Rear view camera with dynamic markings: choosing a parking assistant

The streets of modern cities are simply overcrowded with vehicles. And this overcrowding affects the convenience of car parking. The difficulty lies in the very limited space, when every centimeter counts. Therefore, in order to avoid damages and scratches of the car during parking maneuvers, special devices are needed. Rear View Camera.

What is a rear view camera on a car.

Rear view camera is a device that ensures the safety of the vehicle when reversing. Parking with such a device will become much easier. And in the dark it is simply irreplaceable.

Almost all modern rear-view cameras are equipped with a dynamic marking function. Rear view cameras are usually installed on the rear bumper or under a license plate. And the signal from such a camera via a video cable or radio communication (depending on the device model) is transmitted to the monitor in the car.

There are many different models of rear view cameras on the market. They differ in technical parameters, workmanship and price. When choosing a camera, pay attention to:

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The shape of the device, since the process of its installation on the car will depend on this (there are models with special fasteners, and there are those that involve the introduction into the bumper, trunk lid or lighting).

Camera angle. At a small viewing angle, it is very difficult to assess everything that happens behind the car, but at a large angle. too much of everything gets into the frame and it takes a lot of time to focus on something.

Shooting options (color or black and white).

The ability to operate the camera in the dark.

The resolution in which the camera works. The quality of the image on the screen will depend on this.

Features of the manufacture of the device case (material from which it is made, water resistance of the case, the presence of lens protection).

The presence of a parking lane function when video recording areas are marked with different colors. This feature makes parking easier.

Advantages of a rear-view camera over parking sensors.

Today, one can observe the widespread introduction of advanced technologies in all areas, including the automotive one. Parktronic (parking radars) and rear-view cameras. is NOT a rarity for a long time. The rear view camera is still a more advanced device, which has many advantages over parking sensors.

The advantages of a rear-view camera in comparison with parking sensors:

Using the camera, you can follow with your own eyes everything that happens behind the car in real time. Parktronic simply signals the driver with sound. And modern high-resolution cameras make it possible to determine the distance to obstacles as accurately as possible.

The ability to connect the camera to any display in the car (the display is present in almost every car today). This helps to reduce the cost of the system by at least half.

Parktronics are NOT able to detect very thin and small obstacles, inclined surfaces as they work based on the reflection of sound waves. In this case, the advantage of using a rear view camera is undeniable.

Installing a camera is much easier than installing a parking sensor, because the transfer of information from the camera to the monitor can even be carried out wirelessly. And when installing parking sensors, sometimes it is necessary to disassemble some parts of the car.

But parking sensors also have advantages over a rear view camera. The parking sensors do not need lighting to work (it can work in complete darkness or in other extreme conditions). As for the rear view camera, if dirt gets on it, the driver will NOT be able to see anything until you clean it. Therefore, the best option. This is the simultaneous installation of a rear view camera and parking sensors. Thus, all the benefits of both one and the second device will be at hand.

Installing a rearview camera with dynamic markings.

Some vehicles already have a rear view camera as standard, which works in conjunction with a monitor on the dashboard. If this option is absent, then everyone can install it for themselves. Installation can be done in a car service or by yourself. Self-installation of a rear view camera requires from the car owner basic knowledge and skills in working with the car’s electrical wiring.

Installing a rear camera issue with dynamic markings involves three main stages:

1. Preparatory stage for installing a rear view camera.

Direct camera installation and connection.

Checking the connection and setting the camera parameters.

At the preparation stage, it is necessary to dismantle some elements of the car’s upholstery. You need to find all the fasteners and determine where the latches are. And then, with the help of tools (stars or screwdrivers), prepare the car for mounting the camera. During any work with car wiring, the battery must be disconnected.

To prepare the car for mounting the camera, you need to do the following:

Determine where the camera wires enter. There are usually additional stubs. But the best option. run the camera wires next to the existing wiring.

The camera itself is usually installed in the bumper or in the license plate light (where better, depends on the car model and the preferences of the motorist). Sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the bumper, and sometimes it will be sufficient to remove the car sign backlight strip. Some manufacturers foresee special landing nests for cameras in their cars.

It is necessary to dismantle some of the parts in the front of the passenger compartment. The dashboard will need to be disassembled in order to gain access to the auto-wiring and lead the wires to the monitor. In some cases, you need to pull out the car radio.

The stage of direct installation and connection of the camera should be passed only after all the preparatory work has been completed. The process of installing a rear view camera in each car is different, but there are some general points worth noting. The installer will need the following set of tools and materials:

– Screwdriver or Electric Drill

Direct installation and connection of a rear view camera involves the following sequence of actions:

Start by mounting the camera peephole. If the car has a place for a rear-view camera, then you just need to remove the plastic plugs and insert the device into the resulting hole. If such a place is not provided in the car, then you have to tinker a little. Using a drill, you need to make a hole in the bumper near the license plate, and attach the camera peephole in the hole formed with sealant or glue.

The wires from the camera must be pulled into the luggage compartment. The negative wire (black) is connected to the mass of the car for which any bolt is suitable, which needs to be cleaned with sandpaper to ensure excellent contact. The positive wire (red) is usually connected to the power cable from the reversing light. In this case, power will be supplied to the camera only during reverse gear. If the camera is wireless, then the subsequent installation of the device is reduced to attaching a special receiver to the monitor input, which will perceive the signal from the camera.

Pull the video cable through the passenger compartment and connect it to the monitor. Usually, cameras are equipped with a sufficient amount of video cable, so when connecting, you should rely on aesthetics and the availability of cable connection. So that the cable is not damaged when it gets under the mounting holes, it should be attached with electrical tape or tape to the body or existing wiring.

Sometimes a monitor can have several connectors that are similar in structure. In this case, you should focus on the identity of the color of the wire and the video input. If you plan to connect the camera to the display of the car radio, you will have to remove it and find a special input for the camera.

Connect the display to the vehicle’s electrical system and mount it on the dashboard. Installation can be done using double-sided tape or self-tapping screws.

After installing the camera, they pass to the stage of checking its operability and setting parameters. To do this, you need to connect the battery back, start the car and turn on the reverse gear. If a picture appears on the monitor, then the camera was connected correctly and you can mount back all the parts of the interior trim, which were dismantled at the time of installation.

It will be difficult to immediately assess the operation of the installed device. To be completely sure, it will take several weeks to train and adjust the direction of the camera peephole using the built-in adjustment to your liking. Hand-made installation of a rear-view camera Not only will save the car owner money, but after this process, the motorist will know the entire layout of the camera elements and will be able, if necessary, to find the cause of the breakdown, fix it and adjust it without assistance.

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Rear view camera with dynamic markings: overview, views, characteristics, description and setting

Why does a car need a rear view camera? In fact, it allows you to park your vehicle more safely. Modifications with dynamic markup are in great demand. Cameras of this type make it possible to estimate the distance to obstacles, and not only observe them on the display.

For drivers with little experience, they are a real salvation. Modern models are sold at a price of 10 thousand rubles. In order to understand the devices in more detail, you need to consider the main types of rear-view cameras.

Device types

First of all, the models are divided according to the number of sensors. Nowadays, modifications are made for 2, 4 and 6 sensors. On average, the detection angle of objects does NOT exceed 140 degrees. Cameras are produced in low or high resolution. If we consider expensive models, then the specified parameter in them fluctuates around 600 by 480 pixels. Another division of the chambers occurs according to the type of installation. Some modifications are mounted on the car panel. However, there are compact devices built into the rearview mirror.

Setting up the Falcon FN 170-R model

Setting up the reversing camera grid is very quick. To do this, the motorist must first start the car. Next, it is important to include dimensions. The next step. Go to the service menu of the device. Then the camera tab is selected. To adjust the color of the markup, go to “Additional parameters”. If this is not required, you need to go to the “Images” tab. Next, it remains only to select the markup and click the finish button.

Characteristics of the Falcon FN 180-R model

These cameras are of high resolution. The recording format can be changed if necessary. Resolution rate. 620 by 460 pixels. The function for changing the color of the marking in the device is provided. There are four sensors in total. According to the buyers, the installation of the system is quite simple. The USB connector in this parking equipment is installed.

If we consider the disadvantages, it is important to note that the menu is provided in English. The memory drive can be separately together if necessary. The body in the model is made of plastic. You can buy this camera for 13 thousand rubles.

Falcon FN 190-R

Falcon FN 190-R. This is a compact and multifunctional rear view camera with dynamic markings. The installation of the central unit is carried out on the panel. Additionally, it should be noted that the camera comes with sensitive sensors. The controller in the system is designed for three channels. Users can change the recording format through the main menu. The resolution is 550 by 340 pixels. The dynamic layout in the rear view cameras is adjusted via the main menu. There are no sensors for determining the distance to an object in the model. The cases are manufactured with IP60 protection system. Users can buy the specified camera for 11 thousand rubles.

Electronics GT C15. Electronics GT C20 device overview

Electronics GT C20. this is a compact rear-view camera, and the trajectory of objects along the markings is clearly visible. The angle of detection of obstacles in it is equal to 150 degrees. The operating voltage of the system does NOT exceed 12V. The unit is installed on the panel. The minimum allowable temperature of the model is 15 degrees. It does not have a circular view system. There is 250 MB of RAM.

The camera has a DVR function. Users can change the video signal format through the main menu. The volume of a minute recording, as a rule, does not exceed 14 MB. The video processing unit is designed for three channels. The control board in the system is installed with a built-in sensor. If necessary, the drive can be connected via the USB connector. This rear-view camera with dynamic markings (market price) costs 14 thousand rubles.

Electronics GT C33

This dynamic layout rearview camera is sold with four sensors. An indicator of the object detection angle. Don’t Be Painful 155 degrees. The operating voltage of the system averages 13V. The device is connected via a coaxial output. The minimum allowable chamber temperature is 15 degrees. A circular view system is provided in this case. The case of this model is made of plastic and is NOT afraid of moisture.

Gazer CC207

This dynamic marking reversing camera is manufactured with a multi-mode display system. Built-in video processing unit. On average, the accuracy of the system is 10 cm. A sound alert mode is provided for the cameras. Working distance of the device. Three meters.

You can change the image quality if necessary. The operating frequency of the model is 25 frames per second. The sensor is of a built-in type. The control board in the chamber is designed for three channels. The function of adjusting the volume of the notification is provided. The central unit is installed on the car dashboard. You can buy this camera for 13 thousand rubles.

Gazer CC210. Gazer С245

Gazer CC245. it is the best high resolution rear view camera, so it is in high demand. The horizontal field of view of the model is 13 degrees. It is also important to note that four sensors are included in the kit. The operating voltage of the device is 13 V. The surround view system is not provided in this camera. The maximum allowable temperature of the model is 40 degrees. The system has 230 MB of RAM.

The video signal processing unit is provided with a separate control board. Degree of protection. IP50. The cyclic mode is provided by the manufacturer in this case. The minimum allowable chamber temperature is 20 degrees. You can buy the model for 14 thousand rubles.

Globex CM10U

This camera is available on the market with two high sensitivity sensors. The horizontal angle of the object definition. 145 degrees. In parking mode, the camera consumes little power. It is also important to note that the operating voltage of the system is 15 V. In total, the device has two USB connectors. It has a slot for an external drive. The sensor in the model is used at 1.2 inches. The model costs today about 13,500 rubles.

Globex CM12U

She does not have a circular view system. According to the documentation, the degree of protection is provided for IP30 marking. The central block is not afraid of direct sunlight. The function of a video recorder in the cameras is provided. The presented camera will cost from 15 thousand rubles.

Globex CM15U parameters

This camera is manufactured with four sensors. The viewing angle of the device is 230 degrees. The operating voltage of the model does not exceed 13 V. The function of the all-round view in the cameras is not provided. However, it is important to note that a robust security system is in place. The sensor is of the flat type. The central unit is made quite compact, does not take up a lot of space in the car.

The system supports four channels in total. In this case, the layout can be configured through the main menu. Also, the user is able to change the brightness of the picture. In parking mode, the device consumes approximately 230 mAh. The minimum allowable camera temperature is 14 degrees. The G-sensor is not provided in the standard kit. The DVR function in this case is. The volume of a minute recording does not exceed 13 MB. This rear-view camera costs about 12 thousand rubles.


Considering all of the above, Gazer CC207 camera should be noted among the budget models. It is very simple and has all the standard functions. A better camera is the Electronics GT C15. It amazes many with its high resolution and versatility.