How to remove the screensaver on the phone screen?

Remember that the icons on the main screen are shortcuts (links) applications, and not the applications themselves, that is, if you delete the icon, the application itself will not be removed. Press and hold icon. Perhaps on some Android devices a menu opens with the “Delete” option (or similar). Click “Delete”.

  • Open it, if necessary, choose a folder
  • Confirm what you want to remove the photo.
  • Removing a photo through the gallery (list).
  • Now we delete using the button in the form of a basket
  • In the Select DCIM folder section. images taken on the phone are usually stored in it.

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How to change the screensaver on the locked screen of smartphones Galaxy

The current version of the application contains exactly 30 the velocity of the locked screen, offering a wide range of time demonstration formats. from analog and digital dials to text, notifying about the current time in the verbal format. So you can find something like almost every.

ClockFace is compatible with all the Galaxy ruler devices with the support of the Always-On Display features, however, work is guaranteed only with the following models:

At the time of the preparation of the Publication ClockFace is still not available at the Galaxy Apps Apps Store Everywhere. If the application is missing in your region, you can always download it as an APK file. After installing the application, visit the locked screen widgets in the “Settings” and set the following topic.

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The need to increase the volume of the sound at least once occurred for each user. And far from always the reason lies in hearing problems. Most often, such a need arises either due to the unscrupulous installation of rollers unloaded on YouTube or other sites, or due to some software errors in the smartphone itself. Many manufacturers intentionally put the volume restricting into their smartphones in order to protect your hearing, so before increasing the volume weigh everything for and against.

Samsung smartphones have long earned all who is not indifferent to the peace android devices. Koreans managed to prove that their smartphones deserve the attention of the user. However, in recent times, something completely incomprehensible happens with their rules. Top Galaxy Note, which many loved so much, disappears from the counters. It comes to a replacement incomprehensible Galaxy Fold for 160 thousand. It seems that the company themselves confused. Solve all problems should be the future Galaxy S22. The phone should combine all the steep Samsung chips and take a truly universal device. Today I suggest to talk about what is known about the gadget today, discuss its main chips and decide whether it is worth updating the owners of previous generations.

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My mobile phone automatically changes the wallpaper

Among situations and options for setting up layers in Android, which can make us think about the error, there is an option that automatically changes the wallpaper. Less and less layers offer it, but it is still present in some, such as MIUI, one user inteeis or Emui. We only need to enter the settings, find wallpapers and change this parameter that is not an error with wallpaper but bad choice. Thus, we will have static wallpapers that will not rotate continuously, as if it is a carousel of images.

How to put video on your desktop

To install video on the desktop, you will need to download a special application. I admit that some shells allow you to make it regular means, but I had no such opportunity.

Install the video, mark the playback boundaries and select, enable or disable the sound

It is very convenient that the VIDEO Live Wallpaper application allows you to designate the border of the video so that the roller installed as a screensaver is broadcast not entirely, but only at certain limits. It can be very convenient if you want to set a fragment from your favorite movie or series. Just set the playback frames, within which the video will be shown, and then resume.

How to change the wallpaper on the Samsung smartphone

Change of wallpapers on the Samsung device is slightly different from the method described above. This is because Samsung offers you more opportunities than most other phones.

  • Press and hold your finger on an empty area on the home screen.
  • Click on “Wallpaper” in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Choose new wallpapers from the list of favorites Samsung or from your photo gallery.
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samsung, lock, screen, saver

Note: This method works on Samsung devices running Android 5.0 lollipop and above, but because of the differences in Samsung software depending on the country and the specific model of the device, it may differ slightly.

Change the background of the lock screen using standard settings

Standard settings allow you to change the wallpaper, clock, add text, greetings, messages, shortcuts, folders to the lock screen, and most importantly. without difficulty getting everything.

In the menu item “Settings” Selects “Lock Screen“. Here are subparagraphs:

  • Changing screen lock protection. Different security levels are offered;
  • Lock screen settings. it is possible to turn on or off labels on the screen, news, stocks, add social networks, double watches, weather forecast, customize Ryabi and DR effect.;
  • Notes on the lock screen. added as needed;
  • owner information. is carried out through the input of the required text.

In order to activate new settings, you must select a shortcut, click on it, hold and take to the side.

How to delete

As mentioned above, the “live” wallpaper is a program for the phone, so to remove them you need to perform the same actions as to remove ordinary applications.

To remove animated wallpaper, you must go to “Settings”. “Applications”. After that, you should choose unnecessary “live” wallpapers and remove them. If you installed them through Play Market, you can delete the application by finding it in the installed.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the installation of “living” wallpaper, as in their removal. You can try yourself by downloading what you liked, and if suddenly animated wallpapers start “there” a lot of resources or stop pleaseing your opinion, it is very easy to get rid of them.