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All phones of the hot mowing line of PUMB bank

FUIB Bank is one of the largest banks in Ukraine, which operates and provides services and products for all categories of private and business clients. At the moment, the number of service points of FUIB bank is about 200 branches, which serve about 1,500,000 clients.

Taking into account such volumes of clients, FUIB Bank is obliged to provide them with a convenient and fast line of service, preferably remote, and for this purpose, FUIB Bank has a telephone for a hot mowing line, by calling which bank clients can solve all their financial issues.

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Recently, the activity of FUIB bank clients in the issue of hot mowing line, or rather the lack of it, has been noticed, since many clients cannot get through to their phone with a hot mowing line and sometimes “hang” on the phone for hours, which should not be in the bank.

To resolve this situation, we decided to write this informational material and publish all the phones of the hot mowing line of PUMB Bank, so that you can find the required phone number at any time and resolve your issue.

Actual phone numbers of the hot mowing line of PUMB Bank

The telephone numbers of the hot mowing line of FUIB Bank have changed several times over the past couple of years, and in this section of this informational article we want to provide you with all the current phones that FUIB Bank has.

38 (044) 290 7 290. this is one of the main telephones of the hot mowing line of PUMB bank, which is landline and you can call it from landline phones, mobile phones, as well as from abroad.

it is also one of the main telephones for the hot mowing line of FUIB Bank, and you can call it from any mobile operator.

38 (096) 290 7 290. This is the telephone of the hot mowing line of the FUIB bank for calls from a mobile phone, or rather from phones that are used by the operator “Kyivstar”.

38 (050) 290 7 290. This is the telephone of the hot mowing line of the FUIB bank for calls from a mobile phone, or rather from phones that are used by the operator “MTS”.

38 (093) 290 7 290. This is the telephone of the hot mowing line of FUIB Bank for calls from a mobile phone, or rather from phones that are used by the operator “Lifesell”.

38 (044) 231-70-00. this is the phone number of the main office of FUIB bank in Kiev, which can also help you in solving your banking issues.

0 800 501 275. This is the telephone number for the hot mowing line of FUIB Bank, which is intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition to standard phones, we recommend that you use various contact forms and chats, which will also help you resolve your questions, for example, the “Feedback” and “Online help” buttons, which are located in the lower right and left corners of the FUIB bank’s official website and the “Call Online “, which is located at the top of the official website of FUIB Bank. (see the picture below).

Tariffication for calls to the phones of the hot mowing line of FUIB Bank

Considering the fact that the volumes of processed information on the hot mowing line of FUIB bank are very large, the management of FUIB bank decided to introduce some tariffs when calling the phones of the hot mowing line, namely.

When you call (044) 290 7 290. the tariff will be taken according to the tariffs of your operator. Considering that this number is Kievsky, then when calling from fixed telephones of Kiev residents, the tariff will be like a city call, and for other cities of Ukraine, like a long distance call.

When calling 490 from mobile phones. the tariff will be taken as follows. Vodafone (UAH 0.33 for connection and UAH 0.50 for 1 minute of conversation), Kyivstar (UAH 1.27 for 1 minute of conversation) Astelit or Lifesell (1.02 UAH for 1 minute of conversation).

Calls to all other phones of the hot mowing line of FUIB bank will be charged according to the tariffs of your operators, except for the number 0 800 501 275, which is free and is intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

FUIB Bank switched to a new hot line (archived from 2015)

Further, we want to provide you with archival news from 2015, when FUIB Bank introduced a new hot line, we hope this information will also be useful to you.

The First Ukrainian International Bank, starting from August 17, 2015, switched to a new telephone for the hot mowing line, which is the main one for receiving calls from citizens and consulting clients of FUIB Bank.

This hotline can already be used by clients of FUIB Bank, as well as citizens who wish to use the services of FUIB Bank and are not yet clients of FUIB Bnak, and this FUIB hot line was created for clients of Renaissance-Credit Bank, which in 2015 was joined to FUIB Bank.

We provide you with a new telephone number for the hot mowing line of FUIB Bank. 38 044 290 7 290.

You can call the new phone of the hot mowing line of PUMB Bank both from Ukraine and from. abroad.

The old FUIB phone will still exist for 3 months, but the dial-up time will also remain at a level lower than that of the new mowing line. (044) 290-7-290.

We also want to provide you with the telephone number of the hot mowing line of the FUIB bank for calls from mobile phones 490.

To resolve customer issues on the Internet banking service. FUIB online, you must also call the above phone numbers.

For FUIB lending or FUIB deposits, you should also contact the above mentioned mowing lines of hot phones. Alternatively, when applying for a loan at FUIB bank, take the direct contact phone number of the branch or personally a specialist in the branch.

What has changed when switching to a new hot line?

These improvements to FUIB contacts were necessary to remotely serve an even larger number of customers, while diluting the load on the Coll-center and, as a result, reducing customer expectations when calling the operator.

This transition was also not carried out by chance, because only in the last 12 months FUIB Bank doubled the number of its customers, as a result of which there was a need for an appropriate remote customer service service. hot mowing line.

On the new hot PUMB bank mowing line, everything remains the same. You can also receive any answer via the phone at any time of the day.

Samsung Hot Line. Technical support phone

The Samsung Group of Companies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics, home appliances and telecommunications equipment. The structure of the concern is such that it includes a full cycle of electronics production, from the extraction and processing of resources to the release of finished products.

The highest priority direction in the corporate strategy of the company is the production of LCD monitors and televisions, and thanks to the 6 sigma quality control system implemented at the concern’s enterprises, since 2007 Samsung Electronics is the undisputed leader among television brands in the markets of Europe and North America.

Smartphones from the South Korean company Samsung are no less popular today.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the article “Samsung Hot Line. Technical support phone number “

Why after updating the software. Before Andromeda 5.0, the old Bluetooth version was gone. Samsung Galaxy 4 I 9505

On 05.12.2015 I handed over the phone for warranty repair (room 588337 dated 05.12.2015), on the same day they returned it. replacing the battery and assembly.

12/07/2015 discovered new faults in the phone, wrote a complaint about Hot Line.

12/11/2015 handed over the phone again for warranty repair (room 597468 of 12/11/2015).

12/14/2015 returned the phone. refused to repair. (attached a technical conclusion. interference in the root of the system?. nonsense !!). Now the phone does not even turn on, although when it was handed over it was still working.

Question: Do you think when repairing for the first time (12/05/2015) recognized the case as a warranty and replaced the parts? and after a few days they said that I interfered with the program and were denied warranty and repairs? Where is the logic? Why should I climb into the warranty machine?

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After the return, the phone does not even turn on, although it was still working when it was returned for repair! Apparently, this is how warranty service specialists relate to customers who write complaints about Goryachaya Leska!

Good afternoon, my problem is that my phone does not see more than one computer Samsung s5 g900f IMEI 99004904384702 serial number 47249bb9. Thanks in advance.

After the last update of Samsung Galaxy s4, contacts transferred there began to disappear from the main screen all the time

Ace4 lite duos screen shakes switch apps

Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy with 5, the problem is that after the last software update, it began to catch the connection badly, you reboot the phone, it catches well, but it’s not for long and you have to reboot again, please help solve this problem thanks to Zaren!

The warranty was denied at the service center in Kazan for the Galaxy j1 smartphone. The screen did not work. Denied without any Комментарии и мнения владельцев. The device was also insured in VTB insurance. There, even when talking on the phone, the hot line was also refused without even looking at the device. I talked to the service center like a wall. To my question about the refusal in the warranty case I was told that this question was not for them. But to whom then? It’s a shame to Pushkin.

Good afternoon! My Samsung 4 series UE32F4500A TV with the Smart HUB function is broken. It turns on itself, and adds the sound to max, the indicator blinks constantly, it does not work from the control panel. Yesterday I drove a workshop in the body, they said the processor was frozen, they did not repair it. do?

The child caught a virus on the j1 mini phone. cleaned everything to the factory settings, now we cannot configure it, since we forgot the password for the old mail. is it possible to create another account, the phone does not accept any other mail, what to do?

Hello, on the SM-T231 tablet, Wi-Fi does not turn on and Bluetooth has been reset to factory settings several times did not help help what to do

The new Samsung MG 23 K 3513 AS microwave oven has a large label on the outside of the door with holograms and text about bioceramics. Should I delete it? If “YES”, then in what way?


On June 5, a Samsung tablet was sent to repair.

The repair was carried out in the Samsung-center, Moscow, the Savyolovsky shopping center, pavilion 2F-30. (receipt 1044 dated 06/05/2017).

The device for repair was sent complete with a charger, and was delivered by courier after repair without a charger. Repeated calls to the repair organization do not bring results.

Good day! The camera does not work on my Samsung s4mini, when you turn on this widget, a warning appears about an error in the camera, the phone rebooted, downloaded another camera to the play market, there is no effect! How to be.

I recently bought Halaxi j3, there was a problem, I start the program (for example, a taxi), everything works fine, but it is worth turning on another program or just locking the screen (off) and the programs stop. it is very inconvenient, especially in a taxi, you have to constantly keep the phone with the screen on and you cannot even call during the operation of one program, the program immediately flies. is there a solution to this problem on this phone (this does not happen on other phones) if there is, give detailed instructions. thanks in advance!

Good evening! I caught a virus on the Samsung S7 age. I can not enter the settings and messages. Kaspersky does not turn on either. What to do? Please tell me!!

Factory reset. Turn off the power, then press “Home”, “Volume” and “Power” at the same time. When the Samsung label lights up, release the buttons. Then a menu will appear, select with and. “wipe data / factory reset”, press “on” to select, then “yes”, then a reset occurs, select “reboot system now” to reboot.

Hello, the focusing of the main camera on the Samsung S8 does not work, the phone is sent for diagnostics, the result of the diagnostics is the phone of proper quality, everything is fine with it, focusing worked. Two days later, the focus was gone again. How to be in this situation?

When I run knox from the bottom it said reboot, I rebooted my phone, but the phone after restarting only showed the logo. The phone could not even be turned off. What to do ?

Hello, happy new year, the opinion has such a question, I recently lost my phone what I need to do where I need to contact me please?

Hello, please tell me if the running applications themselves began to disconnect, or after a while the application starts to pop up a request to disable it and blinks constantly until you exit this application, what does this mean? I have a Samsung Grand Prime smartphone with firmware version G531HXXUAQG2. It was purchased in 2016. Probably, the time has come for him and can be thrown away? thanks for the answer.

After the last update, the phone became very buggy, slowed down. Programs do not open hangs. Please fix this problem.

Good day. My question is as follows. After each update, the phone works worse. Slower and slower. As I understand it, the task of updates is to improve the work of the app, but you do the opposite. Specifically, it takes a long time to open pages on the Internet, and not just a little longer, but specifically freezes. Sometimes it doesn’t even open at all. After the last update, the battery began to drain much faster. It looks like your iPhone. but at least they had the courage to admit that they are doing it deliberately.

samsung, call, hotline

Dear Samsung Developers! If you can’t return the old firmware to Samsung Galaxy a 6, then a big request to release a new firmware, 9.0 just sucks. Thanks in advance!

The notification window is hanging, it does not go away, the inscription: “it is impossible to move an item while the layout of the main screen is locked. To unlock the layout, go to the settings menu》 screen》 main screen” hangs on the floor of the screen or at the bottom. What to do?

Hot fishing line of the President of Russia

For example, when the rights of a citizen are violated by officials or another manifestation of injustice. To find justice in such cases, it is necessary to contact the higher authorities, but sometimes situations arise that require the personal intervention of the President of the Russian Federation. For this, the president’s hot line operates, which allows you to quickly receive information from citizens.

Any citizen of the Russian Federation has the opportunity to contact President Putin V.V. on live TV broadcasts by calling or filling out a form on the Internet.

How to contact Putin live?

In order for your question to be heard live, you need to record a video and send it to the official website. The algorithm for sending a video question to President Putin is simple.

Telephone hot line of the President of the Russian Federation

In order to ask the President of Russia a question that worries you, you need to call the number:

Presidential administration numbers work around the clock and free of charge for you.

Free number for SMS messages:

Having called, you will hear the voice of the operator, introduce yourself to him (give your personal data, indicate the address where you live and the contact phone number).

The operator will record your appeal and pass it on to the destination. The president’s hot telephone line works daily, but on weekends and holidays all messages are recorded and then processed by the operator.

How to write an e-mail to Putin on a hot line?

You can also send an e-mail addressed to Vladimir Putin by e-mail. To do this, use the link

The sent letter will be considered by the Office of the President of Russia. If the author of the message indicates his full name, his e-mail or postal address, then he will be sent a response to the appeal.

Your letter may not be processed, so when sending an email, it is worth considering some nuances:

  • the message size cannot exceed two thousand characters;
  • should not contain offensive or offensive language;
  • not designed according to the standard (Latin letters are used, sentences are not highlighted, all letters are capital);
  • the specified postal address is non-existent or incomplete;
  • the message doesn’t make sense.

To send a letter by regular mail, use the address:

If you are faced with injustice, then it is not necessary to go to offices and look for the truth. It is enough to call the hot line of the President of Russia and wait for a solution to the issue in the near future.

Warranty terms

The warranty period for a specific product may vary, usually it is written in a special coupon that comes with the kit. Warranty obligations are valid from the moment of purchase, but the buyer cannot always repair Samsung equipment at the expense of the company itself.

What is warranty support in an authorized service center, Samsung warranty card, is described in detail in this

However, in some cases, their execution is impossible:

    The specific model is not intended for sale in the country where the warranty repairs are carried out, or it does not have a certificate of compliance with certain standards. Samsung explains this condition by the fact that the production of devices is carried out with adjustments to the conditions of use in a particular country.
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Electronic guarantee

In the age of development of computer technology, an electronic guarantee comes to replace the usual paper coupon. Many large companies have adopted it, and Samsung is no exception.

Non-warranty items

When purchasing Samsung products, it is important to remember that not all products and / or components are covered by the warranty, and the following categories are included:

  • Software included with a product that requires an end-user license agreement;
  • Consumables that need to be changed during the operation of the device. The list of such things and the terms of operation are usually indicated in the manual;
  • Batteries, accumulators and other batteries, as well as lamps;
  • Memory cards, flash drives, disks and other devices for storing information;
  • Plugs, fittings, cables and antennas;
  • Items for installing or carrying the main product, i.e. covers, cords, straps and tools.

There are also additional lists of non-warranty items for some types of equipment, such as telephones, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and refrigerators.

Free legal consultation

Reasons for denial of service

In some cases, Samsung representatives may refuse to perform warranty repairs based on the following reasons:

  • The use of technology in production, despite the fact that it was intended for personal use in everyday life.
  • Violation of the rules and conditions prescribed in the manual regarding installation, operation and self-repair.

This is how the warranty card for Samsung equipment looks like.

  • Defects on the device appeared due to a design change or connection to external devices not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The breakdown was formed as a result of an emergency or natural disaster, as well as through careless handling.
  • The problem arose due to normal wear and tear caused by exceeding the operating standards indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Violation of the climatic conditions for the use of technology, that is, the devices worked in a too humid room, in extreme heat or cold.
  • Defects caused by oxidation, corrosion or foreign objects, insects or water entering the device.
  • Repair was needed due to infection of the device with viruses or installation of illegal programs, as well as formatting drives.
  • There was a need to clean the heads or drives that read information.
  • Installation of new software to improve the efficiency of factory characteristics.

This condition must be met, otherwise you may be left without a guarantee. Complex household appliances such as air conditioners, individual models of refrigerators, televisions and other equipment fall under its action.

The craftsmen who carried out the installation must write down certain information in the warranty card, confirming the correctness and officiality of the work.

Refused to repair? Violated your consumer rights? How to file a claim is described in detail here.

Contacting the MTS office

To see where the nearest office is located:

The operator offers a whole range of available services:

We recommend that you first call the hot line with the MTS operator to consult if this operation is available in your chosen office. Operator number is indicated in the section above.

For a quick search, enter the following data in the proposed form:

  • region;
  • city;
  • street or office name.

You can see the location of the salon on an interactive map.

You must have a contract for the provision of communication services and an identity document.


If you want to report the fact of fraud, select the type of illegal actions:

  • mobile phone fraud;
  • short number fraud;
  • other.

For example, a questionnaire informing about the fact of mobile phone fraud will contain the following fields:

  • Name of the subscriber.
  • Subscriber’s passport series and number.
  • Phone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • Date and time of action.
  • The number from which the SMS was received or the call was made.
  • Message text (in case of receiving SMS).
  • Detailed description of the situation.

MTS Contact Center

Any subscriber of the company can contact Support, regardless of the current tariff plan and the availability of additional services and options.

In what cases you may need a hot line with an MTS operator:

  • You want to activate or deactivate a specific service (except for “Detailed invoice”, “Invoice delivery”, “Additional number for data / fax transmission”).
  • Changing the tariff plan while maintaining the current number.
  • Technical support when activating certain products.
  • Change your phone number.
  • Blocking the phone for a certain time (not available on all tariff plans).
  • Getting PIN and PUK codes.
  • Getting information about a specific service or service.
  • Financial consulting (payment methods and rules).
  • Decryption of invoices.
  • Call detail order.
  • Operations with personal accounts.
  • Actions in case of theft or loss of the phone and much more.
samsung, call, hotline


If you want to write a complaint, select a topic:

  • the quality of the services provided;
  • non-involvement in the contract for the provision of communication services;
  • quality of service;
  • financial questions;
  • other.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of services, select the name of the service:

  • voice communication;
  • Mobile Internet;
  • SMS / mms;
  • others.

For example, you want to report a voice communication. To do this, you need to fill out a form with the following information:

  • Name of the subscriber.
  • The telephone number on which communication is interfered.
  • The address where communication is poorly caught, indicating the region, city, street, house, apartment, floor.
  • Date and time of communication deterioration.
  • The number of the subscriber with whom it was not possible to contact / or there was communication interference.
  • Signal strength (e.g. no network, 1, 2, 3, 4 bars).
  • Applied technology (e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G).
  • Device model.
  • How often do these situations arise?
  • Description of device operation in other conditions (for example, in another region or outdoors).
  • Method of providing information when making incoming and outgoing calls.
  • How often this situation occurs when using another device.
  • Phone number where you can be contacted.
  • E-mail address.

After all the data has been entered, you can describe the situation in the specially designated field. If necessary, you can attach additional files. The answer can be obtained in several ways:

  • when making a call to the contact center;
  • in the form of a letter to the specified email address;
  • SMS.

If you choose the position “Mobile Internet”, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name of the subscriber.
  • The phone number on which this situation is observed.
  • Where a similar situation is observed: region, city, street, house, apartment, floor.
  • Date and time of communication deterioration.
  • Network access point.
  • Signal strength (e.g. no signal, 1, 2, 3, 4 bars).
  • Applied technology (e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G).
  • Device model.
  • How often do these situations arise?
  • Site address that you wanted to open.
  • Method of providing information when trying to open the site.
  • How often this situation occurs when using another device.
  • Phone number where you can be contacted.
  • E-mail address.

Service quality assessment

If you want to evaluate the work of a specialist, after talking with him, press “0”, if not. “1”. If you have consented to the evaluation of the conversation, you will receive a call from 7 800 250 0890 to conduct a survey in automatic mode. You only need to answer two questions:

  • Was it possible to solve the problem (if yes, then press “1”, if not. “0”).
  • Evaluate the work of a specialist on a five-point scale (dial the corresponding numbers on a mobile device).

Phone 0890

To contact a specialist, you need to wait for the voice greeting of the autoinformer and then successively press the keys “1” and “0” or “2” and “0”. After a short musical pause, you will be connected to the operator.

If you want to get complete information about the capabilities of the service, listen to the autoinformer to the end.

It is necessary to prepare passport data or a code word in advance. Specify which phone number you want to receive information on. In addition, we recommend that you formulate the question in advance. To avoid confusion, remember that the conversation with the operator is most likely being recorded.

Complaints and claims registration form

MTS subscribers can contact a company employee using a special online form. You can write a claim, report the fact of fraud or ask a question.

  • open the MTS website;
  • select the section “Private clients”;
  • hereinafter “Mobile communications”;
  • “Support”;
  • section “Customer service”;
  • follow the link “Contact the company”.

First of all, choose the purpose of your appeal:

  • leave a claim;
  • report the commission of illegal actions;
  • Ask a Question.

How to write back Wildberries

To do this, you need to visit the Wildberries contact page and select the “Feedback” link.

A form will appear on the screen, which must be filled out by selecting a topic and section. Additional windows for data entry will appear depending on which topic you have chosen for discussion. In the main field, you need to describe the problem in detail and ask for help.

If you are already registered on the site, you can simply submit the form by clicking on the appropriate button. If not, a message will be displayed asking you to register.

In addition to official sources for contacting support representatives, you can also use discussions in social networks. Having described their problem here, users are happy to respond for help if they have experienced similar problems before.

How to Call the Wildberry Hot Mowing Line Operator Directly

In some situations, you have to contact support without social networks and other intermediaries. If you need to come directly to the office of the company or the representative office of Wildberries, then you can do it at the address: Leninisky district, Milkovo, possession 1, Moscow region.

Wildberry technical support on

On popular online portals, you can always find contacts to call support and resolve your questions. Problems are of a different nature and may not be urgent, or vice versa. urgent. Therefore, there are several types of links on web pages. Let’s say you are a regular visitor to In this case, you can open a correspondence with representatives of Wildberries on this social network, even without calling the hot line. This can be done in the official VK community.

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This is where you can quickly jump to questions via group messages. The time for answering questions from participants and users in VK is 1 minute. That is, you can instantly get an answer to your question. In the community, the administration posts important information.

Connect with a Wildberry specialist on social media

To get in touch with Wildberries’ technical support, any of the above methods will be helpful and almost equally effective. Use links as directed during the daytime. Since late calls to the hot line and messages may go unanswered. Most of Wildberry employees work on a daily schedule and close at 20:00 and 21:00 Moscow time.

You can call by numbers:

Alternatively, try the popular instant messengers, which can also be used to reach support or Wildberry’s hot line.

This is one of the best ways to communicate today, despite the availability and practicality of mobile networks. Through instant messengers, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with the operator of the hot mowing line and write a message. In correspondence, support also quickly answers questions.

In fact, numbers 8 (800) 100-70-10 and 115 are available free of charge to residents of all regions of the Russian Federation. So in this way you can easily contact the support of the portal from Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg (SPB), Voronezh, Krasnodar and absolutely from any other settlement and region of Russia!

How to call the Support operator of State services for free

When difficulties arise, many users ask themselves. State services of the Russian Federation where to call in order to solve the difficulties that have arisen?

You can contact the operator of the support service of the State Services portal as follows:

  • dial the phone number of the technical support of State services 8 (800) 100-70-10
  • from a mobile phone you can also call a short number 115

In addition, it is not necessary to call the operators at the center of State services, you can contact the technical support of the portal in your personal account, as well as in the following ways:

  • Ask a question in the State Services Telegram channel, or to a bot;
  • Ask a question through the feedback form directly on the portal;
  • A quick chat with a technical support operator is located in the lower right corner on any page of Public Services (when you are logged in);
  • Ask a question in the official group of State services in one of the social networks, for example, in the official group of State services on

In any case, the support service specialists will promptly respond to the appeal and try to help in solving the problem as soon as possible.!

How to call the hot line of the State Services from a mobile

Today, the huge audience of the State Services portal is growing every day, and it is not surprising that many users are faced with certain problems and difficulties, some of which are often difficult or even impossible to solve on their own. In this case, the first thing to do is to call the hot line of the State Services to contact the technical support service.

And so we will tell you how to call the hot line of State services from a mobile in 2021!

How to call the hot line of the State Services

How to call the hot line of the State Services? Free number of the hot mowing line of the State Service portal 8 (800) 100-70-10.

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Hot Line Phone: Samsung Support

But if you have a breakdown, we recommend that you immediately contact the service center. A specialist will not be able to estimate the cost of repairing equipment or suggest exactly how to do this without diagnostics. The very same check is carried out only in specialized Samsung service centers, on the hot mowing line you can find out their location.

Drake. Hotline Bling

Personal Area

First of all, you can get advice through your personal account on the official Samsung website. This function is available only to authorized users, so first you will need to register with your email and password. After the data is entered, you need to go down to the very end of the page, find the “Feedback” tab, fill out the form and send an application for consideration.

Samsung hot line in Russia: contacts

Russians can contact the Samsung call center at the hot mowing line number: 8 800 555 55 55. You can call by phone every day from 5 am to 10 pm Moscow time. The center employees work seven days a week and on holidays. The call is free from both landline and mobile phones. Samsung support phone not working 24/7.

After listening to the greeting, the subscriber will need to tell the device code. So the system will quickly transfer the client to the right specialist. Therefore, we advise you to keep it close at hand.

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The plan of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the next few years to build a canal bypassing the Bosphorus at first glance looks phantasmagoric, but it fully fits into the logic of Erdogan’s actions on the domestic and international arena

Samsung call the hot line

A timely consultation will prevent a problem from arising. In matters of migration, this rule is especially relevant. In order to get answers to these questions as quickly as possible, and problems arose as rarely as possible, a hot telephone line was opened in the Interregional Information and Business Center.

For questions about immigration legislation, please call the hot mowing line: (495) 291-12-61; 291-10-79; 975-05-37; 8-800-100-0537.

Nine o’clock in the morning. the working day begins on a hot mowing line. Operators barely had time to take their seats, when the first call is already ringing. the hot line “Capital-Migrant” is very popular.

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Both workers and employers call the hot line. After the adoption of new laws, the introduction of quotas for attracting foreign workers, there are more and more questions.

It seems that the stream of questions will never run out. Among them there are complex ones, so much so that they require consultation with a lawyer. In such cases, operators of a hot mowing line ask subscribers to leave a contact phone number and then call themselves, explaining in detail to the person all the nuances of the problem that has arisen. For employers who hire foreigners, in addition to telephone consultations, there are also “live” seminars, where they can receive detailed answers to all their questions. For the migrants themselves, hot line is still the most affordable means of obtaining advice, and sometimes the only way to complain about the arbitrariness of unscrupulous employers or government officials.

Whom to complain to if one thing is stipulated in the contract with the employer, but in fact the work turns into slavery, plus we live almost on the street?

There are many such situations, and each one needs to be sorted out, to find the best way out. In the near future, it is planned to create permanent consultation centers in the territories of national diasporas, but, according to Yuri Lobas, this will hardly reduce the load on the phone.

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The General Director of the Interregional Information and Business Center Georgy Timofeev also supports his subordinate:

One more thing. People often do not know their rights and the rights of government officials. For example, how many migrants know that a police officer cannot just stop them on the street to check their documents, let alone arrest them, that only a migration service employee can do this? And even if they know who will argue with the police?

Meanwhile, it is enough to call us on the hot line right at this moment, and the problem will be immediately solved.

So our hot line is, one might say, an emergency service. We will continue to develop this service to help as many people as possible.

However, questions arise not only among foreigners wishing to work in Russia, but also among compatriots.