What to do if Smart View Samsung does not see TV?

SAMSUNG SMART TV TVs are one of the explicit favorites in the market due to high quality and large functionality. They can be equated to computers by glare and opportunities.

Smart TV today is the best TV-technology, as it allows the use of modern components for high-quality images, surround sound and many other. Smart Samsung TVs also allow you to connect remotely to other devices using the Smart View technology, which we will talk about today and talk.


The program is supplied by a developer for smartphones, tablets and personal computers working on the Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone platform. The main task of the utility is the complete interaction of Samsung smart TV with other electronic devices.

The Smart View application includes the following functions:

  • Using an external device as a console. You can control the TV using a phone or computer mouse;
  • viewing the contents of any external drive, as well as playing any multimedia files (video clips, audio, images and animations);
  • watching movies, news, digital TV sports on smartphone or pc;
  • software inclusion and disconnect the TV using auxiliary device;
  • control of widgets and other SMART HUB service utilities;
  • Setting and controlling sleep mode.

All these features are opening thanks to several utilities that can be used in the Samsung Smart View application:

  • TV Remote. This option allows you to control Samsung TV using mobile phone or PC. When entering the device on the device screen, an electronic layout appears, duplicate buttons on the remote control. Selecting the desired clicking is performed using a sensor on a tablet or computer mouse.
  • Dual View. Using this utility, the user can fully synchronize image broadcast. In practice, there is access to the TV channels from a smartphone or laptop, or vice versa, access to the content of the external device on TV. Synchronization is performed by Bluetooth wireless communication, therefore, delays are not excluded to a few seconds.
  • Bluetooth Poweron. The option allows you to control the sleep mode and the system power on the TV. To use it in Smart TV, there must be a built-in or connected via USB-input Bluetooth-Router.
  • Game Remote. The utility for the game mode with which the smartphone turns into a joystick. Includes limited and full modes, the last of which supports gyroscopic control. Option is not provided in the application
  • Smart. The user receives full access to the SMART HUB service. Synchronization of a TV with a remote server is available.

Advice! Wireless quality directly depends on the remoteness of the device from the TV. If there is a strong replay in playback, it is recommended to reduce the distance.

Attention! According to user reviews, it is unknown for what reason and why Samsung smart TVs do not recognize many smartphones of little-known Chinese manufacturers. It is recommended to use the phone of the popular manufacturer. In these cases, SMART VIEW also does not see TV.

Options and management

Thanks to the Smart View program, the user of the Samsung TV opens dozens of new options. But you should not list them, but it is better to consider in more detail the most important.

Duplicating screen

The application has a separate Dual View service that allows you to interact and share information to two devices.

As a result, the user is available:

  • Duplicating screen. Can be displayed on a TV image from a smartphone display. This will allow you to look at the big screen movie from the gadget memory or even play the game.
  • Remote view. If you show an important movie and you need to move. you do not need to stop watching, or after searching for a direct broadcast. You can watch the video from the phone to be duplicated from the TV.

That is, the picture is shown from one screen to another, and accessible in both sides (from the phone to the TV and vice versa). At the same time, sleep mode is available, which is very convenient. when everything went to bed, you can display the roller to the phone and turn off TV.

There are several modes that allow you to remotely control the samsung TV from the phone.

Virtual Remote

Smartphone or laptop using other Smart View. TV Remote service, turns into an original remote control to control the TV. In addition, supports the virtual keyboard (without voice dialing). This is a very useful option in case of the disappearance or breakage of the physical console from TV.

Conjugation of devices occurs on the local Wi-Fi network. And if it fails to install it, then the other microthermal Bluetooth Poweron will give the ability to enable and disable Samsung TV via Bluetooth.

Gaming joystick

Another useful option is already for gamers. Game Remote, from which the mobile phone can be turned into a gamepad for any console.

  • General. Allows you to configure push-button joystick, and for some consoles there are already built-in settings.
  • Full. Supports a gyroscope and with it the smartphone can emulate a computer mouse.

This feature has many positive responses when used on the Samsung TV emulators on TV. But at the same time a lot of complaints in online games due to team delays.

Smart Hub emulator

On the phone you can open the samsung TV window (is functionally, and not reverse screen duplication) with access to the SMART option and store widgets. This makes it possible to manage the list of applications, you can log in to the account, and remotely install the application on the TV.

But this is not complete support, but only emulation smart hub with its data on the smartphone, and run the widget from the TV in Smart View will not work.


TV Remote Control Function

Using the Smart View application, SAMSUNG SMART TV can be controlled even without remote control.

Playing content from a mobile device

Connect your mobile device to TV and select video, images or even musical compositions. The selected content will immediately be played on the TV.

Creating playlists

Create your own playlists to always have your favorite videos, photos and music.

Playing Content Content

Add content files or even a whole folder from a computer to the Smart View application and start playing the entire list to one touch.

What to do if Samsung Smart View does not see TV

If the application cannot find the TV, the following methods will help to eliminate the problem:

  • You can try to update the factory settings and tube.
  • Create interference can anti-virus, it needs to turn off for a while.
  • It is recommended to use the optional Samsung PC Share Manager application. The program was designed to combine the TV network with the SMART application and an external device.

With the help of a simple application, great opportunities are open to broadcast mobile devices to large screens. Convenient and collaborative work with a tablet or smartphone.

Samsung is among the leaders among modern TV manufacturers. Starting from the 6th generation series, the concern began to produce smart smart televisions that expanded television capabilities. Together with modern digital TV, the user received a powerful multimedia device that can be compared with a stationary computer.

Smart TVs are rightfully considered to be the top of TV technologies, there are powerful processors in them, video adapters and volumetric RAM. No less perfect and programpapers. Interactive and social television. In the latter case, access to remote services via the Internet, which are supplied by Samsung and third-party developers. Among the interesting services of.smart View, with which it is invited to read.

Network connection manually

For manual connection to the network, it is necessary to find a contract for subscription service, since it is written in it for connecting to the Internet.

This information should be made in the “Configuration” menu item. “Network Settings”. “Static IP Address”. “Static Configuration”.

To configure routers it is worth approaching special care, typos in writing, incorrectly entered data can cause the SMART TV does not work.

After all the necessary information is entered, you should click “OK” and try to connect SMART TV again. If the fault is not eliminated, there are still problems with the connection of the TV, and there are messages about unsuccessful connection attempts on the screen, you need to call inertro. provider and ask for equipment replacement.

Perhaps the operator will ask to inform the MAC address that is registered in the network settings menu.

SAMSUNG Smart TV does not find TV

Sometimes the problem occurs from the side of the application and the operating system of the phone. Therefore, first of all completely delete the application. Next, go to the System section and update Android OS to the latest version. After that, re-download the application with Google Play or App Store.

On old “boxes”, which were released since 2011, you need to update the operating system. To do this, you need to synchronize via Telnet. Sometimes update occurs in a separate settings menu. Just tell where. I can not, you will need to search.

Restart the router for this come to it and click on the special button. If you are afraid to click, something is wrong, then just pull it out of the outlet. You can try to wait a minute 2, and only then turn on. If this does not help, and the application does not work anyway. then re-connect the phone to the network. Also check that the TV is connected to the router.

Possible troubleshooting

Sometimes the situation can occur at which the Samsung Smart View application refuses to work.

The following is a list of frequent problems and their solution:

  • Does not find TV. Software update required. This problem is relevant for TVs, etc. Supported devices 2011-14 g.in., which are not yet related to Smart devices, but already support SMART HUB service. Package of updates can be obtained by synchronization with the TENET service.
  • The connection is not installed or a large delay in data transmission. You need to cut the distance between TV and smartphone / PC. Wireless transmission is characterized by loss of data on great remote data.
  • The contents from the computer or tablet is not performed. You need to turn off the antivirus on the connected device, T.to. It blocks access to it.
  • TV does not respond to commands. You need to check the performance of the built-in Bluetooth module or correctly connecting an external router.
  • Appendix “crashes”. In this case, the phone is not designed to work with Samsung Smart View, you need to update Android.

Important! Each device has a restriction of pixel permission. Consequently, if the transmission of the broadcast is carried out on a low-resolution device. the image quality will deteriorate. In the opposite case it will not improve, t.to. The screen is not capable of increasing the original pixel permission of the received file.

Hi all! Today we will talk about the problem when the Smart View application does not see SAMSUNG TV. The most important thing is not to panic. it can happen with each. Today I encountered this problem when connecting my smartphone to the TV. And now I will tell you how can I handle it. But first of all let’s make the right connection.

Using Smart View

※ SAMSUNG SMART TV 2011-2013 Models.: You must select the “Allow” item in a pop-up window with the devices available for connecting. SAMSUNG SMART TV 2014-2015 models.: You must enter the 4-digit code shown on the screen.