How to install Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch

SAMSUNG PAY platform is a system of payments from Samsung, with which it is possible to pay products and services by contactless way using smartphone or Galaxy Watch watches for this.

Unlike other systems, contactless payment of Samsung interacts both with terminals with NFC technology and with devices with MST protocol (Magnetic Protected Data Protected Protocol, Magnetic Secure Transmission). Terminals with the MST system accept payment data through the opening, intended for maps; These are older devices and rarely occur.

Note that the contactless payment of Samsung is still implemented only in 25 countries and Ukraine in this list is not included, therefore, in this region, a smartphone with NFC support or a financial card must be worn in this region.

What to do salts

Apple Pay in Russia can now be used at all. Google Pay and Samsung Pay can be used if the bank that has released your card did not hit the US sanctions.

Funds on accounts of any Russian banks are not freezed. They are still at your disposal. You have access to accounts through a plastic card, online banking and bank cash desks.

Always carry bank cards with you. For insurance it is better to book a bank card that has not fallen under sanctions, as well as a map operating through the Russian payment system.

Check which cards are tied to online stores and other grade services. If you usually used mobile payments, do not forget to connect cards for the first time.

Check for Foreign Services Subscriptions. First, most likely, you will not be able to pay a subscription to the Russian map at all. Secondly, some foreign companies charge for subscribing in currency, so the cost of your tariff can grow sharply. It’s time to think about the transition to Russian analogs of services.

How to install, configure and use

If you can not find Samsung Pay among pre-installed applications on your device, you need to install a special firmware update that adds service support. You can download it through the “Phone Update” section, located in the system settings. After deploying the update, take care of the application that the application has a relevant version. You can download it from Google Play Store.

An example of installing firmware with Samsung Pay on Galaxy Note 5


  • Run the application from the list of installed.
  • Enter your Samsung Account account data or create it.
  • Register your fingerprint, confirm it or skip this step and enter the PIN code.
  • Press the “” button or “Add Map”.
  • Click on the “Adding Credit or Debit Card” button.
  • To the main chamber of the smartphone, to bring the card to the application independently recognize its number, or enter all the data manually, including the signature.
  • Select sending a disposable password in an SMS message and type it in the application window.
  • Wait for the message about adding a map to the application.
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SAMSUNG PAY initial configuration example

These credit cards are inside the smartphone itself and are not transmitted further in Samsung. The phone in this case is a certain cast card. At the same time, he does not see the balance of the card and does not communicate with the bank’s mobile application.

Using Samsung Pay

  • Hold your finger from the bottom of the screen up or start the Samsung Pay application.
  • Authorized fingerprint or pin-code.
  • Lay the phone to the terminal after the appearance of the payment of the payment.
  • Wait for a successful completion of the transaction.

Samsung does not charge the Commission for using Samsung Pay. Another interesting fact. Internet connection at the time of payment is not required. Authorization occurs with a smartphone. It turns out that it is possible to carry out payments and abroad, being in roaming, and even when there is no SIM card in the smartphone.

If there is no Samsung Pay

List of phones and other devices that are compatible with Samsung Pay is available on the official Samsung website in the section: Which devices work with Samsung Pay

How samsung pay works?

Figure out how to use samsung pay is easy. In order to start applying the payment system, you must scan a bank card using the phone camera through the Samsung Pey app. This action will create a copy of your card.

SAMSUNG PAY is equipped with a three-level security system:

To pay any purchase, it is enough to enable the application and take the phone to the payment terminal for 30 seconds.

samsung, does, work, galaxy, data

How samsung pay works

After everything is configured, the Samsung Pay service is ready to work. To pay for shopping you need to tell the cashier that you will pay with the card, then spend your finger up from the bottom edge of the screen. This gesture will automatically launch the Samsung Pay application and prepare it for work.

After starting the application, you will need to log in one of the configured methods. It can be scanning eye iris, checking a print or PIN-code input. After authorization, the phone must be reduced by the payment terminal.

To pay with the NFC technology, the phone needs to be brought to the top of the terminal.

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If the terminal does not support contactless payment using NFC, the phone must be brought to the magnetic strip reader (in the right part of the terminal). In this case, payment will be performed using the Samsung MST technology (Magnetic Secure Transmission), which emulates the operation of the magnetic billing card.

After that, the terminal must fix the payment, and the corresponding message should appear on the phone.

What banks under the sight

The United States in response to the military operation of Russia in Ukraine introduced sanctions against VTB, “discoveries”, Sovcombank, Promsvyazbank and Novikombank. They are actually isolated from the dollar system: their accounts and assets in US currency are blocked. Maps of these five banks can not be paid with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Restrictions against Sberbank softer. Bank assets in US jurisdiction do not freeze. Financial institutions are given 30 days to close any Sberbank Corschet and begin to reject any transactions involving a bank or his “daughters”. Similar sanctions introduced against Sberbank United Kingdom.

Restrictions against Gazprombank, RSKB, Alfa-Bank and the Moscow Credit Bank are valid for the provision of financing and other operations with new debt obligations with a maturity date of more than 14 days. Also. with the placement of new shares.

In the Central Bank “newspaper.RU “advised to carry a card with them to pay. Nevertheless, “plastic” can be lost, it can steal it. The phone is always at hand.

There are two more problems. One card can enjoy several people with Pay-services. for example, husband and wife or parents and children. In this case, physical “plastic” can only wear someone alone. In addition, virtual cards that are already occupied by almost a quarter of the bank card market in Russia are issued without physical media.

“Newspaper.RU “found out which alternative payment services with a smartphone work right now.

Samsung Pay in Russia banned. What will happen

If the court decision remains in force, Samsung Pay will be distributed simply through Google Play

Industry experts most of them believe that Samsung will be able to win the case. In their opinion, the most effective means of fighting Skvin SA will be an appeal to the Rospatent demanding that a patent is not valid. If this is done, the court decision will be canceled by itself. The fact is that Squin SA is likely to be an ordinary patent troll who bought suitable patents and began to use them in courts.

However, even if the court refuses Samsung, it is difficult to imagine Samsung Pay to be blocked for several reasons:

samsung, does, work, galaxy, data

First, in the original decision of the court there is no word about blocking. The judge requires to prohibit the work of Samsung Pay and sell Samsung devices with the installed service. It turns out that if you follow the letter of the law, Koreans can simply remove Samsung Pay from the firmware of their devices and sell them so.

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Secondly, the requirement for banning sales of devices with Samsung Pay is distributed only on Samsung, because only she was a member of this case. All other requirement does not apply. To prohibit all trading networks to trade devices with Samsung Pay, have to be sued with them.

Third, it is generally pretty doubtful that Samsung Pay, like any other non-contact payment service, can be blocked. The fact is that they do not work on the Internet, but by NFC. So their blocking will be akin to blocking wireless charging. In general, almost unthinkable.

Samsung Pay does not work

Running analysis showed that such a problem annoys not only me. On Reddit there is a whole branch, which is devoted to this flawlessness of Samsung Pay. over, the claim of most users does not even apply to the restriction itself, but to Samsung, which does not prevent its existence in advance, but puts before the fact that all products are broken and remains only to lean the smartphone to the terminal to make payment.

Apple Pay works, even if the battery discharged in zero. But Samsung has its own rules

In my opinion, this is a rather strange practice. limit the payment functions of the smartphone when 15% charge is achieved. First, the fact is that 15% is quite a lot. In some cases, this resource may be enough for the smartphone to work as much as an hour. Secondly, contactless payment technology is one of the least resource-intensive. This proves Apple, which allows you to pay for transport in transport using the iPhone, even if its battery was discharged in zero, and Samsung for some reason, not even 15%.

Can it be fixed the current situation? Personally, I think you can. After all, if Apple succeeds, it should work out and Samsung. Another thing is that, most likely, Koreans are not thinking about it too much, and restrictions on the use of Samsung Pay with a low battery charge stretches from the middle of the tenths, when the batteries were low-power, and MST may have really demanded more resource than NFC. Well, if it is technically impossible, then I will be disappointed in the abilities of engineers of the South Korean company even more.