How to reset the settings on the TV

With the constant use of the TV, some problems may arise that may affect performance. And one of the solutions that can help restore normally the working condition of the equipment is to reset the settings to factory. This is especially true for a TV with Smart TV.

Firstly, all settings set by you will previously drop to the factory, the TV drop all your passwords, television channels, color installations, etc. Therefore, before this procedure, make sure that you can install everything again.

TV firmware will remain unchanged, it will not be touched by the discharge.

Below are instructions for various TV models with a brief description of all actions.

Samsung settings reset on TV

Danny manufacturer has a very large number of various models, which may differ from the given in this article. However, all basic actions are almost identical and may differ slightly.

In order to roll back the TV to factory, it will be necessary to perform only a few simple actions, but remember that all the information that you entered on your device will be lost, you will have to re.install your favorite applications and log in to them. If you had your own list of channels, then it will be erased. The TV will be clean, as when buying.

  • Find the installation menu button on your remote control and click on it.
  • The next step is looking for an expanded settings, it is most often located at the end of the list.
  • We find and click on the point of general.
  • Next, click on the reset of settings to factory and confirm all actions.


Contrications in the TV software system are due to incorrect settings performed by the user himself. Consider what result will be if you delete all the parameters introduced by hand and restart the Samsung TV to the settings that were made by the manufacturer.

  • There will be a loss of brightness and contrast, sound, location of the TV channels, screen image installations, the Wi-Fi network, communication with Google Play and much more, which were introduced manually. After the procedure for resetting them, they will need to be entered again, it is likely that such a process will take a lot of your time. This is especially true for the color settings and contrast.
  • All television channels you previously found will be lost, only basic (minimum set) will remain). In addition, the list and blocked television channels will be completely lost, later it will have to be restored again, also manually.
  • When resetting settings to factory parameters, it is precisely to understand the change in the created settings created, while the program firmware of the operating system at the TV will remain the same.

If you cannot do without such radical measures, and you are fully aware of the consequences of the discharge of previously entered settings, then it makes sense to carry out this procedure.

How to reset to factory settings?

To reset the set settings and return the TV to its original state with the parameters set by it during the factory assembly, the task is simple. You can execute it from the remote control, which is attached to your TV. With his help, you can then restore the parameters that are most comfortable for you when viewing TV shows.

The discharge algorithm for entered parameters will directly depend on what a series of Samsung TV model you have. In general, this procedure is the same, but the menu items in the operating system of different series may differ slightly from each other.

samsung, drop, settings, reset, factory

Series D

Using the remote control on the TV, the item “TV-section” is opened. Next, you need to click and hold 8-10 seconds. button with the name Exit, as a result of which you will fall into a new window. Press the OK button. After that, pressing your settings will return to the original stage at which they were in the process of factory assembly. Having completed the reboot, you can start entering the TV with a manually new desired parameters.

Series K

Using the remote control, you need to open the TV menu and go to the settings option. Find the function “Support”. If you select the “self.diagnosis” option, you will get into the new menu where you need to select the settings discharge function from the list that appears.

To activate this option, you must enter a digital code on the control panel, which consists of 4 zeros.

After entering this code, your TV will begin update in automatic mode, and all the manual parameters you have introduced before will be removed.

Series J and H

Find on the TV control panel button with the “Menu/123” designation and click it, as a result of which you will see a list of options on the TV screen from which you need to select “Settings”. Next, you need to go to the automatic diagnostic mode and select the “Reset” item. To activate the reset of parameters on the remote control, enter a code that consists of 4 zeros, and then confirm this action by pressing the OK button. Having consistently these steps, your TV will reload and drop all your manual settings.

Series F

Using the remote control, go to the TV parameters menu. On the left on the screen you will see an option called by pressing this button, you will move to the support menu. there you need to activate the automatic diagnostic mode. Next, you will need to select the settings discharge function and also activate it. After that, the parameters introduced earlier will be reset to the original factory.

Series E

Using the control panel, you need to go to the menu displaying on the TV screen. Find the “Settings” option, after going on it, choose the following option called “support”. Next, select the automatic diagnostic function, and then activate the settings discharge function.

This discharge must be activated by introduction of code. 0000, and then confirm your actions by pressing the OK button.

If you are the holder of the Samsung TV models M or Q, the reset of manual parameters is performed in a similar way. first you go to the “Setting” menu, then through the support option, select the “Reset of settings”.

After the TV begins to overload and discard manual parameters, having completed the task, it will turn off. You will need to activate it again and, using the remote control panel, begin to manually enter the settings you need again.

How to reset the settings to the factory on the TVs Samsung N, M, Q, LS Series-Series

TV menu are quite similar, so perform the first action as in the previous case. But in the settings you will need the item “Support”.

The second point in this section will be “self.diagnosis”. Go to this section. Below you will see the same “reset” button as in the previous case. Again, if necessary, enter the PIN code and confirm the reset of the settings.

How to reset settings to factory on TVs Samsung K-Series-Series

On these TVs, do all the same as in the previous case. The difference between the ruler is the color color of the menu and its design. The points for discharge remain the same.

In the TVs of this series, the menu has changed even more, and, almost completely. Initially, you will have to choose “Menu” or “Menu/123” on the remote control. So you will open the parameters of the TV where you will have to go to the “Menu” section (upper left).

As for further actions. they are practically standard. Go in support, self.diagnosis, reset. If necessary, enter the PIN code and confirm the actions.

Series R

After rebooting, you can configure your own Smart TV Samsung from scratch and enjoy all its capabilities.

Resetting of installations to factory through an individual program from Samsung (Smart Hub) is a very good idea. On each remote control there is a special button through which the entrance occurs into this option (multi.colored square). click on it. It is necessary to choose sections for this order:

Thanks to such simple actions, it will be possible to return your TV to the original settings and establish it again.

The technology of returning the Smart TV from the manufacturer Samsung to the settings provided for in the process of its manufacture at the factory was described above in detail. If you make it in time, you can avoid a mass of freezes and errors, which, unfortunately, can occur when operating a TV.

Samsung Smart TV settings resetting to factory

Television malfunctions can manifest itself in the form of unexpected shutdowns, reboots, slow work and a number of signs of more signs.

It is extremely difficult to establish the cause of the breakdown, so it is usually recommended to use general recommendations for restoring the operability of TV.

These recommendations are based on statistical data, according to which the main reason for unstable work lies in incorrect user settings. The effect is also influenced by a specific set of programs installed on the device. Some applications can conflict among themselves, thus causing malfunctions.

Reset of settings to factory allows you to roll back the system by the time when it was as operational as possible. Upon completion of the procedure, the user receives a TV in the form in which he purchased it in the store.

What will happen to the TV after resetting

With the full reset of settings, only the main programs preinstalled by the manufacturer will remain on the TV. All applications, user data, accounts and the like will be erased. The user will have to set everything up again, as well as re.enter the account.

It is worth noting that the rollback to the factory parameters will affect all nodes except the network. This will allow the owner not to organize the Internet connection again. But all previously exhibited parameters of brightness, contrast and sound will instantly disappear. Therefore, it is better to think several times before reset. You can also remember or write down all the parameters in advance, and then set them again. Of course, this will take some time.

It is also worth being prepared for the fact that all the information on the channels will be erased. Various lists of the chosen one, blocked and specific channels will need to be found again and set up manually.

But you should not wait for miracles from the rollback. If the problem was not in the settings, but in the firmware itself, then everything will remain still. After all, this does not change in any way and does not even update the operating system, but only rolls it to the original settings.

Reset to factory settings for Smart TVs of different series

The Samsung TV reset procedure to factory settings has approximately the same type for all models, however, various nuances may appear depending on the series.

Series D

Samsung D TVs are reliable. However, even they are not insured from the appearance of various problems. And in order to get rid of them, you need to reset parameters.

This is done using the remote control. Before starting the discharge, you must go to the main section of TV. Now you need to find the “Exit” button on the remote control and hold it for about 10 seconds. A special window will appear in which the system will once again ask for confirming the reset. Here we must agree, by pressing the OK button. Immediately after this, the device will begin to reboot, simultaneously deleting user settings and restoring the factory parameters.

Series K

In such TVs, reset is carried out through the settings menu. Procedure:

  • Using the remote control, open the main menu;
  • Go to the “Settings” section by pressing the corresponding key;
  • In the “Support” tab, you need to find the position of “self.diagnosis”;
  • a list of available operations aimed at restoring the device’s performance will appear;
  • “Reset” is selected from the list.

After that, the rollback of user settings will begin. It is worth noting that to start the discharge, you must enter a PIN code. If the user did not change it, then you need to enter the combination “0000”.

Series J

TVs of this series support the reset from the settings menu. To find the desired command, the user will need to go to the “Menu/123” section. There, the “Self.Dentic” section is pressed in the “Support” tab. In the proposed list you will need to click on the “Reset” button.

Here you will also need an access code that was chosen in advance by the owner of the TV. After entering the code and pressing the yes button, a complete discharge will begin. Usually the operation takes a few seconds, the device will reboot and will be ready to use.

Series H

HE models H allow you to reset the Samsung TV to the Smart TV factory settings in approximately the same way as the previous models. Having moved to the corresponding tab, the user will have to enter the PIN code and confirm his actions.

Series F

The settings of settings on TV TVs F:

  • On the main screen selects the “” button, which opens access to the main menu of the device;
  • We need to go to the Directory “Menu”- “support”- “self-diagnosis”;
  • In the list that appears, “Reset” is selected.

Here it will also be necessary to enter access code and confirm your actions. Access code will not allow you to intervene in TV settings to a stranger and retain its performance. After consent, the system will restart the TV.

Series E

Series E cannot boast of any unusual approach to resetting settings. Here all the main settings menu and affordable settings of self.diagnosis are also used. The procedure for moving by menu items remains unified. The names of the items and the configuration of the keys on the remote control may change somewhat.

After detecting the “Reset” section, the device will ask to enter an individual access code, without which it will not be possible to reset.

Series M, Q and LS

Smart TV series M, Q and LS are very similar to each other. So the methods of resetting settings are one principle from them. For the rollback of the system, it is necessary to do the following:

  • The “Home” button is pressed on the remote control;
  • In the “Menu” section, the item “Settings” is found;
  • Further in the “Support” tab click on the “self.diagnosis” button;
  • Now you can implement the rollback using the “Reset” key.

How to reset Samsung TV settings

Sometimes there is a need to restore factory settings on your TV. This can be due to unsuccessful settings or with unstable operation of some functions of TV. Therefore, reset of settings can help you solve the problem. All you need to follow the instructions below.

  • All tuned channels will be completely deleted and you will have to set up again.
  • The sound parameters you put will be extended.
  • Previously configured color, brightness, contrast, etc. will also be reset to standard parameters.

The manufacturer Samsung also assures that when reset to factory settings, the firmware will not fly off. Network settings made earlier not to change.

Settings reset instructions

After resetting the settings on the Samsung TV, you cannot return everything back, so get ready that you will have to re.configure the channels and other TV functions.


  • First you need to click on the menu button
  • We go to the settings
  • We are looking for a common item
  • We find a discharge here
  • We drive a password 0000
  • All reset is completed

N, M, Q, LS Series and K

In these models of Samsung TVs, you need to perform actions a little different.

  • Through the menu, we enter the TV settings for this you need to click on Home, the button similar to the house.
  • Click on the support point.
  • We go into self.diagnosis.
  • Click for a discharge
  • We drive a password and confirm actions.

J-series and F-series

For these series, you need to repeat the same actions. Only to enter the settings, click on the Menu or Menu/123 button, then select the menu, everything else, see above.


  • Click on the menu remote control
  • We go to the Support section, it is here that this function is to be.
  • The top buttons go down to the self.diagnosis point.
  • Choose a reset
  • We drive a PIN-code or password set by you, by default password four zeros.
  • We confirm the actions in the warning window that appears
  • Twage turn off and turn on.

The above instructions are to restore factory settings for more popular TV models. For other series of Samsung TVs, you need to perform the same actions.

After restoring standard settings, the TV reboot and when you turn on you will need to perform the initial installations.

How to reset the Samsung TV settings D H and F to the factory installations

Before proceeding with the description of the actions to reject the settings to the level of factory, we must warn you that there should be significant reasons for such a decision. If you are aware of the seriousness of this procedure and its consequences, then follow our recommendations. We will tell you how to completely reset Samsung brand settings on TV (series D, H, F).

ATTENTION. If you have questions about the work of your device, contact experienced craftsmen for advice or professional repair of Samsung TVs.

samsung, drop, settings, reset, factory

Netting up the settings on the Samsung TV TVs D (not all models):

  • In this window, you can reset absolutely all the settings to the initial level, and in the menu. drop not only the general settings of your TV, but also the Smart TV and Smart hub settings. To reset all previously set settings, the “OK” key will be enough.

Samsung settings reset on TVs (Series H, F)

With the help of such an uncomplicated procedure, you can reset the settings only on Samsung TVs, which belong to the series D, but not on all their models, but we will talk about this later. If your TV refers to the H or F series, this procedure will not help. The owners of the TVs of these series to reset the settings to the factory installations, you need:

  • Please note that for this you will need to introduce a pin code. Note that the standard PIN code consists of four zeros, but if you changed it for various reasons, you will need to enter the code that you asked.
  • After you introduce the correct pin code, a warning will appear on the screen of your TV that all settings will be reset to the level of initial. If you agree with this, then just click “Yes”.

Knocking settings on some models of the series D

It should be noted that on some TVs of the series D, which we talked about earlier, the reset of settings to the level of factory also occurs like the previous one, but there are insignificant differences. If necessary, you can apply for advice to the Samsung Helpers service center, leaving a request on the site. So, if you have a Samsung TV (Series D), however, the very first method that we described, you could not zero the settings on it, it is likely that you need to go the other way:

  • Take the remote control to your TV and press the “menu” button on it.
  • After that, go to the point “System”.
  • Then you will need to select the Plug Play option from the proposed list.The choice of this item is confirmed by the corresponding key “OK”.
  • When you do all this, a window will come in front of you, in which you will need to enter a PIN code. After entering this code, all the settings on your Samsung TV will automatically drop to the level of factory.

Reset of settings to factory using Smart Hub

  • In the settings window opened, select the “Reset” section.
  • In the same way as in the methods above we introduce a PIN code, by default. These are four zeros.
  • After confirming your actions by pressing the OK section, an automatic reset of settings and a reboot of the TV will occur.

After this procedure, all widgets will be removed, the settings will be updated, and the account will have to be created again.

We hope that one of the options we proposed to return your Samsung TV to factory installations.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

How To Reset Samsung Smart TV To Factory Settings

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Rollback through Smart Hub

You can use the alternative failure method.

  • Click on the remote control control Smart key.
  • In the menu that appears, select the section of the cancellation of the characteristics.
  • To confirm your actions, if the code has not changed, dial 0000 and click OK.
  • TV will reboot.

After resetting the settings on the TV, all previously installed applications will be deleted, and the account will be reset and will have to create it again. It will also be possible to make the same rollback on other models. Supra, Philips, Sony Bravia, Toshiba.

If the TV is constantly rebooted, then the essence of the problem lies in the software failure. Problems of this type arise due to systemic problems. There are several different ways to restore the correct operation of the device, but without a doubt, the best option is to reset the settings.

How to restart the Samsung TV? The algorithm for rebooting the operating system of the equipment directly depends on the model and series of the device. Now we will analyze the specifics of resetting basic parameters on Samsung TVs of various models, as well as analyze how such radical measures are fraught with.

What will happen to the TV after resetting?

Here you can carry out various analogies with any other equipment as much as you like. Of course, that absolutely everything will be erased, so you will have to set the parameters again. To some extent, this can be compared with the reinstall of Windows on a computer or laptop.

In principle, the full reset of Samsung Smart TV has three significant consequences, we analyze each of them. Of course, there are less significant consequences, but they can be omitted and left without additional attention.

First, there will be a complete rollback to factory parameters. The exception is network settings. Let’s try to make out in more detail what exactly is losing the user. Of course, manual adjustment of sound, brightness, contrast and other images parameters will get.

It is clear that after resetting the parameters you will have to set absolutely everything again. This is especially inconvenient if you spent a lot of free time on manual color rendering adjustment.

The second truly significant consequence is the removal of all previously saved channels. Regardless of which brand you use: LG or Samsung, the information will be erased. This applies to both previously found channels and the selected location, blocked programs, etc.D.

Unfortunately, many users compare the reset of Samsung TV parameters with software updating. It is clear that the sign of equality between these two processes cannot be set in any case. If you roll back to the default parameters, then the firmware version remains the same, there will be no changes.

In principle, this is all the user should know. If the consequences do not scare you, you can safely proceed with the discharge of basic parameters.

Reset to the factory settings of the Samsung TV

If the TV devices operate unstable, often rebooted, then it will be possible to eliminate the problem by configuring the software correctly. About how to reset Samsung TV to factory settings. further in the article.

Problems in the functioning of TV appear due to violations in the laid program, which is often updated in automatic mode.

Because of this, TV Samsung begins to restart often directly while watching television. The software also fails due to improper user settings of the TV. Therefore, it is necessary not a complete reboot and firmware of the program, but the TV set before the factory settings.

Series D

The rollback for almost every Samsung models is carried out the same and according to a single scheme. The difference is only in the name of the items.

  • First you need to open a TV section, and click on the Exit button. It should be held for 10 seconds.
  • A new window will open.
  • To reboot the system, you need to press the OK button.

The text on the screen will indicate that the program has returned to the initial stage. Next, you can re.configure the TV. This also applies to Smart TV. Experts recommend that before the start of the procedure, try to update the Smart TV program, and proceed with the operation of the software, if this operation has not brought the proper effect.

Series K

  • Through the remote control open the menu.
  • Go to TV settings. Go to the “Support” point and click on the self.diagnosis of the device.
  • A list of possible actions will open, which will indicate the action to reset the characteristics. For rollback to factory characteristics, it needs to be click.
  • To confirm the operation, you will need to enter a special code. 0000.

If the actions are correct, the TV must restart on its own.

Series J

  • Using the PDU, click on the “menu” button/123 “.
  • A new window will appear on the screen where we select “Settings”.
  • Going to the next page to choose self.diagnosis and “reset”.
  • Maintain a password. 0000, and confirm the operation of the “OK” key.

Series H

For the rollback of the program, they use the same scheme that was on the J. choose self.diagnosis, reset, and enter the PIN code, if it did not change, then this is 4 zeros.

Series F

  • There should be the “” button “” on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the menu.
  • Go to the page in support and click on self.diagnosis.
  • Click on the discharge function.

Syria e

How to reset the settings on the TV:

  • Using the remote control, enter the TV menu, click on “Settings” and select the “Support” tab.
  • Click on self.diagnosis, and activate the discharge function. After that, the appearance of a new window will occur.
  • Then you need to enter a standard PIN code and confirm your effect.

After turning on TV, you can notice that all Smart TV settings were dropped to factory.

For brands of TVs of the M, Q and LS series, actions similar. After the transition to the “Setting” tab, you need to select the support menu and click on the “rollback”.

Rollback through Smart Hub

You can use the alternative failure method.

How to reset a Samsung Smart TV in hidden Samsung menu

  • Click on the remote control control Smart key.
  • In the menu that appears, select the section of the cancellation of the characteristics.
  • To confirm your actions, if the code has not changed, dial 0000 and click OK.
  • TV will reboot.
samsung, drop, settings, reset, factory

After resetting the settings on the TV, all previously installed applications will be deleted, and the account will be reset and will have to create it again. It will also be possible to make the same rollback on other models. Supra, Philips, Sony Bravia, Toshiba.