How to disable safe mode on Huawei and Honor: Instructions

Safe mode is a function for correcting possible problems that arise after loading programs. Previously, it was activated only on PC with Windows, but now it has also become available in Android OS. After starting the functionality, only factory applications will remain active, which allows you to calculate the problem and clean the mobile device. Will help when it is impossible to remove the malicious component in the usual form.

About the work of a safe mode

Safe mode is an integral and important part of the OS (in this particular case, we are talking about Android). The main and most important task of this regime is the assistance in diagnosing the device.

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You can consider the situation. For example, the owner of the tablet downloaded several programs for his device, then installed. After the actions carried out, the tablet computer began to hang, brake and even arbitrarily restart or turn off. Safe regime will help here very much. It will only be necessary to activate this mode, as at the same moment all the installed programs will be automatically turned off.

There is an important drawback. Safe Mode does not have Internet access, because of this, the owner of the tablet can use a clean OS. In Safe Mode mode, only system applications installed by the developer of the operating system are carried out by the work. In this case, the system will work without any braking. If the tablet does not freeze anymore, then this means that it should be removed everything that was downloaded from an unknown source. In most cases, this will solve the problem of the tablet braking.

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Thanks to Safe Mode, the user easily finds out if there are more serious malfunctions. Unfortunately, sometimes situations may arise when Huawei tablet is quickly discharged or not active any key. In this case, the safe mode should be launched. If at the same time all the malfunctions are eliminated, then this means that in poor-quality work some kind of program that loads the battery or disconnecting part of the system functionality.

How to use

After entering Safe Mode and before turning off a safe mode on the Huawei phone, the owner of the apparatus tests a smartphone. During this period, you can check the performance of different functions, being sure that they have no negative effect on the smartphone. A similar system is provided for computers with the Windows OS operating system.

Knowing how to enable, and further remove the safe mode on the Huawei phone, the user can solve a number of problems. We highlight the main:

  • Checking the functions of the phone. It happens that the work of cameras, dynamics, sensor or other elements of Huawei interferes with some kind of application. Translation in Safe Mode helps to find the true reason for such a malfunction in work.
  • Analysis of software functioning. Using the transition to safe mode, you can check the work Android. If, after entering the “clean” OS, the problem with rebooting or, for example, freezing disappears, the reason may lie in one of the applications.

After checking the smartphone, you need to turn off the safe mode for Android Honor or Huawei and return to the usual version of.

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As for the control of the operability of the phone in the Safe Mode process, it takes place in several stages. First, the “clean” OS is loaded. If the problem leaves, you can return to the usual mode and alternately delete applications. As soon as the problem leaves, you can turn on the phone again.

When to enter the safe mode?

Run the smartphone in safe mode (BR) is recommended after installing the application that has violated the work of the device. This is manifested:

  • In a slow response of the system-after a tap or pile on the screen, the phone reacts after 10-30 seconds;
  • in the uncontrolled launch of other applications, their removal;
  • in the disconnection of part of the functionality.

Such problems arise in beginner developers testing the software on a tablet or smartphone. Ordinary users are faced with a similar one after installing a software from an unprotected source (downloading the APK file on the Internet).

Interesting fact! Safe mode, aka Safe Mode, is implemented on almost all devices running on Android.

How to turn it on

You can turn on Safe Mode in two ways. Some models work both on some of the presented.

When you turn on the smartphone

To start it when you turn on the phone, do the following:

On the device on the device, click the power button until a special menu appears.

If in this way you could not go to the desired mode, try to start it using the volume reduction button.

With the help of side volume buttons

If this method does not work, try using the volume key up.

How to use

To correctly use the capabilities of Safe Mode, you need to know how to enable the safe mode for Honor 10 Lite or turn it off in the absence of necessity. In each of the cases, several ways can be distinguished in which we dwell separately.

How to turn it on

Depending on the situation and the Honor model, you can choose one of three ways to enter safe mode. Briefly consider the features of each option.

  • Turn on the phone.
  • Click on the Power button on the right side of the Honor and hold it until the menu appears with options.
  • Squeeze and hold the point “Turning away”.
  • Wait for the appearance of a request that allows you to enable safe mode on Honor 10 or other model.
  • Click on not him and confirm the transition.
  • Wait for the restart and make sure that the corresponding inscription appeared below and you are in the “clean” version of.

A way to turn on a safe mode on the Honor phone:

  • Disconnect the Honor smartphone in the usual way.
  • Turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • Click and hold the volume button during loading.
  • Fix the Honor key until the manufacturer’s logo appears on the screen and a vibration rod is felt. If it’s hard for you to catch the right moment, you need to turn on the smartphone and hold the volume reduction button until the operating system is completely loaded.
  • Make sure everything is done correctly, and the inscription “Safe regime” lit up at the bottom.

Recognizing Safe Mode is very simple. If you managed to turn it on, there will be no icons installed independently on the screen, but only those that were immediately after buying a mobile device. In this case, you can immediately proceed to testing to the fact of software or mechanical failures.

How to set up sleep mode

It is impossible to configure a safe shell, since it is the same and there is literally nothing to configure in it. The tablet starts with a limited set of functions, and you cannot add or remove some opportunities from it, and there is no sense in this.

Therefore, if the user asks the question of how to configure the sleeping mode on the tablet, we are talking about the correct interpretation of the sleeping mode, which turns off the screen after inaction.

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Huawei safe mode remove \\\How to remove huawei safe mode

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In this case, you can configure the automatic shutdown of the screen in the device settings by opening the “screen” section and switching to the “sleep mode” tab.

In this paragraph, you can configure the time to turn off the screen, as well as set different options for individual applications. At the same time, while watching a video content, the display will not go into a sleeping state.

Important! The process of how to disable the safe mode on the Huawei tablet has nothing to do with a real sleeping regime. So try not to confuse the terms.

Standard return to factory settings

Another way to disable Safe Mode on an Android apparatus is to reset to factory settings through the menu. As in the past case, all personal data are deleted here, namely photos, videos and other information. Only information on the memory card is saved. In other words, after resetting the user in the hands of the user, the device in the form in which he received it in the store (with basic programs, without suspicious applications and viruses). After reset, you will have to re.set the phone.

To turn off Safe Mode in this way, take the following steps:

  • Go to the Android OS settings;
  • Find the item “Extended settings” (its name may vary depending on the version of the OS);
  • Go to the menu “Restoration and Reset”;
  • Select “Restoration to factory settings”.

Confirm your action and wait for the restart. Pay attention in what mode the device launched.

Question answer

Not all users know what is a safe mode, and why it is needed. Sometimes people cannot distinguish the usual operation of the system from the switched Safe Mode. Consider in more detail these points.

Why do you need Safe Mode

In this state, one can and should be done several important things:

  • Clean the memory, data and cache manually.
  • Remove unknown applications.
  • Check the smartphone for malware, routes, viruses, miners.

You can do these procedures in the usual state of the system, but if the mobile phone has picked up the virus or Android “thoroughly” depends. the safe mode will help solve these problems.

How to understand that the option is included

The inclusion of BR is indicated by a number of signs:

  • The inscription “Safe mode” in the lower corner of the display.
  • Lack of part of loaded applications.
  • Expand the notifications curtain, the line “Safe mode” will appear on the line.

By the way, an alternative way to withdraw from the BR is pressing on a line in the notification curtain, and confirmation of the shutdown by the “Turn off” button.

How and why go into safe mode

In this state, the phone loads the “naked” Android. It disconnects applications, leaving only system programs. About why BR is needed. it is written above. To enter Safe Mode, do the following:

  • Click the button on the phone until the menu appears: “Turn it off”, “Reload”, “In flight” and “without sound”.
  • Squeeze the “Turn off” button until the message “Transition to safe mode” appears.
  • Confirm the action of the OK button.
safe, android, mode, disable

Alternative way. entering BR from hardware keys. Turn on the smartphone, and immediately after that, click the “volume reduction” and “turning on” keys until the logo appears. After the appearance of the logo, let them go. On some devices, the key combination and the inclusion procedure may differ.

What is a safe mode for Huawei and Honor

Safe mode is a function for correcting possible problems that arise after loading programs. Previously, it was activated only on PC with Windows, but now it has also become available in Android OS. After starting the functionality, only factory applications will remain active, which allows you to calculate the problem and clean the mobile device. Will help when it is impossible to remove the malicious component in the usual form.

So, the option helps destroy all sources of the problem, which prevent the normal operation of the operating system with one of the loaded applications. Below are the possibilities of using the option on the phone.

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Advice. Be careful with factory programs so as not to harm the phone. You cannot delete them.

How to disable safe mode for Honor and Huawei

After performing the steps discussed above, you can cross the SAFE MODE shutdown to Huawei. To do this, you can use three methods.

The easiest way to turn off the safe mode on the Huawei tablet or phone is to press and hold the shutdown button for 1-2 seconds. After these actions are performed, the user sees the menu in which it is necessary to select the shutdown or reboot section. To start the command, just click the right option.

Next, wait for your smartphone restart. No additional actions to turn off the function on, you do not need to do. The smartphone itself is rebooted and goes into standard operating mode. At the same time, Huawei loads all the application market previously downloaded from the Play and takes into account user settings. After that, you can take measures to search for a problematic application or failures in the OS.

Immediately note that you can disable the safe mode on Huawei in two ways. by pressing the restart button or disconnecting. In both situations, the result will be identical.

Another way to remove the safe mode on the Honor phone is to use a long click on the shutdown button. This method is suitable for cases when the phone freezes and cannot be deactivated by the method considered above. To disable Safe Mode Huawei, just click the shutdown button and hold it in this position for 10-12 seconds.

If everything is done correctly, the smartphone should turn off and start restart. In this case, the launch of Huawei is carried out with the loading of the user settings and all the previously installed applications. Note that it is recommended to use such a method in extreme cases when the usual option cannot be used due to freezing of the device.

This solution is suitable for devices with a removable battery. If the options discussed above have not worked for any reason, take out the battery and install it in a few minutes. After that, turn on Huawei and use it, as before.

How to enable safe mode

If you need to test the Honor phone, another question arises. how to enable the safe mode for Honor 7, 10, 20 or other models. Here are two methods.

  • Disconnect the mobile device.
  • Press the power button until the window appears with points for selection.
  • Select the shutdown point and hold your finger on it for a few seconds.

After performing the steps discussed above, the device will restore, and the inscription Safe Mode will appear on the screen. This indicates the correctness of the work performed. After the check is completed, this option must be removed. How to turn off a safe mode on Honor 7a and other devices, we considered above.

If the first method has not worked, use the second inclusion option:

As in the past case, the mobile device is loaded in Safe Mode: applications are not launched, but in the main programs (for example, Google chrome or Google MAPS) is easy to enter. You can also see how the functions of a mobile phone work.

Now you know how to remove safe Honor with Android, and how to enable this option. With its help, you can easily test the phone and find the existing errors. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience how you use Safe Mode, and in how you activate it.