Description of the Ricoh Printer program

Multifunctional devices. Printer Copyr Scanner. RICOH SP 150SUW is equipped with only two buttons Start and VCL and do not have a liquid crystal text indicator.

The key buttons are made with backlighting in different colors and are able to show the state of All-in-One Printer a combination of flashes with different frequency and glow color. This page will tell you why the printer All-in-One Printer Ricoh SP 150SuW flashes green, red or blue, and what to do in this case.

When writing the text of this page, the materials of the operating manual for All-in-One Printer Ricoh SP 150SUW were used. Ricoh trademark is a registered trading sign and belongs to.

Designation and name of the control keys of the All-In-on Printer printer Ricoh SP 150SUW

The upper button with a square is the start of the Start. The label lamp starts to be turned off, blink green, and constantly burn with a green spark.

The lower button with a circle is called Power. The behavior of the lower power button is more diverse. In various situations, the BCL key bulb can glow red, blue, orange and green flowers, blink a spark with different frequency, and also do not burn at all at all.

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Technical characteristics Ricoh IM C2000LT

Below you will find the technical characteristics of the product and operating manual Ricoh IM C2000LT.

Frequently asked Questions

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It is best to gently stretch the paper from the printer. Turn off the printer and make sure that the print node does not hang over the paper and that there was no paper in the printer.

The printer may not recognize the non.original cartridge. In this case, you will receive a message that the cartridge is empty. In the instructions for the purchased cartridge, ways to eliminate the problem are usually indicated. If this could not be done, it is recommended to contact the seller.

The reasons for the poor quality of the press can be different. Make sure the cartridge is filled, and the toner is available in sufficient quantities. If there is no such problem, the reason may be that the jet printer requires cleaning, a cartridge or a broken printing node has dried. For a laser printer, it is recommended to make calibration.

In most cases, this is due to the breakdown of the cartridge of the jet printer. It is necessary to replace the cartridge.

DPI denotes dots per Inch and is the number of drops of ink (for a inch), which are served on paper when printing.


Ricoh SP 150SU is supplied in a white-blue cardboard box. The packaging has small overall dimensions: 370 x 230 x 480 millimeters, and its weight is 8 kg.

Packaging decoration is made in the Ricoh. On the front side there is an image of the All-In-One Printer and the name of the model, on the side you can see bright icons with the main advantages of the device.

The reverse side also depicts a printer describing the main characteristics of the press.

A brief list of basic technical characteristics in several languages, including Russian, is presented on the left and right sides.

On the inside of the upper cover shows the equipment Ricoh SP 150SU.

Inside the printer is packed in a transparent plastic bag. For more intact transportation, manufacturers provided foam seals in all four corners.

The only disadvantage of packaging is the absence of a handle for carrying.


Ricoh SP 150SU delivery kit is minimal, it includes:

Unfortunately, there is no USB cable for connecting to a computer (although it is shown in the picture of the configuration). Since I am definitely not the first to open the box, it is not possible to determine the fate of the cable.

Installation of the driver and Pagemanager

When installing from the disk out of the box, the error “Real OS does not support this program”

No problem. Let’s go to “CD-ROM”: \ Drivers \ Twain \ Network and run Setup.EXE. The scanner Twain drive will be installed in the C: \ Windows \ Twain_32 \ Ricoh \ SP3400SFN folder. After installing the network scanner in the system is not displayed in any way, neither in the device manager, nor in devices and printers.

Next, we install the Pagemanager program from the same disk with drivers from the Utility folder.

Installation should take place with administrator rights.

Launch and configuration

A funny label Presto appeared on the desktop! Pagemanager. We launch it. Together with Pagemanager will start Scancentral’s program. It needs to be set up in a network scanner.

Press the button in the form of a magnifying glass in the upper right corner

In the opening window, we introduce the IP address of the network scanner. OK.

After a few seconds, on the main Scan Central window, the Device Status and Settings button will become active. By clicking on it, a browser with the IP address of the scanner in the address bar will open on it. T.e. Link to the All-In-One Printer Web-Inteake.

In Presto! Pagemanager click the scan button

The Ricoh SP3410SF scanner settings will open

At this moment I lost a lot of time, I could not understand how to call a window for entering the IP address. From above the picture, as it should be ideally.

In the field, there is a falling list in the field, by default in it one element adding IP address IP will not work there immediately, but you need to open the list, select the IP address adding item and click on it with the left mouse button so that IP input window appears. By this principle, you can specify the IP address of several network scanners.

Introduced the IP address and the scanner made perfectly.

There is a big plus of such an approach that you can organize work with a scanner from several computers. In addition, knowing the IP addresses of others Ricoh SP3410SF on the Web, you can scan documents from them. And this can not be limited by the scanner. If there is secret information and many such devices on the network, then you need to think through security measures.

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Offering its customers Ricoh, I am faced with the fact that customers claim that Ricoh has an uncomfortable scanning. In this note I want to write instructions for network scanning, thereby dispelled the myth that Ricoh has a difficult scanning. An example of setting up network scanning will be shown on the example of the multifunctional device Ricoh SP 325SNW. I admit that people far from technology can read the note, so I will describe some standard points anyway. First of all, I will say that scanning occurs according to the SMB protocol and does not require the installation of extraneous software (SMB (SOKR. from English. Server Message Block). a network protocol of the applied level for remote access to files, printers and other network resources). Scanning does not occur from the computer, but directly from the control panel of the device. To do this, the device must be connected not by USB, but by Ethernet (RJ-45) or Wi-Fi. Network scan tuning is made through the built-in Web server of the device. Entering the web panel is very simple: just enter the address of the apparatus into the address bar of the browser IP. You can see the IP address of the device by printing the configuration page (there are many ways to find out the IP address, this is the easiest).

By entering the Web panel, we open the “Skaging Address” tab ”. Next, select from the drop.down list “scanning into a network folder”. The scan tuning window will open, here everything needs to be introduced extremely carefully:

  • Tab “name”. introduces a name that will display on the display with the Latin. Try to introduce short, understandable and unique names (for example Dima/Olga and T.D.) The device supports 100 users in accordance with the documentation.
  • Tab “Service Name”. the first field, this is the name or IP address of the computer. I recommend entering the IP address of the computer, since often in the names of the computer there are Cyrillic characters, because of them scanning in the folder will be impossible. (IP address of the computer can be viewed in the properties of the network connection). The second field is the name of a shattered folder. The name introduce strictly by Latin and without spaces and other extraneous characters, for example Scan. It is quite simple to shake the folder, for this, click on the right folder with the right mouse key and in the tab and on the tab. We allow access to it for overall access to it. I will not describe this moment in detail, if questions arise, then just dial the phrase “shake the folder” in the search engine. The location of the folder itself does not matter.
  • The “Registration Name of the User” tab is the name of the user that is displayed when the computer is turned on.
  • System Password tab. the password entered by the user when you turn on the computer. Theoretically, tabs 3 and 4 are optional, but in the modern world a computer without minimal protection in the form of a password, this is the top of incompetence.

That’s the whole instructions for setting up network scanning. In practice, the whole scan tuning procedure takes no more than two minutes. In life, not everything is so joyful, network scanning through the SMB protocol involves external penetration into the computer. Sometimes you have to manually add a port of the port for the SMB (445) protocol to firewalls and antiviruses, and this is not the most pleasant moment. In my practice, there were cases when I could not register the correct passage of the port.

Web Image Monitor

The All-In-One Printer Web-In-Owl is called Web Image Monitor. You can get into it by typing in the address bar of the browser IP address of the printer.

It allows you to remotely see the condition of the apparatus, the value of the counters, as well as the remainder of the toner.

On the tabs, the settings of network inteys (wired and wireless) and the condition of the trays are available, here to activate the sending of notifications by e.mail.

On the Administration tab, the user can enter the administrator password, backup and restore settings.

Mobile printing through the Ricoh Smart Device Print Scan application and scanning through Smart Organizing Monitor

The All-In-One Printer has the ability to print and scan using mobile devices.

To use these functions, there is a mobile application Ricoh Smart Device Print Scan (only printing) and Ricoh SP200 Series SOM (only scanning) that are available for free download in Google Play and AppStore stores. Program settings are quite simple.

First of all, it is necessary that the mobile device and All-in-One Printer be on the same network (while the application is capable of working with remote printing services) or they must be connected directly by Wi-Fi Direct.

In the application settings, add the required network device. This can be done by indicating the IP address of All-in-One Printer on the Web (you can find it out using the Smart Organizing Monitor utility), or using the NFC settings transmission, as well as photographing the QR code, which is located on the front panel of the device. By pressing the Print Documents item, we get into the file manager, with which you can select the necessary document on the mobile device, which will be sent for printing.

Setting tab also allows you to install scanning and printing settings.

The function of printing photo images is similarly implemented.

How to connect a printer to a laptop via wi-fi?

Many modern printers can be connected to a computer via a Wi-Fi network. Before installing such a device, you need to make sure that it is enabled and accessible to a wireless connection function. To find out this allows the button with the corresponding icon. On most models of office equipment, it is illuminated in blue if the connection operates correctly. Also, for working with a wireless print, it is necessary to have access to the Internet. Having checked the connection, the user should add a printer to the system for subsequent configuration:

  • BWindows 10 (the algorithm is the same as with a wired printing device):
  • If the system does not identify organizational equipment automatically, open the “start”, go to the “parameters”, in the “Devices” section, select “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Press the “Add” button.
  • If the device is not found, click the “required printer is absent in the list” to go to manual tuning.

Tip: If you experience difficulties when working with a scanner, find out how to scan a document on a computer.

How to setup a scanner on Ricoh Aficio MP161/171/201

Summing up

Manual installation of the printer on the laptop is carried out in three steps. It is necessary to connect office equipment to the power source and to PC. Then put on the computer a current version of drivers from a disk or from the Internet. The final stage. setting up printing parameters for future documents. On Windows 10, the connection of wired and wireless printers is performed according to a single algorithm. Small differences are present in earlier versions of the operating system.

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Many owners of portable technology are often interested in how to connect a printer to a laptop via Wihi communication or USB wire. Some inexperienced users do not really know whether it is possible to do it at all. If you use one of the current versions of Windows 7, 8 or 10, then you can connect according to the instructions in this article.

To begin with, we will connect a printer with a laptop in one bunch physically, via wireless or via a network. Let us dwell on such technology as WPS (Wi-Hi Protected Setup), consider manual tuning, installing drivers with and without installation disk. We will give recommendations on how to configure printing from a laptop to any model of a printer or All-in-One Printer company HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and others.

Preparation for scanning

To exclude damage to the technique, it is important to adhere to the correct procedure for the action when working with the connection cords. First, connect a USB shuttle to the printer, then to a stationary computer or laptop. Then insert the power cable into the outlet. Only after that you can click on the power button located on the case.

In most cases, after connecting the printer to the computer via USB, a cable or air connection (Wi-Fi), Windows will start automatically detecting the device, search and installation of drivers. After the installation is completed, the device will appear in the list of all equipment at the “Device and Printer” item. The printer icon should not be “light” and contain any icons near you (for example, exclamation signs).

Scan on Ricoh devices

If indicators flash on the printer case, which indicate the absence of ink in cartridges, the scan can still be done, since the paint is not used in this case. Only the scanner is launched into the work. There are often cases when the printer is no longer in view of the high cost of buying new cartridges. It is not necessary to throw the equipment, because using the scanner will always be obtained.

Another situation with installation, when nothing is automatically performed. Then you need to use the disk, which often comes with equipment, and contains the driver necessary for the operation of all components of the device.

Insert the disk’s disk. If the installation does not start automatically or the menu does not open, then through the “my computer” open the disk in the conductor and start the installation file. Further, step by step, agreeing with the installation master, finish copying the driver files. After that, additional shortcuts may appear on the desktop to launch software in which various actions can be performed, for example:

  • view the level of ink in containers;
  • make the printer components;
  • run scanning;
  • align print heads and a number of other functions that differs for each printer model.

In order for the technique to serve for a long time, and there were no traces of dust, dirt on the scan, it is necessary to gently wipe the surface of the glass with a dry rag or paper towel, a napkin.

What can be scanned

Scanning of any media that does not interfere with the closure of the upper cover is allowed. Of course, ordinary sheets of paper are always scanned, and you can digitize small paper media (brochures, money, passport, photographs and others), plastic elements, books.

Consider the process of creating a scan on the printer All-In-One Printer HP Deskjet 2130. The model is very old, but the scanning principle will be similar to other printers. You just need to turn on the printer, put the carrier under the lid, start scanning on PC in any convenient way.

  • Turn on the device, wait for the launch. The device should make a make for a few seconds and stop making sounds. Then you can scan.
  • Raise the printer cover. Put a sheet of paper (or another item) in accordance with the icon. The guide shows how to properly put the paper so that the finished scan of the document is in the correct position, and not an inverted, top with your feet.
  • Go to “Devices and Printers”. Click the Winr key combination, then execute the Control Printers command.
  • Find the desired printer, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Start scanning”. The into the operating system “Master of Work with the Scanner” will open.
  • Set the scan parameters. Select color, resolution (dpi, dots per inch), final file format. If you need a document that needs to be increased many times on the computer (for example, electrical circuits with many small elements), then put more resolution. The quality will improve markedly, but the size of the file on the disk can reach large volumes, up to several tens of MB.
  • If necessary, make pre.viewing to verify the correct location of the sheet.
  • Click on the “scan” button. The printer mechanisms will be launched and the progress of the creation of a digital copy of the document will appear.
  • After scanning, the system will offer to import a scan (save). Set the file name and click on the “import” button. The document will be saved in a standard folder with images in the conductor.

The driver for the printer HP 2130 includes a program, inside which there is also the possibility of scanning, which is responsible for a separate item. Software is installed by default with the installation of “firewood”.

Launch the program and after opening in the “Print and Scanner” menu, select “Scanning”. The HP Scan utility will start.

Select the necessary scanning option. Set the suitable parameters for the document and click on the “scan“.

The printer will scan the carrier and offer to save the document in any place, having previously set the desired name of the file.

ricoh, printer, scan, computer

You can open a scan with any graphic editor, but the easiest way to use the standard “Viewing Images” tool.

How to scan in Windows 7

All OS has tools for working with connected peripheral devices. One of these is “Faxes and scanning Windows”.

  • Open the Start menu.
  • At the bottom of the panel in the search line, start introduce the name of the Fax “service;
  • Windows will offer found options, open the program.
  • In the window that appears, you can immediately see what was scanned earlier, or what faxes were obtained/accepted on a computer.
  • Click on the “New Scan” button.
  • Set up the parameters in accordance with your needs. If several printers or specialized scanners are connected to the computer, then pay attention to the upper part of the window. Make sure that the desired apparatus is selected for work. If there is a double.sided scan function, and it is necessary to process only one side, then at the “feed” point, change the setting.
  • Click on “scan”. Depending on the established quality of the document, the scanning process can occupy different times. The document will be saved in the default folder, which can be found and changed in the settings. How correctly, the scan enters the “My Documents” folder.

If you have to scan often, then in order not to set parameters each time, you can save the settings in the profile. Then, during the next scan, the profile is selected and all the settings are set. Click on “Add Profile”, go for each point of settings and set the necessary, click “Save profile”.

How to scan to a computer in Windows 10

“Ten” is the newest version of Windows. Therefore, there are cases of problematic operation of devices. In particular, problems arise with drivers.

For example, Canon brand devices recommend installing more old versions drivers, which is why there is a software conflict and Windows. Such cases rarely arise, but to have an understanding of the possibility of the emergence of such a situation and it is necessary to be armed.

A similar situation with outdated technology. Sooner or later, too old printers of printers cease to be supported. Drivers are not updated for modern Windows requirements. In this case, it will not work to scan at all. The only option is to connect the device to the computer on which a system is installed on which there are drivers.

Problems with scanning and on a local network are possible. When several PC are connected to each other into one network and the scanner is used in the quality of the general device for all computers, the secondary computers may not recognize the device. In this case, you need to temporarily connect the scanner to the main computer and make scanning.

In most cases, one common driver is used to install All-In-One Printer. During the unpacking of the program, all drivers of drivers necessary for the operation of all nodes of equipment (scanner, photocopy, printer) are installed. But sometimes for the operation of each mechanism you need to put separate drivers. Therefore, if there are more than one installation file on the disk or several disks are provided at all, then it is recommended to install the entire package on. There are times when a person sets firewood, the printer works, but the scanner and copy function are not available. Know, the problem can be something in this.

Installation of a scanner

  • First connect the scanner and PC with a cord.
  • Insert the power cable first into the device, and then into the outlet.
  • When the computer is turned on, click on the “VCL” button on the scanner case.
  • Wait for a scanner recognition and automatic installation. If everything went successfully, then the equipment will appear in the “device and printers” window (“Winr” and the combination of “Control Printers”). You can start scanning.
  • Otherwise, you will need to use the drive with drivers, which comes complete with the scanner. If there is no disk, then the software is downloaded from the official site of the manufacturer. Go to the office. site, find the section responsible for the. Indicate the model of your scanner, download the software and make installation on the computer by starting the uploaded file.
  • We reload Windows.

Fast scanning

The first and easiest method to scan the document is to use the master through the context menu of the scanner. The method has already been described above in the article, therefore, in order not to be repeated, we will give a link to the instructions. go to the description.

Appendix “Scanner”

The application is free, but initially after installing Win 10 of the program may not be. Then you need to download and install software from the official Windows store.

The “scanner” in the new window will open. To scan the carrier, you need to do the same actions as in the proposed options earlier. Select the desired scanner, set the required settings, if necessary, first view the scan made in the future. Resolution, extension of the file, color color are selected after clicking on the “more” link. It is also possible to choose where the copy is saved. the point “final folder”. By default, the conservation is carried out in the “Images-Scan” folder, it is easy to get into the directory through the conductor in the window with all the disks.