Samsung phones and tablets are constantly rebooted. how to fix?

Restarting your device is usually the first correction recommended by most technical specialists. It helps to clear the cache of the device, restarts all the processes and gives the processor the opportunity to upgrade. However, the most important part of the phone reboot is that you decide to do it yourself.

After the phone appears, it starts to reboot himself, like this person in Quora, everything becomes a little more serious:

My Samsung Galaxy continues to reboot in itself. From time to time it just turns off by itself and turns on again. It comes to the fact that I can not trust my phone. Please help!

Samsung devices are known for their durability and reliability, but this does not mean that they do not have problems. So what do you do when your phone or tablet samsung continues to reboot? Is there a simple way to fix it at home or you need to go to a specialist?

  • Causes: Why the Samsung phone or tablet is constantly rebooted
  • Method 1 To correct Samsung continues to reboot: Discharge battery
  • Method 2 to correct Samsung continues to restart: Clear Samsung‘s phone memory
  • Method 3 To correct Samsung continues to reload: Application update and system update
  • Method 4 To correct Samsung continues to restart: Close the background applications
  • Method 5 To correct Samsung continues to restart: Restore the factory settings of the phone or Samsung tablet
  • Method 6 To correct Samsung continues to restart: Use Reiboot for Android

Samsung continues to restart the poster

How to fix Galaxy S9, which is accidentally rebooted

In order for the new phone to work so, it is either a slight problem and can be easily fixed, or it can be a production problem. We must exclude the first thing that you have the reason to replace it. Follow the procedures below to try to solve this problem.

For small problems, it is usually enough to reboot to correct them, but since we do not know the reason why your phone spontaneously reboots, it is better to resort to a more efficient solution. Forced restart.

If you are familiar with the recovery procedure, which we often spend for phones with a removable battery, then this is equivalent to this, and we can use it only for phones, such as S9 with a non-removable battery.

Press and hold the volume button and power keys at the same time for 10 seconds or more. If the problem is temporary, then after that the phone should not reboot independently, but if it still happens, go to the next procedure.

Secondkey: Clean Applications and Cache / Data on Your Galaxy A6 2018.

Cached files can also lead to improper operation of your device, especially if they are damaged. That is why it is recommended to regularly clean the cache and data. You can clear the cache and data from the application or delete the cache section on your device. Before making a cache section, try cleaning the latest or background applications on your device.

To do this, open the “Recent Applications” menu on the phone to display a list of newly used applications that are not yet closed. Then swipe your finger over the previous application to close it.

After cleaning recent / background applications, delete the Kesha section on the Galaxy A6 2018 by following the following steps:

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Then press and hold the power button, “home” and “increasing the volume” simultaneously for a few seconds, and then release the power button when the Samsung logo appears.
  • Hold the remaining buttons until the Android screen appears, then release.
  • In Android Recovery, press the volume button several times to highlight the WIPE CACHE PARTITION option.
  • Then press the power button to confirm the selection.
  • Wait until the Clash Section Clearing Process is complete and you will see the dedicated Reboot System Now option.
  • Press the power button to restart the phone.

Problem: Galaxy S8 says that it cannot boot properly and needs a computer to restore software

My S8 just accidentally restarted himself (twice in a row), and then said that he could not boot properly and connect it to a computer to restore software. I tried to restart him again to see if he would refrain himself, but he did not turn on, and then a message appeared on the display: “The phone is not loaded properly, it must be connected to a computer and fix it. When I connect it to my computer, the computer detects something connected, and loads the driver, but I can’t use the recovery tool Verizon. the phone said to use because this application can not see the phone. – Mike

Solution: Hi, Mike. A similar problem often occurs after installing updates, ruting or flashing. If you have done something from this before the problem began to appear, you should consider the ability to cancel action. Although it rarely happens, installing the firmware update under the brand operator can sometimes not be performed due to the unique location of the device. Unfortunately, if your S8 was not able to restart normally after trying to install a wireless network update (which means loading it from your operator’s network), the only solution for you. this is reflashing software. Often, flashing is associated with a high risk, even if you are trying to do it with a regular firmware, so we recommend that you bring your device to your media so that it can solve the problem.

If your S8 has been restarted by chance after trying to rut it, the removal of the root software should be easy to fix. The same is true if you tried to manually update the firmware by flashing. Just cancel the previous action and you must be good.

Sometimes flashing can go wrong, so you should consult with the developer or community that provides a flashing guide that you use for solutions. If the problem started after flashing your device, you already need to know about the risks associated with this. Unfortunately, there is no universal solution to flashing problems. In most cases, the problem is caused by a certain step in the process or use of improper assembly of the firmware, so solutions for them can also be very specific. This is one of the reasons why flashing is recommended only for experienced Android users. If you are charged with flashing without doubtfulness, you will have to accept the fact that the solution of your problem is your only responsibility. Good first step to do. It is to get help from those who used the same refresher guide to find out if they have faced with the same problem and is there any decision. Manuals on flashing are developed by the Android community, so all possible solutions for specific problems can be provided to the same community that has created it.

Reboots after the firmware update / Android OS

Along with the previous problem, the firmware is also one of the most common causes.

In this case, you need to independently analyze the situation and remember: an arbitrary reboot of your phone or tablet on Android started after updating the firmware or not. Here can be both the scheduled update of the Android version “by air” and the forced installation through the cord.

  • Unsuccessful ROOT Rights on Phone.
  • Conflict installed applications. In this case, try using the phone for some time in and will see whether problems will manifest.

What to do

Summing up, I want to summarize step-by-step actions of what to do when the tablet restarts:

  • Check if the auto operation is not included.
  • Run the device in safe mode.
  • Clean the device from viruses.
  • Make a reset system.
  • Reinstall OS.

In most cases, the problem will be solved even after the first or third paragraph.

If you have made the above, but the problem remains. contact the service center.

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SAMSUNG GALAXY Mechanical Faults

If the phone is constantly rebooted, get the battery from it and visually inspect the scope, dents and other defects. It will also not be superfluous to check the voltage at the battery outputs using the tester. Permissible norm. 3.7 V in discharged state and 4.2 V in fully charged. The reason for independent reboots of the Samsung Galaxy A3 or another model may wage in low voltage. In this case, the feed element should be replaced with a new.

With long-term operation of the mobile phone between the battery and the rear panel, a small backlash appears. And if in a vertical position (for example, during a conversation), the phone is cut down, the reason can be wounded in a non-sufficiently dense fit of the battery to the devices contacts.

To bring to unstable work and reboot Samsung Galaxy A5 can mechanically damage to the device as a result of a strong impact of a solid surface or a housing of moisture. And if this happened to your smartphone, it is better to attribute it to the service center, as you can disassemble the mobile phone and determine the faulty item is not for everyone.


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