how modern televisions are. showing a 3D image, play music and video with USB drives connected to them, work with various applications like Skype and easily master the Internet. But even the smartest copies of television equipment, for example, LG televisions need to be configured.

All operations for finding, connecting channels and establish a connection to the Internet are performed using the remote control. TV broadcast can be carried out through antenna (today more often satellite), on cable or via the Internet. To enter the settings menu, press the “MENU” or “SETTINGS” button on the remote control. For SMART TVs, click “Home” and then “Settings”. Sometimes at this stage you need to enter a PIN code. If you have not changed the standard code, try one of the following: 0000, 1111 or 1234. Select Options, then specify the language and country. Please note. to configure TVs with the date of release until 2010, you need to choose any of the countries of Western Europe (for example, Switzerland, Finland, Germany), but language change to Russian. In newer TVs, you can specify Russia. Further go to the “Setup” menu. “Auto-participation”. If you have a digital or analog Cable TV, specify the “cable” as a signal source. Select the search type (for example, “fast”) and enter the necessary parameters. modulation type, initial and final search frequency, flow rate, etc. This information should be provided by your telecommunication service provider. You can set additional search criteria: if you enable the “Digital only” feature, exclusively digital channels will be found, without analog, and the “skirmial skipping program” function is designed to filter the paid channels, which was not paid. Click “Run”, and the configuration process will start. To adjust the reception via satellite antenna, select “Antenna”. «satellite» or “satellite” in the menu “Autopoysk”. If you need, enter the PIN code. Open the “LNB settings”, set the necessary parameters and configure the channels, guided by the transponder table (contains data for configuring a satellite receiver). LG TV settings with SMART TV function are not limited to standard features. By connecting the “smart” TV to the Internet, you will get access to a variety of Internet applications, including the LG Apps portal. You will need a network cable that connects to the LAN port of the TV and the free port of the router, or the Wi-Fi adapter for the USB port. Press the “Home” button, enter the Setup menu. “Network”. “Network Setup” and select the appropriate type. wired or wireless. Use the network auto-tuning mode or enter data manually, click “OK”. After checking these network, information about the current connection will appear on the screen, click Close. Combine and install applications required to view television programs using the Internet. This is the so-called IPTV. digital television using IP protocols for data transmission.

To view your favorite movies and television shows were pleasant, do not forget to adjust the color balance, contrast, brightness and other image parameters.

The first step will be the choice of language. And choose Russian.

Step 3 We have a mode setting. Here we choose home view.

Then configure the power indicator. Here we should stand incl.

After that choose the time zone. It is very important for LG TV. We choose Irkutsk.

How to set up a “digit” on the old Samsung models

Many old Samsung models do not support the auto-reception function, so they will have to adjust the channels manually. Instructions for installing digital television are more comprehensive and time-consuming, but not very difficult in mastering:

  • Call the menu with settings and click on the “Antenna”.
  • If you need to specify the country, select “Russia”.

Such an instruction comes up to most old Samsung models, although it may be slightly different.