SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT-E Review. Budget fitness bracelet

The first attempt to take a niche of budget fitness bracelets, undertaken in 2016, Samsung has fallen frankly. While the “kopeck” pedometers from Xiaomi took into account sleep, notified about new posts and walked in the morning in the right phase of sleep, Samsung Charm served only a controversial decoration, worth 2-3 times more expensive than Chinese analogues.

By making appropriate conclusions, Samsung introduced its new budget fitness bracelet Galaxy Fit-E with a monochrome OLED display, a cardiovascular sensor, a waterproof 50 meters and an adequate price.

Let’s carefully consider the novelty to understand whether Samsung will be able to fasten Chinese manufacturers this time.

Why samsung does not turn on and hangs on the SAMSUNG word?

If samsung hangs on the logo, it can occur for several reasons:

  • Crowded storage (the main solution when such a problem is the removal of unnecessary files, photos, video and t.D., Since the completed memory brakes the phone and leads to a hang on the logo);
  • Android viruses (they cause malfunction of the operating system and is the reason that the phone hangs on the Samsung logo);
  • A damaged power button (a defective button may cause a cyclic restart of the device and hang on the logo);
  • Mechanical damage to the device (they may be due to drops or blows, moisture and dust entering).

We test the main functions and features of Galaxy Fit 2

As I mentioned, Galaxy Fit 2 does not know how to measure blood pressure, blood oxygen level and make ECG. In addition, there is no barometer in the bracelet, respectively, he does not know how to measure atmospheric pressure or count the number of floors passed.

Also in the Galaxy Fit line there has never been an NFC module and a novelty in this regard is no exception. The bracelet can not be made contactless payments.

No here and GPS antennas. If you want to track during training not only spent calories and pulse, but also to watch the route of jogging, take into account the lifts and descents, then you have to use the GPS antenna of the smartphone. This option at the bracelet is present.

Now let’s talk about what Galaxy Fit 2 can do.

Sleep Accounting on Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

The bracelet not only takes into account the time of waste and the time of awakening, but also breaks the whole dream to the phases (about what it is and why it is necessary, it is described in detail in this material). In recent years, Samsung has done a good job on improving this feature, but it still leaves much to be desired.

The bracelet understands pretty good when you go to bed. Even if you look at some movie before bedtime, it will not be taken into account as a dream. But with the awakening of Galaxy Fit 2 there is one problem.

For the bracelet, sleep ends at the moment when you got to your feet, and not when I woke up. For example, if you go to bed at 2 o’clock and wake up at 8 am, and then, without getting out of bed, a couple more hours to extract tape in the social network, then the total sleep time will be indicated from 2 to 10 am. Although the fact lasts only until 8 am.

The program will show that from 8 am you wake up, then flooded with alternating quick and shallow sleep. Here are some examples (such a picture is always observed):

Sleep example on Galaxy Fit 2

In addition, there is a very old problem that Samsung does not want to correct.

Pay attention to the Count Wake. The company itself interprets it, as time of conscious and unconscious wake. And this picture contradicts medicine.

Wakefulness is the opposite of sleep. When you fall asleep, the alternation of phases and wakefulness is not one of these phases. But all fitness trackers and smart hours from Samsung take into account wakefulness exactly as a phase. over, for the night, the bracelet can determine up to 30-40 awakening, which is simply absurd in its essence. No other tracker shows anything like that.

As for the accounting of sleep phases, evaluate the accuracy of the work of this function is quite serious without electroencephalographer.

Yes, in the screenshots it can be seen alternation of phases and sometimes it is quite precisely coinciding with how it should be in theory.

I will simply bring the duration of each phase in the table (in the percentage of total sleep time), which the bracelet took into account during the previous week, as well as indicate reference values ​​for the average person:

But sometimes the situation comes out of control and the bracelet immediately notices:

Naturally, measurement accuracy directly depends on how precisely the bracelet will determine your pulse (and, accordingly, the time between blows). In my case, the pulsometer works quite accurately, only occasionally skip random values.

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The current pulse can be displayed directly to the main dial and watch its value in real time with each wave wrist:

During classes on the treadmill, the difference with the chest sensor mainly does not exceed 1-2 blows per minute. But there are several Комментарии и мнения владельцев. First of all, there is a small inertness, that is, the change in the pulse occurs with a delay in a couple of three seconds relative to the breast sensor. But the main thing. the program is too smoothing the results of the pulsometer. Here is a visual comparison of a typical report on the pulse with Galaxy Fit 2 and Mi Band 5:

Whatever it is, an optical pulsometer is always a lottery. The accuracy of measurements depends on the set of factors, including:

  • Low ambient temperature
  • Low blood pressure
  • Location and concentration of blood vessels
  • Leather color, tanning or tattoos
  • Everything that can affect the reflection of light (misbeated bracelet, thick hair or dirt between the sensor and the skin and T.P.)

about all this, I told in the relevant article.

Galaxy Fit 2 is able to measure the pulse in 4 modes:

Also, the bracelet can warn about tachycardia (increasing the pulse at rest). Pulse threshold you choose yourself (from 100 to 160 beats / min). Bradycardia warnings (very strong reducing the pulse at rest) no.

As for stress, the clock does not warn about anything. Only occasionally you can get a reminder to ride and calm down. But these reminders are in no way related to the current state of the body.

Accounting for activity and training

Counting the steps covered for the day is the basic function of any fitness tracker. And here, Galaxy Fit 2 at the time of writing a review was one oddity. the bracelet showed excessive diligence when counting steps.

Simple Patch Methods 9 Samsung does not turn on

What should be the main reasons for which Samsung Galaxy S10 / 9/8 does not turn on? This may be due to the Samsung battery, SD card, hanging in power, faulty equipment and components, damaged software and T. D.

Charge Samsung Galaxy S10 / 9/8

This is the very first thing to charge Samsung Galaxy S10 / 9/8 to make sure the device is discharged. If you did not use the Samsung phone for a long period of time, you will have to charge a certain time, otherwise the Samsung Galaxy phone cannot turn on.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 / 9/8 software reset

Software Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S10 / 9/8. One of the easiest ways to get rid of Samsung, which is impossible to include. You can click and hold the power button for a few seconds to restart the phone. Of course, press and hold the power buttons, at home and increase the volume together to check whether Samsung is loaded.

SAMSUNG Battery Reset

If you just dropped the Samsung Galaxy phone, the battery may not be in its place. You can reset the Samsung battery to correct that samsung does not turn on. Of course, you can download some software to find out the details about the battery or even replace it with a new one.

Delete samsung SD card

Damaged SD card. Another reason why Samsung does not turn on or turns into a black screen. You only need to remove an SD card and a SIM card, and then perform the SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 / 9/8 software again to check whether the problem has been eliminated.

Galaxy Charging Calibration Calibration

It is difficult to check whether the battery state is indeed the most important for the problem of slow charging on the Samsung Galaxy phone. How to check the samsung battery status?

Calibrate Samsung Galaxy S10 / 9/8 using the charging current of the galaxy is a free application for checking the battery status. If this is connected with the battery, you may have to replace it with another.

Visit SAMSUNG service center

Of course, if you have questions about the fact that Samsung does not turn on, you can always contact your Samsung service center. Take the phone to the service center, call the technical support service and even send the phone to repair or replace to get professional help.

Download the Samsung phone in safe mode

If you can’t download the Samsung phone using the above solutions, you can try to download it in another mode. In safe mode, you can temporarily disable all third-party applications. If Samsung is not loaded because of software, you can easily download the device.

Step 1 Press and hold the power button to enable Samsung. When the SAMSUNG logo appears on the screen, release the power button.

Step 2 After you release the power button, you can click and hold the volume key until the Samsung phone is restarted.

Step 3 You can access a secure mode in the lower left corner of the screen. Release the volume key to reduce when you see a secure mode.

Download Samsung phone to recovery mode

Another samsung phone download method. This is a recovery mode. After rebooting the Samsung Galaxy phone in the recovery mode, you can solve the problem due to which Samsung does not turn on, and return the Samsung phone to the working condition.

Step 1 Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume UP keys together. When you get the Samsung logo, you can let go of the power button.

Step 2 After a few seconds, you will notice the Samsung logo on the screen, release the HOME and VOLUME UP keys and wait a second 30-60.

Step 3 Now you can use the volume button to highlight any parameter and select it using the power key.


If you can fix that Samsung can turn on in recovery mode, you can enter the Samsung phone download mode. To clean the Android system, you can clear the cache section instead.

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Step 1 Just perform a similar process to enter the recovery mode. You can use the volume key to select erase cache section.

Step 2 Select and execute the option, you can proceed to restart the system now, it takes time to complete the entire process.

Step 3 After that, the Samsung phone will automatically reboot.

Reset Samsung phone settings to factory settings

Reset to factory settings. This is the last option if you did not create backups of files on Samsung Galaxy S10. All data in the Android phone will be erased and removed. Just go to the last way to reset the Samsung phone and correct what Samsung is loaded and does not extract files in advance.

Step 1 Go to Android Recovery Screen. You can let go of the Home and Volume Up buttons.

Step 2 Scroll down the volume down to select data erasing / reset, press the power button to highlight and select it.

Step 3 After resetting the Samsung phone, you can choose a reboot system. Press the power key again to eliminate the problem.

Charging problem on Samsung Galaxy Watch

All SAMSUNG GALAXY watches work in the same charging principle. Regardless of whether you use the classic SAMSUNG GALAWY Watch watch or SAMWUNG Galaxy 3 hours, you charge batteries using a charger.

You put the clock on the ground, and the small light lights up.

Watch the behavior of a red traffic light. If it does not light up, then the problem is in the charger if it is new, ask for a guarantee from your dealer.

If it is old, check the power cables, and the connectors are not contaminated. Dust or dirt can create false contacts and hinder Charging Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Clean the charger and clock connections.

If you manage to remove dust or pollution, perhaps the problem is associated with charging.

After careful cleaning, try charging the clock again.

However, if you had several identical charger, try replacing the charger to analyze the behavior.

If, regardless of the charger used, you see that the red light lights up when you put the clock, but nothing happens to your clock, it means that the problem is in the clock.

SAMSUNG GEAR FIT repair solutions that no longer works

Here is a decision on solving a problem with a connected bracelet. First of all, the first thing to see is the charge of your device.

You may have problems charging the device, and it is no longer included due to lack of battery.

If you just got your equipment, and it is new, you can completely unload it. Put it for charging for about 30 minutes before trying to turn on.

If your device is not new, it means that it may not work. If you think the ignition problem comes from the load, then solutions are several:

Your Samsung Gear Fit comes with a small charger, which is attached to the inside of the bracelet. There are small connectors plugs. Make sure they are clean.

Clean the conductors to simplify the charging and inclusion of Gear Fit.

  • Clean the connectors with a cotton swab and a small amount of alcohol.
  • Make sure that no extraneous items (dust, plastic or other waste) do not interfere with the connection.

After that, turn it on again and wait about 30 minutes.

If you do not happen when connected, try using another charging cable.

Use another USB bracelet charging cable.

You will find that you also need to connect a clock using a universal USB cable. so try another cable other than that shipped by default. Suitable any standard charger.

If it still does not work, and your Samsung Gear Fit is still not turned on, let’s find a malfunction elsewhere.

Design, Materials and Ease of Use

Appearance Galaxy Fit is very different from all previous fitness trackers of Samsung. There is no curved display and smooth lines Gear Fit. On the contrary, we are encountered strict and, at the same time, elegant design.

If Galaxy Fit-E looks miniature and in some sense, the “female” bracelet, then Galaxy Fit, at the expense of a larger display, it looks quite harmonious on any wrist.

Included with a bracelet there is a strap of one size, which is designed for the wrist from 14 cm to 19 cm in grip (for the Gear Fit2 bracelet, this value was 15.5-21 cm). Clasp very comfortable and reliable. The reverse end of the strap is hiding inside, like on Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch:

The strap is attached to the bracelet as well as on previous models. Gear Fit / Fit2:

This attachment has two drawbacks. First, find third-party straps for the bracelet will be extremely difficult (at least first time).

The second drawback is more serious. Knowing from experience, how often the fastening on previous bracelets broke, the reliability of the new also causes some concerns.

From the control elements on the bracelet there is only one physical button, located for some reason for the first time on the left side:

On the front side under the glass is a touch color AMOLED display with a diagonal 0.95 “. It takes far from the whole surface, although it seems to be. With a certain lighting of its outline under the glass, well noticeable.

The quality of the display is not bad, the resolution is 120 × 240, pixel density. 282 PPI. The picture is not as clear as on Samsung Gear Fit2. Separate pixels can be easily seen, but it does not spoil the impression of the device.

Unfortunately, there is no lighting sensor and you have to manually change the brightness of the display. There are no options in the bracelet settings to automatically muffle the brightness in the dark, as is done on the younger model Galaxy Fit-E.

Brightness varies on the bracelet itself on a scale from 1 to 10. The maximum brightness is enough for comfortable visibility in the sun:

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The screen is turned on either by pressing the side button or turn the wrist. Bracelet reaction on the rotation is quite good. If the hand lies on the table, slightly slightly tilt the wrist to him (30 °). To the screen activated. Make one’s hand.

The whole bracelet is completely made of plastic. On the reverse side, the PGG-cardiac rhythm sensor is traditionally located. No contacts for charging, as on the younger model, no. The bracelet supports wireless charging, and in the kit there is a convenient docking station:

Is it possible to swim in samsung galaxy fit? Or a few words about the protection of the bracelet

Already dozens of years in the hourly industry, the ISO 2281 standard is used to determine moisture protection, which appeared in the distant 1990. The problem with it lies in the method of testing hours for waterproof. This is done in strictly controlled laboratory conditions. The product is neat and very slowly immersed on a certain depth, after which it is also removed gently from there.

In reality, a simple quick speed movement with a hand at a depth of 50 cm to create a pressure exceeding the laboratory indicators for the depth of “30 meters”.

To avoid confusion and not misleading consumers, in 2010 a new standard for definition of moisture protection was adopted. ISO 22810: 2010. Now if moisture is indicated “30 meters” this means that you can really use the clock at such a depth and their body should not flow. This wording is very different from the adopted in 1990, where laboratory tests did not have a relation to real life.

SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT fitness bracelet has a waterproof 50 meters for the new ISO 22810 standard standard

In addition to excellent moisture protection, allowing you to swim in the bracelet or take a shower, Galaxy Fit also meets the MIL-STD-810G military standard. In practice, it means that the bracelet is not afraid:

  • Sharp pressure drops
  • Exposure to very low and high temperatures
  • Dust and sand
  • Vibrations from shooting and severe shaking during transportation
  • Direct sunlight

And one more important note: behind the clock there is a small hole. this is a pressure discharge valve. It can be taken for the hidden button to restart the bracelet, so be careful. inserting a sharp item to damage the device.

Returning to the design, I would like to mark the light weight of the bracelet. At 23 grams, you practically do not feel on hand. The reverse end of the strap does not hang out and does not cling to clothes. In terms of ergonomics, Galaxy Fit is a very convenient device.

Fitness bracelet does not consider steps. What to do

Pedometer is an important function of any fitness bracelet.

To get started, try to enter a special application and check the steps settings. The universal instruction is difficult to give, since all bracelets are different, but in general, everything will look something like this:

  • Open the application on the smartphone.
  • Go to profile.
  • Next Activity (Sport).
  • Then open the pedometer section (IU).
  • Look all the parameters.

Also check battery charge. When it is almost at zero, the function of the pedometer in the bracelet can work incorrectly or not to work at all. Plus, the tracker can malfunctions in high temperatures and humidity, which must be taken into account.

If everything is installed correctly, the bracelet does not consider steps, it is possible that the application made a failure. Try to bind the device again. Another option is to discharge the bracelet to the end and check how the gadget will behave after charging.

It is possible that accelerometer or other components broke on the bracelet. It will not be possible to replace it, so the only thing you have to buy a new tracker.

Nearest problem gadgets

In order not to have problems with connecting equipment, it is better to purchase high-quality sports devices.

To the least problematic fitness bracelets include:

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with color straps, high touch screen and advanced functionality. Thanks to the capacity of the battery 110 mAh and improved Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, “Band-3” is able to function without recharging up to 20 days when active work. So that the device worked daily and autonomously without cable for a long time, the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank mobile battery is bought.
  • Samsung Gear Fit. An advanced model in the line is considered an interactive bracelet 2 Pro with a high class of moisture protection and a beautiful design. When connecting the tracker to the Samsung smartphone, it is enough to install 1 application. If it needs to be synchronized with other Android mobile devices, not only a mobile application, but also 2 additional plugins download.
  • Smart Band Honor. Band 4 was recently released with a color screen, covered with improved protective glass, convenient inteeis and wide functionality. The cost of the bracelet is high, compared with other sports devices, but it is compensated by fast synchronization with devices that support any OS.
  • Garmin Vivofit 3. Budget and fast connected sports gadget from Garmin to workouts and navigation with built-in GPS functions, accelerometer and surveillance of sleep and recreation phase.
  • Colmi S908 GPS Sports. Inexpensive sports bracelet, often purchased by users on The clock quickly join the smartphone on iOS or Android via Bluetooth and then reset the user information on it.

There are other fitness bracelets that have connections and settings are performed by the user for a minute, for example Amazfit Cor, FitBit Charge and Polar A370. Among the lovers of an active lifestyle and professional athletes, they have proven themselves from the best side.